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  1. Mravac Kid

    Squad editing

    Using a real-time memory editor is AFAIK the only way, try Ruci's FMRTE (I think it's the only one that works with the latest game). You can find the link in the resources thread.
  2. I can't help but feeling sorry for the Sherriffs... to come so close, and still not managing to fulfill their lifelong dream of defeating the Bandits. But I also can't help but feel a little proud of them for managing to keep the Bandits at bay until the shootout. I can't wait for the rest of the season, it's been a fantastic ride so far, and the inevitable moment of facing the world at (player-wise, at least) even odds draws closer and closer...
  3. Didn't that happen in the first experiment? I think I remember an idiot and starlets playing for Chelsea...
  4. Didn't the players always have agents? Did they suddenly get a more active role? I haven't noticed that...
  5. So good to see the Bandits back in action... I'm too late for predictions, so I'll throw in some conclusions instead. I'm rather amazed that only two of the Idiots left, they are so far above the league (or even their club's) standard I thought they'd all be gone as soon as the transfer window opened. Especially as this time around they actually seem to be playing very well, discipline problems notwithstanding. I also thought that, despite the lower starting levels, the Starlets would also be going away, as even though they are much lower in ability than the previous experiments, they are still a good three if not four levels above their current league. And bear in mind they're still kids... I wonder, did any higher league teams inquire about any of them?
  6. Oh my, seems I've been away from this forum for a bit too long. Welcome back, Kip! I can't wait for this new experiment, it's gonna be awesome. And I like the idea of both random nations, to see what effect the players have on their chosen nations, and of split-dedication idiots, it will be interesting to see how much a hard-working self-absorbed loudmouth can achieve
  7. Mravac Kid


    I make a 180+PA list at the start of each season... and I never see the kind of superstar influx you mention. There are always a lot of players with the PA that would allow them to become world class in the future, but not many actually get there...
  8. I completely and utterly disagree. If he can't commit to it, then I'd rather he post whatever he can, when he can, in his own time. Of course, I have nothing against someone else giving a shot at a similar experiment... though, I doubt many have the determination it takes to do it properly.
  9. Mravac Kid

    FM Genie Scout 2010

    FMRTE has a miniscout-like feature.
  10. Mravac Kid

    Windows 7 help

    I run it on windowed, and manually stretch the window to full screen dimensions, that works just fine.
  11. Mravac Kid

    [RELEASE] Croatian Pyramid

    Hooray! This is something I've been waiting for since the last millenium... I didn't think I'd ever see it. Is it finally time for Opatija to win the Champions League through lawful means? I suppose I'll go and find out.
  12. Oh don't worry, you'll get used to it. And no apology needed, as your post actually has something relevant to say... I haven't noticed that issue, but maybe someone else has. I wonder if any of the other AI experiments have it?
  13. Um. One national-pride issue there... The flag on that screenshot isn't Yugoslav, but Serbian. If you really want to make an Ex-YU league, use the Ex-YU flag, blue, white and red.
  14. I'm pretty sure some people have this thread as their homepage.
  15. If that's all it takes for an update, I welcome our new alien overlords.