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  1. All attributes are on a scale of professional footballers, not some global measurement. Therefore, a player with a strength attribute of 1 would be more effective at using what strength he has on a football pitch than an amateur. Usain Bolt during his time of trying football was someone even I assumed would be a 20 pace player by default, however, in the games he got there were many times where he didn't look that fast against lower level opposition. He had some bursts of speed, but he didn't have the footballing knowhow to put himself in a position to get anything close to the speed he can actually reach. When it comes to players ageing, decline is tied to a few things and it's not as bad as for some players as others. I dislike the fact the game will effectively force players to retire at 40 after the first couple of seasons but when I raised that as I felt it were a bug it was well explained by SI (issues with players just going on far, far too long) but older players can still perform. I've had Aritz Aduriz come in and be top goalscorer coming into the Christmas period at a newly promoted team in the premier league on last years FM. I've had Ronaldo perform exceptionally until 39, and players like Messi, Kroos, Neymar and various others past 35 being absolute lynchpins to my side. It's an area of the game that is continually improving however.
  2. I don't think you'll have any option to edit the Brexit outcomes to include this. If you're after a save with the hardest Brexit in place looking for other peoples uploads or requesting one to be uploaded would be your best bet. Otherwise, a league edit for British only players could offer what you want.
  3. What PPM's does the player already have? I believe some prevent the taking on of others.
  4. I tend to set my games up so there's a bit of an upwards flow for the game. When it comes to guaranteeing regens from nations, that's pretty tricky for Serbia and Ivory Coast given that the best way is to have leagues for those nations active. More countries with a small database and keep it around 50-60k players works best for what I find is not a too flooded with talent experience. I don't know if you'll be able to address the specific issues with getting regens from certain countries, but having a good selection of leagues does tend to slow down the inflation a bit in terms of players coming through with higher potential.
  5. The rules surrounding u18's moving clubs are somewhat tricky and difficult to reflect exactly in the game. A lot of clubs get it wrong so the transfer could go through only for Liverpool to be pulled up for it in say 12 months time if they haven't gotten everything exactly right. Liverpool have had a couple of warnings in recent years for issues signing u18 players, including derailing and rendering one player completely unable to be registered by any club for a 2-3 year period. I don't think there's any way in the game to replicate the scenario in which the move can go through legitimately.
  6. I don't believe this would work at all since the host has all the data locally. The values are loaded from your disk for the game and while its not much of an issue for you to access and search that information directly, it seems like it would naturally be more difficult for someone on another device to do so.
  7. I believe the password for a manager in a save game is stored locally in a text file, so you may be able to double check it. However, I've not seen anything mentioned about it for years so that may be outdated information.
  8. A quick google for steam wallet brought me this page: https://store.steampowered.com/steamaccount/addfunds/ I'm guessing at the prices some of the stuff looks to be its below a minimum transaction amount for a direct PayPal payment etc. When it comes to an editor for Touch, there isn't one at this time.
  9. Okay, cite the time in real life when it happened the opposite way.
  10. Not really, because this is a platform for you to outline what specific, individual, elements are incorrect and why. The relevant researcher is completely free to ignore your opinion on something subjective like attributes so the onus is very much on you to make a compelling case. --- That being said, FM20 is outdated from a research perspective. By its very nature by the time you get your hands on patch its a bit of time on from the research team having set the stats and so the player may not even be set up in the same way as you last saw.
  11. Usually once he's around 34/35 his Barca contract will end and then there's the chance to pick him up. I've taken him several times, converted him to a CM position and he's seen out his career as an effective playmaker.
  12. What actually happens when you put the key in on steam? I haven't bought anything on disc for PC for a long time but it makes no sense to me that there would be something disc specific to allowing the key to work.
  13. It tends not to be the case considering SI stop selling the previous versions owing to licensing matters as far as I recall. You can't buy FM19 through Steam any longer for example, some of the sites I did see selling it still had it priced higher than FM20 is right now and some of the selling sites don't exactly have the best reputations.
  14. And you're entitled to your opinion on the match engine @jc1, it's a perfectly valid thing to just simply say that you don't like something and hope it will be/want it to be better next time. When you start to get prescriptive in the manner in which it should be achieved then that is open to criticism if its nonsensical.
  15. Okay, so your argument is that SI should tell X amount of staff presumably earning a decent amount to all sit there and do nothing but cheer on the ME staff? The fact that someone can do one element in a related field doesn't guarantee they can seamlessly step into another. All your suggestion would do is absolutely nothing positive for the ME. If they were to redeploy all other possible staff to the ME team the biggest problem would be the fact they'd then have to provide training & understanding for all these new staff on the ME. From what I've seen in interviews with game developers the biggest reason not to keep expanding dev teams even if more devs would help is the fact that it can take upwards of 2 years for people to become familiar and work independently on complex systems. Translating that to FM, you'd be waiting until around about FM24 to see the positives in the ME. Even if it were to be a question of just having more devs would help.
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