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  1. Yes, but I'm being specific. Hashtag pay their manager, as he also acts as their club secretary. They are amateur players.
  2. I'm with Boston in the Premier League, playing at Nottingham Forest's City Ground. Thing is, they have moved out into a new stadium, and my owners have since bought the ground! But we're still attempting to build a new stadium (back in Boston), but the local council keeps blocking it...
  3. I generally do either Man Utd or England on the Beta - generally England if it's a tournament summer just gone. I'll then start a game with Boston, and follow it through until we're dominating England and Europe. Once that's done with, I might do a Perth Glory save this year.
  4. I wonder if you could get it working through Citrix Receiver... No, it really isn't. By your understanding, every computer program is "web based".
  5. Premier League in the title, Premier League/Championship in the OP... neither of which a guy from Gillingham will fulfill. If we're talking ex-Football League players now in non-league, there are hundreds!
  6. Jordan Slew at Boston, played in the Premier League for Blackburn.
  7. Gretna were forced to play at Motherwell when they were promoted into the SPL, due to ground-grading.
  8. OP mentions that Benfica and Napoli won the UEFA competitions. Sounds like a bug.
  9. In my first PL season with Boston, I lost 11(eleven)-2 away at Man City. Only lost 2-1 in the home game, and then beat them at home the next season. After 6 games of my 4th PL season, we're 4 points ahead of them with 18 points out of 18.
  10. Each stadium has a maximum expansion capacity. This is usually mentioned when stadiums are built - maybe you're at this capacity, and will have to wait for the stadium to be 20 years old to request a new one.
  11. As they would do, if Man Utd appointed another manager full time right now.
  12. I saw Antonio Valencia make his debut for Man Utd in a friendly at home to Valencia.
  13. Anybody with Nvidia video cards, where their CPU is running high, check your settings for FM 19 in the Nvidia Control Panel - your machine may have switched to using onboard graphics, rather than the Nvidia card.
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