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  1. @michaeltmurrayuk will you be creating Base Skins for FM22 once it's fully released too?
  2. Hi @Kyle Brown, I've attached my files below. I've also uploaded the save just before the game: stevemc-Man UFC - test.fm WorkTheSpace also has this same issue on his YouTube save: match_recording.rec MacBook Pro.spx
  3. There is something a little buggy with the search bar at the top, and the arrows - sometimes you can't click them, like it's not registering your click?
  4. When you are searching players from a list, in player or staff search, once you click through to a person and then go back, it sends you back to the top of the search list, rather than landing back at the part of the list you were on - frustrating little glitch.
  5. Spot on for me mate, very smooth, other than the ball colour issue that a few have reported
  6. I'm guessing he's got one, but it doesn't show on screen like it does with all other people in the game. It's missing his job too, that whole line of text under his name.
  7. No, I've tried both with and without custom graphics, same problem exists. A few others in the Beta Feedback thread have the same problem, so I guess it's not unique to me?
  8. Forgot to mention, I'm on a MacBook Pro too, if that makes any difference.
  9. Just realised I've added this to the wrong place, could a Mod move it to Match Engine please?
  10. Done EDIT: Just realised I've added this to the wrong place, could a Mod move it to Match Engine please?
  11. Premier League game, the football in 3D is a blue/black colour instead of white. 2D is correct, 3D is incorrect.
  12. Just gone into there, and the standard ball colour is actually set to white - yet I'm seeing a blue/black colour.
  13. Just playing a PL game and the ball isn't white, it's really difficult to see, can you change it? (looks like it's blue & black?)
  14. What’s going on with the net physics? Need to invest in some pegs.
  15. Looks like they've stuck with the same scoreboard for FM22 as FM21, although from screenshots it seems like the 3-letter-team-name is used now (hopefully you can toggle between 3-letter, short name and long name in the preferences) - but this will be needed again
  16. Around 2010/11 I think, a lad called Dentinho from Brazil, him and James Rodriguez were absolutely disgusting in my Newcastle United save
  17. I genuinely don't bother with international management anymore, it's not engaging enough, 100% needs a revamp, that would class as a new feature. It must be on the list, surely.
  18. Yeah, I'm not a huge can of that dressing room layout either, looks like it's here to stay now though. But they could have at least pulled the players faces through so it feels like I'm talking to an actual player.
  19. Using go with Manchester United during beta just to mess about and look around. Genuinely not sure on my long term save this year, I actually need some inspiration? I want to start in League One/Two with a club with decent foundations to build up from.
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