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  1. Hi Guys, good news after half of the next season. Thanks to your input I did some changes. 1. I developed a more cautious counter tactic which I use in most of the games. Sometimes when things are not working I switch to a more possession styled tactic based on the example from Gdanks above. This is how the tactic looks like. My idea behind is to reduce conceding goals and did allow too many chances. And yes, it worked very well. The result are only 9 Goals against me in 17 Games, only 58 shots on my own target and 10 clean sheet games. 2. I also overworked my set-pie
  2. Thanks for posting your tactics What have I done with the corners? That#s simple, I've created a new tactic and forgot to load the set-pieces routines. Yes stupid beginner fault But I like that the game punished me for that I think I understand what you tell me. I try to watch the first games now in full mode to see what's happening. I also think it's a good idea to create two tactics, one more possession oriented for teams who sit back and one counter attacking for the bigger teams. I will give this a try and see how it works. Thanks for all of your support, I really appre
  3. Hi, yes, most of the teams are playing gegenpressing with a 4-2-3-1 . Counter attacking football makes sense and at the beginning of the save I was very successful with this style. Until I though that it was time for a change because I didn't saw any progress. That was the point were I changed to much in the playing style and got problems.
  4. Hi Guys, as promised here is how it's going until the end of the season. I switched to a 4-2-3-1 and the start was promising. But after a view games it turns around and the end of the season was really bad again. We come into a bad run and lost a view games. So we finished at 8th in the Bundesliga, which means no European competition next year. In the Euro Conference League we reached the final but lost against Sevilla. Our games in the cup were much better then in the League. Here's the tactic I've played in this second half of the season.
  5. Thanks Guys, amazing feedback, some really good points. Especially from Gdanks For sure I will test a view things now and response. But I need time for this
  6. Of course. I'm curios what you can achieve. Please try this link to download my save right before the first post. https://filehorst.de/d/dBujEnjs
  7. Some really good points, thank you. Meanwhile I also think the 4-4-2 is not the best system for my team. Prat is usually not playing the TM. My TM was Brinkies in most games and he should be sufficient to play the role. In CM I have those guys. All in all one of the best teams which I ever had in FM. But until now we didn't perform like we should. What I now try to establish is a more ball oriented play, like some of proposed. Of course Prad and Timmermans are my Key-Players. I try a 4-2-3-1 with shorter passing and gegenpress when the opponent has the b
  8. Thanks for your feedback. More space in front ist clear, but with a high line of engagement I reduce the space? Or not?
  9. Hi, I'm playing football manager for years now, but this years version pulls me down and I don't know what else I can do. I' m playing with VFL Bochum in the German Bundesliga and I'm now in season 2033/2034. My Squad is promising but Im not able to get into the top 5. Most of the time over the years I'm placed between 5 and 9. In the previous versions I always had success after such a lot of seasons. I'm for sure not a tactical genius, but my experience in the past was, that with a solid formation and some good players success will come. But not this year I've tried a lot of f
  10. Hi, I'm reading this with pleasure and as I'm currently managing with Bochum in Germany I decide to give it a try, because what you said above is right, most of the german teams are playing 4-2-3-1 and when they're sitting deep it's hart to break. First seven games were 4 wins and 3 draws. I score a lot of goals, which I like of course. On the other side I see a lot of counter against me, that's why I decide to user deeper line of engagement. What I also can see is a very high decrease of condition during the match. After 60 minutes a lot of my players have a "red heart". Which is clear,
  11. Sorry, I thought that this is a question related to tactics and fit's to this tread. Honestly I don't understand why not?
  12. Hi, what can I do that my defenders play better together? I concern a lot of goals over the middle and I ask myself why are they not have a better partnership? Thanks in advance Volker
  13. @Rashidi Thanks for you explanation, I think I understand. After viewing a view matches I can say, that you're right and I get swarmed. Most of the balls I'm playing forward are immediate coming back and my striker is not able to "hold" the ball. I'm sitting to deep and it's only a matter of time when I concern a goal.
  14. Thank you @michaeltmurrayuk. Great work that brings the match experience to the next level
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