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  1. Rules: Players who are 18 on 1st January of that season can move freely between teams. Players 19 or older can only be registered for one of the squads so you have to make a decision. If a player over that age starts in the first team and plays over 10 games, they can't be shifted to the B team in the registration windows. I don't think there's a limit to the number of 18 or under players you can/can't register. Edit - I'm not sure if this is the correct implementation of real life to be honest, I think I've seen someone saying somewhere it's not correct in the game
  2. I feel like there are quite a few bugs with this area...I think the wages thing is because you're negotiating it as Athletic Club manager, and they seem to respond based on Athletic's reputation rather than the B team or C team reputation. In the end I just delegated all hiring/firing/contract responsibilities for b and c team to an appropriate staff member (e.g. technical director I think I used). I still controlled hiring the manager for the B team but that was about it. Any good players i have in those squads are training with the first team anyway
  3. Haha, I've got double this in the bank Abramovich...go away.
  4. Everyone, let me introduce to you Ignacio Pena. He may not look like much, but let me elaborate. This warrior of the Basque Country has been playing for my C team for 9 years (screenshots are from 2030), on a youth contract at 25 years old (he turns 26 in two weeks time). No one has picked him up on a free, he's just cracked on, happy with his lot in life earning a sturdy 90GBP per week for his full time footballing career. He's wanted at the moment, so I'm hoping he gets a great move. He's never asked to leave, never asked for a new deal, he's just a happy man and lives everyday for rep
  5. I just found a 25 year old in my C team who I had just left there years ago and no one has taken him on a free transfer... he's still on a youth contract Poor guy has been playing for us for 9 years on 90GBP per week haha.
  6. So if his attributes haven’t changed he has not gotten worse as a player, simply your coach opinion has changed. If you compare to your other striker how does his attributes and polygon look? Are they similar or does he look better worse? How does that compare to star rating? Either way, star ratings are a useful indicator but not a good sole basis for transfers and squad selections.
  7. Yeah of course You only get basque Spanish really, the occasional French basque does pop up but it’s rare
  8. Have his attributes declined? Otherwise your staff simply got it wrong. His attributes don’t look world class to me albeit he’s very good. Star ratings are subjective so if his attributes haven’t changed it would just be a staff opinion issue
  9. I’ve not personally but I think my idea for next year will be to do youth academy only, unless the player is over 21 or 22 for example. So Sociedad and Osasuna young players have to be developed by their academy before I can sign them. I find it a bit too easy to sign talented youth players from rivals to be honest so might try that for a bit of added difficulty. Or just to youth only. It would be fun with Athletic with a quality academy anyway
  10. If you’ve had a big reputation boost quickly teams are likely just playing more defensively against you and leaving less gaps, so it’ll seem different. You can likely work it through via your tactics
  11. Yep I have this annoyance with James Maddison. Signed him on my Villa save, I’m almost certain I removed the promises but perhaps I missed it. Anyway, he plays the full season for me in central midfield, on cm(a), we win the league which was a huge over achievement. End of the season and he kicks off about not playing an ap role, and no convincing will work, he wants to leave. This attracts interest from United who make a fairly weak offer for him, non-negotiable which I reject. He then comes to me saying he’s disappointed because United could offer more money and he wants the move, so I ask h
  12. I think these issues always stem from seeing the PA values under the hood. The game does a pretty good job overall at making coach reports somewhat unreliable, even with the best reporting available. As an example, here’s a screenshot from my youth development save, this was some time ago and the players in this shot are all 25+ now so I’ve no issue checking their actual PA values as it makes no difference to my game. These star ratings are for a strong Champions League level club for reference. So someone at 4 gold stars is going to be roughly 155-170CA as a roug
  13. I don’t see any contradiction here? He’s saying that once you start a save that is it’s own world that develops and changes over time in its own way/path, and that you can’t retrospectively dump updated real world data into it at a later point
  14. My Serrano is pretty good but definitely not quite as good as your Serrano! He has variable PA though so not too surprising. I have a very good Artola so perhaps where I got the luck
  15. 2028/29 Review Honours La Liga - Runners Up to Real Madrid, finishing with 90 points Champions League - Winners! Copa Del Rey - Lost in SF on penalities to Real Betis Supercopa - Lost in SF to Real Madrid We won the Champions League! After finishing first in our group we were extremely unfortunate to draw PSG in the first knock out round. We got a little lucky to beat them to be honest, we lost the first leg 2-1 at their place, only scoring from a screamer and generally being second best, but then turned it around with a fantastic second leg performance, 2-0, winnin
  16. Haha yeah edited that about when you posted this Got myself in a tangle with the Copa Del Rey there
  17. Yeah really good result! Absolutely battered really but solid throughout
  18. Id consider DLP (D) with two simple CM (s) in front, with PI’s on the CM’s to make the most of one with more creative skills if appropriate. I’d watch that and then perhaps consider changing one to a cm (a) on the side with the wb (s) if it wasn’t too overloaded up top. You have a front 3, overlapping wingbacks already and a positive mentality, your central midfield in my opinion needs to be much more reserved as you’ve effectively already got a front 5 there if the opposition is sitting deep, so I wouldn’t want more players cluttering the same space
  19. Sorry I meant more that they are bad in front of goal in your particular save/situation. Obviously they’re not bad players. If you’re underperforming xG someone or everyone is doing badly in front of goal Have you looked at the xG stats player to player? Might show if it’s just a few people or the whole side being wasteful. Id put good money on the tempo issues contributing significantly to the wasted chances (obviously any role issues will play a big part too but I won’t go into that as others already are). From my experience high tempo + high mentality = wasteful
  20. Just a slightly different suggestion as roles and duties have been well covered here... Creating a large number of low quality chances leading to a high xG should still lead to goals. Obviously you want good quality chances but it’s a statistical likelihood of scoring. If you have 10 0.1 xG chances on average you should score one goal from that. Equally if you have 4 0.25 xG chances you should also score one goal. The whole point of xG is that amassing a high volume of poor quality chances is already reflected in the xG, you should be scoring. My theory is simple here...aside from DC
  21. Personally no. Always something I was keen to do but I don't think the regional search options are good enough without having the pays basque nationality filter, it'd be a real hassle
  22. I've had a handful of good french basque newgens over the years but they aren't a regular occurrence. I had a real belter a few years ago but mostly they've been C team fodder when I've had them
  23. Same here, and he scores everytime we play them. I think you've got to be fairly fortunate to get him this year, he has to go somewhere like City and then become unhappy to have a chance
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