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  1. Should be no issues, I’ve been using these files for years now.
  2. New background for UEFA Conference League: 31051584.jpg Just drop it into the comp folder and overwrite the current image.
  3. My resolution is 1680x1050 at 95% (MacBook Pro)
  4. I think this was one of your match review panels but always loved this screen, found it usual to go back and screenshot after the game to post on the forums too, hopefully it can be replicated this year
  5. Great work @michaeltmurrayuk will there also be an overview panel like this one below, like in previous versions?
  6. Shouldn’t do, I use this and the sortitousi Real Name Fix.
  7. Honestly not sure, I just wanted the 3-letter versions - might be worth you playing around in the Editor.
  8. In the editor, I’ve done a 3-letter scoreboard here if that interests you:
  9. Links to all my packs for FM21: FM21 Backgrounds: Stadium Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Competitions Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Nations Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Continents Pack FM21 Backgrounds: Media Sources Pack FM21: Long Team Names, 3-Letter Match Names & Hashtags (England) FM21: Long Team Names, 3-Letter Match Names & Hashtags (Germany) FM21: Long Team Names + 3-Letter Match Names (World)
  10. I've created a long team names files forFM21, this also includes 3-letter TV names that appear in the match engine scoreboard. If you have OCD like me and prefer FC Bayern Munchen instead of Bayern, then this file is for you. All the playable countries in FM21 are included in this file. You'll need to start a new save as it's not save game compatible (I don't believe). 1. Download here 2. Place the 1-long-team-names-short-tv.fmf here: ‎⁨ [PC] Documents⁩ ▸ ⁨Sports Interactive⁩ ▸ ⁨Football Manager 2021 ▸ ⁨editor data ▸ ⁨1-long-team-names-short-tv.fmf
  11. Great effort - anyone else on with an Ipswich save? If so, how's your Brexit been?
  12. Cheers, I've spotted a few of these have not pulled through, I think the Editor is a little buggy at the moment, but I'm going to look at a bigger file this weekend putting multiple countries into one file.
  13. @kstoyleCheers, I'll get this updated
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