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  1. Morten Gamst Pedersen could as well. There's about 5 players to have taken penalties in the PL with both feet...
  2. I've come through at Ipswich in my save, now 21 years old and yet to make a first team appearance
  3. Yes that's me! I look better on your save than mine, where I'm at Ipswich.
  4. You are posting news, not errors. The relevant researchers are expected to keep well up to date with transfers, etc.
  5. Why does it make you laugh? You need to provide what adjustments you'd make, and back it up with evidence. By "stats", do you mean his playing history, or more likely, his attributes?
  6. Association* Some clubs with AFC in their name are due to mergers, and AFC stands for "Amalgamated Football Club".
  7. Because Spain do not recognise Gibraltar as an independent nation.
  8. On the home page, change one of the sections to Team Competitions.
  9. The no-terracing part was a bug on a version of the game. You are allowed terracing in League One and Two.
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