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  1. I have noticed the same thing with newgen quantities...figured it was just a database size thing but it's been a bit annoying
  2. Yeah my first thought was how light the squad looked, especially in defence...only 5 defenders! With European games I don’t know how you’ll cope for season 2, quite surprised you sold Yeray! looks like a golden generation of newgens though which is awesome
  3. If your team is doing well overall then I wouldn't stress too much - I've had similar things before where I've had a world class midfield playmaker, who despite being the best player on the team and being the hub of the team, never got good ratings because they weren't a big contributor to goals and assists. Equally in previous versions of the game full backs have been near impossible to get over a 7.0 and in others they would consistently get over 7.5 and win all the big individual awards. Goalkeepers are the best example on this years game...impossible for them to get really good ratings
  4. I don't, but I have done, I think low ratings in that role are pretty normal. I don't think Remiro will be a big issue personally, I think Simon is a better keeper anyway and in my opinion was better in FM19
  5. Yeah I'm excited for Fm20 with the squad transitioning a bit! I think it's to do with our tactical system. When we get a goal in front we tend to batter teams, which is perfect in La Liga. However when we are against stronger teams we either concede from few chances due to their quality finishing or struggle to get the same kind of game control. We tend to mostly do well but eventually come unstuck against someone, so getting through all the knockout rounds against big hitters tends to be a struggle for us. We are definitely good enough to win it, and I think it'll happen. I think once I win it this save will probably be done so I can have a break before FM20
  6. 2025/26 Season Review: Another season, another repeat? La Liga - 1st Copa Del Rey - Winner Super Copa - Winner Champions League - 1st Knockout Round Arrrrgh! A great season with another disappointing European Campaign. This time we fumbled our last two group games to go through in 2nd place rather than 1st, that left us with a tricky first round tie vs Liverpool. We were easily the better side over two legs, but unfortunately we keep doing this.... Creating the chances, restricting them to very little, losing 1-2 at home. We subsequently won the second leg 1-0 at Anfield and went out on away goals. Becoming a familiar story In the league however...we are quite good: How on earth did we draw 4 and lose 4 with those goals for and goals against numbers? We are absolutely immense at destroying teams who push up when they go behind. Sadly when we go 1-0 down against a low block we do let ourselves down on occasion. Either way - we are good. No transfers to note really but an update on some of our regens. I'm not posting Flano, Goni, Borja Borja for example as they are basically fully developed. Great to see Thevenet making good progress again after his ACL injury. I think he will get to the 3.4 or 4 star level. Ander Carinanos has come on really well this year, really well balanced stats and nicely fits in to our system. Egoitz Rodriguez - I've been training him as a winger (attack) as I think he has the attributes for it and could be trained into that position perfectly over time. We also have a solid number of classy, young attacking midfielders so this strengthens a weaker position. Inaki Williams is on the decline and I am tempted to let him go in the summer to give this guy a spot in the first team on the regular for next season. New this year, Gaizka Pena who came through with the 'best of his generation tag'! A right winger, which is ironic given I've been trainign Egoitz above to fill that role. I'm going to stick to that policy though as it's still probably my best option. Gorka Goni - the keeper who replaced Unai Simon in my squad and played back up to Kepa this year after 2 seasons on loan at Malaga. He's improved really well and has made superb saves whenever he has come in, although he did also make a few mistakes when on the ball costing us the odd goal. Working on developing his ball playing attributes to avoid that issue, but I think he will take over from Kepa soon as he's getting closer and closer to his level. Iker Ramirez - now our first choice striker...still heaps of room to develop so very excited to see him come on next season. Finally it's Xabier Mancisidor, solid rotation option in our midfield. Still has some things to prove to me but he's going to be in my squad for years to come.
  7. After 19 league games I am on a +49 goal difference so far this season, despite losing twice
  8. Been playing since the CM days so a lot of hours is probably the main answer. I do however spend time reading/watching and learning from the tactical forum and from experts such as Cleon and Rashidi
  9. Yeah they are beasts. I have no idea why that's the case though as I'm not doing anything specific for that. Whether it's something to do with my HOYD, or even the fact I started this game back on the beta version. Genuinely no idea. I did have a look at my whole under 18s team and there's nothing particularly outstanding about their physical stats, so might just be the ones who have made it through to the first team coincidentally happen to be physically capable.
