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  1. It's this lull I hate - I was playing a career game on FM2013 but now it's only a week away, I've kind of lost interest in that game. The start of a new season makes me want the new FM so I'm just playing the waiting game now. GTA V is filling some of the void nicely however.
  2. Don't think this has been mentioned but Game Seek are doing it for 24.75 (okay, that HAS been mentioned) but if you order it today (12.10.2013) you can use a voucher code to get an extra £2 off making it £22.75. The code is 'RETRO' - you do have to pay for P+P though which brings it back up to around the £25 mark. This does have the early access code and also you can get free P+P if you spend over £30 with them.
  3. Do the contracts end when they do in real life? I ask because I'm thinking of holidaying to the start of this season so I'm starting at the right date.
  4. I approach it by having a club job as well
  5. Staying it is! I used to do the two save thing but I find that I never go back when I do anyway and I don't really want to play two games at once. I think when I'm ready to leave, I'll go for a rubbish Spanish team instead and try to build them up. Thanks
  6. I've been at Wednesday for almost 16 years. I've had a lot of success and pretty much achieved more than I could even imagine, I'm usually bored at this point. I'd usually consider it finished business. Here comes the twist. I've been wanting to manage in Spain for a while, I've had a couple of job offers from Man City and a few from other teams but I've never been this tempted to move. The backstory. I've won everything I could with Wednesday although the 'real' treble has so far evaded me! I love my squad and have some truly world class players that love me too I think I'd be lost without Nwadike Chibueze tearing up and down the left wing! Barcelona however, also have a damn fine team plus an 87m warchest for me to go at. I don't usually like to spend a lot though and it would break the bank to bring Chibueze with me. They have some players who I've tried to sign but failed quite miserably. I'm getting ready to rebuild a club again, stamping my own playing style on a team, all new backroom staff etc. I'm leaning towards staying in sunny Sheffield and setting myself two targets, the first is to win the treble, the second is to get one of my players to break the all-time scorer record of 217. The closest I've got to is only 116 so it would take something special. On the other hand, I could move to Barcelona which would give me a short term challenge of building the club in my image, it would also only be my second club job. I'm sure I'd try to sign Chibueze as well but I'm pretty sure I'd fail. EDIT: If I moved my main target would be to break the points total in LIGA BBVA, currently 99. So what do I do?
  7. Indeed, both inside forwards. Had a lot of success in the latest version using it.
  8. Signed him for Sheffield Wednesday on my game. It was a January signing and he basically kept us up single-handedly.
  9. Went for two options depending on how long I've been at a club. When I first take over I play whatever suits the team but after a while, I generally try to change to my favoured 4-3-3. I'm from the Wenger school of thought - let the opposition worry about us. It works better in FM than it does IRL
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if it was in but I've never seen much to prove it. The nearest I've seen is players making a mistake which leads to a defeat and they come out and say they're determined to bounce back. I've just had it with one of my defenders and he's been excellent since but I'm not sure if the mistake was a factor or not.
  11. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\tools\editor Just run the editor.exe from there. Also you can create a short-cut for it so you don't need to go to the folder everytime.
  12. Think that's probably the best you can do. What do you mean when you said 'brief crackdown'?
  13. I just wrote out a whole response to that and lost it It was along the lines of me agreeing with you. Ideally, I'd like the possibility to do this stuff. Realistically, I know it won't happen and I probably would prefer SI spent time fixing and adding features than do something like this but it doesn't mean that it's a bad idea. When I said I was surprised at the negativity, it was more aimed at the 'worst idea ever' comments - it's clearly not.
  14. If you're on Windows 7 (possibly Vista too) you can try using 'previous versions'. Find your save file, right click it and choose 'properties'. Then go to the previous versions tab. Sometimes ther won't be any but it's worth a try.
  15. You make a good point and I don't really know enough about modding but doesn't Deadly Reflex alter the combat system quite a lot? Plus, it wouldn't be a case of adding anything.
  16. Surprised at the negativity. Obviously not many people play Fallout 3, Fallout:NV, or the Elder Scrolls. Modding makes these games about a million times better. You see unofficial patches a lot for those games with hundreds, if not thousands of changes. They fix bugs and tweak gameplay, with all the moaning about bugs on here, wouldn't a user-created patch be awesome? It wouldn't be easy, granted but that doesn't stop the fantastic modding community for other games. I also think you'd be surprised by the talent out there too.
  17. Double click on the disk drive in 'MyComputer' and then double-click the 'setup.exe' file.
  18. It works both ways around, you get told in the news item when you sign a player if it happens. Or at least you did on FM10.
  19. Usually when I get promoted. If I struggle to survive, it'll happen again the next season most likely. In my first season in the PL I brought in 9 and sold 6. My second season brought in 10 and sold another 9. Since then I've been pretty comfortable so I keep it to about 3 or 4 now.
  20. Alan Shearer was the Arsenal manager in my game before taking over England. There's something wrong about him managing Arsenal.
  21. They don't get unhappy when you do this because they wouldn't expect to be sold for nothing.
  22. Despite double-checking the results, I still managed to see what I wanted to see You're right, got them the wrong way around
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