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  1. For good reason, the intention should never be to let people to find a way to meta-game FM. In all likeliness creating the "perfect XYZ" isn't even possible with the limited knowledge I have as a researcher, but it's good that people don't get to have the full breakdown. It's fairly simple though that in most situations, almost all attributes have played a part to an extent. When your midfielder comes to play a pass on the pitch his vision and passing certainly come into play, as does his composure for how much pressure he's under, and his technique affects what is going to happen as well. But as you come back from the the players consistency will be affecting a good portion of those attributes to effect how good they are in the first place, and his professionalism will be affecting just how much his consistency is impacting upon them. How important is the match? If he's a big match player and it's a big match, then if he has bad consistency it's having less of an effect. Flip the scenario though and it's having more. It's layer upon layer, how your player is about to perform this next pass in FM has its roots tied back in the decisions you made while tutoring him as a prospect, how your teams recent form has been, what you've been training the team and him on. It's actually fantastic when you think that with some players if you play the game long enough, what has happened so far in the game is having an effect, but so is what happened in the last week, what's been happening this season and what happened as much as 15 years ago when you were moulding him still plays a part to that point. It's easy to disregard it, but if you got those things done well at that point in time, then it certainly has an impact down the line.
  2. Nothing wrong with him having the vision, but he may well lack the ability to enact that vision thoroughly & consistently. It only stands out when you view it in a vacuum because there is no situation in the game where vision alone decides anything. There will be a huge amount of stand-out examples, as there should be in my mind. It takes a wide-ranging skill set to make full use of these stand-out high attributes though.
  3. It depends on position, I would never consider a centreback with weak mental attributes and low consistency for example. However, an AMR/AML with weak mentals, low consistency but great technical/physicals? He's the perfect 1 season stop gap, the reason is because usually any longer than that and things will begin to sour - which has probably happened at his current club and he's available cheaply. Overall I don't think a fixed philosophy of who not to sign works, you should have a desired list for what you want in a player, but even negative looking players can work well if you treat it as a short term thing.
  4. No one from SI would be as tactless as I will be here @HemHat but basically... why does you thinking that matter? It's a conversation piece, it can have a discussion, but it's not shining something new on the subject. It's not actually going to change anything because based on how it happens in the game, the folk down at SI have realised Brexit hasn't happened yet, hence why it happens at some point in a quite large window. It doesn't change anything, it doesn't change how any of it works, no light from the heavens is going to shine down on their London office bathing them in an enlightening frame of mind that aligns their views with yours. The most direct and relevant EU related event is the expansion of the EU during the FM series lifetime. Which FM has been modelling for years. They have a precedent for doing this when upcoming changes to the EU look likely and its not been an issue. People so often seem to assume, or at least display, that SI haven't considered the viewpoint they have or something very similar many moons ago. That's a huge reason why I'm an advocate for why people should share whether they like it or not and their experience or the impact it had. That can be looked at in a much better way than just thinking it shouldn't be in the game.
  5. This will get closed, but you lose everyone at the point you say its completely random. The game is not random, I don't get asked to give up my time in 2-3 quite time lengthy bursts per year as a researcher because the game just then randomly does what it wants with what I contribute. Neither do the other thousand or so researchers & that is just the tip of the iceberg in a very small, minuscule way I can share. Now the work the developers put in, the heavy lifting they do - for it all to purely be random? Well how can anyone discuss it on an even field with you. It's just not something the vast majority of us can even fathom, you might as well be posting it in Latin it's that far out there. You aren't engaging a fair or balanced discussion when you do that, you aren't pointing out what you object to and why it's not right. Re-think your points, actually understand a bit more about how the game works and then begin again making an actual point of discussion in which people can relate to you because you're demonstrating at least a willingness to understand how the game actually works.
  6. I thought that, but that's already such a prevalent and huge feature of the game. The first hurdle is just your bids being outright rejected. That has stopped me from signing more players than anything else in this game. Again I'm purely being facetious, but if people dislike not being able to sign players so much, surely the ability to reject bids needs to be removed. Any non-EU players it applies to, and even under most of the harsher Brexit scenarios if you spend big money you're still likely to get the work permit under the appeals process. I understand that doesn't happen down the leagues, but it's debatable just how "realistic" Dave in miscellaneous EU country would move his whole family to the UK for a £500 p/w contract until the end of this season or next season. So there needs to be more information I think, because perhaps the solution isn't to change Brexit, but to further change AI in players being willing to join these clubs in the first place pre-Brexit if it doesn't actually make much sense that they would.
