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  1. Amazing work. Why don't you share with other fans of the fmworld? My page with OPZ style player photo: https://fmfan.ru/topic/93-actionpack-by-lembergman-fm19/
  2. I am also waiting for your update. Just preparing Brazilian photopack in action style.
  3. https://fmfan.ru/board/index.php?/topic/61249-realistic-sound-patch-fan-chants/
  4. Do you have player photo Stamford AFC? I really need them. Every year I start my career with this club. I make a photo in action style as OPZ. Peterborough Sports also would not be bad. https://fmfan.ru/board/index.php?/topic/62314-actionpack-by-lembergman-fm19/
  5. My addition to OPZ FacePack. Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Germany and England lower leagues, players (4770) and staff(436) from around the world, many updates: https://fmfan.ru/board/index.php?/topic/62314-actionpack-by-lembergman-fm19/ thanks OPZ for template
  6. Hey. You are doing a fantastic job for all of us - fans of FM. I need to ask you something. There is such a file scoreboard & tv logos match.zip from the website https://www.fmnation.net/skin18/22234585 Could combine it with your skin? I have problems with this. Still, it is with your skin, my photopack in OPZ style looks great https://fmfan.ru/board/index.php?/topic/62314-actionpack-by-lembergman-fm19/. Thank you for your work.
  7. How can I remove this red horizontal bar. Help me please. Here is my bad skin. The first time I try to collect something. Lembergman-FM19-Instant-Result-Dark.rar
  8. Good afternoon! I have a request for you - an offer. When I make a photo for players, logo, etc. I have to enter the ID manually. I wanted to be able to copy the ID, as well as with the names of players and so on. This would make it easier to create photos for the game. Less mistakes. And further. Why not make a standard skin for an extension (resolution) for an action-style photo. Such photos do DF 11, OPZ, Fierros Action, Gunzo..... Thanks, Alex from Lemberg.
  9. I want to display the background of football players, managers. Photos are in the folder For example, how on this: The FM18 Tempo Skin v.5
  10. Yes, I checked. Looks very good. But there is no background in the profile of the player. In this case, the background of the team is changing I use Football Manager Official Graphics Superpack from dazs8
  11. Hi, Knap! Yous tactiks is very good!!! On you mind, what tactik is better for small team from lower leage.
  12. This skin Supported by DF11 panels? Can I see a review of the player ?
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