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  1. Jim, Thanks for the link! Also, check out GS Consolat, or Consolat Marseille. It's in the CNF. They are on a list of teams I was looking at for my next challenge. Jellico73
  2. I agree. What I have right now is monthly tabs, and then a three month comparison tab. The nice thing is as long long as you're referencing the right tab, you can do three month, six month, year comparisons and so on. Eventually what I would like to be able to do is click on a player, select the months in question, and get a radial graph representation of the changes. That's a bit beyond my skills at the moment though, but I am working on it. Thanks, Jellico73
  3. Jimbo, Maybe one of the Ajaccio or other corsican teams?
  4. Hi All, Being relatively new to FM, I've been looking for some tools/ideas to help me track player development. Now, either my search-fu has failed me, or there really isn't a lot out there. I myself am more of a visual type of person, but then that only works if you remember to go and look every so often to see whats changed amongst your players attributes. Yes, a colored arrow moving up or down is nice, but it's not to detailed, And while this is a nice presntation of information: trying to use it to track one player at a time is annoying. Luckily, there's Excel. Here's what I do. First, you set up an 'Attributes' view in squad. Like this: Then under the FM menu, you're going to select "Print Screen", and save as a webpage. I have a reminder set up for the first of each month, so I save the file as 'MonthYear', ie 'May2023' Open excel, drag the recently exported html file in, and after a little editing, you will get something like this: NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE ATTRIBUTE COLUMNS IN YOUR SPREADSHEET REMAIN IN THE SAME ORDER FROM TAB TO TAB. Why yes, I did learn this the hard way. So, the above is a screenshot of my roster from May, 2021. This a screenshot of my roster from May, 2023: Take a look at the guy at the very bottom, Zeca Gomes. In May of 2021 he was a 16 year old D(L). Some tutoring and first team playing time later, he's really improved. I can tell by the amount and gradations of green, and lack of orange and red. The key to this is Conditional Formatting. First, you highlight your attribute data. I usually go a few lines more because you can add or lose players, and your roster size will always change. In my case, I go from C2:AL98 Once highlighted, you go to Home ->Conditional Formatting -> New Rule. This equation is the basis for all your formatting: =C2<(VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0)-1) What this is saying, in laymans terms, is look at the value of the cell in C2. If the value of the cell in C2 associated with the name in A2 (on the sheet names May 2023 in the data contained within A2:AL82, and while your at it also compare all the other values in the columns associated with the name in A2 as well), minus 1, is less than the value in C2, format the cell in this color. It should look like this: You use the formatting option to choose your color/fill/font schema. The rest of the changes are just variation on the first formula. =C2<VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0) will return results that are 1 less than the number being looked at. =C2>VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0) will return results that are 1 more than the number being looked at. =C2>(VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0)+1) will return results that are 2 more than the number being looked at. The only other thing I do is make sure the formulas are in the following order: So, going back to the above, if you look at Zeca Gomes, in two years his Cor, Cro, Dri, Fin, Fre and Hea have all gone up by +1, while his Lon has gone up by +2 And the nice thing is about this formatting is that if a persons name isn't found, it's not going to screw anything up. If I were to remove Zeca Gomes from my May2021 tab, in May 2023 he would have no color changes. I've found this handy in that if I am training a specific attribute, once it raises by +1 or even +2, I can immediately stop training it and move onto a different attribute. It also let me know that if after three months of training a particular attribute, if it doesn't change it probably won't, so don't waste any more time training on it. You can add as many columns to the right as you want, i'm looking at adding the training columns and a column for tutoring myself, in addition to personality. If you think this is something you can use, I've attached a basic version of the spreadsheet. Play around with it, use it, add to it if you have improvements. If you've got a method you use, by all means lets share. Thanks for looking and commenting, Jellico73 SquadAttributesTestSheets.xlsx
