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  1. Any good teams in lower leagues?
  2. This best tactic for Sheff Wednesday in Premier League & Europa Cup would you say Knap?
  3. LWB - Everton

    got Galloway laying LCB and don't have Tierney on the game unfortunately
  4. LWB - Everton

    Looking to replace Baines and keep Garbutt as a back up, Any suggestions?
  5. Anybody still using this tactic?
  6. Sorry about this but I cant download tactics for some reason at minute so could anybody post Tactic & Team instructions details please?
  7. Right im about to start a new online game v my scouse mate who is starting as Liverpool and I need to choose a team with no European football also this season so narrowed it down to Chelsea or Everton. Has anybody got info on starting transfer and wage budgets after the last patch also any future changes? Any other info would be helpful as think Chelsea will be easy to win trophy's straight away but what about Everton can I get them to challenge in the 1st season or would I need to wait for a few seasons.
  8. Anybody using this on latest patch?
  9. I use it for a few things when I want a quick but long term save - Clear all injury's at the start of game, Make myself unsackable, Drop a club to lowest league and try to bring them back to the top, Check PA Don't use them all on all games and actually have the most fun save in online games were cant use it anyway or on my real life save with Sunday morning footballer experience.
  10. I finished my 1st season with Wednesday on 99points and only signings were Mcgeady Perm & Pilkington, Just signed Rojo & a German centre half ready for next season and made Pudil a Perm. Hooper & Joao rotated upfront and were quality as was Fessi in AM.
  11. FM16: Looking For Thread

    Club: Barca Transfer Budget: Unlimited Wage Budget: Same Position: DC - Defender Central With: Left Footed Other: Age under 25 if possible Loyalty Bonus: Agent Bonus: Season: 2016/17 Just looking to get a young centre half in to replace Matiu & Vermaelen
  12. Barca

    sorry will you close the thread as Ill need to do a proper thread later then as at work at moment.
  13. Barca

    Cheers Quick update on initial post - Ive played Bayern 4-3-3 and players were - .................Ter Stegen Alves...Pique........Vermalean...Alba .......Rafinha...Rakitic...Iniesta Messi..................................Neymar ....................Suarez Infact my top scorer jas been Sandro so far when 1 of front 3 has been injured.
  14. For some reason I'm struggling with Barca, Played European Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup & Opening game of season but 0 wins so any tips as played 4-3-3 the Bayern tactic but struggling so going to dry the defensive version see what happens.
  15. Will this actually have real players at the lower level clubs?