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  1. This is definitely something I'd like to have in FMC, just to add another voice to this request.
  2. I've had two attempts to get past the first season, finding the CL-qualification minimum requirement (plus E1 million transfer budget and very limited wage budget, not to mention my awful tactics) quite the challenge. Had been trying to do it without any transfers, but am prepared to give that up and look to sell Arnautovic, Hunt, Ekici, Vander, maybe Fritz - anyone had luck selling those? I'm playing FMC, I should mention.
  3. How do you constantly find so many class players? Do you trust your scouts' reports, or spend a lot of time looking through other squads?
  4. I'd love to give this a try but also can't get the downloads to work.
  5. Went with Shaqiri (who was cheaper but I still over-paid for him at 14m euro). He has been fantastic as inside forward, scoring and assisting. Sanogo on the other hand, has been disappointing so far, having been suspended for more games than he has scored in (2-1 games suspended - scored) in half a season. I'll post some screen shots later. How is everyone else getting on? Anyone ket Arnautovic and had success with hi ?
  6. Kranjcar fell through, Tottenham decided they want to keep him now. They've also decided Arnautovic is worth 15m, so here's hoping that works out. Still tossing up whether to get Reus or Shaqiri, any thoughts? Also got Philipp Degen on trial, seems like a decent alternative at RB.
  7. Just started my game. Will play a 4-2-3-1 Wiese Fritz - Sokratis - Naldo (Wolf) - Schmitz Bargfrede/Ignjovski - Ekici/Wesley Arnautovic* - Borowski/Ekici - Marin Pizarro/Sanogo I have sold Rosenberg (6m Euro) and Wagner (5m), and have loaned out Hunt (for 600k plus option to buy). Bought Sanogo for 4.8m. Arnautovic has been offered out, Everton pulled out of a 16m deal but have a new one, so I am hoping to sell. I am lining up deals for either Marco Reus (negotiating around 15-17m) or Xherdan Shaqiri (approx 13m). I am also looking at Niko Kranjcar on loan with an option to buy, as I will probably allow Borowski to leave at the end of the season and I like Ekici (or Welsey) as a DLP. I should look for a new left back, but want to give Schmitz a chance for now. Will post updates once the season starts. First season goals will be to gauge the squad and lower the wage bill by letting several contracts expire, then look for some deals and free transfers while spending on youth. Let's see how I go.
  8. Great thread! Will look forward to following this (still waiting for FM to be released in NZ!)
  9. Could someone please post some Werder Bremen screenshots? I'd like the team info screen and the squad (with 'general info' view so I can see player values). Thanks!
  10. You'll need to change the fake.inc file because Si don't have the rights to Kahn's name (alternatively, search for Jens Mustermann, as this was what the fake.inc file changes Kahn's name to, to avoid licensing issues).
  11. I got that when I has a game opened and then opened a different one, try restarting the editor.
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