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  1. So there is no way to edit the picture of the chairman f.e?
  2. Hi Gimn, I give this also no a try. Hello world of Moneyball Two questions: Is there a way to get a Pizza chart for youth players for their performance in the youth league? Is this the current or potential ability? Thanks in advance Volker
  3. Hi, how can I find the ID of the Board Members? I've installed the Inbox Panel but how does this help as long as I do not have any Inbox News from the Board? Thanks in advance Volker
  4. No, I took over everything. But I found the reason. You cannot edit when you've activated Preview with starting X. I was not aware about this Thanks for your help
  5. Good morning, any idea why I cannot adapt set-pieces anymore? I have the full responsibility but cannot change anything? Thanks in advance
  6. First I would like to say thank you for your impressive work I'm also looking for the german fix above One question and one small issue: Would you compare a Winger with a striker or a midfielder role? Not sure, for me it's a little bit of both? A small ring in Possession Lost isn't good, right? In this example he lost the ball more then other Players in this Role, right? When I go with the mouse over the description in this small chart I always see Work Rate instead of the chosen one. Same when I go over this chart with the mouse. Always Dribbles Made per 90. Br Volker
  7. Hi, what could be the reason that a player is not available for one year? Br Volker
  8. No. Some clubs are a no go for me, in real life and in FM. Wouldn‘t be fun for me to manage them.
  9. Hi Guys, so I've finished the 12th season with Athletic and it was a good one. This time we were able to finish on the second place in the league, only beaten by Barca. I still lost a lot of games but I can see a small progress. I'm happy to say that beside Unai Simon nobody of the original starting team is left in the first eleven. All newgens now. With David Extebarria and Enrique Gallego the next young players are heading into the first team squad. The cup competitions were not going well this year. In both competitions we were not able to attend the final phase of the cup. Again our B-Team was able to secure the league and CD Baskonia played a very good role in the third league. For the first time since 10 years our youth team was not able to win the league. I think I need to take a closer look at Osasuna U19 Anyhow we made it to the final of the Europa Youth League, which we unfortunately lost against Inter. Yes, again a good youth intake but not so outstanding as in the years before. Unfortunately theres a luck of good goalkeepers in the past years. Let's see how to deal with this. Unai Iglesias was named as Best Wonderkid in Football. He is our central defender at the moment and I hope to develop here a first call player. Last but not least the outlook to the upcoming season. Can we beat Barca and Real? In the second half of the past season I switched to a 3-4-3. Something I tried in previous saves but never was successful. Now I could see some great results with Athletic and I hope to continue this season with a good run. Meanwile four of our players were nominated for the World Cup with the Spanish national team. Take care Volker
  10. Thanks. Really enjoy the save, it gives me a good connection to the club. I also like the "micro management" with the youth team, B-Team and CD Baskonia. Especially keeping the B-Team in the second league is a tough challange in the overall challange. So I have a lot of fun.
  11. Hi Guys, Season 11 is done and yes we've won some silverware But first a look on the season outcome. Again we finished on place three but I've got the feeling we're coming closer. We were also able to beat Real and Barca in the league games. A very good season for our talented striker Inaki Bakero, who was one of the top strikers in Spain. Yes, we won Copa del Rey for the fist time. We had some really good games and deserved it. In the Champions League or run ends against Man City in the round of 16. Before we were able to beat Chelsea in the Playoffs. Or B-Team again secured the league with some good results against bigger teams. The U19 won the league again and on top become Spain champions CD Baskonia also played a very good role and stayed in the third division. Again a very talented youth intake. Angel Pascual is a very promising midfielder and Jon Llorente can play on the right wing. Last but not least the outlook of the upcoming season. Again I changed the tactic a little bit and adapted t to our strengths. We have two comebackers with Unai Simon and Unai Gabilondo. Both will help us to get more deep into the squad and should increase our overall quality. So long, take care Volker
  12. Here you go, Season 10 is done and again we finished place three. No change to beat Barca or Real. But I believe we're still making progress and our great talents are developing very well. I think it's just a matter of time. On of those outstanding talents is Inaki Lasarate are very promising striker and the leader of our attack. He scored 24 Goals last Season. In last years cup competitions we had a good run and reached the Copa del Rey final against Barca. We gave them an exceptional fight but unfortunately lost on penalties. The Champions League run brought us against Hertha BSC Berlin in the round of 16, we lost in two games against a better side. The U19 won the leagues with only one lost, but then loose against Real in the Playoffs. Our B Team secured the league, we were never in danger for relegation. Also CD Baskonia secured the league which means we have next season again one team in league two and one team in league three. A lot of effort to handle this, but it's worst. Again a very good youth intake. A lot of promising young players. Xabier Agirrezabala, who is already in the first team, was named on position 2 of the best 50 Wonderkids in football. So next season I will focus much more on my tactic and how I can be more successful against bigger teams. I also plan to watch some matches on comprehensive or even full mode to gain my knowledge and to be better prepared. Let's see if this pays out. Have a nice Sunday and take care Volker
  13. Hi Guys, new Tactic seems to work. No goals against us. Now I'm waiting for the disappointing result in the first league match It's really a challenge to set the squad for the B-Team in the second league because of the limited salary space. So I've got al lot of U18n Players in the Squad right now. Curios what we can achieve this season with the second team. Take care Volker
  14. Hi Guys, season nine is done and ends with the third place behind the big competitors Real and Barca. Real lost the last three games and was beaten by Barca. The Player with the highest rating was Oihan Sancet and the top goal scorer is Jon Karrikaburu. I will not extend his contract by the end of the season and replace him with one of our promising young striker. Let's see how this develops. Let me introduce two of young players who already play significant roles in the past season. Last years cup competitions doesn't went very well. We were able to qualify for the round of 16 in the champions league but the had absolutely no chance against Newcastle. CD Baskonia as well as our B-Team were able to win the league and secure promotion. So we're back again in La Liga Smart Bank with our second team. Our U19 Team also won the league but unfortunately lost two finals this year. The Spanish U19 final and the Uefa Youth League final. At the end very good results for all teams this season. After the fantastic youth intake last season, this year we only got an average intake. Unai Iglesias is a promising central defender or midfielder. One of our previous youth players, Jorge Arrizabalaga, was rated as second best Wonderkid world wide. Nice Last but not least I decided to adapt the tactic a little bit next season. More aggressiv and higher up the pitch. I hope this might help to challenge the bigger clubs much more as in the past. Take care Volker
  15. Thanks. I sold Simon for 45 Million to Tottenham, Nico Williams for 40 Million to Bayern and Vencedor left us for 60 Million to Arsenal. For Guillamon I only payed 33 Million to Valencia in 2023. I think this was a good deal. I spend a lot effort in building a good staff and expand the training facilities. By this a got really good youth intakes and every year I integrate one or two youth players into the first team squad. This pays out now and works very well for me.
