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  1. Essentially, all attributes become hidden attributes.
  2. Presumably it has to be linked to a player with high flair. I see quite a few backheeled passes, which is essentially a trick.
  3. You are only allowed to increase your yearly salary total for players by so much each year - unless you are below a threshold, where it doesn't matter.
  4. Last year the press release was mid-September. We're not there yet! Give them time.
  5. Because that's when they can confirm what is going in the game? If they announce stuff now, but some features don't make the game, people will moan.
  6. It often gives you a hint as to how many are travelling in a preview news article. However, I'd definitely like to see it shown - each stadium could be set to have an away allocation (or non-segregated).
  7. The press don't always get it right
  8. If you make an offer it will tell you on that screen when he will join
  9. I think just a map will do
  10. He basically said it wasn't 100% going happen. Probably 99%...
  11. The only issue I had after updating was the odd screen freeze, but then I found that Nvidia had updated the incorrect graphics driver for Windows 10 (GeForce Game Ready). I downloaded this manually, installed it, and been fine ever since.
  12. Financial fair play?
  13. Bolton usually go into admin on my saves, then plunge deeper towards and into non league. There's a Youtuber who's got a series going, after taking over Bolton in Conference North -
  14. To open a link in a new tab, click it with your scroll button on your mouse...
  15. Will be cheaper to run, cheaper to expand, corporate facilities improved, etc.