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  1. Great to have you back. The main problem for me, for every tactic that i create is to make my striker the top scorer of my team (or league)
  2. Thank you for all the work, help and inspiration. You should be massively proud for what you have done for us, the FM "family".
  3. Can you DM the skin to me? just for me to try it?
  4. Settings xml. Tactical positions i guess
  5. Here we have to talk in english. I think that, here, exists one topic about that
  6. V2 Available - light skin with some bugs on the text (white text)
  7. Thanks for the input... Two things: - what are your opinion about OI's? - Change the AP to a MEZ?
  8. It's gonna be an updated version of this in the upcoming days. (don't know when yet) Some bugs in the light skin (white text) don't gonna be fixed because i don't know how to do it. Instant result i don't use so that don't gonna be in the skin
  9. Search here: manager upcoming fixture
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