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  1. Currently FC Andorra in the Spanish league system. When being promoted to the second tier of Spain, the stadium we have was not big enough, so after two season we stadium shared with Girona. No issues there. Upon promotion to La Liga we moved back to our home ground of 5000 capacity, the rules state that i must have a stadium capacity of over 15,000, so i assumed we would groundshare with Girona again after the grace period. However i receive an email stating we are moving into our home stadium,due to the 15,000 cap rule, despite the fact we have been playing there since being in la Liga. Basically, we are moving from our undersized stadium, to groundshare with ourselves in an undersized stadium despite the rules stating i cant. Also expanding the stadium or building a new one is impossible as the building cap has been reached and the stadium was built in 2015, meaning i have to wait till 2040 to build a new one. Upload called: F.C. Andorra.fm
  2. Are there any easy ways to see if a club gets a tycoon takeover? used to be able to get emails through for club takeovers but they took that out a few games ago. Now you have to search manually and it takes way too long
  3. Is it possible for nations that do not have a Asian Champions League to gain one over time given the correct circumstances or is it hard coded to never change?
  4. Finished 12th in my first season as Southampton, it does seem to be more challenging than fm15
  5. there is only 1 realistic place left in the EU at the start of the game that you can players to to get a 3 year nationality, that being Bulgaria with Serbia becoming part of the EU in 2020. Northern Ireland and Gibraltar also have 3 year nationality gain but all clubs are semi-professional.
  6. How do i filter out players with the "no intention of joining our club at this time" in scout reports in the player search?
  7. i am by no means an expert, but i would guess that since Russia considers Crimea part of Russia now, people from Crimea would fall under Russian nationality according to Russian laws (and player nationalities). But since the west considers Crimea part of Ukraine, im guessing that Crimean was added as a potential second nationality for Ukrainian regens born in that area.
  8. Anyone who has preordered from Amazon, have you received a key yet?
  9. im more annoyed at Scotland and Wales qualifying for every tournament to be honest
  10. I would like the ability to send players out on loan to feeder teams till they have gained a work permit. All to often a player bought will develop to the point where after 2 season of being on loan to a feeder team they will no longer wish to go back to them on loan despite not having a work permit.
  11. Currently in 2041, went through every league in the game and checked out its history for tycoons, also some leagues do not have finance landmarks listed in the clubs history (for example, Turkey, Sweden and Denmark do not have them), here is the list. Failed takeovers Oxford United (England) - 2015 DC United (USA) - 2019 Juve Stabia (Italy) - 2021 Man City (England) - 2022 Sunderland (England) - 2023 FC Dallas (USA) - 2025 Melbourne Heart (Australia) - 2028 Celtic (Scotland) - 2029 Millwall (England) - 2032 Brentford (England) - 2020 Halifax Town (England) - 2023 Montpellier (France) - 2030 Espanyol (Spain) - 2030 Successful Blackburn (England) - 2017 FeralpiSalo (Italy) - 2019 Panithrakikos (Greece) - 2019 Rayo (Spain) - 2020 Norwich (England) - 2021 AEK Athens (Greece) - 2021 Crotone (Italy) - 2022 Queretaro (Mexico) - 2023 Gornik Zabrze (Poland) - 2024 Stevenage (England) - 2026 Colorado Rapids (USA) - 2026 Notts County (England) - 2026 (also now the biggest club in England with 3 Premiership wins) Louhans-Cuiseaux (France) - 2027 Ajax (Netherlands) - 2030 GS Ergotelis (Greece) - 2032 Cagliari (Italy) - 2032 Spartak Moscow (Russia) - 2036 Gwanhju (South Korea) - 2036 Anji Makhachkala (Russia) - 2036 Club Athletico Tucuman (Argentina) - 2037 Tranmere (England) - 2037 Academica (Portugal) - 2037 Seongnam (South Korea) - 2037 Tigres de la UANL (Mexico) - 2038 Montpellier (France) - 2039 Delfines del Carmen (Mexico) - 2039 Xoloitzcuintles de Tijuana (Mexico) - 2040 yeah, that is a lot
  12. Current situation, I am Aldershot and just got promoted to the premiership in my little 7300 stadium. I checked the talk to board option to see if i an get it extended however all options are greyed out, hovering over the build new stadium option it says "Board request is currently being actioned" while hovering over Expand stadium it says "Planning to build new stadium". However i did not recieve any messages about this and nothing is listed as a new stadium planning or construction on the boardroom screen.
  13. Im up to 2034 and England have not won the world cup (they came second twice), but they did win the European Championship in 2028 (while hosting it as well)
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