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  1. Hi, Is there anyway to add a face image for your own manager rather than using the face generator? I have created a .png, sized it the same as other faces, named it using my manager ID number but whatever i do it will not show up on any screen. I want to replace the generated image. I have searched the forum for a topic on this but couldn't find one. Thanks
  2. OK thanks, ill start scouting potential replacements!
  3. Ah ok, i have searched but couldn't find any. Do you think adding him to a mentoring group with highly determined and professional players will help?
  4. Ive had a search but i cant ind any other posts like this one. Has anyone had this before and if they have, is it recoverable? I had this regen keeper first season and he has brilliant potential. I have chucked him in as first choice straight away and has been ever since. He had 14 determination but due to 'off field events' it has dropped to 4 from 14!
  5. Nice update woolly, i'm now in the prem and approaching the January Transfer window, mid table confident of avoiding the relegation scrap. My star player this season so far is Blial who i got on a free in the first season. Steady progress, and i have started to get investment. Making a profit every month of Circa £1.5 million now too.
  6. I still have Bilal AML and i have had Traore on loan from Man Utd every season from the start and he is a power house. EDIT - Added screen shot of the final table. Came from 1-0 down to win 3-1 in the last game. Such a tight finish. Norwich Drew to hand me the league on Goal Difference.
  7. Im worried about this, as im in late Feb 2023 second season in the championship and we are second with a large gap to the chasing pack and nailed on for promotion (Quater finals of the FA Cup too!!) Will I be stopped from going up if the stadium doesn't meet the requirements? i dont recall seeing any rage posts on here so i dont think i will be but i will update when it happens!
  8. Has anyone had a decent stadium expansion yet? Im into my fifth season, Second season in the championship, pushing hard for automatic promotion and i have a capacity of 6,000. Ive had one upgrade but the finances arent there to expand further. Ive sold a few youngsters to make enough money to stay out the red and my facilities are being upgraded for the second time (currently poor).
  9. Ah I feel for you man. Sometimes my best saves have come from starting again with the same team and making changes from the off. Maybe try a completely different formation, or boot up an autosave from a few months ago and make big changes.
  10. Wow, im in the championship and ive still not had a transfer budget, ive made over 3 million in transfers and we are still in the red!
  11. Im in the championship and havn't had anything improved! Hm.....The only thing i can spot quick in your tactics is that all of your positions are personalised. This means your team aren't familiar with the way you play, every-time someone else comes in they change their roles. Even if the player isn't perfect in a role they will still carry out the role, i'm a big fan of three across the middle lower down too.
  12. Wow Gareh, thats an amazing first season! I would love to see your tactics and how you got Adam Rooney firing. Update on my save, i won League One at the first time of asking, but im in the championship now with a wage budget of 70k which is 100k below the lowest team in the championship and its a real struggle, but on course for at least mid table!
  13. Yep, thats even an issue when the players want a signing on fee. ive been very lucky picking up some youngsters from the big clubs on frees and selling them again after 12 months for profit.
  14. Nice! i have just won league 1 in my third season, back to back to back league wins, but still havent got past the second round. My finances are in a bad way too. Minus 1.5mil in the bank and i have staff space but the board keep blocking it due to the strain! i really could do with a cup run!
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