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  1. He's not a free player, he's in the Boston squad at the start of the game. Maybe he got released on your save?
  2. Hi, Boston researcher here (Ngoma's club). I'd seen this in local articles and have changed in my files. Please post player data issues in the relevant club/league threads as they are more likely to be picked up sooner!
  3. The stadium move is already in the database (as is the stadium, Blackwell Meadows), with a date of 30/6/17. This I'm sure will be amended in any update, to rectify the actual date it happened. Anyway, the Conference North thread is here.
  4. Have you tried putting it in a ZIP file?
  5. I have a Rees Rees in my youth team
  6. If you feel there are certain players' attributes that are overrated, feel free to post it in the Data Issue forum's Man United thread:
  7. I think that should go in here -
  8. *BUMP* Now that this is in FM17, could we have it included in the divisional team stats? At the moment you have Average Attendance, Ave Att by % Capacity, Sellouts, Highest Att and Lowest - but an Average Away Support table wouldn't go amiss
  9. I believe there is the option in FA Trophy games for this to happen, but both sides have to agree to it before kick off (and alert the FA and referee). Might be worth doing it this way?
  10. But surely the supporters representative wouldn't be retweeting it?
  11. They would be stadiums which began with a sponsor's name, such as at Bolton and Huddersfield. The name of Man City's ground is The City of Manchester Stadium. It was renamed for sponsorship reasons, therefore will not be changed in the game.
  12. I can vouch for this as we played (and beat) them in the FA Youth Cup last week
  13. To what? CoMS is the generic and original name and this is what FM uses for stadium that are not sponsored from day 1.
  14. Just post it in here, it's what the thread is for
  15. I haven't got one from before that match, but I'm uploading my current save file where you can go back to the match and see the tooltip Scotty Walds U23s