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  1. I love serbians, had a load of good ones in the past, seems to be the best nation for regens in all my saves, france also provides excellent regens.
  2. Hi all, just wondering when you lot play football manager? I have to be up for work at 3AM so am going to bed soon, just loaded up football manager for 45 minutes of play before i go to sleep! Do you lot play it at work? In the evenings? At weekends?
  3. MarkTCfc

    Great Corner Tactic

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  4. Vangelis21 your lucky you got any replies. Loads of people TRIED to answer your question based on the incoherent waffle you put as your first post. Rather than being rude to each one of them who took their time to try to help you why not say thank you and re-ask your question?
  5. MarkTCfc

    Fixtures - Pretty Annoyed

    I gets them out of the way mate. And you should manage to scrap a point against one off em, especially the home one.
  6. Most honest answer so far!!
  7. lol just noticed something else about that guy, he gets paid a fiver a week, haha, lucky guy.....footballers lifestyle eh, he can get a chicken nugget meal and a mcflurry for that!
  8. My mate Ian wants a word with you...... careful, hes 'ard
  9. Yes went back to tottenham 8 seasons after resigning with them and managing chelsea, milan, burnley, poland and england. Have you ever hired a player because of their name?
  10. MarkTCfc

    Biggest robbery ever?

    No..........It is predetermined and then IF you choose to make tactical changes or deliver a team talk at half time, it will have an effect
  11. MarkTCfc

    Biggest robbery ever?

    Actually the game IS predetermined. Why do you think it loads before you go to a match? SI have confirmed it is predetermined and THEN every tactical change that you make in the game RE DETERMINES the outcome.
  12. Sell now. Buy replacement in summer or january if you can afford. As your in '14 it wont be too long before you get regens available who wipe the floor with the messi's and ronaldo's of the game anyway mate so look out for one of them
  13. MarkTCfc

    Staff ?!

    Which league one team are you? So far on FM11 i have started with 22 of the 24 league one teams so have a fair idea on each staff...
  14. No its not an English franchise, like mcdonalds they are everywhere mate