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  1. Thanks Rashidi. I was using your from the steam workshop but it was difficult to me to understand wich one is the most appropriate
  2. As i said before about the light skin : is pure love!!!
  3. Hello everyone. Besides this guide there is some place with training to download?
  4. It would be interesting to have a view of your system in terms of having an overview of the roles you use. Just for i learn a bit more about it. Because have your striker with that av. rating is something that i really like to achieve. W (s) you say? but to have that behavior that you refer has to be used with the opposite foot to the side playing right? A kind of false IF / W?
  5. But in some roles that can't be done i'm i right? It appears from default (IF(a)-less urgent) and it can´t be changed
  6. And what PI do you use for the DM, for each ocasion? And your top goalscored who is he? The striker or one of the IF?
  7. My intention is to create something more "universal". I know that i nedd to adjust each game but without making a load of adjustments
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