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Funny Screenshots Thread

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Wow, the 666 and the April Fools day screenshots are brilliant.

The funniest thing to happen on my FM recently is when William Gallas told me he dislikes William Gallas and wants to leave the team because of it.

Actually, it wasn't that funny because he was my captain at the time...

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JKAE obv Chavdar Yankov been staying with Vinnie Jones with tackles like that!

i had a scout reccommend this Top Notch player at start of season!


must of been down the pub before scounting him "doesent have any real weakness" the scout seen his hair?

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Kettering are in League 2, 22nd I think, Chelsea are runaway leaders in the Premiership.

Chelsea won the replay 3-0.

Sorry to be off thread but how did you get those kits to work?

I have a prem kit pack but only Arsenal's kit works when i created the folder for it.

path was footballmanager/graphics/kits/premierleague

Any idea what I may have done wrong?

Do I have to create a folder for each team after premier league?

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He asked how far he was into the game - something you could work out by looking at the screenshots...

Actually, I think the two screens are from different saves. Raul is not going to be 52 in 2009, and I doubt that Huntelaar would still be playing when Raul turns 52.

You can work out the year tho, if you take Raul's age this year (31) and find out how many years until he is 52 (21). So 2008 + 21 = 2029.

Then again this could be 2030, before his birthday so the game is either in 2029, or 2030.

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