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  1. The highlights of the first game between myself and @oliscott which concluded in a 4-2 victory for Liverpool. Having just watched them back, they are at a higher speed than probably ought to be for uploading, but it does show that right now we both share a similar weakness - crosses into the box.
  2. Summer Transfer Window: A quick review of the summer spending since there are players who people can keep track of and know: Liverpool: Man City: Breakdown: While @oliscott has definitely shown a proclivity for youth this summer, I have gone to try and immediately strengthen what I felt were the biggest weaknesses at Liverpool. Butland was not my first choice, but my hand was forced when it seemed there was no hope of getting a cheap deal for Buffon, Donnarumma had no interest in joining and Predrag Rajkovic from Maccabi Tel-Aviv couldn't get a work permit. The wage budget is a bit tight at Liverpool, so my main priority was to try and get a couple of players who were surplus out.
  3. Introduction Welcome to the second save between myself & @oliscott to be shared on the forums. In a shake-up from our last save which was a bottom to top climb before we began to challenge, this is coming straight in at the top. There's no subtlety or nuance to this, we've both got free licence to use any manner of shortlists of prospective players, use formations etc to our hearts content. There is one single aim to this, domination. For clarification I am in charge of Liverpool. @oliscott is in charge of Man City.
  4. Decided to start a fresh save, with other teams. It reached the point where I was getting frustrated with seemingly unresolving issues. It started back when I was unable to request an improvement to the clubs training facilities and had to use an editor, but there were strange things where teams would just stay interested in a player but not bidding for years. If they did bid, then it was a bizarrely low-ball bid but in some cases like with my right back, at 22 he asked me to sell him to Barcelona, at age 27 he was still there and Barcelona were still interested but they had never made a bid. The main issue was morale, losing a game just seemed to cripple the morale, squad harmony and tactics happiness. On the flip side, wins would push it up massively. It felt like the club was only ever 1 result away from crisis, and 1 result away from wonder-land. It might have been me putting more in it as time went on after the initial bugs, but it didn't match the experience I was getting in tactic testing saves, whereby with teams like Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, Man City and even Stoke it just wasn't an issue with it feeling so fragile.
  5. It's in the board > confidence section. I'm playing on FMT, so it might be worded differently in the full FM game, but considering this is an element that will in all likeliness be the same across both modes I figured I'd post it in the main general discussion area.
  6. Just a bit of a query as it doesn't feel quite right to me. Are morale, harmony & tactics supposed to be massively influenced from game to game? I'm generally inclined to believe they shouldn't be, indeed when usually doing quick start games to play around with formations it feels far less malleable but on the main save I've had that I've had running since the public beta this happened in the space of a week: It feels very counter intuitive, and has been a frequent issue in the game. I tried to remedy it by targeting more players with higher levels of professionalism and determination, the lowest determination in the regular starting line-up is 15. It's been a recurring feel throughout this particular save though that the team has only ever felt 1 bad result away from a mental breakdown. I would log it as a bug, but owing to another bug (not being able to request improvements to training facilities, not getting turned down, just not able to request - even after a the club had a takeover and had gone from Vanarama North to the Premier League) I used an editor some 10 or so seasons prior to provide a workaround to that. That obviously impinges on the integrity so I am mostly just wondering if these things are supposed to be so easily influenced or not.
  7. A little sidenote but in the final game of the season I managed to achieve a first in an FM game for me. I had father and son on the pitch at the same time: Father: Son: Unfortunately, his father doesn't like him as a person it seems. Not on his favoured personnel. but sadly fate conspired to stop them bringing home the title together.