  5. "Against All Odds - Les Bleus et Blancs" Transfer window has closed, and there has been a lot of movement. Antonis Kravaritis went to Valenciennes for €225, possibly 325K. Then, in a move that took me by surprise, Aston Villa made an unsolicited offer for Leornardo Fontanesi. He had some interest last year from some Serie A Teams, but this one was a bit surprising. I don't need the money, but at the same time, I doubt if I held onto him for a year I'd get as much money next year. Then someone came up that convinced me I could sell him. Ha Hyun-Ho has been on my radar since last season. My Asian scout found him, and initially he didn't want to come to Europe, but I kept him on my shortlist. A day after Villa made thier offer for Fontanesi, talks between Ho and the Japanese team he was trying to sign for broke down, and I swooped in. And for €375K I got a player who is younger and just as good, and 7 inches taller as well. I tried moving Marinó Þór Guðmundsson, but have found no takers. I had thought about keeping him, because he is a good AM(R) and a serviceable AM(C), and training him as an AM(L) as well, but Domingo Quina is my supersub for all three positions there now, I've got a couple of youngsters I would bring in as subs. So far there have been no takers. Part of me wanted to keep him for the rest of the season, and then this guy came up. Antonio Cabral, from Boavista. On A Free. I love Guevin Tormin, he's one of the reasons we're staying in Ligue 1. But he's 25 years old, and he's a 3 1/2 star player who isn't getting any better. And on a Free? If I don't keep him I will come out ahead. But I am going to start rotating him in this season, he has 5 star potential, and I'd like to see if I can't get him there. So, the season started, and we're doing pretty well. Opened our new stadium with a win, and I thought we were set for the season. I wasn't looking to make any more moves. And then this guy came up on my list. On. A. Free. Seriously, what the eff is that? I couldn't sign him fast enough. I was working out how to play a formation that would let me use both strikers, my AM's and still be solid defense, when after one game Helgi Guðjónsson barged in and demanded a trade. SIgh. I couldn't trade him. But I was able to loan him out to Sivasspor. I Also brought in Vitus Eicher. He's going to be a Reserve goalie mostly, but Austin has had several international caps, and Boakye has filled in nicely for him, but after Boakye the depth was thin. Depth is going to be a concern at some point in this season, especially if stuff like this keeps happening: On the other hand, I will admit I do get a bit misty eyed when seeing this: Against All Odds...I signed yet another attacking midfielder. Theres got to be a support group out there for this sort of thing. Thanks for reading! Jellico73
  6. So far. Still plenty of time to shoot a few toes off. May have done so in one case, will have an update on that soon. Thanks for reading and following! Jellico73
  7. Managing in France has been pretty fun for me. By sheer luck I chose a team that had a core group of players good enough to get me to Ligue 1, and then finding and developing players to keep me there has been a new challenge as well. If you start out with a team in the lower divisions working your way up through youth players and signing is interesting, and then once you hit Ligue 1 you think you may have made it. Then you realize PSG and Monaco are spending €150+ Million a year in transfers, while your budgets hover around a respectable €20M or so. Makes beating them that much more fun. :-) Jellico73
  8. Just a few screenshots to whet a couple of appetites: The new Stade de USL Dunkerque. I'm not sure if you can change a name. I suspect we are waiting for a sponsorship deal. 20K seats, expandable to 40K, Out first home game we had 19700 people. Nine minutes in: Thibault Magry throws the ball into Craig Evans, who turns around and then lofts a kick past three Girondins defenders, to a hard charging Zeca Gomes, who volley's it off his strong left foot Past the diving goalie and into the back of the net. First home goal scored in our new digs, by our 17 year old 3 star D(L). Tres cool. :-) Jellico73
  9. "Against All Odds - Les Bleus Et Blancs" Season 8 Begins in Dunkerque. We've exceeded all expectations since we've arrived, and I would be lying if I said I was confident of reaching those heights again. The big teams are still spending money like they have a bottomless pit of it, and while I have a decent amount to spend, €11M, finding players who fit my plans are one thing. Finding players who fit and want to come here is another. The good news is I have some young and and coming youth players who have a lot of promise, getting them trained is going to be an excercise and a half, but I'm working on something that's going to help me there I think. We're doing pretty well budget wise: Europa League money has really helped here, and out TV money is very good too. Not Premier League good, but still respectable. Of course with all that money in the bank we're now able to do things like this: and not have to worry about taking out a loan. Which I think we could do and still have a positive cash flow. Les Bleus jumped 36 places in the European Club rankings, to 51st (!), which is entirely due to our excellent Europa League showing. But first, the most important news of this season: Which will come in handy. Oh, and we set a new average attendance record last season. 10796 fans on average came to our rented stadium to see us play. Smallest non friendly crowd we had was 5892, against AEK in our First Round Playoff. Largest crowd was 28244 against LOSC. Checking.....Yes. Still Bitter. Player wise from last season we had some very solid performers. Across all competitions: John Austin has become a good goalkeeper on the verge of becoming very good. 42 Appearances, 43 goals allowed, 13 shutouts, 7.05 rating. Leonardo Fontanesi has become the rock I've built the defesne around. in 53 appearances last season he had 4 goals, 1 assist, and 7 POM's, and an average 7.27 rating. He's also been a very good tutor. Zeca Gomes is my young D(L) who has top ten player in the world potential. At 17 years old he's been my starting D(L) for most of the season. In 42 appearances he had 3 goals, 7 assists, 3 tackles per match and a 7.00 rating. On the downside he also had 22 yellows and a red, and 112 fouls. I'm trying to learn him not to do that, but I may just have to live with it. Jan Kostolanksy, our Captain, had a solid season on the right wing. 8 goals, 15 assists, and a 7.05 rating. He still gets the niggling injury from time to time, but he's been a great player and excellent leader. Henrique Camara came into the AM(C) role and did better than I expected. 