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  1. great so does that mean we don't have to do the licensing crack anymore so that the German national team players get picked?
  2. Using a director of football only

    I just use the DOF for new signings only. After he makes an offer i reject it or accept it. Not recomended DOF for anything else because they offer contracts to players that really shouldnt be offered new ones and the employ staff that really shouldnt be employed.
  3. Why is it so hard to beat Manchester United

    Imposible to beat any of the top 5 clubs away. I just go into the game knowing that i will loose no matter what tactic i use. just go wash up while the match engine beats my team then im onto the next match. I have come to expect it.
  4. The game always starts thinking i am american.
  5. best holding midfield role

    For 2 holding mids i would go for DLP/S and CM/D
  6. good guess, i did not believe what i was seeing.
  7. Whats the best defence against counter attacking teams.
  8. an update when playing as a national manager. Match training Individual player conversations Press conferences (its a massive part of being a national manager) being able to rest players in between matches.
  9. Media overhaul required...

    I couldn't possibly comment
  10. Can't seem to find away to start the game

    thanks ilkork. Thats seems like a good idea. Make klopp, buvac and kravits free agents because thats what happens when klopp normally gets sacked they go with him.
  11. Can't seem to find away to start the game

    Yea but why would liverpool sack klopp for no reason in favour of some manager who never managed before? Just doesn't feel right
  12. Can't seem to find away to start the game

    I know it will never happen but it be great to play as your fav manager.
  13. how do people start the game? I want to play as Liverpool but Klopp is manager, do i start by getting him sacked for no reason and taking his job or use the editor to remove him from the game or do i holiday until he get sacked but that can take ages and by then the team has been ruined by transfers. What do man city fans do? Pep is a top manager and if you play as man city pep only been in the job 1 day before getting sacked for no reason and then a dude from nowhere takes his job. Im really stuck about it and wonder what other people do.
  14. Why is it so hard to beat Manchester United

    My save is Liverpool and it is impossible to beat united at old trafford even if i try to park the bus