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  1. [FM18] Leagues World pack by claassen

    First : Amazing job mate.... Second: Japan have real players? or is just the competitions?
  2. Just one newbie's question: SI just released a new hotfix... Your file will work properly or not?
  3. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    it's done now. I only chance the comment in the beggining of the line and forgot the end of it. My bad
  4. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    I follow your steps to change from kits to logos but the xml give me multiple errors and lokks like this: I want that in the left panel the logos appears insted of kits
  5. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    Let's move on and forget. Thanks anyway
  6. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    I have zero experience in skinning so that's the reason of my questions.
  7. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    But with the first version of the anels i have this look:
  8. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    Any tip for making the faces of the payer's normal size? P.s.: I play in lower resolution
  9. I just open the image on paint and make it "more" red like you said. Saved in png.
  10. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    Made something wrong were:
  11. Is there any way to remove that black / gray outline from the sidebar?
  12. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    @Rivanov Can you share your files?
  13. Secondary Colour in Titlebar

    @D_LO_ Many thanks man
  14. Hello. Can someone explain to me how to make this effect disappear so that it is one color? P.s.: I'm using the base skins