  10. Yeah I've been a bit stop start this year, I've gone through phases where I've played a lot and phases where I've not played at all. When I'm playing I tend to play a lot! My work goes through very busy and very quiet spells, so during the quiet spells I have more opportunities.
  11. 2024/25 Season Review: La Liga - 1st Champions League - Lost in QF Copa Del Rey - Lost in QF Super Copa - Won Transfers In: Two young prospects, nothing special Transfers Out: Inigo Martinez (Summer 2024), Alex Remiro (Summer 2024), Oihan Sancet (Summer 2025), Unai Simon (Summer 2025), Asier Villalibre (Summer 2025) also Ander Herrera is leaving at the end of his contract. Summary and Review: Another really enjoyable season which felt a bit of a let down at the end even though we won the league. Within one week we lost our Champions League quarter final in a close tie against Arsenal which could have gone either way (lost 1-3 at the Emirates followed by a 1-0 win at San Mames, which included a missed penalty from us) and we also lost out on our attempt at an invincible season (at that stage we'd played around 32 games). We lost our invincible attempt away at mid table Granada after going 1-0 up. We then won our remaining games to finish with only one loss. Dissapointing not to get the invincible season but also, a very good league campaign! The Newgen Factory: We continue to keep rolling with newgens. As you can tell from my transfers out above, some squad players are being forced to make way for youngsters coming through. Yeray may also leave this summer if I get a China bid or something, otherwise he will stick around as he's great depth and subsequently allows my B team to be stronger. First up Adrian Galarza, has made some improvements this year and is close to the first team squad, if we were weaker at CB he would probably be 4th choice my now. Aitor Llorente. Has been absolutely superb this season in the BBM role, 10 goals and 14 assists from from 38 (9). looks set to improve further as well. Alain Thevenet - was not posted in my last update I don't think, but he is an excellent LB prospect. Unfortunately at the start of this season he received a torn ACL and was out for 9 months, fortunately his development wasn't completely destroyed so I'm hoping he's able to make up for lost time. Alberto Lopez - He was the jewel in our crown in terms of prospects for a while but now looks set to be an excellent first team player, albeit not world class perhaps. Had a fantastic season as an IWB this year and can also cover DM Ander Carinanos - As you can see from his physicals declining, he's currently injured. He broke his ankle and that was a 4 month hit. Still looks set to be a mainstay in the DM half back role soon, and will be very much part of the first team squad next season. Prior to his injury I had begun to give him starts. Borja Borja! Love him. Egoitz Rodriguez - He came through my intake this year and looks one hell of a player, I can't wait to see him develop In Eneko Goni and Josu Flano we have a world class centre back pairing who will be the mainstay of our team for years. With Adrian Galarza coming through as well I'm not going to have to worry about these positions during this save. Iker Ramirez has improved a fair bit this season and will play a lot more next season, he'll be a sharing starts with Nico Williams up front. Juan Manual Lopez continues to come on well, and had 18 goals this season playing as a trequartista. He got a lot of starts due to Oyarzabal breaking his leg. First choice left back Julen Artola, still coming on very well indeed. Finally Xabier Mancisidor, played for the B team this year and has developed really well. He's the reason Sancet is leaving! We have a few others as well who aren't 3.5* rated potential, I'll leave them for now, but we've got good depth coming through. We're a bit short of wide players so will need to retrain someone to play wide right as Williams is getting older now!
  12. 24/25 is going really well so far, lost a top prospect (Alain Thevenet, I think hes noted on one of my previous posts although I didn't include him in my last one) for 9 months with knee ligament damage, he was my backup left back this season and was going to play a lot. And I've just lost Oyarzabal for 4 months to a broken lower leg
  13. Still sad about it, we were in such a good run of form and just tailed a bit in the last few games, and really should have beaten Napoli. it was a very good chance to win the Champions League given we seemed to have their number
  14. If he’s old enough to require registration for either team (eg over 19 on 1st Jan I think it is) then he can’t play for both, you have to commit to one or the other. If you moved him to the B team for the registration at the end of the window, then moved him back, he could train with the first team squad but would be ineligible for all league games, only being eligible for the team he is registered for (B team). if he’s underage, you don’t need to register him for either team so could remove him from the registered player list and he would eligible for either team
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