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  1. Hi Harry, long time ago Did you have the chance to look into my file? Br Volker
  2. Hi Harry, Francesco Rossi - CA Vélez Sarsfield Br Volker
  3. Hi Harry, thanks. I've found it and uploaded over the link you posted. Br Volker
  4. Hi, doesn't work for me. Moving to reserve, update, moving to senior, update. Players is still listed in Reserve squad. Maybe a bug?
  5. Hi Harry, can you help me, where can I found the save files in catalina?
  6. Hi, sorry, I found out how it works. Right mouse click (as always) and add and remove from National team squad. Sorry for the stupid question
  7. Hi, why are first team player still shown in the reserve team squad, even if they didn't have any reserve availability? The only thing is, that the player once came from my own youth and played a long time ago for the second team. Br Volker
  8. Hi, yes I'm the Nationalteam Manager of Argentinia. I only get the proposal to choose the suggested squad but cannot remove or add a player to it.
  9. Hi Harry, thanks to your answer. After an update to catalina I didn't find the save file anymore. It not in the document/Sports Interactive folder. Can you help me to find the file to do the upload? Thanks in advance Volker
  10. Hi, I cannot change the squad numbers in my save on mac ios. I don‘t know why. Br Volker
  11. Hi, I didn't find the possibility to select the National Team Squad by myself. I can only approve the proposal of my assistant. Where can I change this? Br Volker
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