9 goals, 11 assists, 3 POMs and a 7.11 rating in 45 appearances. He's done so well I'm seriously considering moving Gudmunsson. Our best all around player last season was Guevin Tormin, again. in 46 appearances he had 13 goals, 15 assists, 5 POM's and a 7.15 rating. Helgi Guðjónssonwas fantastic in front of the goal. in 48 appearances he had 29 goals (13 Ligue, 5 Cup, 11 Continental and 2 International), 3 Assists, 6 POM's, and a 7.08 rating. Transfer wise so far Malik Tchokounte has retired. Fadel Gobitaka, who at best is a middling L2 player went to GFC Ajaccio for 250K. Marco Baldan didn't want to be at the club anymore, and went to Avellino for 50K. Notable free transfers out: Soulemayne Bah. I have a glut at Striker (my addiction there is second only to my attacking midfielders), and he didn't want to resign. Giuliano Tasca, Jocinei and Jorge Hernandez all left on Free's. Loans out so far: Johnathon Fernandez to CS Sedan, Lee Sweeney to Stade Lavallois, Yanis Guillet to La Berrichone. Everyone else released was a youth player who wasn't going to see the field due to their low ratings. In's thus far are Bilal Assou, who I saw in an U20 competition. Yes he's an AL(L), but Tormin isn't going to be getting any better, and he has some upside. For €150K, it's worth the risk. Malte Heinemann is young, which gives me more than enough time to train him up to cover all the Defensive Line positions. I need at least one sub who can come in and cover more than one position, right now that's Florian Elsdorf, and he's 28 and 2 1/2 stars. Which leads me to the one thing I want to try and pay more attention to this season. Training. I think I need to be a bit more hands on than I am, and that means playing a little bit closer attention to how a player is progressing. Especially now as I have a lot of 4 and 5 star potential players on my team that are currently one or two stars. One of the ways I can do that is pay more attention when I loan a player out, and as a result of last season I cut ties with Roeselare. Their facilities weren't the best, but more importantly, they kept playing people I sent them out of position. They weren't costing us anything, and after the fifth(!) conversation I had about a a player being used improperly, I just cut ties altogether. As a result, I went looking for a new affiliate, but I wanted to try and keep it in country, and La Berrichone in Ligue 2 was one of the options. Good youth and training facilities, good coaching, professional team. For 50K euros and a friendly a season its a great deal, and a step up from Roeselare I think. Another way I am going to try and track how players progress is on a monthly basis. To that end I have an Attributes view: Every month, you export it as an html file, open that html file in excel, and with a little editing you get: And thru some excel magic and conditional formatting, you get this: Now these are two years difference. And I can tell that in that time, then 16 year old Bilal Madani has improved quite a bit in some areas. Light Green is a +1 change, dark green is a +2 change. Orange is a -1 change, red is a -2 change. So, in looking at this I can also see Fikayo Tomori is starting to decline. My plan is to do one of these every month, and that way when a player improves in an attribute, I can change him right away and see if I can't improve him more overall. I'm also going to bring in some more older players, and see if I can't get them in as tutors and backups. Last years tutors did OK, I am hoping I can find some older players this season who can also do a capable job. So, the 2023/2024 season is about to get underway. New stadium, new training grounds and youth facilities, new affiliate, This year, we're aiming for another top 10 finish. Sooner or later the bettor's will start respecting us. Against All Odds, we're staying in Ligue 1. Thanks for reading and following! Jellico73
  10. I looked at possibly getting him when I had a little bit more money in the bank. At this rate I would need to save every Euro of my transfer budget for the next 9 years just to have a chance....I'll probably have my best shot when he's on the other side of 30.... I think he would be a pretty good complete forward, but he's probably a better F9. Jellico73
  11. Finished the Seventh Season in my Dunkerque Save. Quarter finals of the Europa League. 6th place finish in Ligue 1 because of Away Goal differential. New stadium, new youth facilties, new training ground, and a 30 point jump in team reputation. Not bad for a team picked to finish 20th (again). You can follow along here: Jellico73
