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  1. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    My Enfield Town save continues. Last season was a surprise promotion the League 1, and after a frustrating offseason, our League 1 start is well underway, and we aren't doing to bad. Jellico
  2. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    2022/2023 Season After being in 2nd place most of last season, then losing in the Playoff final, I was determined to win the Vanarama this year. Wasn't to active in the Summer transfer window, put picked up John Greenwood from MK Dons for a 39K transfer fee. We started out strong, going undefeated in our first 11 games until losing to Orient, and then we blitzed the rest of the League, finishing with 33 wins, 7 draws, and 6 losses. The number of matches won is a Vanarama record. Playing our 3-4-3 were were prolific on offense, scoring 156 total goals (also a Vanarama record), which was a good thing because the defense still has problems stopping the opponent. We gave up 93 goals, which wasn't the worst in the league, but it was close. We were only shut out once in the season, a 1-0 loss to Chester. Highlights: Beating Fylde 7-4, and then beating Barrow (this years version of us last year, in 2nd place all the way before losing in the Playoffs), in the FA Trophy final. Lowlights: Losing to Barrow, who thumped us 6-2, and losing in the First Round of the FA Cup to a weak Peterborough team 5-1. Financially we did not lose a lot of money, TV rights for League 2 put us in the black, and while we are going to lose money this season, it won't be a lot. Player of the season: John Greenwood. Playing AF on the right, he had 54(3) appearances across all non friendly competitions, 47 goals, 43 assists, 10 POM and a 7.68 rating. Jaanai Gordon, playing Defensive Forward in the Center, had in 50(3) appearances also had 46 goals, 8 PK's converted, 11 Assists and 9 POM's with a 7.50 rating. Tom Ashton, the third of the strike trio playing Poacher on the left, had 40 goals, 24 assists, 7 POM's and a 7.58 rating in 48(1) appearances. As a result of our promotion the League 2, we have gone professional (which came with it's own set of headaches), are going thru another stadium expansion (or second in three years, and with next to no transfer budget are fighting to avoid relegation. I suspect a decent stay in League 2, as we build up the club for the future. You can catch up with where we currently are here: Thanks for reading! Jellico73
  3. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    2021/2022 Started Strong, stayed strong. Finished......not so strong. Billericay ran away with the Vanarama, finishing 16 points ahead of us. Despite our defensive woes our offense was strong, and we broke the League record for goals, with 124. Jaanai Gordon, Tom Ashton, and Cedwynn Scott had 37g/21a, 26g/19a, and 26g/17a in our 3-4-3. After beating Wrexham in the semi finals, we played AFC Wimbeldon on the finals, and were down by 4 at the half. The second half was a heartbreaker of a game, with three disallowed goals, the last of which I am still getting over. Check out episode 40.1 for that. Anyhow, Season Five is now underway, and this year, 1st place is ours. Maybe.
  4. The fact that there were two armed people he didn't know inside his house doesn't constitute a threat in your opinion?
  5. Depends on what time of day and what part you are in....
  6. Jellico73

    Digging a small club out of debt.

    Friendlies against big teams. Yes, you will get crushed, but you'll like the gate receipts. Works for you U18 team as well, you may need to spend 10K to play say, the Brentford U18 team, but you'll make 14-16K on the backend.
  7. Jellico73

    Does anyone else use spreadsheets?

