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  1. skin 21\panels\match half of the code is unnecessary here :)) match caption panel small.xml tv logos.rar
  2. interview_area. check please Football Manager 2021\environments\interview_area interview_area_sponsor_board_[al].dds press_conference_room_sponsor_boards_[al].dds
  3. did you change the settings? there is a larger file, but I cannot check it in my save
  4. it won't work. this is a 2D file - there can only be one. So are the balls. you put the wrong file - it's PNG. need dds
  5. Excuse me. I'm not very good at English. And I don't always get the context. Did you make a file but it doesn't show up? Drop the file here. And the file in psd. I need to check what you did there
  6. like I did, but I didn't check it in the game. check please press_conference_room_sponsor_boards_[al].dds
  7. @PequenoGenio Great work! What is a name of this panel?
  8. Thanks for helping to me skin 21\graphics\boxes\custom\match\tv captions\si tv\score skin 21\panels\match match score area panel.xml score.rar
  9. @rich)) sent to me this folders please and way to put them
  10. in which lines to center? I already did a lot. see someone else with your eye match score area panel.xml
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