  12. "Against All Odds - Les Bleus et Blancs" We're in the home stretch. We're tired, we're fighting a lot of niggling injuries, and were in 8th place. normally I would be elated with this, but this Europa League Run I am on has been thrilling, and admittedly, the prize money is good too. The trickle down efeects in terms of revenue and club reputation are also very good, and I want to try and qualify again. One way to do that is win the Coupe de la Ligue tournament, which isn't going to happen this year. The other way is to get to at least fifth place, and I am in a dogfight for that, with OM, Girondins and Saint-Etienne all vying for that. First up however, was our Europa League Second Round Knockout match, against Seviilla. Helgi Guðjónsson's run of goal scoring in these sorts of games came to a crashing halt. Sevilla played a 4-2-3-1 Wide that gave my front men fits, and Los Nervionenses striker Ben-Hur rifled a shot at the top of the box past a diving Austin in the 24th minute to give them the league. Luckily for us, supersub AM Domingos Quina took things in hand, first with a shot in the 75th minute that went far post, and then in the 88th minute he took a Magry pass and volleyed it by the keeper. Two minutes later, and we left Sevilla with a win and a +2 goal differential. Off the high of that gamne we went to Nice, and beat OGC Nice 2-1. Helgi Guðjónsson was either embarrassed by his last showing against Sevilla, or just had an off day, because he scored a brace of goals, the first a header off a very nice cross from Zeca Gomes, our young superstar in the making D(L) who now has the likes of Conte and Klopp watching him from the stands, and the second goal an off leg volley made on the run, a Tomori cross setting up the play. Di Francesco put one baqck for Nice in the 69th minute, but it wasn't enough. Sevilla came to town for the second leg of our round, and I knew they would be attacking. I played on the counter all game, relying on my defense and hoping the boys weren't too tired from their recent run of games. Camara put us on board with a 26th minute goal, a cross from Magry that he jumped in front of Guðjónsson to bury in the back of the net. I had two defensive lapses that led to Sevilla goals, in the 42nd minute Milik scored, and Pizzi's shot in the 66th minute put them ahead of us 2-1, and now we were tied 3-3 overall. To make things matter just a little worse. John Austin, my young goalie who has become a very good man between the posts, had been injurerd in the first Sevilla game, and now Boakye was between the sticks. He's also young, and I suspect if he got some regular playing time he could be almost as good as Austin. He was solid in extra time, turning away three shots. Then came the penalty kicks. Tormin, my best PK man, missed wide, and Milik scored for Sevilla. Camara hit his shot right at the Sevilla keeper, and I was for sure in the "I'm going to get FM'd here" mood, especially when Llorente shot did the same thing. Guðjónsson hit his shot, Duarte hit his shot for Sevilla, Kostolansky hit his shot, and the Boakye dove the same way Ben-Hur went, and blocked it. Loic Bessile missed his shot, bouncing it off the woodwork, but then Boakye blocked Kristensens shot, and a few seconds later, Jacques Schall sent his shot past a diving Sevilla keeper, and sent us to the Europa League Quarter Final. High off that victory, three days later went went and beat Toulouse FC, Gomes, Tormin and Amoaka each getting goals, while Macias was responsible for the Toulouse shot. Minor Side note here: Sevilla fired its head coach after this match. They asked if I would interview for the job a few weeks later... Now, for some reason we had 20 days until our next match.from 3/19 to 4/8 we didn't have anything going on. The only reason I bring up this break is because from 1/7/2023 to 3/19/2023, a period of 72 days, we played 20 games across all competitions. That's a fixture every 3.6 days. Madness. Sheer madness. Looking back I'm more than a bit surprised I didn't have any more serious injuries through wear and tear and the like. We found out who our Quarter Final opponent was going to be; RB Leipzig. And we also found out we were the last French team standing in the Europa League. No pressure there, right? Palermo had also made it through to the Quarters, and I was hoping I would get them, but alas.... We had to go to FC Lorient first, and I suspect the boys were looking a game ahead, because they beat us pretty soundly. Two goals from Ikone and Quintero in less than four minutes gave them a 2-0 lead, and Tomrins goal in the 47th minute was not enough, and we lost 2-1. Against Leipzig..well, they were just a little bit faster, a little bit more precise with their passes, and on fresher legs I bet. We had our chances, but could not score. Hahn and Cotugno each scored for RB, and we left on the wrong side of a 2-0. Our performance was good enough to beat about half the teams currently in Ligue 1, and tie half of the remaining teams, but against an opponent like RB Leipzig? Not good enough. Next game in front of the home crowd would be different though. First though, we had to go to Angers. I played a moderately rotated squad in this game, and the boys still put forth a solid effort. Johnathon Fernandez, whose been Guðjónsson's primary backup all season, had a fine goal in the 82nd minute. Austin and the rest of the defense were stout as well, allowing only one shot on target that was easily brushed away. Next up, the home game against Leipzig. But first, a bit of news for me that I took to much delight in: Part of me feels a little bad for the guy, as he lost his job due to a takeover. But Nantes was mid-table team at this point with just 7 wins and 15 draws. Something tells me if that were my record the board would be agitating for my head too. We went further than I think anyone expected us to. Looking back, on paper our group stage was a lot easier than it turned out to be, but this happened the last time I was in the Europa League. Last time though we got Bayer Leverkeusen in the Knockout round. But my takeaway, rightly or wrongly, is that we beat some very good teams, which tells me we are on our way to being a very good team as well. And the next time around, if we can hold our own against the likes of RB Leipzig, or Wolfsburg, or similar teams, I will be more than happy. Five games left in Ligue 1 play, and that lackadaisical loss to FC Lorient was coming back to haunt us. If we had won, we would have been in 5th place, 2 points ahead of OM, instead were in 7th place, and we can't lose if we want a shot at getting 5th place. First up, a Stade Brestois 29 team that's fighting a relegation battle. 