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  1. Duplicated players. but if works for you, then it's gonna work for me too. Thanks mate
  2. But this one seems to have issues with the latest patch.
  3. To have the real Japanese players is there any file that I can add to have them without conflict with claassen files?

    I copy this to my fm17 base skin folder and nothing chaged
  5. What if I move DM to CM strata (in the middle of the two CM) but with DLP on defend duty? Sorry for the english
  6. Can this file be used together with the claassen leagues file?
  7. Amazing job... Does your J League file have only leagues or have players, etc. updated as well?
  8. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Left one...
  9. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    I want it too mate;)
  10. [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Thanks for the anwser mate...