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  1. I'll investigate, just won't be for a couple of days
  2. Your screenshot here is 767 pixels high. As crazy as it sounds, that 1 pixel makes a difference (well, as you can see). I'll see if I can find a solution, but the margins are exceptionally fine. I am also on the way home from a work trip abroad, so it won't be tonight (and probably not tomorrow as I will almost certainly go straight to bed after I finish work)
  3. Would you like me to quote the previous response where I said there is no provisional date? It will be no earlier than the next major update for the dark mode - which will be 2-3 weeks after the next official SI patch.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be that easy. When I moved to the current design, I started from scratch (part of the reason I didn't do a numerical version for this or MPGD). I have widened some aspects, so maybe, but it's not going to be as straight forward as copying over the numercial panels and pointing it to them.
  5. There are a few who have taken (with permission) the pizza charts so they are available with numeric skins. Electric Panther and SAS, for example.
  6. Hi Alex, Attributes are displayed by training group. Technique and Decisions are trained in multiple different groups. I believe this both helps to understand which actions those attributes impact and underlies their importance.
  7. Yes. Everything is still relative. If you have players performing in the 30th percentile for key actions, then look for players performing in the 35th percentile, and they'll be an improvement.
  8. It's all controlled by match/match in between highlights panel. You'll need to find the bits you want and copy them over - what you'll need to copy over depends on which skin you take stuff from (and I won't be able to help much with that, as I don't know the file structures of everybody else's skin)
  9. Well spotted. The short answer is "probably, yes", but I don't know which file (because if I did know, I might not have missed it to begin with )
  10. Those slices aren't the graphics from this skin either. Those are from Electric Panther. Two possible solutions: Reload the skin, make sure you have caching unticked. Move Electric Panther out of your skin folder (move into your Documents or somewhere else, so you can move it back in when you want to switch back to it)
  11. For the scouting card, it'll be defined in the settings as "shortlisted player" or something to that effect. Text that otherwise appears on top of the main accent colour, is also defined in the settings file as "mustermanntext". To change it in very specific places only, however, you'll need to find the specific xmls. I don't believe I've touched the scouting card, so that might need extracting using the resource archiver. The continue button is either going to be controlled via panels/generic/continue.xml or via graphics/chrome/buttons/continue/button.xml Unfortunately not. Advanced statistics are not stored long-term by the game, so they are lost at the end of a season, or when a player moves club (or a loan ends).
  12. Active Series: Moneyball Clinic A series of team guides using a statistic-led approach to squad assessment, tactic creation, and the transfer market. Episode 1 Moneyball Clinic: Wolves Episode 2 Moneyball Clinic: Sevilla
  13. You can by editing panels/tactics/tactics overview side panel. There are two container inside a horizontal_adaptive_container, one starting at row 8, the other starting at row 71. Swap them around.
  14. Unfortunately it's an issue when the colours used for the club's kit and the club's number are the same (here, it's white on white). There is not a fix at this momment.
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