  8. Season 27: Goal Difference Deciders Coming into this season I had finally got clubs willing to come to the negotiating table for players I had been stalking for a couple of years. The previous season there was no transfer business, not because I thought my squad was fine - but because I had the targets I felt I had to get but couldn't get an offer accepted. It seems @oliscott also had similar, as he sanctioned 3 enormous signings this season. I went on a selling spree to offload players who were 28-32 and hadn't been massively impressive to bring in a new raft of players. In some cases I let a couple of players go with heavily subsidised wages, just to get a bit more money in for immediate signings. As for the season itself, this was an interesting year. Despite losing both my games with Harrogate we finished the season dead level on 101 points. Although the title went to Harrogate who had a +128 goal difference compared to my own +85. A loss in the second to last game meant that the title was very much up for grabs. As we both won it was merely a formality for Harrogate as they brought the title back again. Real Madrid ultimately proved too much for both myself and Oli in the Champions League. I lost to them in the semi-finals before they went on to beat Harrogate in the final. @oliscott also managed the highly impressive feat of failing to win the club world championship again, although this time he finished runner up - which was a place better than his last attempt where he finished in 3rd. This upwards trend suggests he should win his next one. League Table: Harrogate Transfers: Salford Transfers:
  9. Season 26: The Year of Big News! Things appeared like they could be on the up for myself at Salford. Work on a 57,000 capacity stadium had begun, due to be in place for the start of season 28. Money had become a little tighter as the club funded a lot of the stadium costs from its own pocket and the rest from a 10 year loan. Meanwhile the chairman was making noises about moving on, and the club was taken over by a tycoon fronted consortium in March. As a little caveat here I'm not too sure what this means, because on one hand last year when I had a tycoon fronted consortium it was massive, ceaseless investment. This time around the chairman has invested around £120m into the club (£80m at takeover, a further £40m just randomly some day in the late season) but the budgets he has offered up have been lower than the previous chairman. Meanwhile, from a Salford perspective this great positive feeling off the pitch was not matched on it. The season was over by November, it ended on a cold November day against Stoke with a 3-2 loss putting me on 4 losses already for the season. The only team that usually has their title race ended in November is Arsenal (usually when they play against Stoke actually). Another carabao cup win did little to soothe matters. Meanwhile over @oliscott with his Harrogate team we were talking about how his team had perhaps hit their peak and weren't as strong as a couple of years previously. More dropped points, a lower points haul the goals were still there and it was still dominant - but not as dominant. He did secure a champions league and premier league win, and this seems to have been a transition season where he moved on a number of the older guard to bring through the next generation. Typically for Oli in previous years this has been a big weakness of his, and I've always mentioned that he didn't manage the transition right. Holding on to players usually until they lost their value and then needing to buy ready-made, world class replacements because he wasn't giving the youth he bought enough game time. With that issue seemingly being resolved this time around its making it a lot harder to close the gap that formed. League Table: Harrogate Transfers: Salford Transfers:
  10. Been a busy few days, where we've racked up 3 seasons in quick succession so I'll whittle them off as we go along starting with season 25. Season 24: The Harrogate Dominance Continues... This season was a little closer run, at Salford I managed a solid 95 points but was beaten to the title by @oliscott and his haul of 103 points. Outside of the two major trophies we're keeping track (CL & PL) of I failed to win the Europa League, ending runner up. I did win the carabao cup and FA cup. Overall this was the closest title race since around 2037/38 when the gap was just 6 points but while it seemed close the reality was that my early season form had been a big problem again with most of my dropped points coming then. It was only during March that it became 'closer' when Oli dropped points with 2 draws and a defeat in the league. League Table: Harrogate Transfers: Salford Transfers:
  11. Buy, Expand or a New Stadium?

    A new stadium is probably the best option for PSG. If you're selling out your current ground comfortably, a new stadium is likely to start larger and have a higher attendance capacity.
  12. Christian Eriksen has a pop...

    Long shots happen as a result of usually your player not having any reasonable option - or having a reasonable option but being on a high enough risk/mindset as a team or individually that shooting is more natural than retaining the ball. My own struggle this year has been to get players to shoot appropriately so I can understand the frustration but it is very often tactical. With just a couple of tweaks I can generally turn my team from trying to walk the ball in to thinking almost anywhere in the oppositions half is a good place to have a go from. I'd only be poorly imitating Rashidi and others by trying to explain it in full, but an attacking duty in an attacking formation is far more likely to see a player try and score at all costs - or do something to score.
  13. Think its been clarified that penalties do not get re-taken, but as for the divergence down what the ME should encapsulate I don't think you can ever "prioritise" something as insignificant as a keeper getting a red for a challenge but it is something that is inevitable over time. The best solution is to find instances in the ME where you can in which the "right" thing to do, would be for the keeper to commit a foul (which I appreciate would be difficult in the first place, but there's a number of instances in which keepers just seem to go static rather than risk taking a man out) and upload it so SI can see in that instance why it doesn't happen the way it should. It could just be a bug in which either the keeper behaviour is slightly off (better to do nothing than risk a red card/penalty, across the mentality spectrum because some keepers genuinely should go all deer in the headlights when in this situation) or a bug that referees aren't reacting to a goalkeeper hitting the checkboxes for a straight red.
  14. Season 24: The Streak Continues Well last season saw more domination from @oliscott despite monumental efforts on my behalf to redress the balance. Consistency has still been the bane of Salfords aims. I tried a dramatic revamp of my squad, aiming to switch my formation around but still couldn't get any meaningful traction - spending most of the season more down around 8th/9th than in the top 4. Oli's side were incredibly strong however, decimating the league and everything infront of them (except for PSG in the champions league) and ran out worthy winners of the league, as the table below shows. Premier League: Harrogate Transfers: Salford Transfers: