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  1. 500 years, well 499 years have gone by. Has the English football pyramid changed radically? Has any team from the Vanarama made it to the Prem. And has Palace won it all yet? It's been 500 years, surely we have a chance. Thanks for watching!
  2. 250 years in, we've seen some movement. With just the top 5 leagues in the English Pyramid loaded, I was hoping that a team from the Vanaram would make it's way to the Premier League, or that a team from the Prem could fall that far down, but I think there's to much behind the scenes coding going on to allow that to happen on a regular basis. Instead, the surprising results are going to be in the Continental Competitions, as some teams you may have heard of from smaller Leagues are making their precense known. Also, Crystal Palace has not won the Premier League at this time. PArt of me is tempted to load this up as a save and see if I can't win it...I mean Doncaster has won the League, well, not in this part of the save but shortly there after. Instead you can look and see how Leeds and Birmingham fight it out for 20 years, with Southampton trying to be a part of the conversation as well. Or Newcastle winning 8 times in 12 years....if only.... Link to the save in the details!
  3. Well, I don't know, I stopped at 2518 because the laptop I was running this experiment on was taking forever just to advance a day... But that said, I Inherited a laptop, and I figured why not have some fun with it, so I loaded FM19 onto it, created a coach, and went on Holiday. First, for 100 years, where the 2000's were dominated by...West Ham? Save attached in the details section of the video. Jellico
  4. I'm not quite sure when this started happening, and I originally thought it was something related to my Nvidia driver, but the game has started crashing on me when showing scoring highlights. However, it doesn't always crash at the same scoring highlight. Sometimes it will crash on the first highlight, sometimes the 3rd highlight, this most recent game it crashed on the 4th highlight. It does not crash on a regular basis, it does not happen every game or after every score, the crashes are random when they occur. I've attached a zip file of the last few instances that occurred in June. After the multiple crashes on 6/6 I went back and deleted my Cache, Preferences and verified my game files, but the crashes happened again on the 9th and today. Appreciate the help, Jellico JellicoCrashDumps.zip
  5. Unless there is a PBKAC error on my part, and that's possible, right now the only way to export any data is by exporting as a webpage, then having to go into Excel or calc and format the data that way. The ability to export data out in a .csv file would be appreciated by many players out there, can it be added as an option to a future release?
  6. Hi, I need a little help trying to figure out what just happened in my recent January transfer window with my Bastia save This is Robin Loison-Roux. He was part of my youth intake as a 14 year old. He was on a youth contract, In late December I offered a hot prospect contract, but he never signed. Starting in January, he had about 30 different offers made for him. I rejected them all. This was Les Verts last offer for Roux, as you can see, I rejected it. Literally, six hour later: You can see the rejection at 1246 on the bottom left. I never accepted this offer. I never saw it made My board did not accept it, the inbox on the left has all the communication that happened between the rejection and him leaving. So, in short: Thanks for the help, Jellico
  7. Forgot to post this here...sorry. Part 2 is up, on the blog and on the youtube. Wages and scheduling...fun times! https://fmjellico.com/2019/03/26/of-wages-and-scheduling/ https://youtu.be/K-cUmrMTxzk Thanks! Jellico
  8. No, the spreadsheet doesn't do that. I haven't seen/found one that does that for newer version of FM, the last one I saw was for FM16. It could be done, but the behind the scenes stuff would take a very long time for me to complete.
  9. Apologies on this taking so long, real life and the like has gotten in the way again (and you'd think it would be more considerate really), but part one of the video series accompanying the posts here will be going live tomorrow, that's Monday the 11th of March, 2019, on my YouTube Channel at 7AM GST. It will be covering the Squad Comparison and Attribute Analysis section of the spreadsheet. Further episodes will cover the Budgetary/Wage Analysis section, the schedule section, and then I do have a bit of a ramble at the end about what I'd like to add in the future as well. The plan is try and upload a video on this every week. After the first video goes live I will have a link to a blank web sheet with three tabs on it, two for roster attribute comparison, and one for attribute analysis, probably hosted on MediaFire, the link will be in the description of the video. Any feedback on the videos and spreadsheet is welcomed, you can request features to be added, and I'll see what I can do as well, but no promises there. Leave those down below, or hit me up on Twitter, the Football Manager Slack, or the couple of FM Discords I also hang out on from time to time. Thanks for reading! FM_Jellico
  10. Training wise, for me it's just a better way of seeing a players improvement, and comparing them to other players at the same time. While the current bar graph in the Player Development area is nice, it's just not that useful, at least useful enough for my purposes, and current player analysis is only a two player comparison. And honestly, I'm not too familiar with any of the editors out there. If they could read my game data and export it out into something that could be used in a spreadsheet, I'd use that for sure. That's possible, but would take an awful long time to compile, because the games not set up to export data that way, I think. I could be wrong there. But, as an example, I can go to my last game played, Goto STATS->SC Bastia Stats, and then I have the following views: General Info Goalkeeping Defending Attacking Set Pieces Body Language and Performance That's Five (why export body language) exports to HTML, then copying pasting in, after each match. Doable, but time consuming, especially if there's format issues. The Form Report from the Player Profile->Reports->Form, but you'd have to do that for every player, and that's also time consuming. The other option is just a squad view with all the available stats in it, and then just export it after every match and then use that....hrm...are all the stats available in the various views in STATS available in a squad view? If so, that could work very well as a starting point. There's a lot of possibilities out there it seems Honestly, if there was a way for FM to export data as a CSV file, that would be great. Thanks, Jellico
  11. You can create and save views. Can export them as well to share, Steam has a ton of them. The attributes one you will have to do yourself, but creating them is pretty easy.
  12. You can export almost anything to html thru the game. After that it sometimes takes a little editing behind the scenes to make it useable. But once you edit something the first time, the second time is a lot quicker and easier. The one area that took longer than most was the schedule actually, but that was formatting issues. Thanks for reading! Jellico
  13. Lets find out! When I started playing FM17, I created a spreadsheet that compared players attributes, and highlighted the differences. I got away from that though, but with my new save in FM19, with SC Bastia, I am a lot more hands on, and wanted to keep track of the player growth and development. And while the data presented in FM is nice, it's not as useful as it could be. So I broke out the old spreadsheet, updated it, and started tracking my players with it. Then I started adding things, like attribute Analysis graphs, Budgets, Wages, Schedule, its evolving into it's own organism. You can follow along its development by watching my current series on Youtube, but then becuase I had that spare hour of time between 1 and 2AM, I decided I could blog about it too. So here's the first post, detailing how to build the spreadsheet to compare player attributes and track their growth. https://fmjellico.wordpress.com/2019/03/05/the-beginning-just-a-couple-of-tabs-i-swear/ More to follow! And as an example, my squad in June of 2018: And my squad in June of 2019. Dark green is +2 change, light green +1, yellow -1, and red -2. If I hadn't circled them and hidden the age column, you could see where the oldsters on the squad are... Thanks for reading, Jellico
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