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  1. Really really nice. Contains all the important information about club, staff and players. Th skin its kinda look-a-like this one
  2. And how i do that? What panels and lines do i need to edit? That's my problem.
  3. But all the changes that i´ve made in the rest of the skin, i made them to use 100% zoom. Only that 3 things that i don't know how to make them the way i like
  4. In in the process of creating something here from your skins for personal use but need a little help here..
  5. Do you have plan for realese this or is only to inspire?
  6. Very nice. And there is a big lack of light skins this year.
  7. Amazing. The WTS version is my favorite this year.
  8. Thanks. I think that with the new font on FM19 the process could be different
  9. Really likes this kind of saves but the players in that leagues are really really awfull!!! Glad that now comes Argentina!!!
  10. In the base skins can anyone tell me how to change the fonts?
  11. Hello my friend. I am trying to adapt some of your panels to my skin for personal use and I have some doubts: Here don´t appears nothing in any club. (very small pictures sorry) in here how to make the text adapt to the teams colours? (club overview)
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