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  1. There's also the very real argument that if say you take of Guardiola and instead start playing 10 men back, long ball to a big targetman up top are you really playing Guardiola?
  2. Are you not capable of applying a bit of thought to a situation then? Because either you look and see its still not resolved and just conclude "ah unfortunately they must not have been able to resolve this yet" or you look and see its not resolved and conclude "ah they've done this to spite me, and won't even be honest about it" Also, @rockpie I've edited your post. The decisions made on how long a public beta are available for, whether it can be done or not isn't a decision for an individual you can throw an "@" on the forums.
  3. One thing I can foresee is that the onus on testing this would actually fall on the researchers. To test this on a global level, it would be too time consuming and it would need to be tested repeatedly with each update to the data. There's the tricky issue to resolve of players going to leagues where they then become marked not for inclusion, due to licensing reasons. Personally to me it looks like the majority of the barriers lie away from technically making it possible. It's not the biggest feature as you mention, but the intensiveness of the testing for it is where I see most issues. Making sure the fees are correct, the add-on clauses are correct, the wages are correct and that all these elements are correct pre and post-transfer. The current end of season future transfers when players are moving at the end of their contracts such as with Rooney to Derby are far less numerous. Every transfer and loan being on the same system would be much more comprehensive in scope.
  4. You can have an opinion that's fine. But in your scenario what do all the other non match engine staff do? Turn up and cheer them on for 8 hours or more a day for a year?
  5. I've settled down into my single player Stoke save, and noticed that I'm getting an awful lot of crosses. Between 30-40 a game so far. When opposition crosses are factored in its meaning a cross every 1.5 minutes or so. I mean I'm playing a pretty simple tactic: I'm wondering how many crosses per game are the people getting that are seeing their wide men blaze shots into the side netting because I'm barely getting it. So I'm wondering is it either a case of they're actually playing an awful lot more down the wings and therefore just sheer percentages are forcing it to be higher or if they're just not crossing. Not going to lie, there's been a couple of passages of play where I'd have taken a shot into the side netting rather than watch Ince play another cross that ends up reaching Ward on the far side of the box.
  6. It's something you aren't supposed to know off hand about the game. Yet at the same time these numbers don't mean all that much. It's likely not something you'll commit to memory long term, but I can only advise you to generally put it out of your mind. In my opinion the more you know about the inner workings of the game, PA's, CA's, players hidden attributes then it does cross into the cheating/ruining the game territory but that's always going to be personal opinion.
  7. You're someone staking a lot of your posts on how much you've played FM and how many hours you've accrued, how experienced you are. Yet you then go and conflate the ME - an underlying system that calculates events in a game, and animations a system of representing what the ME decides as being the same. Once you have an animation of a player doing something you don't need to recreate it next year. In fact, once you've got the rigging of it done, likely the only improvements that need to be made are updating textures/texture resolutions until there is a new rigging system built for animations. That might not even be necessary for many years to come given that SI don't need to create anything new (ie this isn't a game with monsters and therefore they need to create new monster skeletons) nor is it adding anything more flamboyant than kits. So what happens is the pool of animations gets increased from time to time, whether that's on a patch-by-patch basis, or a release basis or even further apart depending on what's done I don't know. However, a step over in 2017 is very likely to look the same as a step over in 2025. It's just that by 2025 there might be a few different step over animations to choose from, or a better transition from first touch to step over etc. If you're going to spout nonsense like this, then it devalues your post overall.
  8. There's a very real distinction between pace in a less competitive environment and in senior football. The best example forever more will be Usain Bolt, even in a much less competitive league he really struggled to use the speed he has despite the fact he would be faster than any footballer in a straight up sprint. He couldn't actually transfer it onto the pitch properly or with any degree of consistency. Tyrese Campbell for Stoke is one who was absolutely lightning fast at academy level, and in reserve football. When it came to getting his debut in the premier league though it was like he was running through treacle.
  9. Season 2 - The Oliscott Bottle Job So another season on FM, another year in which @oliscott let the title slip through his hands. It hadn't really happened last year in Sweden so its been good to see a return to form. At Linfield I actually started the campaign really well, investing some of the money from the previous seasons Europa League campaign on reinforcements in defence and midfield. However, come October a series of injuries had impacted the front 3 and I fell away. It was at this point Crusaders under Oli surged into a strong lead. By November it looked to be firmly in Oli's hands. As long as he didn't make any silly mistakes he would be home and dry. At this time I dipped heavily into the reserves, lining up a number of players for January but perhaps the only recognisable names being Ali Coote from Brentford, Ben Sheaf formerly of Arsenal, Niall McGinn from Aberdeen and Callum Ainley of Crewe. In early December a game between Crusaders and Linfield saw my team run out 2-1 winners and a massive downturn in form followed for Crusaders. Coming up to the late season split in March we had another game right before the split. Going into this I was 2 points ahead of Oli, but he had a game in hand. I won this tie 2-1 as well and the title was all but mine. Crusaders did complete a treble in the domestic cups however. Winning the Northern Irish, Bet McLean and Northern Irish County Antrim Shield competitions. But that seemed to do little to soothe his bitterness. The European Front This season neither of us had a stake in Europe and so the coefficients fell to the other sides in the league to carry on for us. The good news is they did quite well, getting 2 points between them resulting in a net gain for our running 5 year total. Some quick checking suggests we could gain around 4 places. It now stands as:
  10. His most recent season was several years ago for Newcastle Town. They're currently at the 8th level in England (I think) and the attribute rating system is 1-20 for professional footballers. The player in question you're so unhappy about his attributes is primarily a personal fitness trainer based on some online searches. Whether he still even plays football or not isn't clear.
  11. Season 1 - Falling Short Neither of us took time to familiarise ourselves with our squads, nor did we do any real early season scouting for players. We both just sort of dropped into our teams and went at it. With the conclusion of the first season I finished 3rd with Linfield and @oliscott came 4th with Crusaders. There were 2 points between us, so we had a close season between us. For the majority of the season I was quite comfortably ahead, but right at the time of the split in March it was Crusaders who got the upper hand a 3-2 win. However, while Oli had been coming into this part of the season in good form it tailed off. Crusaders finished the season with 3 wins and 2 defeats in the final 5 games following the league split. This allowed me to desperately hold on with 4 wins and 1 draw. Glenavon, the champions, were dominant for such a long spell of the season. They were just exceptional, and yet towards the end of the season they did seem to begin to fade. Perhaps this means they won't quite be the same threat next season. League Table:
  12. It's an overlaid menu for adjusting options. Outside of changing these options and then closing it down, why would it be causing issues?
  13. You have to remember that traits aren't inherently beneficial. It could work out that if you have a player with poor decision making, passing and technique who is only one footed you might want to double down on this and dribble more often to remove a negative aspect of his play. On the flip side, giving this to a more talented player who is good with either foot is more likely to slow him down and make him less effective in some regards.
  14. I think the real question is why do they let you name 7 subs, if you can only use 3.
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