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  1. UPDATE v4 I've made a small update to this pack (93 additions) but this will be the last update until FM22 as I'm currently renovating my house, hoping to be done by October, so my time is limited. You can download it below, uncompress, drag all the assets + config in the folder into the staff folder and accept any overwrites. Update v4: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2l44muc6nsx28ep/update-4.zip/file Opening post updated too.
  2. Wholeheartedly agree with this, improvement is needed here, it would even class as a key feature if they overhauled it to a degree where you can design whatever you want. But even if they are poor, the absolute bare minimum is that they should work and set up correctly. At the moment to even set them up is buggy as hell.
  3. Are attacking Throw-Ins broken since the update? I have them set to go LONG, but he never throws them long, he does what he wants. Even worse is he's throwing them to a man SHORT who I have set to STAY BACK. EDIT: Here's what happened, Vagnoman threw it shorter into Skipp, but it was intercepted. He shouldn't be throwing it there anyway... You can see none of the players on the pitch match the set-up I've instructed, just blatantly doing whatever they want: Gibson, Skipp & Zimmerman should be in the box but they stay back. The left back does
  4. Yeah I use that too, but it's not always 100%, sometimes you still need to tweak a few columns to get them in view, but it just won't do what you want - it's been like this for years.
  5. Is there anything more depressing than trying to adjust your custom views to make them all tidy with nice gaps? For it to just snap back and do whatever it wants.
  6. Just starting up a save with Norwich, the plan is a journeyman so no more than 3-4 years to start - anyone got any player signing suggestions?
  7. Pack Update: As promised, this pack has now been updated and the new download link is below. There's literally over 1,000 additions/changes/improvements I've made over the last 3 months, so I'd highly advise downloading this and deleting the previous version for a better playing experience. This isn't an update pack, it's to replace the last version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6kwdzb9nro3qey7/stadium.zip/file Once downloaded, make sure the file is named stadium - the download has added a (2) to the file name I think, so remove that. First post also updated. As alwa
  8. @Jut254 Thanks, I've just added that one in now too
  9. I have the REF folder inside the STAFF folder No refs in this update pack
  10. I’ll have this new pack out by the weekend, I’m just doing some final additions, I’ve made a significant amount of changes and additions over the last 3 months including; * All comments from this thread have been taken into account * Gone much deeper in many leagues all over the world, especially in Europe * Fixed some of the broken code since the update to relink clubs and stadiums * Fixed a number of errors from the launch pack * Added pictures for pretty much all high-capacity stadiums all over the world, that were missing previously * Improved a number of ba
  11. Forgot to mention, but as always if you'd like any additions/changes and/or find any better quality images, then attach/link them to this thread and I'll update the master pack for the next release
  12. UPDATE v3 I've made a significant update to this pack, adding/improving a further 981 staff backgrounds. You can download it below, uncompress, drag all the assets + config in the folder into the staff folder and accept any overwrites. Update v3: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rbmaex480l48mfm/update-3.zip/file Opening post updated too.
  13. Top work mate, I'll get that added in.
  14. Yeah I've actually just done China today, it was all over the place in terms of code, so I'll go back double-check them two leagues to make sure they are spot on.
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