24 shots, 10 on target, later, we secured a 2-0 win, with Fontanesi and Guðjónsson each scoring. A minor stumble against Auxerre next, as we tied. Bangoura and Pluta scored for Auxerre, while Johnathon Fernandez's brace of goal equalized the score. This was a tough match, very even on the pitch. Girondins next, they were also in the hunt for 5th place. This game we almost threw away. Fernandez scored in the 6th minute, Tormin in the 10th, and then Gueye stuck it in his own goal to give us the 3-0 lead. Niangs goal for Girondins in the 40th minute was matched a couple of minutes later by Camaras shot, and we entered halftime with a 4-1 lead. Girondins came out on overload with everone playing higher, and the second half was an onslaught of shots. The defense was solid but not spectacular until the very end. Sisto scored, and Guinazu scored, and with 20 minutes left, Les Bleus were holding onto a 4-3 lead. Fontanesi and Thibault Delahye then turned it up a notch, each having several solid tackles and interceptions that broke up more than one attack, and Austin had some very good saves. Despite 20 shots, 12 of which were on target, Girondins could not win, or even equalize, and we left 4-3 winners. We kept up the solid form against Saint Etienne, allowing them just 1 shot on goal, which Torres scored with. A Jop Poot OG gave them 2, but Degeneks's 71st minute shot, on top of goals already scored by Kostolansky and Amoako, gave us the 3-2 win. OM was in free fall, having won two and lost two in their last four games, and we were tied in the standings. They were playing En Avant away, we were playing Nantes at home. We beat Nantes, a Guðjónsson goal in the 15th minute giving us all the offense we needed. OM beat Avant 2-0, and when the season ended: By virtue of goal differential, OM took 5th place. Even though I had more away goals...and we tied on points. Yes, were we're picked to be relegated. Yes, we were never supposed to get past Rangers, or AEK, and we certainly weren't going to get out of Group J. Beat Dynamo Kyiv? And Sevilla? Only to lose to eventual Europa Cup winners RB Leipzig? Yes, we overachieved this year, but losing out on fifth place by a 2 goal differential. In the immortal worlds of Bart Simpson: "Ça suce et souffle!" End of season wrapup next. Against all Odds, we're beating everyone expectations. Can we maintain our progress? Thanks for reading! Jellico73
  13. Well, looks like it could be awhile before inserting URL'S is an option again, so I'll just have to post the link directly into here. Sorry about that. "Against All Odds - Les Bleus et Blancs" I will be absolutely honest here: I have not the slightest idea what I am doing a lot of the time in this save. Season 7 is no different, and could well be a pivotal year for us. We were off to a good start in both the Europa League 1, but PSG and Monaco are going to run away with the league until more teams can reach their spending. This season PSG spent almost 175M on transfers. My budget was just under 8 I think. But I am looking for a top 5 finish, because the Europa league money is nice. It has to be a top 5 finish or winning the Coupe de la Ligue. It's doable, but its tough going. Lech Poznan looked to be a tough match, and it was a pretty even game. Helgi Guðjónsson scored in the 29th minute, and our defense was pretty stout. Wozniak took a cross of the throw in and buried it in the 89th minute, drawing the game. I was more than a bit miffed, we had the win in the bag, and bottled it. Not losing isn't a bad thing, but it's better than not winning. LOSC started the game on overload i think, they were pressing and attacking from the first kickoff to the end. 23 shots on goal. 6 on target, and it netted them 1 score, a Fernandez goal in the 74th minute. Les Bleus had 5 shot, and after a Lima OG, Guðjónsson scored in the 60th minute and Camara put it away in the 80th. Montpelier tried the same tactic, with similar results. They had 14 shots on goal, 5 on target, we had 6 shots on goal, 5 on target. Guðjónsson scored again (he's had a fine season so far) and Adli added another goal in the 46th minute, and we won again. The game against OM left me puzzled. Semedo scored in the 1st minute, and the D'urso was double yellowed in less than two minutes. We were a man up and equalized in the 64th minute, but then our youn D(L) Zeca Gomes was sent off in the 67th minute after his second yellow, and the game ended in a 1-1 draw. Stats were very even. OM is a pretty good team, they are usually in the top 5. Either they were off their game and we were on our game, or we starting to hang with the big clubs a little better. I'm trying not to get too overconfident though. But 0-0 against PSG and a draw against OM? Kinda hard not to. Next us was another Group J opponent, Steaua Bucureşti. I was hoping the boys could hold on for the draw, and maybe score a goal or two. Instead, they went and scored 5 goals, and kept the Romanians out of the net. Camara had a goal, Fontanesi had a goal, and Guðjónsson had a Hat Tricks worth. Are results like this supposed to happen? Either way, I'll certainly take it. The high of beating FC Steaua Bucureşti didn't last long. We came out flat against FC Sochaux, and after a Rescaldani goal in the 24th minute, we could not get anything going. A lousy two shots on goal, and 5 yellow cards for our troubles. but we played in front of 9000 home fans... The game against En Avant was an excercise in excitement and frustration. Guðjónsson