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  1. Thanks. Just thought i was doing something wrong or the game injury randomiser wasn't working right.
  2. What do people think the best roles are in a flat midfield 3? trying to Recreate Klopp style. Is it 2 mezzlas with a dlp in the centre? b2b, dlp(s) and dlp(d) in the centre?
  3. Is it me or have the Amount injuries been turned up since the beta? yes i make sure players don't over push themselves in training but when it comes to match i dread because i always end up with a player being injured. 1 match i subbed off a player then subbed the sub because he got injured too. Its making the game unplayable.
  4. Likes to Pass to opposition keeper. likes to shoot when 11 players are in the way likes to tackle the ball to start opposition counter attacks. Aims for cross bar Aims to always get a 6 rating
  5. In the training section under the rest tab where you can set the intensity of individual training. The automatic option is for tired players but if there was an option to set automatic intensity for players that have low match fitness as well.
  6. Johnleegriffin


    the player rest screen could have an automatic option for match fitness as well as physical fitness.
  7. Wipe his contract data and arrange a future transfer for 24th of june. That should work.
  8. Its the same with scott parker at fulham, he is contracted as a first team coach in the editor data but when i take over as manager he becomes unemployed so all i do is wipe the contract data and arrange a future transfer for him as a coach starting on the 24th of june. Hopefully that should work for Phelan.
  9. Has anybody tried to retrain him as an inside forward on the right, does he ever get above accomplished?
  10. I think the wide players should be swapped around and play as inside forwards on support. Playing wingers on attack with wingbacks maybe too wide and they will occupy the same space at times. Maybe change AM to advance playmaker on attack, being on support will be too far back for the advanced forward because he relies more on other players creativity.
  11. yea i think it must be some kind of bug. i have Robertson and Moreno on the left and Alexander-Arnold and Gomes on the right. If i set up individual training on tackling , think that might work.
  12. playing 4-3-3 wide as Liverpool, wing backs on support.
  13. wing backs seem to always get booked every game, is this a bug or what?
  14. Big sam is retired from the game. You must remove all the information in the retirement section of his profile in the pre-game editor, this will then make him show up in the game.
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