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  1. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Once again this year there seems to be a long term issue with La Liga transfer spending and budgets dropping to the floor after a few years. Does anyone with a 4-5+ season save have any evidence of La Liga spending dropping right off over the years? First couple years it's usually the 2nd biggest spending league, by the 5th or 6th the league seems to be spending almost nothing, relying on free transfers mostly, being outspent by every other major European league. It seems to have been a theme for a few versions of the game. I've raised the issue before but never had enough evidence or people backing it up to get it looked at. It's put me off my Athletic save this year in the end and it's making me question whether I might not do one next year.
  2. bowieinspace

    What's your manager name?

    I always used to do that with my age...then all of a sudden I was old enough at 32 that it was in the realms of being realistic given a few of the young managers out there these days. I noted three major conclusions here: 1) My potential career as a world class player, at 32, was likely not going to happen. 2) I've played a lot of FM over the years, roughly 5000-7500 hours at a calculated estimate. 3) This may have impacted my potential as a footballer, or functioning citizen of the real world.
  3. bowieinspace

    Potential ability 198?!?

    Whenever I end a save with no intention of returning (usually my long term Athletic Club save) I usually do some searching via something like genie scout to see if there's any basque players i missed or who didn't develop. Last year I had a guy who only reached 155 roughly CA but had a 200 PA. He had a drastic personality downturn due to off field events at around 18 or 19 and never reached his potential. Those kind of PA's are definitely out there, but as has been noted, you wouldn't often notice them
  4. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Yeah hard to know what the plan is for Ganea really. I guess they found out Yuri was available and really it was an absolute no brainer...you can't let someone like that slip the net, as Balenziaga is getting older and Yuri can be the LB for Athletic for the next 5 years or more
  5. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Next year's Athletic save is looking more interesting by the day at the moment, with Yuri about to be announced in real life, Dani Garcia already signed as well. I would imagine there will be a few exits before the season starts too as the squad is a little bloated. Still an outside chance Mikel Merino will come in but seems doubtful at the moment. Hopefully someone like Gorka Guruzeta will get a bit of a boost to be more of a realistic replacement for Aduriz, as each year the lack of a decent CF option looks worse!
  6. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Ok so for the player above, the reason he can't be eligible for the B team is because he has been registered in the 25 man squad list for the first team. To fix, as long as you're within the transfer window, click on the registration tab in the top bar on your first team screen, remove the player in question from the squad registration and you should be all good to go (you may just need to hit continue once for it to take effect). If you can't see him on the first team registration screen, be sure to check the filters and select show all B team players, as if you've already sent him to the B team you may need to do that.
  7. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Not a bug that I've seen personally. Can you explain the situation in more detail?
  8. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    No worries, important questions! The agent system is just a bit more detailed now, so it depends on the agent personality. If you get a greedy agent you definitely can lower contracts if you boost their fee.
  9. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Not necessarily, as if you smash a really high, locked release clause in there you can't be too demanding in other areas. I'll generally lock the high release clause (remember the higher you go the more demanding they will be in other areas), put the wage to what I deem to be realistic for the player (may be dropping it a bit or not at all potentially), then I'll leave the other demands as is. They'll usually bump up a load of the extras (signing fee, appearance fees etc), but if you push too hard you may lose the ability to negotiate quite quickly. I will sometimes put the agent fee up, but only if the agent is noted to look to get the best deal for themselves...a lot of agents are noted as putting their clients above their own gain, in which case you wouldn't see much benefit from raising the agent fee Also worth noting that if you qualify for the Champions League, finances are not much of an issue for Athletic...so depends how confident you are
  10. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    You need to lock the release clause you want in the initial offer you make to them. They'll come back with higher salary demands as a result, but otherwise the agent will just come back with a low release clause they're not willing to negotiate on.
  11. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Yeah just as much as your PC can handle. I think it helps to have as much loaded in Europe as possible, from memory I think it helps transfer activity and competitiveness of teams long term. Database size needs to be appropriate to the number of leagues/clubs loaded. If you have a large database with very few active leagues, you end up with a quiet transfer market. I do think it helps to have the main South American nations loaded as well for the other Spanish clubs to make the most of transfers
  12. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Yep that's correct, but within that he had the potential to be pretty damn good (as he ended up being on my save - I think I got pretty much the best Villalibre out there). He still has a variable PA on the post Jan update, just downgraded slightly
  13. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Did you start your save after the January database update? I believe Villalibre was downgraded in the update which is fair as he's not doing much in real life
  14. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    I've never seen them promoted personally, but I understand that it can happen
  15. bowieinspace

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Hey @Jean0987654321, good effort, sounds like things are on the up there. I’d recommend taking a look at your DM roles. The volante is quite forward thinking and the BWM will close down everything, so that could leave your middle exposed if they start getting drawn out of position. Also if you’re playing The LB as a CWB you’d be best to have your more defensively orientated midfielder on that side, as the CWB won’t defend much. Especially with an IFa on that side too. Right now you’ve got 3 defensive players orientated on the right and none on the left. I’d at least consider witching the midfielders around, to balance the defence, role wise it’s really down to preference and how you want those DM’s to defend