  7. The FA does get full say, for football work permit applications there is full deference to the FA judgement on whether someone should get a work permit or not. Almost all professional footballers would be eligible for a work permit under the normal criteria under which its judged as they would be coming with jobs ready that are (in almost all) circumstances in the higher tax brackets. To carry on from my point earlier in the thread though, an awful lot of the feedback is people just projecting their emotions at it as though it should mean something. Unfortunately that doesn't really mean much, I don't particularly like Mondays. If I push hard enough can I get SI to remove Mondays from FM? I'm deliberately being facetious, there's no reason to respond to it and it's not a direct comparison with Brexit. Most people aren't explaining what the impact is in their game that they object to. I can't say for certain, but I imagine Brexit isn't going away in the FM series. Definitely not in FM17, and there has to be a degree of acceptance that as long as its the reality of the situation in the world it's probably going to be the same in the game. Make clear, concise messages about the impact you disliked, perhaps the impact of a particular aspect is the problem rather than the "Brexit" tag everyone latches onto. Perhaps other aspects of the game need to be improved to compensate for this, and here's the thing, we cannot say as the players whether they definitely do or do not. You can certainly offer up what you think you'd enjoy more, but generally speaking, that isn't how it works so much with games. Just knowing what particular element to it you dislike and why is far more useful to shape it going forward than just objecting to a huge module of the game (which Brexit is given its in-game scope and variance) because just saying "remove Brexit I don't think its realistic" is tantamount to saying to remove the 3d highlights/match view system because you don't find it realistic. It isn't going to happen that way.
  8. @westy8chimp variance in TV deals, particularly off the back of in game performance of leagues is something that could be looked at, as well as the attempts of leagues like the MLS and the Chinese League to increase their standing in the world. Those are the kinds of things that will happen, peaks and troughs in the world of football and leagues that enjoy growth and decline. The issues up for debate by the IFAB who actually shape the rules would be a reasonable place to look for some future inspiration. They are discussing video refs, and I imagine that one could be a bit easier because there is a degree of margin of error with ref judgements in FM. Pure speculation, but the introduction of video refs would mean that margin of error could be tweaked. It can be trivialised to made to sound daft, but so can anything be trivialised. Volcanic interruptions not really that frequent are they, and it has the huge potential to wander into distasteful territory if there were an eruption somewhere that killed a lot of people. FM tends to (for very good reason in todays society) avoid issues that could have negative consequences in the future. It benefits us all if there is more in the game to engage with, within the confines of what matters and impacts upon being a football manager.
  9. @HemHat Not so much apples and oranges, as rather picking and choosing what you feel would suit your views best. Anything is "apples and oranges" if you wish to be picky enough about it "oh you did this 10 minutes ago? apples and oranges mate cos its 10 minutes later now" Your mentioning of should a "Frexit" be included is the perfect example in fact, its apples and oranges, you can't compare it. If Brexit had been included in FM10 (which is the same stage point at what you're describing) then it would be somewhat comparable. But FM absolutely needs to include more of the uncertainty of the world in its game, FM absolutely needs to reflect how the wider world impacts upon the game without distastefully doing so. This is in fact a requirement on almost all games, precious few can escape the need to become ever more encompassing in scope and scale. Brexit in FM has been a brave step towards that. There really is no reason to criticise SI for implementing it though (or at least, there's far more you can find to criticise more than the Brexit implementation), far less holds up to scrutiny than Brexit. CA and PA are not real things. There is no real rating for tackling out of 20. If you cannot fathom Brexit being an acceptable inclusion in the game, then you pretty much cannot accept the game on the whole surely? As I said before, its a game, it requires you to suspend your disbelief that all these "unrealistic" things happen to enjoy it. Saying "I dislike the experience Brexit has on my game" is perfectly valid but it lacks anything substantive, if you can explain what impacts it has that you don't enjoy it actually becomes very useful feedback to SI. When you try and impose some hackneyed qualia that is little more than a vague "Me no likey" under the guise of "realistic" it means nothing and has no bearing, it doesn't change anything, it doesn't help anyone involved develop a better game and gaming experience. That actually covers feedback on both sides of the spectrum, feedback to the effect of "FM makes me super happy and feel warm inside" does nothing either.
