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  1. Why not limit it to the number of leagues? You can choose England, Germany and France with 11 Leagues loaded, why not 5 Nations with 2 Leagues each?
  2. Im now in Season 31/32 with Brescia Calcio. Over the years I was able to develop the club to Italians top side. We were able to build a new Stadium and to develop the Youth and Training Ground. Unfortunately I play with FM Touch which doesn't produce a lot of talents every year. In the last 3 years I one the Serie A and also last Season the double with the Tim Cup. I focus my scouting on young talents all over Europe and South America. My squad has some really world class Players now. Also the Staff looks great now. The only thing I would like to achieve now is to win the Champions League. I couldn't manage to reach the quarterfinal until yet. All the other top clubs are having better or similar squads and I was not able to win against them when it counts. The only thing I think I can approve are the standards and the Squad deep. These are the two things I want to focus and try to win the greatest club title in the next years.
  3. I'm surprised that no one play with Eintracht Frankfurt. Really a lot of talent players like Jovic, Rebic and Haller, they also got a great Stadium and should be able to develop a lot of newness over the time. Also to rebuild the real tactic which makes them successful in the last Euroleague could be a great challenge. If someone needs support for a save with the Eintracht, please let me know, I would be glad to help.
  4. Hi, I'm a little bit envious about you're youth intakes in the first two years. I play now 12 Seasons with Brescia and I manage to improve Training and Youth Academy to the top level, also Youth Training. I won the Title two times in a row and I'm still looking for a good own youth Player. With FM Touch it seems impossible. Every year I get only 3 Players with nothing more then 2 stars. I wish you the best in your save and I'm curios about your next youth intake.
  5. Hi, since years in several versions of FM I cannot manage to get a proper youth intake. Now with FM19 I'm in Italy at Brescia and it happens the same. State of the Art youth facilities but only adequate junior coaching. In FMT I cannot ask for an increase of the junior coaching and the board doesn't do anything. Money is not the problem, we've got enough. The youth intake always looks like this. For me the youth intake is a clear bug in FM Touch. Regards Volker
  6. Hi, I wold like to support this, I also see this issue.
  7. Hi, they look really nice. Some of them are for free. https://twitter.com/wtforkgaming https://www.mediafire.com/file/konb3xx3ru2s1x9/WTFG+Image+Pack.zip https://www.mediafire.com/file/6p85djn9aj2a6qu/WTFG+Pack+2.zip Regards Volker
  8. Hi Everybody, my first save in Italy and my first post in this tread. Let me introduce myself first. My Name is Volker, I'm German and I'm a Fan and season ticket holder of Eintracht Frankfurt. After 30 years we won the German Cup in Sommer for the fifth time and play a remembering Euro League Group phase. We've got a lot of promising Players in our actual squad like Ante Rebic or Luka Jovic. I really enjoy at the moment watching this team. I play FM since 2013 and I choose every year a new country for my long term save. So this year it is Italy and I really like this save. I choose Brescia Calcio as my team, the only reason for that was that I like to play with a second tier team for my long term save. There was no other reason it's just coincidence. As usually when I play I get connected to the team and with surprise I saw a lot of prominent names in the club history like Pep Gardiola, Andrea Pirlo or Roberto Baggio. My goals for this save are: Reach Serie A in the first three years Establish Brescia in Serie A in the first seven years Win a title in the first ten years Improve youth development and build a squad with only Italien players In the lasst years before the start Brescia didn't perform well, so I didn't expect too much at the beginning. Surprising we did very good in the first season, after half time we were at place two and at the end of the season we reached place 6 and failed in the playoffs against Salemitana. This is the squad at the end of the season. The greatest talent is Sandro Tonali, I didn't expect that he is playing very long in Brescia, but I will try to keep him as long as possible. In season two we manage to finish first and get promoted to Serie A Season three let's us finish at place seven, but luckily we were able to play in Europe because of the cup win from Juve. In Season four we managed to finished at place five, shortly after a Champions League place. So again we can play in Europe. Most of the time I play with a 4-1-2-2-1 wide with possession oriented football. Actual I'm in season five now. This is how my squad looks today. Tonali is at Bayern Munich, but I've got a view other promising young players which I was able to develop. I managed to increase the youth development and the training ground. Also the board is thinking about building a new stadium. So I really like this save and I hope that I can make Brescia to an Italien top team which is able to win a title and got a lot of Italian players in the squad. At last I would like to apologize for my english writing. As you know from the beginning I'm not a native english speaker. I hope you enjoy reading, I think I will post an update from time to time about this save. Cheers Volker
  9. 49 from germany, Supporter from Eintracht Frankfurt, playing FM since 2014, played a lot of other Managers (most german) before. Love the game and it also helped me to improve my english, because I read a lot of stuff
  10. Hi Jimmy, thanks for your help. When I go to the schedule and view a match, there is a record button and I get the following message. But where is the clip available for export? I didn't find anything. Regards Volker
  11. Hi, I've got a very ambitious player with low determination (8). I didn't understand how this fits together, because I think when some is ambitious he also should be determinate. How can I increase the determination of the player? The only thing which came in my mind was to put him on a mentoring group, but unfortunately I didn't have any other player in my squad with high determination. Can I put him to a group with one player how has determination (18) and is professional? Does this change his attribute ambitious to professional? Regards Volker
  12. Hi, how can I record a Highlight from a saved match? I didn't get this screen when I load the match. Regards Volker
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