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  1. How is this tactic coping with the new update? Been working an absolute treat for me with Newcastle so far, but I'm fearful that I'll boot FM up now and throw it all away
  2. I'll give this a whirl with Everton and let you know how I get on
  3. This looks really good, will give it a go with my Swansea team shortly. Quick (very minor) thing you may want to change on the OP though @ipswichjon2- the tactic in the link has two BWMs, not one box-to-box and one ball-winner. Will keep you posted!
  4. I really enjoyed Euro 2008 - without England so much of the usual **** was removed that the occasion itself was genuinely enjoyable. 2010 was maybe a bit dull. Euro 2016 has been a cracker though, have really enjoyed it.
  5. Completely agree with this, surprised people on this forum are quite supportive of him actually. He was woeful on 606 on 5 Live and Fletch and Sav on BT Sport is just awful as well. Really not a fan.
  6. The thing that gets me is so many games now are preceded by the same trashy dance/generic HYPE music. I don't mean 15/20 mins before kick off, but at certain PL grounds right up to kick off. Ruins any potential atmosphere, any chance of interaction between home and away support etc (but probably sounds better on TV).
  7. Good one out in the Times today I believe!
  8. We have to assume that the sole reason both are going over Drinkwater is because they are both now totally fit. If that's the case, which is the impression we're being given, then it's the correct decision. If one or both now subsequently get injured, then it's different and the knives would justifiably be out for Hodgson.
  9. Absolutely this. Roy has to pick a team that will work well together, not a squad of individuals just because they are "on form" for their clubs (something which is of exaggerated at int'l level I feel). I feel sorry for Drinkwater, but assuming they are fit, you don't need half a brain to see that Henderson and Wilshere are far better midfielders and will bring far more to the national team itself. Otherwise my only concern is a lack of wide options, but we'll see.
  10. There have got to be some decent Xhaka songs in the pipeline for next season...
  11. Look how our rivals have failed this season. Don't get me wrong - we've suffered some serious shortcomings and worst of all, most of us saw it coming. It's been a frustrating season and people are right to complain about our internal issues. But my word, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, City have absolutely failed as well. Arguably in a more emphatic way too. And despite our shortcomings, the amount of flack we've taken this season in the media just seems hugely disproportionate compared.
  12. I really want to laugh at this, but I can't. It's too sad. Sweepstake on when we're trawling back to this page in order to quote your post in the new thread?
  13. I am feeling like a proper meltdown tonight gents. I'm done if Spurs win the league this year. You really couldn't make it up. In fact you almost have to laugh, it's so tragic. What's so saddening is that this team seemed to promise so much, yet we've been let down not through an injury crisis or a big spending rich rival or a bit of misfortune but solely through our own ineptitude and our own mismanagement. And not only that but worst of all, Tottenham may very well win the league this year having done what we've been trying to do for ten years. It's devastating and ultimately the buck has
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