got things going in the 9th minute, and Ikoko added an own goal in the 13th minute, giving us a 2-0 lead at the half. Boye scored for Avant in the 53rd minute, and Camara put us ahead by one in the 57th. Then Milos Degenek, who been a very good starter for us, was sent off for a straight red in th 80th minute. Then Jop Poot, whom Degenek mentored quite successfully, was sent off after getting a second yellow for arguing with the ref over the Degenek call. Two men down, and Avant took the reins off. The next ten minutes saw La Costamoricans shoot eight times in as many minutes, but John Austin was solid, and while Melous brought Avant to within 1, it was too little too late. Next was another Group J game, this time against Braga, from the Portuguese Liga NOS. They tried running us into the ground, but Guðjónsson would not be denied. I am not sure why, but he seems to love playing in the big games, despite the fact he's supposedly uncomfortable in big matches. A Hat Tricks worth of goals (again) in less than six minutes tells me otherwise. Knockaert, Podence and Laercia all had goals for Braga, and Laercio missed a PK in the 2nd minute as well. We were lucky to escape with a draw I think. Our game at Havre Athletic should have been a draw, but a defensive mistake let Craig Evans, who is Guðjónsson's primary backup, score in the 40th minute. After that goal, Havre never really tried to score, and we were happy to sit on out side of the pitch and run the game out. Olympique Lyonnais beat us like the proverbial red headed step child. 22 shots on goal, 12 on target. Verganio and Duarte scored a single goal a piece, but there could have been more scoring. I think L'OL were happy with the win. I was expecting another tough game against Braga, and while the stats were similar, the result most decidedly was not. Fontanesi scored in the 6th minute, Guðjónsson in the 32nd, and Camara in the 33rd gave us a 3-0 at the half. And Braga never really tried to score in the second half, and the home crowd of 13000 got to see a well played 3-0 win. I played a pretty rotated side against OGC Nice, and for awhile it looked like we were doing well. Mendicino scored in the 1st minute, and Gobitaka put us ahead by 1 after Aimati had equalized for Nice. But, old patterns reared their ugly head again, and Oyarzun equalized in the 90th minute right before the game expired. To say I was mad is true. And possibly an understatement. Against Toulouse we were superior in every way, except in goal scoring. We were better at own goals, which is not something to be better at. His mistake was the only score of the game, and we left Toulouse on the wrong side of a 1-0. However, that did not stop the board from letting me start studying for my Continental Pro License. After snatching a draw from the jaws of victory, and handing our next opponent a victory, I was looking for a draw against Lech. They boys responded by going out and scoring six, while conceding none. Kostolansky, Gomes, Gobitaka and Mendicino each scored, and Guðjónsson had a brace. Lech had 6 shot the entire game, and none of them were close to being goals. FC Lorient brought us back to earth three days later. Despite bossing them in the stats, we lost 1-0 on a Bertaccini goal. I had two shots bounce of the woodwork in as many minutes right before the game ended, one of which i was sure had gone it, but it wasnt to be. Our match against Angers was a snooze fest. There were no highlight in the first half, and the only second half highlight was the kickoff. but with a minute left Camara sent a nice cross over to Quina, who buried it. I will admit, it felt kind of of nice snatching a late win like that. Our game against Stade Brestois was a pretty exciting back and forth. There were a lot of highlights, and most ended up as great saves by either keeper. Kostolansky put us ahead with a nice shot in the 40th minute, and Niasse equalized for Stade in the 70th minute. Then, in the 76th minute Jop Poot took a deflected Guðjónsson pass and blasted it past the keeper, giving us a 2-1 win. A chastened Steaua Bucureşti came to play this time. We had already secured a spot going forward, I think if Steaua Bucureşti beat us, they would have moved past Braga for the second spot. Boldrin put them ahead in the 27th minute, but Kostolansky equalized a few minutes later. Camara's goal in the 64th minute gave us the lead, but had a rectal cranial infarction and decided to ignore Austins calling for the ball on a misplayed Steaua cross, and instead of kicking it away kiced it into the goal, which tied the game. And that's how it ended, in a 2-2 draw. Because they didn't win Braga and I moved on to the First Knockout Round. Thats as afar as we got last time, and I was quite happy when we we able to move on again. AJ Auxerre played us close all game, there were a lot of highlights that ended in not a lot of anything happening. Aouars goal for L'A.J.A in the 56ht minute was the only goal scored. Our Coupe de La Ligue Fourth Round match was next, and we were playing Angers again. This time around I made an effort to pay a little bit more attention to what the assistant was saying, and checked out the ProZone results a lot more than I usually do. As a result I was able to mark and stop their primary scoring threats. My Icelandic duo were on top of things again, each scoring a goal. I'm going to have a difficult decision next offseasonb about Marino, my addiction to Attacking Mids has left me with too many... AS Saint Etienne has fallen on some financial hard times the past couple of years, but they still have a quality squad. For 83 minutes we matched them well, holding them to just a few shots on goal. The Gamboa streaked in off the corner kick and nudged a header past Austin, giving Les Verts the 1-0 win. We went to PSG, and I was expecting to be outclassed in every area. They are spending money like its no big deal, and I'm pretty sure their 3rd string players are as good as my first teamers. 