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  1. What can I do to reduce the long shots? No player has the PPM "shoot from distance" and I already have the PI "shoot less" active for the center midfieldrs, since it is they who shoots (and much) from distance. TI also have "Retains possession" active
  2. PequenoGenio

    [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    How do I reduce the space between the logo and the line?
  3. My only doubt it's how to turn this "big" amount of possession in goals? I want to have the ball, but also wanted score goals... not sure if i'm explained this in the right way...
  4. First of all, my congratulations for the topic. As a beginner in the world of FM tactics on my own, what I would like to know was if this type of possession is of the type "we want to win and dominate the game" or if it is the "if we have the ball we do not lose the game" ?
  5. Hello @Jas80 What files do i need to copy to aplly this to my skin?
  6. Could this set-up work? Can you give some advice to improve it?
  7. How to enable the sidebar to be like the original and not the "icons only verson"? And also make the sidebar the same colour that the titlebar?
  8. I lost the "team training" but it's amazing. If anyone turn this in the full "full mode" skin is my hwro
  9. Is it possible to use this in the full version of the game? Font, colors ... All perfect.
  10. PequenoGenio

    [FM18] The Perfectionist III - A sucker for pain

    I've always been on the lookout for your saves. Amazing job that you done.
  11. I only add the db file. Will i have problems in the future?
  12. What files do you copy from that db?