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  1. Season 11: A little more on Salford This year was a little different as it was the first time serious cash was coming in. Despite getting a transfer budget of £40m I was extremely frugal. There were some bargains to be had on free transfers, Luke Shaw and Mensah adding some real experience and quality (although Luke Shaw deteriorated drastically across the course of the season) and I was somewhat confident that I didn't need to go all in to stay up. This was mostly due to how the team got promoted, with the signing of a 6'4 striker in Christiansen in the championship I had a player who could hold the ball up. Signings like Finlayson had proven to be a rock at the heart of defence. Gus Mafuta is the only player to have made the whole journey with me. From Vanarama North to Premier League. He only got 5 appearances mostly due to injury and the fact Joseph Minala was rarely injured. Bradley Fewster has also transitioned from the Vanarama North to the Premier League, although he was very much a pace player and sadly a series of bad injuries over the last 3 years have relegated him to 6th choice striker. He did still manage 2 assists in his 5 games this year, which shows he hasn't completely lost it but Chris Knight the free signing from Tottenham became my new pacey outlet upfront to work in conjunction with the physical outlet of Christiansen. The main catalyst to success in recent years has been Lee Jordan. He's had 4 seasons on loan with me, and I've been trying to get Man Utd to sell him to me, but no such luck. He's valued at £31.5m now after several good years, but I do have him on loan for one more year. Perhaps this time I'll get lucky, but if not then I think I'll have to let him go back and try to find a permanent option of my own. Finally, the club announced a £79m profit for the year and the clubs balance left sitting pretty on £88m after having wiped out £11m of debt that was accrued at the start of the year on improving the stadium. It's been a good year, but the clubs facilities are a million miles behind. Going into the new season though I sit on a £65m transfer budget, and the clubs wage bill has been more than doubled from £400k to over £950k.
  2. Season 11: Back to bottling... Firstly, it seems the stadium issue affecting me at Salford has rectified itself. After reloading tonight and checking it over as I was about to make a post on the bug forums, the club information was actually then showing the right information (one of those rare cases of turning it off and on again working!) This season both myself and @oliscott got back to doing what we do best, bottling it in the final few games. Harrogate needed results to go their way paired with a win on the final day of the season. With 4 games to go European qualification was on the agenda for Salford, but after I threw it away against Tottenham, Stoke and then Liverpool (who were battling for survival) the last game of the season became dead rubber. What had felt like a promising campaign for us both fizzled out, and as Oliscott did not secure promotion so begins another period of time where we avoid playing one another. Championship Table: Premier League: Harrogate Transfers: Salford Transfers:
  3. A little update on this. After having saved up on Monday and come back to the game tonight, the capacity in club information was actually up to 12,500 (with 9640 in normal matches) so I'm not quite sure how I'd log this now. The news item was clearly off, but at the time in the game the club information screen also showed the 9860 capacity but functionally its actually working so I'm unsure if its just a news item bug and a UI bug or if there was something else to it as well.
  4. Game AI (in general) hasn't improved dramatically for so many years now, the industry as a whole is in a bit of a lull. You can simulate more advanced AI with basically a greater repertoire of if-statements at its most simplistic level. We're waiting on new technology, or technology like deepmind to be commercially viable. Although in the case of something like deepmind it would presumably need to be used in a persistent game environment (so we'd all probably need to be connected to it all the time when playing FM) and it could do more reactionary things based on our inputs. It would also need time for SI developers to get to grips with it. Then there would also be the risk of deepmind learning too effectively, and within a few hours @Cleon @Rashidi etc have created some tactical monster AI which is near unbeatable. Yet thanks to folks like knap has fully mastered the arts of overloading the front line when your tactic would be weak to it. Personally, as a gamer, I think across the whole industry we're in for another pretty underwhelming 10 years or so, unless there's a major change that comes from left-field. In all games, there was a far greater magnitude of change from 2000-2010 than there has been from 2010 to now. It's very easy to go down a very negative route and mindset, but where do you look to for the example of someone doing it so much better/right at the moment? There's only 'examples' of it being done wrong, and they really do feel more like just limitations of the technology and current knowledge rather than any desire to hold back. A lot of games have actually gotten simpler (not streamlined, but actually simpler - such as factions in Morrowind compared to Oblivion, compared to Skyrim. The nemesis system in the Middle Earth games was horribly over-hyped and not even remotely capable of what they made it sound like) in the last 20 years because of limitations. FM is one of the few that hasn't. Perhaps that has been a bit to their own detriment in the eyes of some who play the game.
  5. Sadly our save has been afflicted with a bug (capacity expansion bug at Salford) so its put a little downer on it for the last few days. I'd thought I'd have to take a new club as I thought the editor only worked with the full version but@oliscott is suggesting I use an editor he linked to me as there doesn't appear to be a workaround to fix this issue so it may be that we use that. Shame that such an issue arose after 10 years. Although come January in the maiden premier league season I'm in the top half, but it does seem like editing the capacity up to 12,500 (as the game tried to do) would seem to be the best way.
  6. While I've got a game save prepped and will log a bug on Friday when I get chance, in the more immediate short term I'm hoping to find a work-around. On an FMT network game, is there any such solution? As far as I'm aware, there isn't an FMT editor and the options from the store to buy a new stadium are not enabled in FMT?
  7. Presume this is a bug, and have made a save of the game at the date it's happened but just had this happen: To my understanding, the club has increased the capacity to 12,500 as per premier league rules. However, it seems to be only defaulting back then to the capacity the ground is limited to under normal circumstances. Partially wondering if I'm going to be caught in a loop of the club constantly spending money each year to try and fix this only to never fix it and be stuck essentially waiting until 2042 for it to be able to be resolved.
