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  1. It isn't. He edited players to make them better, hence their huge rise up to the top.
  2. 32 bits. BOOM BOOM
  4. And you could expand your own stadium, by building replica stands from other grounds
  5. Twitter. Tweet about your videos, use appropriate hashtags. Tweet other Youtubers (don't spam them with links to your videos) - even if they don't acknowledge you, your tweets will show up as replies for other users. Add FM Youtube to your Twitter title. Looking at your channel, you only have exports from FM - nothing original, or worth watching. Look at what the other Youtubers are doing - do similar stuff, and then maybe find something slightly different?
  6. No chance.
  7. Are they unavailable, or just don't want to face you?
  8. Essentially, all attributes become hidden attributes.
  9. Presumably it has to be linked to a player with high flair. I see quite a few backheeled passes, which is essentially a trick.
  10. You are only allowed to increase your yearly salary total for players by so much each year - unless you are below a threshold, where it doesn't matter.
  11. Last year the press release was mid-September. We're not there yet! Give them time.
  12. Because that's when they can confirm what is going in the game? If they announce stuff now, but some features don't make the game, people will moan.
  13. It often gives you a hint as to how many are travelling in a preview news article. However, I'd definitely like to see it shown - each stadium could be set to have an away allocation (or non-segregated).