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  1. Around 2010/11 I think, a lad called Dentinho from Brazil, him and James Rodriguez were absolutely disgusting in my Newcastle United save
  2. I genuinely don't bother with international management anymore, it's not engaging enough, 100% needs a revamp, that would class as a new feature. It must be on the list, surely.
  3. Yeah, I'm not a huge can of that dressing room layout either, looks like it's here to stay now though. But they could have at least pulled the players faces through so it feels like I'm talking to an actual player.
  4. Using go with Manchester United during beta just to mess about and look around. Genuinely not sure on my long term save this year, I actually need some inspiration? I want to start in League One/Two with a club with decent foundations to build up from.
  5. Little underwhelming but at least they're steady improvements. The dribbling and player movement is a great new feature and should open the door to better enhancements going forward, looking at that screenshot, it looks like the scoreboard has been improved (hopefully they've added the 3-letter team names too) as it was a disaster in FM21 and needed to be modded to death, so that's a bonus Data Hub looks like a good addition, but my fear is most of it is just a re-purpose of current information that's already available, but it is a good move to consolidate all that data in to one place which is easy to find and digest. Backroom Re-write again, looks like a good addition, but probably a re-purpose of current information that's already available, but we shall see. Deadline Day, tbh it's not something I use regular at all. I'm a planner, so my signing's are planned in advance and done early 90% of the time. Deadline Day is probably something I use more at the start of a lower league save to wheel & deal, but once I've built up and established a club I barely use it. I think for Deadline Day to be really effective they'd need to re-write the AI transfers/squad building so it's not so easy to buy whoever you want so early in the window, maybe made clubs more stubborn and more intelligent in their own squad building. Maybe this would tie in better to a transfer hub. Although it would be great if Fabrizio Romano is included in this, and on the social feeds, breaking transfer news - would be a cool little immersion feature. #HereWeGo I'll say it again, but a HUGE miss on SI's part not overhauling the Set Pieces for FM22, the UX/UI has been clunky (and limited!) for a while in that area and needs looking at. An inclusion of a set piece coach would have been great too. Looking forward to see what Miles tweets out over the next couple of weeks, see what small additions have been made.
  6. Slightly disappointed by that second episode, hopefully there is more to come. Big miss for me if SI haven’t revamped set pieces for FM22 and introduced a specific Set Piece Coach. The set pieces UI screen one of the scattiest parts of the game.
  7. Hi all, I'm back after renovating my house, so I'll be splitting my time between editing ready for FM22 and playing some PS5, so if you have any specific requests for managers, staff or refs to be added, post them in here (with or without a picture) and I'll make sure they are included ready for the launch of FM22.
  8. Thanks, I'll make sure these are all included in the next update.
  9. UPDATE v4 I've made a small update to this pack (93 additions) but this will be the last update until FM22 as I'm currently renovating my house, hoping to be done by October, so my time is limited. You can download it below, uncompress, drag all the assets + config in the folder into the staff folder and accept any overwrites. Update v4: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2l44muc6nsx28ep/update-4.zip/file Opening post updated too.
  10. Wholeheartedly agree with this, improvement is needed here, it would even class as a key feature if they overhauled it to a degree where you can design whatever you want. But even if they are poor, the absolute bare minimum is that they should work and set up correctly. At the moment to even set them up is buggy as hell.
  11. Are attacking Throw-Ins broken since the update? I have them set to go LONG, but he never throws them long, he does what he wants. Even worse is he's throwing them to a man SHORT who I have set to STAY BACK. EDIT: Here's what happened, Vagnoman threw it shorter into Skipp, but it was intercepted. He shouldn't be throwing it there anyway... You can see none of the players on the pitch match the set-up I've instructed, just blatantly doing whatever they want: Gibson, Skipp & Zimmerman should be in the box but they stay back. The left back doesn't have any idea what he's doing because he doesn't even exist on my Throw In tactics page, I can't even select him!
  12. Yeah I use that too, but it's not always 100%, sometimes you still need to tweak a few columns to get them in view, but it just won't do what you want - it's been like this for years.
  13. Is there anything more depressing than trying to adjust your custom views to make them all tidy with nice gaps? For it to just snap back and do whatever it wants.
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