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  1. I’d like to think the Glazers sell up at some point!
  2. I've paused my save now at the end of the season whilst I await the new patch. Hopefully it's patched sooner rather than later to a level that allows the ME to be enjoyable and fun to interact with, if not, FM20 will 100% go down as my least favourite iteration so far, despite the fact outside of the ME, it's brilliant. Here's waiting. Keep up the good work.
  3. How many people have had the Glazers move on in their saves, and what year?
  4. Summer: Rúben Dias - £37m Sandro Tonali - £14m Fredrik André Bjørkan - £1.6m Nicolò Armini - £875K Róber - £1m January: Everton - £20m Lincoln - £12.5m
  5. It was horrible, literally won the league with a 90th minute winner only for them to equalise! Zlatan was awful but I posted it in the feedback thread because he was my designated penalty taker and due to the bug he kept missing them so he ratings dropped and morale was poor. As soon as Ronaldo retires it will be much easier to win the league.
  6. Milan: 2019/2020 Season (End of Season): Finished my first season with Milan, second time around, with a clear way of how I wanted to play. We definitely over-achieved, as the board wanted Champions League. In all honesty, we should have won the title but slipped up on the final day to allow Juventus to win Serie A on goal difference We need a win in the final game, and managed to pinch what we thought was the winner in the 91st minute away at Bologna, I didn't even have time to adjust my tactics when Bologna equalised in the 93rd minute allowing Juventus to win the title. Absolutely gutted. We broke plenty of clubs records during the season, including winning every game in Feb, March and April in a 10 game win streak. Here's how the personal stats ended; I'm not planning massive changes this Summer, maybe one or two first-teamers and sell a couple of fringe players. We need a more experienced striker to partner Piatek, and help Leao and Lincoln progress. Quite fancy taking Andrea Belotti from Torino to replace Ibrahimovic.
  7. I've noticed the Baresi thing too, same as you, his name isn't anywhere - maybe he just likes getting involved! I'm nearing the end of my first season again, since I restarted, so I'll post an update in the next few days.
  8. Yeah they dropped my transfer revenue down to 15%, but I just requested more funds once this went thru and they accepted.
  9. Daft question, if anyone would mind answering, I've not managed in Italy for a long time, but how does the Non-EU rule work? Can I only register two per season for the first team? What if I signed 5 non-EU talented youngsters to loan out or keep in my u18's/u20's - is that allowed? Cheers!
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