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  1. Hi michael... Help here: Home page (pending transfers): News screens problems: The number 2 - could the buttons change to another colour? Line up on the right is white: Can you help me with this?
  2. Thanks @keysi One the light skin open the panel and change the text colour from white to black
  3. I just use that on the pop-up profile so i guess that is a bug
  4. @zeljkobrada12 place the panel bellow in the panels/match. match score area panel.xml
  5. Again: thanks for the help and the work on your own skin that i use on mine.
  6. PequenoGenio88 Skins FM2021 Hello everyone. First of all, I hope you are all well and safe. It was not my intention this year to launch the skins but as there were so many requests and after talking to the people I used elements from their skins and having given the green light I decided to proceed to the launch. So I want to thank @keysi, @michaeltmurrayuk, @Sh@rk, @bluestillidie00, @Well's, @Dani_dots (twitter), @Sheffield Hammer, @FMEnhanced and many others that in one way or another helped / inspired me create the skin. I'm not an expert on this skin. They were
  7. Solved. Thanks. The only thing that is hard to red is the recommended training:
  8. Hello. First off all thank you @michaeltmurrayuk for this amizing gift to the communitty. Second i want to now where and how do i change the colour of this text (the ones in the red "circle"):
  9. How the numbers look with two numbers? (like the number 10)
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