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  1. The in game screens look a bit wonky too. It works, its playable, but the tactics page, and anything affiliated with it, is going to need some work. The training screens as well. If I only had the time and skills... Jellico
  2. That actually mostly works. Only big issues I see are with the Tactics tab, there's no "field", same thing in Team Selection. I'm not sure if thats an easy fix or not...
  3. Spreadsheet works for any year, just have to make sure how you export the team with attributes.
  4. Looks good, liked last years version, will try this one out as well. Jellico
  5. No worries. Appreciate the help! Jellico
  6. Steam didnt update mine. I closed the game, deleted the download and unsubscribed from steam, and deleted my Cache folder, re downloaded the skin, loaded the game, verified its 4.8.3, and the stars are still getting cut off for me. PBKAC error on my end somewhere?
  7. Bossland, this is the scouting report from the FM Skin: As you can see at the bottom it has the star rating of the player scouted. As I said earlier, it looks like YACS has that part as well, but is cut off at the moment? Appreciate the good work, its a very nice skin, Jellico
  8. This is a capture of the scout report: The circled part looks like its cut off, and I could be wrong here but IIRC on the FM skin there is a star rating attached to the scouting report as well? Thanks, Jellico73
  9. Is it me, or on the scouting reports are the star ratings missing/cutoff? Great Work, I really like it. Jellico
  10. Yeah, definite PBKAC error. Thanks KUBI
  11. Hi Frz, This is what I see: https://imgur.com/Os2FTOd This is what I see when I go to Overview->Attributes https://imgur.com/Etx20ta I am not seeing any dropdowns that will show me his coaching numbers at the moment. Thanks, Jellico
  12. OK, I've purchased the editor, the little pen shows up on the screen. Where the heck is the pregame editor, and how do I access it? Thanks, Jellico
  13. In my current Crystal Palace save, James Tomkins has just gotten his National B License. He's still playing games for me, but where do I go to find his current coaching attributes? Thanks, Jellico
  14. So, in your opinion, if another modder takes a panel of your and puts it in their skin, thanks you in the attributes, that's theft in your eyes? And people going in and fixing things you have said you wont fix are what? Wrong somehow? Is there anything about SI's history as a company or community in general that leads you to believe such a stance would be enforceable, let alone allowed? Like I said before, I find your stance interesting, because to me its very contradictory. At then end of the day though, if your comfortable with it, so be it.
  15. So your saying you took the skin down because you didnt want to spend all your free time fixing stuff in it, but if you could release it you'd lock it so that those willing to go in and fix things (and in all likelyhood attribute the skin to you) still would be unable to do so.... That's an....interesting stance...
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