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  1. It's just a coincidence. It would be impossible to balance the whole youth system for the country you play in by impacting your club specifically depending upon circumstances. It's just luck of the draw. Additionally, the ability players come through with isn't an indicator of the ceiling of their ability.
  2. Other information like player caps/international goals, goals for/against in the league top out at 255.
  3. It's more likely than not that the age figure caps out at 127 or 255. It's a numerical value and not a text value. Every staff member in the game has an age and the next step up would be 32,767/65,535 which would be a tremendous waste of memory considering only 1 individual in a save (the player) would ever be capable of exceeding the current limit.
  4. I've hidden a few posts. If anyone has any concerns about content it should be raised with Moderators.
  5. Depending on his PPM's I'd have probably retrained him to play a wide role up front, or if I'm using a front two a creative player alongside my forward leading the line with the attributes he has. I think for the money offered you could easily get someone comparably functional in midfield as a playmaker.
  6. Just a general bit of advice, if you don't plan on playing the women's side of the game because it doesn't interest you - that is absolutely a valid and indisputable thing you can say. There are no problems with that on any side. When you move into trying to diagnose why you think its bad or what you think the problems with it will be, you move into an area of usually being incredibly misguided. When you're trying to argue against it for these largely fabricated and unestablished reasons, it raises more questions about why people do that naturally. People will then draw their own conclusions whether it manifests in a forum post or not. - - - - - Ultimately it shows why SI are probably right to keep their multi-year feature projects (because it seems a given to me that this isn't the only one they've ever had or have) under wraps because considerations seem to so frequently move towards the negative aspects. No one seems to be mentioning that with more player progression models being coded, more physics and interplay coding for players who are shorter (given that women on average are shorter than men), more financial models and all the other things that need to be coded for this add to the games overall resources moving forward. Once something exists in the codebase for the game, further modules can be quickly built with some repurposes or adjusting of parameters. If one of these new devs who works on the women's football ME codes up some amazing shooting for the game, I'm fairly sure the other side of the team working on the men's ME will bring that across and get the necessary animation adjustments sorted.
  7. Not really. I don't have any data to back it up but odds are that the issue affects a single digit number of people each release. Most of the data is not something that can be shed. Someone did the 1000 season game a few years back with holidaying and I downloaded it and could load it. It was slow to load but it still managed to load. I don't think there's even been a shared file anywhere near close to that with the improvements that came to saving/loading in this years FM.
  8. While I understand people can be unhappy with bugs and especially so if they're persistent. But the purpose of this forum isn't for there to be a dialogue that is a reassurance that SI are working on things. The expectation is that you come into this knowing SI are looking to resolve issues and so its a waste of time that could in turn be spent fixing things to reply to threads that don't actually offer up anything new in terms of evidencing bugs. Each of the threads listed in the original post have a designation, under review, known issue and a couple even have fixed besides them. The bugs that impact your gameplay will be a far more pressing concern than the bugs that you never run into, but its not as simple as just deciding to fix it so please, keep this in mind because this doesn't help make any meaningful progress towards the resolution of bugs. Perfectly happy for people to discuss things that are linked in the thread but as this isn't actually directly related to a bug I'll move this to the general discussion.
  9. It's narrow but I always saw it being based loosely on the models in newspapers for match reports in times gone by (haven't bought one in so long I've no idea if they still do it) but almost every match report was full of 6's & 7's for player ratings as it seemed to be a pretty standard generic rating. The important thing is to understand it because then whatever range its based on you can confer things from it accordingly so even though the most common ratings are in quite a narrow band - that still provides a considerable amount of context when you know that's how the ratings work.
  10. No. Keep in mind that this isn't a problem 5 or 10 years into a save. Most reasonable computers can probably sustain a save for a very long time. I've never had any issues on my own PC even at 60+ seasons into a game. It's only worth mentioning in that its the only real limiting factor in the length of a save game.
  11. The game continues indefinitely, but eventually you'll run into general issues as the total amount of information contained within a save gets larger and larger.
  12. The red is highlighting areas that have little coverage. With a 3 at the back naturally there will be a lot more space out wide. It depends how its actually playing for you, but if you had something like Esseboom instead playing as a WB or Defensive Winger along with Currie as an IWB or Wide Midfielder you would probably find these areas get "better" coverage. Keep in mind though its not necessarily terrible to have space for your opposition to attack. If you have players in the middle who come back and help defensively a false or ineffective opening down the flanks can be great for your side to build their own counter attacks from. I've also moved this to the Tactics section so you can get potential insight from people who are more tactically aware than I am.
  13. It helps emulate that nations focus on football. It helps reflect in the US for example that a large proportion of younger people filter into American Football, Basketball, Baseball etc rather than Football.
  14. When it comes to updating old games, I believe on that front SI are unable to do so due to the licensing conditions of each version of FM. On Steam for example, you can still play all the old FM games you've purchased. However, if you want to try and buy any of the FM games today it is only possible to purchase FM2021 (not including resellers who have keys from when they were still purchasable).
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