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  1. whats the best 4 2 3 1 & 5 3 2 for mid table chmpionship clubs?
  2. Hi all Desperate from some help as FM over last week or so has kept freezing so making it impossible to play ive got 2 games running - 1 with approx 10 leagues and another with 7 leagues(all England) but both keep freezing and causing me to reboot my laptop so really annoying below are my laptop specs if this helps at all -
  3. Checked Wikipedia and actually in population order its - Moscow Berlin Athens Rome Paris so wish me luck and this should be a good break from my struggles with Alfreton on my online challenge where I'm awfully close to the sack.
  4. hmm Vienna & Warsaw should really come in to it then but how come Moscow doesn't show as a European Capital? I'm wanting 5 so would you go PSG, Hertha Berlin, Lazio, CSKA or Spartak Moscow, Austria or Rapid Vienna???
  5. paris berlin rome edinburgh Athens that's the 5 biggest then I believe thanks for that PSG, HERTHA, LAZIO, HEARTS, AEK.
  6. I'm going to try and win the champions league with clubs from capital city's who have never won it so who is they? Paris Berlin ?????
  7. 1st season used this tactic all season -
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