  16. Hi, I use this one https://www.viewfromthetouchline.com/2022/12/15/fmugens-newgen-facepack-fm23/ and I use the around the globe Megapack from Date the Editor https://sortitoutsi.net/user/profile/754704 I can highly recommend both.
  17. Hi Guys, it took some time but finally we did it in Season 8. We won La Liga. Finally it was a heartbreaking finish between us and Atletico. Inaki Williams is going on retirement after 535 Games. He's now a icon of the club. Player of the Season was Jon Karrikaburu, who was also the best goalscorer in LaLiga. There's a lot of potential in the squad now and I would like to present to very talented players who have already gained a lot of first league experiences. Jorge Arrizabalaga is a left winger and Alex Bengtoetea can play as right winger or central midfielder. In the Copa del Rey we reached the final for the first time but unfortunately lost against Barca. The Champions League was not so good this year, we couldn't get over the League Phase. Our B-Team finished with place 3 and then lost in the first Playoff Match. CD Baskonia could win the league but will not get promoted due to the B-Team playing in the same league. The U19 Team one again the league and could also secure the title. One of the best youth intakes I ever had A lot of potential. I'm glad and really looking forward to develop all of those players in the first team. Season 9 ready to start. Take care Volker
  18. Hi Guys, Season seven is over and again we are third behind Real and Barca. We were able to beat both during the season but not constant enough to get over them in the table. I hope it's just a matter of time Jon Karrikaburu scored 32 goals, 24 of them in the La Liga. Also our Wonderkid Bittor Martinez played a good season with a lot of goals and assists. We've got a lot of promising youngsters int the team and I would like to introduce two of them to you. Both are close to the first team this season. Roberto Zabala is a robust central defender and also a target in our set pieces. Enrique Ochoa is playing most of the time on the wings and an aggressiv ball winner with a lot of power. In the cup competitions we struggle again and didn't have the chance to win some silverware. We had a bad run at the begin of this yeas CL campaign, survived the first play-off round against Dortmund (nice) but then lost against Milan in the round of sixteen. Our B-Team had a solid season, most time in the mid of the table. The U19 won the league again without any lost, but then lose in the first Playoff round against Palmas. CD Baskonia one the league and got promoted to the third league. I'm curios if the will play against our second team next season? Last but not least again a promising Youth Intake. Inaki Bakero could be a replacement in the future for Jon Karrikaburu. Take care Volker
  19. Well, after a bad run we've got a good run. I wish I could say why, but I take it. Curious how the season will end.
  20. How to turn a nice save into something frustrating? 1. Have a very good pre-season 2. A young promising squad 3. Beet Barca in the first league match 4. Think your tactic is solid and working 5. Come into a really bad streak and do not know the reason 6. Have no idea what to change to get out of this
  21. Hi Guys, 14 min. -> 5 goals. Even it's only a friendly. Wow
  22. Hi Guys, I've changed the style of the presentation a little bit, I hope you like it? At the end of season six we qualified again for the champions league, but didn't had a change against the big players in the league. Unfortunately our B-Team and CD Baskonia were both relegated. The second and third league were tough challenges for both. Take care Volker
  23. I would like to use the B Team as transit between youth and the senior squad. Place there the talents who are actual not good enough for the first team. I also try to have one experienced player in defense, midfield and attack to give the younger player guidance. Ideally there playing in the second league, but that really is a tough challenge. Actual, after 30 games we're only one place up to relegation and we will fight until the end of the season. I think most of the younger players will only play maximum two years in the B-Team and then move to the senior squad or somewhere else. Because there getting to expensive. What I really like is that I can keep an eye on their development. I've got the best training ground and the best youth trainer and I can decide what they should train and how they develop. If this is possible in the highest league they could play it would be my favorite setting. This is my actual squad, a lot of younger players unter 18 (because you do not to register them): The first look after the senior team match is how they played. Makes it special for me to be responsible for this team. I like it.
  24. I really enjoyed the read and gave this a try with my Athletic Bilbao save. I think my Athletic side is maybe a little bit stronger then the actual State Reims squad. But not much. Until now (75% of the season) my results a comparable to the ones before. Maybe a little but more stable against weaker teams, conceding less goals, but still struggling against the bigger teams. Lost 0:4 and 0:5 against Barca and Real, without any chance. The only thing I've changed was the BWM to a DM, removed tackle harder, because I got a view red cards on this position. So tactic works well for me, I saw nice goals and plays, but I have no idea why it's absolutely not working against stronger teams. Anyhow, I will play the season to an end and then decide if I continue.
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