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  1. Tactic Width Bug

    You would think paying over 30 quid for a game you would get no obvious bugs like that.
  2. default kits in FM 2018

    still looking for standard kits to match the kits in the game.
  3. Half-time talks bug

    Thats happened to me a few times too
  4. Then how come ai teams get a budget
  5. Big teams struggling - first season

    It happened last year as well. Top managers getting sacked in november.
  6. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    No you are correct. My mistake.
  7. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Micheal beale is now an under 23s coach.
  8. Injuries

    Players seem to get injured on every match.
  9. I have to watch on 2d now because my computer isnt that great and 3d on very low graphics looks god awful. Like something out of the 80s
  10. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Refresh refresh refresh!! I want the beta now or im going jump out my window
  11. Hopefully transfers will b fixed in fm18.
  12. Attribute Masking

    Very good question that needs an answer.
  13. great so does that mean we don't have to do the licensing crack anymore so that the German national team players get picked?
  14. Using a director of football only

    I just use the DOF for new signings only. After he makes an offer i reject it or accept it. Not recomended DOF for anything else because they offer contracts to players that really shouldnt be offered new ones and the employ staff that really shouldnt be employed.
  15. Why is it so hard to beat Manchester United

    Imposible to beat any of the top 5 clubs away. I just go into the game knowing that i will loose no matter what tactic i use. just go wash up while the match engine beats my team then im onto the next match. I have come to expect it.