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  1. There's no one out there who will be a good replacement, others are forced into RW from other positions. Just hold firm and he will come round
  2. I'll throw a vote in for Gawk at Pears. Closest play on words I could think of
  3. Oyarzabal is a very tough one, you have to be very patient and get a bit lucky. Odriozola is more a case of waiting until he drops out the team (if he does). It's a bit save dependent that one. Do you have Merino? You may just have to be patient
  4. I'd agree with this, I don't think he ever looked really exceptional on my save, but has just continued to develop well and scores goals whatever team he plays for
  5. This is correct. He's come on quite well for me, looks like he'll be a solid 3* striker and is playing a lot for me (rotating with Cordoba mostly and Villalibre has been their backup). I have a good regen coming through so that'll likely leave Williams as backup eventually depending on his final bit of development
  6. Yeah it's a really annoying issue I've not noticed in previous years. It would be great if they added an option on the filters when looking at B team registration to show first team players. Right now unless they are fully in the B team squad, they don't show on the registration screen so you can't register them on deadline day..super annoying and it caught me out twice.
  7. You always have to make them available if you want them to play, registering them just makes sure they can be picked if made available
  8. No problem. You’ve only got to be careful with players over the age threshold who need to be registered for a squad to be eligible. I have found that making them available for the B team doesn’t mean they will get registered for that team. So you have to temporarily put them fully into the B team, register them on deadline day and then return them to the first team squad the next day
  9. B team training is seperate, so if you have a real top prospect, I'd recommend having them training with the first team and available to play for the B team. I do often put players there for a fixed period though and it usually works ok, but I find leaving them there for multiple seasons doesn't help development at all
  10. Depends on the age of the player and ability. Generally I’ll only move players to the B team once they turn 17 and hit a specific ability level. The u19s is good for the younger ones, but for the good prospect they will need to get experience at higher levels eventually
  11. I use the upper tier Europe packages for both seniors and youth
  12. I would personally leave your leagues as is. Mexico is kinda useful but personally I'd say having the key european leagues active is more important as it enables a stronger European competition
  13. In about 10 years of playing 10+ season Athletic saves on FM, I've never seen it happen
  14. Thanks! just starting the next season, 2 for 2 in the league and we won the Supercopa against Villarreal so a positive start. Also Borja Borja, Alberto Lopez and Eneko Goni were capped for the first time for Spain which is always nice. Borja Borja thanked me personally for my involvement in his development...he's my favourite
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