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  1. There has generally been an agreement (in the UK at least) that the FA's would get to set their own work permit rules with the government would honour. While I'm unsure of the situation with the current work permit rules at government level, historically almost any player would've qualified for a work permit on the salary condition easily. It would be the standard rules that apply to managers/backroom staff and its likely there would be no issues on this front in most instances at the higher levels of the game.
  2. I'd log it as a bug since it seems like the AI is training him very poorly by presumably looking to dedicate more of his training to the ML & AMR positions. Single digit drops even across those attributes would have a near enough negligible effect in the ME. But its more going to be a case of if a player is training certain things less then they're not going to maintain them. My immediate thoughts are again that just this would be incredibly poorly planned out training for the player and getting that looked into as a bug with the AI would be worthwhile since you have the save where i
  3. Dynamic PA couldn't work for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there are a considerable number of players in the lower levels of football who have great work ethics, who have great application and certainly have the mindset or frame of mind needed to improve to a premier league quality player. The reality is that most of these players are too limited to make it when it comes to their technical capabilities. A dynamic system would mean the shackles would be removed from these players and once they're given access to better facilities, a higher level of competition it would mea
  4. Then he already has the attributes needed to perform at that level, so why would they necessarily need to be higher? It is very likely that at 18 he would be on a -X PA and so there will be a band within which it falls when the game starts up. It's not very often researchers will assign a fixed PA to an 18 year old so you might have just had the player fall on the lower end of the spectrum in your save. - - - - - Any kind of dynamic system, in which in game performance or criteria would not work because the human player would almost always be able to game the system and overwh
  5. Weird flex, but okay. You're free to have any delusions you wish about how the game works @Animal Mother but if you post them on the forums you will get abruptly introduced to the reality. If you're content with just disregarding what everyone tells you, despite clearly being in a position of having a more intimate knowledge about its workings... then its not worth our time trying to help you understand - because you don't want to. As @themadsheep2001 says upload your save and someone will prove you wrong.
  6. So the first question, who benefits from the game being scripted against you? Second question, how do you think its being done? What criteria have triggered it in this one particular game that you have to lose but you've been able to win other games in the past? Just throwing out "scripted" is bilge. It's very difficult to provide any meaningful commentary because there's a dramatic lack of details. It does lend itself to being able to make your point since no one can meaningfully argue whether what you've done is effective or not. However, based upon the fact you're gett
  7. Peter Shilton is the best example I can think of. Can't locate some of the other highlights I've seen it in, but of course the Maradonna one is the peak and most famous example and the one vs Germany is something that is really poor, he seemed to be terrible at jumping - latter half of his career at least. Sometimes it looked like he was wearing lead boots. The exceptions part is referring to shorter keepers vs taller keepers. There will for sure have been some keepers shorter than Shilton who could've dealt with those examples above much better. I ca
  8. Fylde: Season 2 - Genuinely Disappointed I came in to this season strong, I'd made signings to pad out the squad with a somewhat luxury wage budget of £38k p/w prioritising signings who would really help the side push on. The season looked to be one of straight forward promotion, but the FA Cup came along and offered some interesting ties. A 6-1 win in the qualifying round over Chester was no great surprise. But we beat Plymouth 4-0 in an FA Cup First Round Replay (drawing the first 4-4) before getting Grimsby and winning 3-1, and then Sheffield Wednesday whom we beat 4-2. All of a sudden
  9. Season Complete [2]: Another Double Promotion I had been a dominant force for the majority of the season, the opening day began with an 11-0 win over Southend. Coming into January Fylde were comfortably at the top of the table, the earlier screenshot was taken mid-way through the downfall when letting @oliscott back into the race. Following a good FA cup run, injuries broke down the Fylde team and York came strong through the rest of the season. There were a couple of instances during the remaining fixtures where either side could've secured the top spot as we both faltered. In the end th
  10. @vinny6876 I have a week on, week off work schedule & December has been a bit of a write-off due to myself & @oliscott getting lured in with the new Rebirth Island on Warzone. @bryannufc what issues specifically are you having?
  11. Who is your ISP? It's a little archaic to think it would still happen these days, but game data used to be classed the same way as P2P by some providers and they would in turn throttle the connection.
  12. It's well worth mentioning that in years gone by, the FM series will have reduced the PA of Adu over time as a reflection of the chances of him ever living up to it got smaller and smaller - but the development of players in the game was not nuanced enough to prevent him from reaching it if it remained high. Now, we would leave the potential high because we have more room for doing so without the player being as likely to attain it. Yet the right manager, at the right time of his career could have potentially still seen him making it.
  13. @enigmaticHow players perform in the match engine isn't a huge part of it on the front end, but there is always a consideration. In the past I've had to re-do Peter Crouch's stats because in one particular version of the ME he was far too effective (despite being at around 130CA or lower). That was the only way around it. But then in one edition of the game when Ryan Shawcross was in the 140's CA range, top sides kept buying him and I didn't touch the player because I raised what felt a valid point to me, why were these teams who were well known for employing build-up play from the back buying
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