26 shots on goal, 14 on target, and yet they only managed to score once, a Coutinho goal that squeaked past a diving Austin. I'm not sure there is such a thing as a good loss, but this certainly felt like one. After the PSG game there was this bit of news: Wenger was the French National Team coach, and he did very well. This was a surprise to me, I will admit. But its nice to be recognized. I also found out who my Europa League Knockout Round opponent was going to be: Dynamo Kyiv. I wasn't all that busy in the January Transfer window, in terms of moves, but there were a couple of outs, including a very big one. First out was Antonio Vutov. The Bulgarian AM(C) was a great Ligue 2 player for me,. and while he had flashes of competence in Ligue 1, he just wasn't good enough, and wasn;t getting a lot of playing time. He asked to leave, and I said sure. He went to Vicenza for 185K. The Big out was Yacine Adli. Somehow, some way, I promised him I would improve the attacking part of the squad. I don't remeber doing this, because I always take those silly guarentees off a contract negotiation, as the only thing more broken than them is Venezuelas economy. January rolls around, and his attitude nose dives. He complains to the press, and the team is getting agitated as a result. Yes, he's a 4 star player, and yes he's the Roaming playmaker linchpin in my 4-2-3-1 Asymmetric, but I won't have a cancer on my team, even if his name were Lionel Messi. I put him on the market, and TSV 1860 Munchen was beating my door down the next day. A day later we had agreed to a 7.5M contract (going to 8M after 30 games played), and Adli was gone. Yes, he will be missed, but not by me. I picked up Lee Sweeney, a young Australian Striker my scouts found at the FFA COE. 4/5 star potential, good finishing and dribbling, not the fastest but still quick. I'm debating making him an AM(C), he's got the skills for it... Glenn Claes I bought from Grasshoppers. He's 29 years old, only 3 stars, but he can play every position on the left very well, and I needed someone to help tutor. For 750K, going to 1M if he plays in 30 games, I may have overpaid for him, but he's been a nice backup. Joshua Seasoc came in right after the transfer window closed. I had him on trial, and once I saw how good he was, I signed him. However, at this point not only would he put me above the number of Non EU players I could have registered for the squad, He missed the registration window altogether. He spent the rest of the season on the Reserve Squad, 3 1/2 start now, 4 star potential. I got him on a free, now he's worth 7.5 million (?). I can work with that. He's my replacement next season for Adli. I wanted to get the new year kicked off right, and against Stade Malherbe Caen in our Coupe de France Ninth Round Match, we almost blew it. Fontanesi, whose become a rock solid defender, had a goal, and Guðjónsson's shot in the 54th minute put us up 2-0. 0, then a Morales OG gave us the 3-0 lead. Benoit got one back for Les Malherbistes in the 64th minute, and Diagne got them within one with a nice shot in the 81st minute. The rest of the game was me hoping my guys could hold the line, and they did. Barely. Next up was our Coupe De Ligue Quarter Final match against Olympique Lyonnais. Guevin Tormin got us off to a good start with a fine goal in the 4th minute, but the Alessandro Vergani decided he had enough of us, and proceeded to score a Hat Tricks worth of goals in the 16th, 30th, and 37th minute. Delhy got us back within a goal in the 74th minute, but them my defense fell back to earth, giving up two goals in three minutes to Yarmolenko and Saini, and we lost 5-2. I believe this was the most goals I gave up all season. I said pre season I'd get Les Bleus to the Quarter Finals, and I did. A bit sad we aren't continuing on, but theres still Europa League. Against Dynamo Kyiv. I've been turning down a lot of jobs as well, lately it seems any team in a countries first division has come asking if I want to interview. I say no, and the fans are happy, the board is happy, which helps out especially when I ask for a new training facility. Which the board agreed to, so for the nice sum of 2.1M euros we're getting upgraded. New Stadium, new Youth Facilities, new Training Facilities? Maybe I have arrived after all? Monaco came in top of the table, fighting with PSG for the lead spot. Usually they boss us, and stats wise they did again, 29 shots, 11 on target, but we had a 55/45 p[possession advantage. And of our 3 (!) shot, all were on target. And two of them, Guðjónsson's in the 38th minute and Tormins in the 75th, were enough to secure us a win. Romero scored for Monaco in the 77th minute, but it was too little, too late. Against Girondins we scored two goals in 16 minutes, Tormin and Guðjónsson doing the honors. Les Girondins had equalized by the 24th minute, Kace and Niang scoring. I was expecting a shootout. The rest of the game was a bore, very few highlights, a couple of nice saves by both teams goalies, but we ended up with the 2-2 draw. Stade Rennais had us beaten statistically, but until Lucas Andersens goal in the 63rd minute tied the game, Kostolanksy's 32ns minute strike was the only highlight. Another disappointing draw, these are teams we can (and should) be beating IMO. How we can do well against good teams in the Europa League, and hold out