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  1. PequenoGenio

    [FM19] [Skin] OPZ Elite 2019 v.19.2

    Hello my friend. I am trying to adapt some of your panels to my skin for personal use and I have some doubts: Here don´t appears nothing in any club. (very small pictures sorry) in here how to make the text adapt to the teams colours? (club overview)
  2. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    Sorry for the double post again but this is a bug or thats the way it should be? (transfer arrows) https://gyazo.com/66c4bc360d5aa5b6ea0751d558abfcc6 I know that i'm a pain in the a** but here: how to put logos insted of kits?
  3. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    As i said before. My comment isn't a request. Was only my thoughts about my personal preferences. Thats it. I'm really glad that you decided release this skin and happy with that. Thats all.
  4. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    I'm not making any request mate. It's was just my 2 cents about this skin. About the "perfect" one for me. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    Still can make that modifications. For me this skin only needs two things: 1- a light/white version 2- new manager profile, something like this:
  6. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    Double post
  7. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

  8. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    Just two things: Put the that in portuguese.. How i do it? And in the WTS version, how i make it darker?
  9. PequenoGenio

    City Image Help?

    I have the same problem
  10. PequenoGenio

    Show your skin... and inspire

    Can i test it? The whole skin?
  11. PequenoGenio

    Show your skin... and inspire

    Very beautiful. But is the sidebar and titlebar always the same color or do they change according to the team / competition?
  12. PequenoGenio

    [FM19] Player profile - Help please

    My problem is that some features that i like are from olders FMs. If anyone tell me what panels do i need to look for in order to have that i could gve a try
  13. Hello everyone. I hereby request your assistance in the following: I am very inexperienced in this art but I would like to have my player profile like this: Paint Skilzzzz Can you help me and tell me what to do, what panels should I have and where i get them and what and how should I edit them?
  14. PequenoGenio

    [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    in order to have my club overview the way i like i copy all the files from this skin but can't make the last 11 and the city pic work properly. Anybody can help me?
  15. PequenoGenio

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    Done... Amazing job my friend. One of the best mods.