  8. Season 10: Goals Galore There's only one way to accurately sum up season ten... blunt force trauma. Both Harrogate and Salford were in blistering form offensively, Salford scored 130 and Harrogate 109. I was quite surprised @oliscott was able to score so many, but as the league table below shows, it was definitely needed to keep him in the league. Meanwhile, at Salford I've been bemoaning my defensive frailties for years, they were finally resolved with the signing of a targetman-esc forward. At 6'4 and good at bringing the ball down it relieved so much pressure and prevented so many failed attacks from turn over with slighter forwards. As for Harrogate and their defensive frailties, perhaps Oliscott will have gotten a better understanding through the course of the season. It was a good year for us both, although the pressure is now on Oliscott to get to the premier league quickly to prevent too large a rift forming between us. Championship Table: Harrogate Transfers: Salford Transfers:
  9. Harrogate were top going into the final day, no one else dropped the ball for @oliscott to get promotion, it was very much a case of everyone was waiting on a slip up by his team. We're rapidly closing in on the end of the 10th season, just 5 games left to go.
  10. In a network game I do download the strongest looking tactic I can understand (for some customisation if it's not going right) and go to town but you really don't have to be much good at tactics. It depends what you look for a lot. I'm pretty terrible at tactics, I know what I want to achieve a 4-1-4-1 that is a 3-4-3 in attack and becomes a 5-4-1 in defence essentially. I work, I tweak, I ask for advice from time to time on the forums but I'm never particularly good at it. My squad building, being able to identify a player for the role in the team and actual squad management is the biggest driving force behind what I get done in a game. A lot of the time though I admit to feeling like the first season of a save is me learning just quite what the option means in a match engine context. I've always wanted to provide feedback on this, but I can't think of a better way. FM has to convey in words its labels, but by their very nature it becomes a kind of technical jargon. The same happens all the time with attributes, its so easy to put your own meaning or the more general meaning of a word in your mind, and that's not quite how it translates in FM. I suppose really I'd consider being great at tactics as having a car over having a horse. It'll get you there faster, but it doesn't prevent you getting there. Bear in mind though, that the people who are actually very, very good at tactics tend not to share their tactics (I presume mostly out of the fact that the best tactics are bespoke to a team, rather than build-to). What you see most of on these forums, is the tactics which are very potent goalscorers. Which rely on stretching the capabilities of the game, and playing a numbers game in assuming you'll get more than you'll concede. They are actually quite easy to counter if you come up against someone playing one (which obviously the AI doesn't, but it does happen in network games) Very few people create tactics that takes a side with 120CA defenders and keeps the most clean sheets in the premier league, or least goals conceded etc.
  11. One of my big issues at Salford is just the sheer lack of trust from the board with money, their reluctance to give me any decent money to spend has left me getting blown out of the water left, right and centre. Even though for the last 18 months or so a lot of players have been willing to join me, I've still suffered the fate that a lot of league 1 teams can offer better terms than I can. What money I do get I have been putting into youngsters with a bit of potential to attract interest if they perform well. Sadly its not quite materialised that way (several players now worth north of £5m but no bids) which has been my limiting factor. Identifying the players I want, and are interested is fine but actually being able to negotiate with them is a real barrier. It seems I have an incredibly unambitious chairman however, there is no option to request improved facilities despite the fact I haven't had a single upgrade to training facilities since the game began. While I can request an improvement to youth facilities it never gets greenlighted and the clubs youth level is 0/unrated. The chairmans status has dropped down to enjoying life at the club, so I'm hoping he'll be looking to move on soon. It feels like a chairman willing to be a bit more ambitious, let the club spend some of its money on improvements and we could be well on our way.
  12. Season 9: The thin slivers of luck Season 9 was characterised by fortune right at the last for both teams. Going into the final 2 games for both @oliscott and myself automatic promotion was possible. League One was arguably the tightest it could have possibly ever been, with Harrogate emerging as champions. While up in the Championship my side just faltered at the last again, the squad not quite strong enough to see it through and over the line. The play-offs were lost thanks to a completely innocuous second leg goal against Reading who went on to win promotion to the premier league. Harrogate got the business done and have come up to the Championship on the back of strong goalscoring performance. League One Table: Championship Table: Harrogate Transfers: Salford Transfers:
  13. @Nobby_McDonald it's an absolute calamity, in any other league I would've been promoted by now but in the Championship there is an insane financial gap. We've finished the 9th season, I'm going to post an update tonight but Sheffield United were paying a player £90k per week, which is 80% of my entire team wage budget. @oliscott will be in the championship during season 10 however, so we'll see how he copes with a limited budget as well. I actually have some money this season (£2m transfer budget) and £140k p/w wage budget which is still a pittance compared to the other end of the Championship scale but I'm hoping I can finally invest in some promising youngsters and begin to make some money to fund a proper promotion bid.
  14. Yeah, last season I suffered massively from the fact I just completely misjudged what I should've been going for. With a drastic shortage of money (budget around 100k p/w) and little to actually spend there just really wasn't anyone I could attract even loosely in the mould I'd prefer so opted to go for ageing players with good technicals. It was strange, because it worked fantastically for 50-60 minutes. However, in that last stretch of the game the fullbacks were just getting overrun and were horribly off the pace. This season I've got 2 new full backs, while still nowhere near what I'd like, they're at least a bit faster, got a bit more stamina. It's helping to shut up shop at the end of the game, but after 30 games there is still something like 10 points between top and tenth.