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  1. My Serrano is pretty good but definitely not quite as good as your Serrano! He has variable PA though so not too surprising. I have a very good Artola so perhaps where I got the luck
  2. 2028/29 Review Honours La Liga - Runners Up to Real Madrid, finishing with 90 points Champions League - Winners! Copa Del Rey - Lost in SF on penalities to Real Betis Supercopa - Lost in SF to Real Madrid We won the Champions League! After finishing first in our group we were extremely unfortunate to draw PSG in the first knock out round. We got a little lucky to beat them to be honest, we lost the first leg 2-1 at their place, only scoring from a screamer and generally being second best, but then turned it around with a fantastic second leg performance, 2-0, winnin
  3. Haha yeah edited that about when you posted this Got myself in a tangle with the Copa Del Rey there
  4. Yeah really good result! Absolutely battered really but solid throughout
  5. Id consider DLP (D) with two simple CM (s) in front, with PI’s on the CM’s to make the most of one with more creative skills if appropriate. I’d watch that and then perhaps consider changing one to a cm (a) on the side with the wb (s) if it wasn’t too overloaded up top. You have a front 3, overlapping wingbacks already and a positive mentality, your central midfield in my opinion needs to be much more reserved as you’ve effectively already got a front 5 there if the opposition is sitting deep, so I wouldn’t want more players cluttering the same space
  6. Sorry I meant more that they are bad in front of goal in your particular save/situation. Obviously they’re not bad players. If you’re underperforming xG someone or everyone is doing badly in front of goal Have you looked at the xG stats player to player? Might show if it’s just a few people or the whole side being wasteful. Id put good money on the tempo issues contributing significantly to the wasted chances (obviously any role issues will play a big part too but I won’t go into that as others already are). From my experience high tempo + high mentality = wasteful
  7. Just a slightly different suggestion as roles and duties have been well covered here... Creating a large number of low quality chances leading to a high xG should still lead to goals. Obviously you want good quality chances but it’s a statistical likelihood of scoring. If you have 10 0.1 xG chances on average you should score one goal from that. Equally if you have 4 0.25 xG chances you should also score one goal. The whole point of xG is that amassing a high volume of poor quality chances is already reflected in the xG, you should be scoring. My theory is simple here...aside from DC
  8. Personally no. Always something I was keen to do but I don't think the regional search options are good enough without having the pays basque nationality filter, it'd be a real hassle
  9. I've had a handful of good french basque newgens over the years but they aren't a regular occurrence. I had a real belter a few years ago but mostly they've been C team fodder when I've had them
  10. Same here, and he scores everytime we play them. I think you've got to be fairly fortunate to get him this year, he has to go somewhere like City and then become unhappy to have a chance
  11. BUMPER UPDATE Big update today as I've been playing a lot over the holidays but not posted Honours: 2024/25 - Supercopa and Copa Del Rey winners, 2nd in La Liga 2025/26 - Supercopa, 2nd in la Liga, Copa Del Rey runners up 2026/27 - La Liga and Copa Del Rey winners 2027/28 - La Liga winners Following cup success and in 24/25 and 25/26, but back to back runners up in La Liga, we finally regained La Liga in 2026/27, and followed it up with another league success in 27/28, setting out best points total thus far with 94 - our best season so far, albeit the other competition
  12. You can control quite a bit of it, you can set responsibilities so the ai staff have no ability to do transfers. They’re basically more like a reserve side
  13. Bit off topic, but I'm into 27/28 season now (I'll do a bit of a bulk update at the end of this season as I've not posted any updates for a little while) and wanted to mention the season that Fabio Silva is having up front for Real Madrid. We just played them in late January and he notched his 60th, yes, 60th, goal of the season in all competitions, 29 in the league with 22 games gone...and Real Madrid are 7th. Will see how many he has come the end
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