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  1. That's the one. Cheers very much!
  2. Just a quick query. On at least one previous FM, there was an option in the editor to remove all the players/staff from clubs, so that you basically started off with empty teams. Is there a way to do this quickly in FM12? I'm sure there is and I'm just missing it.
  3. I don't see why people are harping after a poll. SI and SEGA won't be making any decisions based off that, it'll all be done off sales figures.
  4. I am the champion, na-na-nah!
  5. I'm not trying to take sides here or anything, but what copy protection system would you prefer?
  6. Thanks very much for the reply, especially given the fact it's a Saturday. I think it's clear though that SEGA and SI are continually trying to find the best method to combat piracy whilst also trying to cause as little an inconvenience as possible to the paying customers. If it doesn't work this year, whether it's because piracy hasn't been impacted too much, or there's been a fall in paying customers, then I'm sure it'll be changed for the next release.
  7. I haven't posted on these forums on a while, but I have to say I agree with everything above. One quick question though, having not bought FM11, what were the options for its activation?
  8. The Swiss U-17 team should probably be upgraded, I haven't checked, but I presume they're carp at the moment.
  9. Poor management in my opinion...
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZGY85QpLa8&feature=related
  11. It's on a break, Ridleys still hasn't finished his lap of the training ground yet, so there isn't much to write about. It's nice to be recognised though, and who knows, I may well have a look at it in the near future
  12. I'm just doing it to tease everyone.
  13. The thing is though, with that Everton example above, you'll be losing almost £5 million a month just in transfer clauses. Let's say we equate the signing on fees + increased wages of the higher profile players is roughly equal to money gained from losing the wages of the lower class players + the cash they were sold for. So, over a year, you're already losing almost £60 million pounds. And that's a damn large amount to win back in prize money.
  14. Ravishers so