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  1. A referee will sometimes blow for a corner if it's a contentious one.
  2. These should be reflected in FM18, so isn't a data issue.
  3. [World] (Official) Specific Issues

    Have you tried registering them within your squad screen? Players > Registration, then choose the competition top-right.
  4. [Europe] (Official) Specific Issues

    No you register a squad for "UEFA Competitions", and can only make certain changes in February.
  5. Foreign Rule gone beserk

    Was this something you created? Or somebody else? I'd suggest talking to the person who created it.
  6. 17.3.0 is the updated database. There is no 17.3.1 database.
  7. [England - general issues] (Official) Data Issues

    Are you using an editor file? I've checked my FM Editor, in both the original and updated databases, and it's just known as Sincil Bank.
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    The good old "ARSE" command!!
  9. You already have been given it - raise anything you think is a bug, in the bugs forum. It's not just for decoration!
  10. You need to give up with your attitude, read the replies you are getting and then either follow their advice, or stop moaning.
  11. [England - general issues] (Official) Data Issues

    He's not a free player, he's in the Boston squad at the start of the game. Maybe he got released on your save?
  12. [England - general issues] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi, Boston researcher here (Ngoma's club). I'd seen this in local articles and have changed in my files. Please post player data issues in the relevant club/league threads as they are more likely to be picked up sooner!
  13. The stadium move is already in the database (as is the stadium, Blackwell Meadows), with a date of 30/6/17. This I'm sure will be amended in any update, to rectify the actual date it happened. Anyway, the Conference North thread is here.
  14. [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Have you tried putting it in a ZIP file?
  15. Awesome Regen Names

    I have a Rees Rees in my youth team