  10. I'm pretty sure what happens in the vast majority of peoples saves isn't whats going to happen in football, so why even play the game? A team might not get that much sponsorship money next year, a team might not sell a player for that much in January. Why is any of it possible if we don't know its going to happen? The "F" is for Football, not Future. If you're expecting a Future Management Sim you need to be looking elsewhere, I wouldn't try a game like Civ though. That game has you mastering space exploration possibly before 2050 and that's not at all realistic. It's worth remembering that all games require on your behalf a slight degree of suspension of disbelief. I don't believe that there's a vampire called Kain wandering the earth scorned by events with Raziel. I don't think some of Call of Duty's recent titles have been about wars due to start kicking off any time now. If your justification for something not being in the game is "you don't know that's going to happen" then the whole of the game needs sacking off and it needs to become a game where you wait an actual week, at 2pm or when teams are announced you get that team picked for your side, and then the FM match engine does its best to recreate the game. You just have to make sure you press the spacebar once per day to keep up with the real world.
  11. Might be worth a bug post and uploading your save just so they can step in and have a look. Is his reputation astronomical or does he have some preferences in his profile? Maybe he just has 20/20 for loyalty and is loyal to his local job centre now. Also, not much reason to really let the thread be derailed by a weird attempt at being funny/edgy.
  12. I would hope its more purely tongue in cheek based on their floppiness in Europe at the last couple of attempts.
  13. Licensing means it's not possible. It'd be either too cost prohibitive, or too time consuming owing to the nature of finding out who the rights holders are and subsequently obtaining permission.
  14. Honestly waiting and seeing is the only thing that can be suggested. One thing I have seen mentioned is nothing too much has really been designed with the Ryzen in mind, which means early doors it might not be as useful as it could be. Even if Ryzen on the whole is good, some chips could be relative duds (this was the case with some early iCore processors, some were far better overclockers/performers than others) so generally letting the testers and enthusiasts have their way and then benefit from the feedback.
  15. FM is one of the few games that doesn't come with a difficulty, nor does it have any kind of behind the scenes or superficial ranking system so that you can find out where you lie in the grand scheme of things. FIFA is the most frequent comparison for the fact its a football game, but FIFA has its own choose your own difficulty offline, and ranking systems in the form of divisions on its online content to keep players in a sphere of comfortability. You should never be losing all your games on these, there are safety nets designed to prevent that from happening. It can, but you genuinely have to be awful at the game. A phase that is not likely to persist past a couple of days. FM is more akin to the games like Europa Universalis/Crusader Kings and Civ though in my mind. But even those games have difficulties within them, however, they're games that have a steep learning curve and you can grasp basics quite quickly, but there are a lot of subtleties that take time to learn. FM is just FM, you never play it at anything less than its full strength, while you may get to pick your coaching badges and past reputation as well as pick your team - the challenges that come with each of these simply become different they aren't removed. It's quite unique within the game world. You either have to buy into that or look for excuses. FM is an annual release, which always means iteration and evolution rather than revolution. But it's reached a point now where game AI has barely changed in a number of years, there are small gradual improvements but an awful lot of games have had to resort to randomness or tightening reaction windows to facilitate challenge or the illusion of it being greater than it was previously. Procedural generation is the way some games have started to go about it as well, but FM has been somewhat ahead of the curve there for a long time I feel. I don't know that it follows the guidelines of a procedural generation system, but regens, we've had them for years now. Shadow of Mordor classed a pool of personality types and a pool of body types as revolutionary. FM goes into far greater detail on that front to create continual engaging content within the game. Ultimately though no game can protect itself from misinformation, the things of super keepers have never been real but it doesn't stop people from clinging to it in the hope that this time they might be right.