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  1. Sven's last post sums it up pretty well, nothing more to add.
  2. You struggled against them before, then used the same formation/set up and struggled again? Who would have thought it.
  3. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    How about an option to shout at the officials as well. Would love to have a go at the 4th official, have Mourinho come off the other bench to get involved and it all to end with hand bags to try to fire the team up/a fine from the governing body
  4. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Yeah buddy! I've actually been toying with the idea of using Barakaldo rather than Athletic for an extra difficult one in the Basque country
  5. New player roles for FM18

    The inside forward tends to run inside with the ball, so I would hope this role is more of a cut inside and look for the pass or an in swinging cross. Given Robben's dribbling abilities you might want him to play as an inside forward to actually carry the ball inside on the dribble, as opposed to someone like Robert Snodgrass who is more of a hard working link man (yes I just put Snodgrass and Robben together for a comparison, don't judge me). I like the sound of the inverted winger because previously I had to use PI's on a wide midfielder to make that role work, but this should make it easier in that strata. If I wanted more a support player in the AML/AMR positions who don't dribble the ball, but cut inside in to look for a pass/cross there really wasn't a great option (unless they were an out and out playmaker).
  6. crossing simulator 2017

    I do see a lot of the low cross from the touchline type goal, but I wouldn't go as far as you do with your initial post there OP. I've actually given up playing wingers on Fm17 in my current save as I find they're wasteful and being dominant through the middle of the pitch is actually more effective in FM17. I won't go into the low cross from the touchline type goal, this may happen more often than it does in real life, I don't really know, but if you're exclusively only seeing those goals it might say something about the way the team is set up or your players? Certainly it's better than it was in FM16 where wide defending was a big issue. I think at least part of this issue comes from many human managers being the dominant team, meaning space gets restricted through the middle as they pin the opposition back, and chances the striker has through the middle become rushed or not as clear cut as the graphical representation on the screen would have you believe. It tends to create a certain type of uniformity in terms of chances created. I'm not saying that's the case for you OP just more that it's pretty common on the forums.
  7. Pascal Chimbonda

    I remember this, pretty sure he was throwing up on the side of the pitch after the tackle as well. Kids who get so obsessed like that are a bit weird.
  8. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I feel like in some ways it would be nice to go back a few years, remove player roles completely and let attributes, ppm's (strong effect) and PI's (weaker affect unless it fits well with attributes/stronger weaker foot/etc) completely guide how a player plays from a set location on the pitch. Then have options to set vertical compactness/horizontal compactness in attack and defence, alongside various other TI's. How well the team then plays to those requirements would depend on the player suitability to the system and their willingness to do so (e.g. could be linked to professionalism, work rate and so forth). The player roles could still be there, in that it could provide a description for how the player tends to play, rather than being a role you assign a player to within a tactical system. It kinda feels like player roles combined with mentality, team shape and so forth leaves new players struggling to join the dots, and experienced players struggling to implement specific systems they want to play. What I mean by that (as I'm sure someone will slate this) is more a general perception that the tactical creator is now quite complicated, yet changes which should be simple are extremely difficult to do and require super in depth knowledge of the tactics creator to implement
  9. Nice. Well to be honest with everything you did last year I can probably just copy sections across and update/add to that where necessary alongside providing a bit of credit to you in the header.
  10. Celta on the whole were bumped following one good season
  11. Haha the Moreno/De Marcos comparison is amazing
  12. I find in every FM, almost immediately the english teams become dominate in European, even with all of the major leagues active etc etc. On my FM17 save, the EPL's coefficient every year is normally around 25-30 where as Spain, Germany, Italy etc all hover around the 17-20 mark. Obviously the big money in the EPL, plus Guardiola, Mourinho etc, it does look like this could happen in real life, but it happened in older FMs as well so not sure it's all down to the money increase this year. Certainly we've discussed Athletic's players in depth before, and even some senior players were not done well last season (e.g. Kepa in particular), let alone youth players. I'd argue Kepa was perhaps the most underrated youngster on FM17
  13. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Well eventually I'll do my main save which is Athletic Club with the addition of only players of existing Basque nationality (e.g. no Spanish under 16s), however I'm going to do an Aston Villa save on the beta and a bit beyond. I'm still playing my Athletic save on FM17 so want to do something different for a while before getting into that one on Fm18