    I do this from time to time, depending on how invested I am in the save. Jellico73
  8. This is Tom Ashton: He's been my primary scorer in My Dafuge Challenge save with Enfield Town, playing a Poacher on the left side. My two primary formations have been a 3-4-3, with a P-DF-AF top three, and a 4-4-2 with a P-AF partnership up top. Honestly, does this look like a player who has had 91 goals, 54 Assists, 22 POM's and a 7.29 rating over the last 119 games? I use very few instructions (Less Dribbling, work ball into box, direct passing), play on the control or the attack, use very few, if any PPMs, but in his best season he had 40 goals and 23(!) assists. Course the last three years I've also been top 2 in scoring and bottom 2 in defending, but I'm working on the defending bit... Jellico73
  9. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    2020/2021 Recap Well, our first season in the Vanarama went better than expected. Picked to be relegated, we instead had a death grip on 12th place until the end of the season, when we went 1-5-4 in our last 10 games, finishing 15th. The good news? We scored 112 goals. The bad news? We allowed 105. The interesting? We were shut out in just three matches. Highlights of the year: An 8-0 thrashing of Ebbsfleet that saw their manager fired before the game was over I think. A 6-2 extra time win against Hampton & Richmond Borough, and a 6-1 beat down of Glenn Tamplin and Billericay. The low lights: Losing Lucas Green-Birch to a season ending ACL injury. Getting thiumped by relegation bound Aldershot Town 4-1, and in our last game of the season, going 4-0 up against Dover Athletic 30 minutes into the game, and leaving with a 5-5 draw.... In 24 matches, Green-Birch had 16 goals, 16 assists, and 6 POM's. When he went down, Tom Ashton again stepped up, ending the season with 34 goals, 18 assists, and 6 POM's. Honestly, does this look like a player who has had 91 goals, 54 Assists, 22 POM's and a 7.29 rating over the last 119 games? Here's our progress so far: SEASON LEAGUE STANDING FA CUP FA TROPHY TOP SCORER MOST ASSISTS BEST RATING 2018/2019 Vanarama South 5th 4th Qualifying 3rd Round Tom Ashton, 40 Tom Ashton, 23 Tom Ashton, 7.63 2019/2020 Vanarama South 1st 4th Qualifying 2nd Round Lucas Green-Birch, 38 Tom Ashton, 20 Lucas Green-Birch, 7.61 2020/2021 Vanarama Nat. 15th 4th Qualifying 4th Round Tom Ashton, 34 Tom Ashton, 18 Tom Ashton, 7.41 And those interested can follow along here as well: Thanks! Jellico73
  10. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Episode 29 of my challenge has gone live, as Enfield Town fights for a midtable finish their first year in the Vanarama. We scoring, we're not defending, and are skirting disaster in more ways than one. Check it out here: Thanks for watching! Jellico73
  11. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Episode 26 has been posted. Form has been up and down, but we've managed to stay midtable thus far. Have some new signings as well that should bolster the defense. Thanks for watching! Jellico73
  12. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I have him on my Enfield save as a loan player, playing as an M(R). When he's good, he's very good, but he's made a few mistakes for me that just leave me scratching my head. Jellico73
  13. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    What I ended up doing was create a custom database with the team I wanted in the League (in my case Enfield Town), and then holidaying a year. If they stayed up I took over them then, if not it was back to the drawing board. I'm not sure the 'save a day before promotion' trick really does a good job of randomizing what teams go up, it always seems to be the usual suspects with an outlier every once and awhile. I was so desperate to get Enfield in i tracked then thru multiple (73 times, I wasted a morning...literally), and the best they ever finished was 4th. You'd think there's be a 2nd or 3rd in there from time to time.... Jellico73
  14. Jellico73

    dafuge's FM18 challenge

    2019/2020 Recap We started strong, we stayed strong, and then at one point over a four week period 4 of our five strikers were out with injuries. We didn't lose out first League game until the end of Janaury, then went on a three game mini skid where we didn't win, allowing Bath City and St. Albans to creep up on us. In the end, we recovered, and with 5-2 win at Chelmsford City, we clinched the League with 3 weeks to go. Final standings: I brought in the wrong keeper, who despite his 4 star ability couldn't stop anything, and instead relied on a "Score more than anyone" type of attack. 111 goals isn't a Vanarama South Record, but it's close. Toughest Loss? Against Tranmere in the FA Trophy Second Round. 2-0 up, only to lose my best striker to injury, with my other two already out injured, and then my best winger. Down to 9 men, we held on to a 2-2 draw for twenty minutes of regulation time, and then all of extra time as well. And then had to play them again three days later, when we lost 3-1. A Fully healthy Lucas Green-Birch was everything this year he was supposed to be last year, he and Tom Ashton are perhaps the most potent strike partnership in the Vanarama South. Money wise, we didn't have as much debt this year as we did last year. A New Club Sponsorship helps, but we had to take a loan out to expand QE II stadium, which means 14K a month in payments now. My Board still can't find us a senior Affiliate, and I still don't have a coaching license. But we are on our way. Next Stop: The Vanarama National and avoiding a Relegation Battle. SEASON LEAGUE STANDING FA CUP FA TROPHY TOP SCORER MOST ASSISTS BEST RATING 2018/2019 Vanarama South 5th 4th Qualifying 3rd Round Tom Ashton, 40 Tom Ashton, 23 Tom Ashton, 7.63 2019/2020 Vanarama South 1st 4th Qualifying 2nd Round Lucas Green-Birch, 38 Tom Ashton, 20 Lucas Green-Birch, 7.61 Those interested can also follow along here: Thanks, Jellico73
  15. The age of Majority (IE, your an adult) in 48 states is 18. It's 19 in the other two. It's a distinction that doesn't make a lot of sense IMO. For example, in many states the legal driving age is 16. You can vote at 18, be drafted at 18, but have to wait until your 21 to drink legally.