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  1. whats the best 4 2 3 1 & 5 3 2 for mid table chmpionship clubs?
  2. Hi all Desperate from some help as FM over last week or so has kept freezing so making it impossible to play ive got 2 games running - 1 with approx 10 leagues and another with 7 leagues(all England) but both keep freezing and causing me to reboot my laptop so really annoying below are my laptop specs if this helps at all -
  3. Checked Wikipedia and actually in population order its - Moscow Berlin Athens Rome Paris so wish me luck and this should be a good break from my struggles with Alfreton on my online challenge where I'm awfully close to the sack.
  4. hmm Vienna & Warsaw should really come in to it then but how come Moscow doesn't show as a European Capital? I'm wanting 5 so would you go PSG, Hertha Berlin, Lazio, CSKA or Spartak Moscow, Austria or Rapid Vienna???
  5. paris berlin rome edinburgh Athens that's the 5 biggest then I believe thanks for that PSG, HERTHA, LAZIO, HEARTS, AEK.
  6. I'm going to try and win the champions league with clubs from capital city's who have never won it so who is they? Paris Berlin ?????
  7. Play with wing backs and mix up with either 2 or 3 up front but seems 3 up top are the better formations at the moment.
  8. Just started a new save but with a twist that I'm not going to sign anybody(might make Venancio & Butterfield permanent) purely promoting from youth team and try to turn us in to a European powerhouse. Should be fun and just played my 1st game of season winning away at Preston 5-1 with Dawson, O'Grady, Hirst(2 goals) starting with Penney coming off the bench. Going to be a long term save this one until FM19 no doubt provided I don't get the sack of course.
  9. Well I just managed it as 4 games left needing 4points I went and lost my next 2 games before going 1-0 down to Sassulo so it really was squeaky bum time but I came back to win 5-2 so along with Inter and Juve both dropping points I wrapped the title up in possibly my best achievement in any FM due to the budgets at Parma. Anyway lost Palombi now due to loan ending plus a few others who wouldn't sign new contracts as I couldn't afford to renew but cant wait for Champions League with this squad anything is possible.
  10. Took Parma back to top flight in my first season by winning he title with Palombi(Lazio) and Gori(Frosioni) both on loan as star players also managed to sign Gerson to be my DLP and he starred. I'm 4points away from winning top division in my 1st season there with Palombi on fire again with 27goals. Italian saves are great as you have a chance of winning trophys with literally anybody.
  11. Well his mum had already ordered him this so lets hope for the best http://www.very.co.uk/medion-erazer-p6677-intel-core-i5-8gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-156in-gaming-laptop-geforce-gtx-940mxnbsp--black/1600196481.prd
  12. So what would be the cheapest on Very.co.uk to run FM18 reasonably as don't want to get young in a dud.
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