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    I saw the trailer and was a bit put off but not by the female element, it's easy to understand that at the end of the day its still a game and people will want an avatar in a game that reflects them. But it definitely didn't have a world war 2 feel, perhaps the gameplay will be different though. It looks like they're going after a demographic that some of the traditional players aren't a part of. It happens, CoD did it when they went with ever increasing vertical gameplay with jetpacks etc. But its been a while since EA has put down a studio, maybe they're already getting too impatient waiting for Anthem to flop so they can put down Bioware so they're going to hang Dice out to dry. Sometimes its just fine to say "I don't like this" and leave it at that.
  2. Crouch did the same a few years back when he was asked to be on the reserve list. I can see the reasoning behind saying no, because its not really a great feeling in any walk of life to be told you'll be used if something goes wrong with the first choice. The fact its come out so publicly also means the French side has just been happy to throw him under a bus for some positive reaction. Not exactly all that endearing to you yourself if you're a player is it?
  3. santy001

    England's World Cup 23

    It's more his eyes and facial expressions during interviews for me. Always seems like he's been surprised or a bit caught out by the question. Has to have a little think before he goes to "stock footballer answer". Conversations with Kane just seem to go at a snails pace. If you think Harry Kane's voice is anything to pull people up on, you probably haven't heard many people from around Stoke. Kane has a brilliant forwards mind/instinct whatever you wish to characterise it as. But he's never really come across as insightful about football, nor has he ever come across as particularly motivating. How does someone like Kane help keep the team calm/composed enough that if Gary Cahill is on the pitch he doesn't go wandering 15 yards out of position and hanging his defensive partners out to dry. Even John Terry struggled to do that at times.
  4. santy001

    England's World Cup 23

    I really should remove this Stoke badge from my profile, and the Stoke researcher tag. It get so tedious when I make a general remark about something in football and it gets brought back to Stoke. Didn't know he had scored 9 goals against Stoke, thanks for the trivia. I mean since we're supposed to trade tit-for-tat now as is the football fan way all that stands out for me about Spurs is 15-20 years of being a Stoke-like club in the premier league, largely making up the numbers and hoping to bide your time for a chance to push higher up (something I advocated as a model for Stoke to be honest) and selling your better players to the clubs who will actually win something. Why would anyone hate Tottenham? You don't win enough of anything to upset anyone. I don't hate Harry Kane. He just comes across as a bit thick, even by footballer standards. He's like a Phil Jones that learned how to keep the lower part of his mouth from hanging.
  5. santy001

    England's World Cup 23

    Gareth Southgate: Right lads, Harry's got some inspirational words for you. Harry Kane: He's a great goalscorer, but he really isn't any kind of on the pitch organising mastermind, nor a particularly rousing figure based on how he generally looks. I mean there isn't anyone in the England squad that stands out as a motivator of sorts, but I still imagine giving Harry Kane a lollipop keeps him occupied for a good hour or so.
  6. santy001

    The problem with Saido

    Saido Berahino is a strange one in general. He had already been dropped from his time at West Brom so coming into FM18 he was already carrying that drop from the FM17 winter update. But starting the season Saido had 6 months in a new environment that was supportive of him, had time to get fit and get his sharpness back. In fact, in the pre-season he was looking pretty solid, and even started the season well albeit without goals. With how he was rated it was possible for Berahino to go either way, which is probably a fair assessment of what his situation actually was. Some people reported he was getting England call ups and going onto great things. In a number of my own games he was floundering and quickly dropping down the leagues (a league 2 striker in one of my games by the age of 31) He's not lost his technical competence, even Lambert had positive things to say about Berahino when he came into the club. Feeling just that perhaps Hughes had been mis-managing him. Quickly that sentiment came crashing down though. He's just a lad on a huge wedge of cash each week who doesn't particularly care for football. It's very hard to rate someone who is capable but doesn't care. But the update for FM18 winter did make some big changes, again not so much to his technical attributes but to the mental side. It's a limitation of FM at the moment, to replicate players who have issues outside of football. Mainly for legal reasons I would imagine.
  7. I mean as far as I'm understanding, they met the leader of the country they're from. Do they have to denounce any and all familial ties to the countries once they signed up to play for the German team? Or can Germany pick, choose and cherry-pick what they should give up? The decision to play for Germany was presumably a sporting one, rather than a political one. So why try to make it political?
  8. santy001

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Bought FIFA again recently and just find it so disappointing. Feels like there's only 1 way to play online once you get up past fellow new players. Just some really drab, side to side, shuffle your one player about blocking off a pass and letting the AI do the rest and hope your AI follows your opponents AI on defence, and on attack hope your AI beats your opponents AI and that's it. So RNG. It feels to me I might as well just be using googles random number generator, and every time its an even number I win. I quite liked it at first, lofted balls seemed to be useful, the RB + Y through balls were nice, but they are near enough to non-existent higher up. Almost every goal is identical, either a RB shot from outside the box (Modric in any space is practically a free goal, so I've had great success using him at AMC or as a second striker) or just a pass into the box where your defender decides not to follow an attacker. Goalkeepers are still absolutely insane as well, goalkeepers still either cannot be challenged, or will just punch the ball even if it makes no sense and is harder to punch than catch or just outright ignore the ball. Such a shame because I really would like to have a football game I don't mind playing regularly, but FIFA definitely isn't it for me.
  9. Bit of feedback on the player interaction within FMT. In FM Touch players will become unsettled, or unhappy, to the point of prompting a conversation about wanting to join a specific club. - - - The problem with this is that the club in question such as Barcelona, haven't bid for the player. So the player is coming in and saying he wants to leave but there's been no transfer talks. In the main game there are options regarding "if they bid..." but this isn't available in FMT and it results overwhelmingly in a negative outcome. It doesn't feel quite right as it is. Perhaps either adding another option, that states how you will deal with any potential bid - or not having this as an element of FMT until after an initial bid.
  10. Aston Villa have been interesting in our game, they've got a massive 57,800 capacity stadium. For the Vanarama National League:
  11. Shortly (probably tomorrow) I'll get on posting some season updates since we came back to this.
  12. I imagine the promoters can be all too luring. Even now I can imagine Haye postponing retirement for another Chisora fight if someone feels they can push it enough and make a few million from it. Ferdinand was rejected a licence though, is there no review process in place to ensure people like Haye are still up to the challenge? I do think some of it will be psychological, the need to prove you can do it one more time or that the last loss was not the final nail in the coffin but at the same time the money on offer must be phenomenal even if you are comfortable in life. Turn up in decent shape, say the right things in the press conferences, and win, lose or draw you're a nice wedge richer. Boxers are going to be surrounded by people in life with their physical, 30 years from now best interests not even registering as a vague concern.
  13. Sadly for Haye it looks like since shortly after he's turned 30 he just hasn't had the physical condition needed for boxing. It's been injury after injury, he looks like he's struggling physically again and not just because of punches. Just seen the slow motion reply of him shouting as he holds his ankle. Surely someone has to say enough is enough rather than him keep trying to fight. I think he will still try again even after tonight, win, lose or draw.
  14. Wasn't quite so much aimed at you, but rather every time I look into an issue search indexing is almost a default blame. I spent some time having issues with fast start (my BIOS, and windows 10 have a version and they're both terrible) but so many answers were to do with disabling windows searches.