own against the upper tier of Ligue 1, but constantly trip over our shoelaces when facing these teams that are lower table is just....frustrating. LOSC came to town, and our friendly local rivals had decided "To heck with these draws and single point wins, we're going to win with style.: They came out attacking, we came out on the counter. Camara scored for us in the 14th minute, they equalized a minute late on a Pedrinho score. Tormin added a goal in the 38th minute, and Guðjónsson scored in the 62nd minute. A Tormin PK put les Bleus up by 3, which was a good thing, becuase Cesar Cano sent home two shots in the 67th and 78th minute. I was having so much fun watching the highlights I forgot to make a substitution. Helgo Guðjónsson does not feel comfortable in big matches. This is a lie, because he's done very well in the Europa, Ligue de France and Coupe de France games. Our Tenth Round MAtch against FC Lorient was no exception, he had a Hat Tricks worth of goals, and our defense shut down Les Merlus attack, allowing just 5 shots on goal. The lowest rating on my team for this game was a 7.1. My Defensive line averaged a 7.75 this game. Montpellier HSC was going to get relegated. All season long they had hovered near the bottom on the table, and we were coming of a good win and a solid defensive performance. So, of course we lost. And that's with them being a man down after the 24th minute! Ninga and Fuchs scored in the 18th and 20th minute, Kim Jun-Su was yellow carded in the 23rd and 24th minutes for two different fouls on Kostolansky, and even a man down they held us to a 59th minute Guðjónsson goal. Even a right bollocking at the half wasn't enough to turn it around. After that match I was expecting OM to come in and just pound us, instead my defense remembered they could play big boy football and held L'OM to a bunch of shots that were nowhere near the target. A Kostolansky goal in the 19th minute was all we needed for the win. Then there was this bit of news: Before the season started he announced this would be his last. I wanted him to retire as a member of Les Bleus. Without his performances we would have never got to Ligue 1, let alone contend for promotion out of Ligue 2. It was very obvious once we got to Ligue 1 he just didn't have what it took, and while he was a capable tutor, he wanted playing time. I wasn't going to release him, so I loaned him out. in 2021 he had 16 appearances and 5 goals . This year, in Roeselare, he had 20 appearances and 10 goals before this injury. I had planned on giving him a testimonial game right after the season ended, I am pretty sure LOSC would have agreed to it, but instead, he retired quietly, after 338 appearances and 131 career goals. He still holds quite a few scoring records. He will definitely get a statue in front of the new stadium. If I said our 0-0 draw against Sochaux was a hard fought battle, I'd be lying. We were just not into it, 5 shots on goal, 3 on target. FCSM had 17/8. Only some heroic saves by Boakye (Because Austin was on six weeks of international duty) and some spectacular tackles by Tomori allowed us to eke out the draw. This did not bode well for our trip to Kiev. I was hoping we could hold our own against them, and spent the entire game on counter. We had 9 shots on goal, none of them on tagregt. Kyiv had 15 shots, but only 3 on target. John Austin was back from Intenrational Duty and had a good game, nearly saving the Nkoulou header that was the games only score. If we could get a goal at home and hold them, it could be interesting. We played En avant three days later, and I played a pretty rotated squad. I was hoping for a draw at best, and the game was 0-0 until the 71st minute, when Ongenda scored. However, 4 minutes later took a Guðmundsson cross and buried it, giving us the tie. Next us was our home game against Dynamo Kyiv. I just wanted a good showing. I think this counts: Holy merde, we're in the Second knockout round! Of course, after that high, we got to Havre, run them from box to box with 17 shots, 9 on target, and leave with a 0-0 draw. I should learn to expect this result by now. We were a tired bunch a couple of days later, when Girondins came to town for the Coup de France Eleventh round match, and it showed early. Niang socred in the 5th minute, and Blondel-Canu scored in the 6th minute, putting us 2-0. Then they sat back and played keep away most of the rest of the game. Tormin scored a goal in the 51st minute, but we could not make the most of the rest of our opportunities, and we lost 2-1. I told the board we'd make it to the quarterfinals. Luckily winning like I am in the Europa has let that one claim slide by for now. Second Knockout Round Draw: Actually, this isn't all that bad. Sevilla is midtable in La Liga this year, the only weaker teams in the draw might be Malaga or Palermo. But this is a winnable series. Thanks for reading and following, the rest of Season 7 will come soon! Against All Odds, we're doing well in Europe. Jellico73
  14. In my game, I'm starting my fourth season in Ligue 1. First season, PSG spent €115M and sold €60M Second Season the spent €165M and sold €15M Third season they spent €225M and sold €27M This year they've€160M (including 109M for a world class striker, because the one they bought two years ago for 69M isn't as good maybe), on three players, and they haven't sold anyone. But its still early here. Highest transfer I have seen so far is 117M, Kylian Mbappe going from Monaco to Arsenal. I don't have the Premier League or Chinese Superleagues as playable, but I bet their transfers would be higher if they were. Jellico73
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