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  1. It's this lull I hate - I was playing a career game on FM2013 but now it's only a week away, I've kind of lost interest in that game. The start of a new season makes me want the new FM so I'm just playing the waiting game now. GTA V is filling some of the void nicely however.
  2. Don't think this has been mentioned but Game Seek are doing it for 24.75 (okay, that HAS been mentioned) but if you order it today (12.10.2013) you can use a voucher code to get an extra £2 off making it £22.75. The code is 'RETRO' - you do have to pay for P+P though which brings it back up to around the £25 mark. This does have the early access code and also you can get free P+P if you spend over £30 with them.
  3. Do the contracts end when they do in real life? I ask because I'm thinking of holidaying to the start of this season so I'm starting at the right date.
  4. I approach it by having a club job as well
  5. I have used it in the past but it takes the fun out of the game for me. I like to find and develop young players, if you can find them as easily as you can with a scouting program, it takes away a sense of achievement.
  6. I'm planning on being more active in here soon so you'll be able to keep up I started unemployed and Woking were the first to offer me the job. I thought of you when I did the double over St. Albans while romping home to the title
  7. Currently playing as Woking and took them from BSS to League One in 5 seasons. We managed to stay in League One in our first season but it went down to the wire on the last day in our second. I managed to turn around some awful form which saw us 6 points a drift. We turned it around and only lost one game in the last 6 but every time we picked up points, so did Hartlepool (except for one match). We played them away and only got a draw, we really need a win to survive but there was still a slight chance on the last day. Lost 2-0 after a terrible performance, gutted doesn't being to describe my feelings. The following season we only managed to finish 5th to get into the play-offs and also beat Aldershot to reach the final again. In the final we faced MK Dons and we scored within the first ten minutes. Things were going well until one of my players got a red card. We hung on until the 90th minute when they scored to equalise. Then they scored again in the 93rd minute. I really could have screamed!
  8. Nice idea this. I'm still waiting for away kits to change colour aswell!
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