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  1. 19th is fine, expected a slightly later release this year to be honest given the way the announcements have been made. Just gives SI two weeks less to get the inevitable first patch out before the Christmas holidays.
  2. Ipswich were my first initial thoughts for a save, I like taking a team from the lower leagues up to the Premier League then moving on, plus Ipswich have a nice history with Bobby Robson and Europe.
  3. I think if it actually came with Arsenal 3D kits, advertising hoardings and their Emirates stadium within the match engine then they could be into something...
  4. They’ll be a whole host of reasons why they’ve not secured the full PL license, and I can’t imagine it would be easy to obtain or possibly even worth the initial outlay. I do think the Arsenal license is actually a positive step forward however I also think it’s a negative that it’s only available to selected purchases, hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come in regards to licensing...
  5. Yes I know Euros ain’t Pounds, however the mobile site defaults to € when I try to buy the Arsenal edition (presumably that’s a bug) hence why when I converted €49 you get £44 at today’s exchange rate, which is roughly a £10 difference to the £35 standard edition £ price. Even so, at the same price, it’s only really appealing to an Arsenal FM gamer with the inability to download extra add ons for all teams/leagues, or a collector of hard copies of the game. If the price is the same, begs the question as to why not try to make the license available to all purchasers of the FM game, not just Arsenal fans? Then they are not segregating an audience. Then you’ll have a section of those Arsenal FM-gamers who will have already preordered are now left with a decision to stick with the standard edition or get a refund to re-purchase the Arsenal edition, potentially losing numbers against the Arsenal edition count.
  6. It is a bit strange that for roughly £10 extra (£35.99 vs €49.49) an Arsenal fan can have a crest, couple of kits and player faces just for that one club, but they still have to play in the “Euro Cup” and “Premier Division” against other clubs which have no logos or branding so it’s not much of a realism gain overall. And coincidentally all of those extras are available within the community for free. It should just be part of the standard game for everyone to enjoy, like other licenses, still announce it as a new feature, just put the standard game up a £1 or so extra so it doesn’t impact the overall price too much and covers costs. Currently it’s only really an option for Arsenal supporting FM gamers, probably more as a collectible than anything, but for around £10 extra, it’s doesn’t shout value for money to me, if it was a Manchester United edition, it wouldn’t tempt me to pay it.
  7. It’s not, it’s roughly £10 dearer according to the FM website. https://store.footballmanager.com/eu/en/arsenal-edition?utm_source=fm&utm_medium=button&utm_campaign=arsenal#/cart
  8. Cheers Neil, bit of a poor journey for those customers though.
  9. What happens if you've already pre-ordered the normal edition, but now want the Arsenal edition? (I don't, just curious).
  10. What happens if you've already pre-ordered the normal edition, but now want the Arsenal edition? (I don't, just curious).
  11. Have to say, I’m so disappointed with FM19 overall now the latest update has been released. In fact, probably the most disappointed I’ve been with any FM game so far. I’ve been playing these types of games since the mid-90s and it’s the least fun and least immersed I think I’ve felt, I don’t think the time gap from Jan-March (whilst waiting for the ME to be patched) has helped as I distanced myself from the game, but even with the new update, I’m just not hooked in. I think there were too many issues upon release (which have been well documented) and it’s just snowballed from there. Such a shame, but I’m sure it will be back. Hopefully there are huge improvements to FM20 or at least a more enjoyable ME and it lives up to it’s billing, as personally, FM19 hasn’t. Long wait to see what November/October brings now.
  12. All updated now, also added a few others that were missing, like Paul Scholes at Oldham. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9fkc49pshxq9nwh/managers.zip/file First post link also updated.
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