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  1. Prior to the update he had scored something like 10 goals in 20 games which is more than fine. At the time of this screenshot he had 3 games of nothingness and then a random hattrick against a poor side. Going a few games without a goal is fine but he hadn't been part of any chances created, either in the build up or in the end. Since the screenshot I have changed him to a f9, which is working far better. You're right to spot about my wingers being goal threats which is what I have designed my system to create.
  2. Been messing around with the LOE, usually play with higher defensive line and standard LOE. Over the weekend I have had more success with my striker, he is now playing as a f9 which I think works better. His touches on the ball has doubled and the side creates more chances As a whole, my tactic was good, I was just struggling to create chances which I pinpointed to my striker's role. At the time of the screenshot I was 4-5 games, all against fairly weaker opposition, hence why I was worried with my striker.
  3. My strikers are struggling to get involved with the play. I have been trying with DLF (A/S) but to no avail my strikers are averaging less than 10 passes recevied a game. this includes throw ins, open play roughly 5 passes received a game. This is a big problem as I want my strikers linking play together. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Ok, that's great thank you. I'm leaning towards the second tactic as I feel it better suits the players. Would it be advisable to have an overlap on the right with the second tactic? I know when IWB's with overlap instructions can be pretty useful for their positioning but not sure how this will blend with the Mezalla being on the same side. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Full backs aswell. Those who are part of first team plans anyway.
  6. Theyre not bad, but compared to rest of league their nothing impressive. my starting defenders all have 11+ passing, 12+ vision, composure and decision making of 13+ defensively they are all sound, and decent paced
  7. Well I'm assuming the key attributes will be: passing, vision, composure, decision making, teamwork, technique and maybe off the ball. When i compare my strikers and midfielders with rest of league. We are above average in all categories. My defenders are poor passers though. Currently we have the 2nd best defence in the league with the 4th worst attack. We are about 5th in chances created so maybe I need to recruit better. Any suggestions would be great ta.
  8. I want to be able to build up play to create chances but don't want to lose opportunities for counter attacking with my pacy attackers. What would you recommend?
  9. have had reasonable success with this tactic but I am now struggling to get consistent performances from my striker. I dont need my striker to be amongst the goals every game as my wingers and CM's are all decent finishers. That being said, my strikers aren't creating or scoring so need bit of help. I have originally been playing with a PF (s) and have experiemented with a CF (s) (in a 4-1-4-1 flat) just about start giving the f9 a run of games but thought it would be useful to take on any advice you guys/girls might have. Any other suggestions of the rest of the tactic is also welcome
  10. Unfortunately the results might be a bit skewed as only oldies (im looking at you over 30s) tend to use forums like this
  11. your not playing that high of a tempo so i wouldnt worry too much about switching to a 4-1-4-1. Your attack will still have enough oomph in it. I’m messing around with @crusadertsar’s 4-1-4-1 which he’s shared. I recommend it if your looking for inspiration
  12. Never encountered this. might be a bug, so best to report it. Sorry, that's all I can help with.
  13. The diamond formation is tricky, first of all I don't think its possible to play the pressing game you are trying to play with this formation. if I was playing against you, all I would do is pass to the wingers/fullbacks to play past you. Therefore, I would change it to the standard press, remove stop GK distribution, lower the defensive line and line of engagement. Also, you are playing a Trequarista, which is a complete contradiction, Treq's hate to press so you have to remove him. I'm terrible at attacking midfield roles so I can't offer any good advice on what role to change him with. I would change the CF to a target man or a DLF. IMO Weigl is too slow for that position, I think hes best competing for the DM role with Tonali, get rid of the WBs on defend duty, I prefer FBs on support. If you still want to be agro in you pressing, maybe change your formation to a narrow 4-3-3 with a flat midfield, you can probably play with high press and high engagement and be successful. It would look like this: SK FB(S) CB(D) CB(D) FB(S) BWM (S) DLP (D) CAR/MEZ AF F9/DLF(S) PF(A) IMO
  14. I don't think you need two tactics, I'd prefer to have one and make adjustments depending on the opposition. Your tactic is good though, but I feel it can be improved with a couple tweaks. Because you are playing extremely high tempo and pass into space, I don't think you'll need two playmakers in the midfield. I've had success both with DLP and DM for the DM position so either is fine but I do recommend keeping them on defend duty. As for the other two CMs, I've had a lot of success with a AP (A) as he can make good runs forward from the space your striker will make. When playing against tougher opposition, maybe switch him out for a BWM or a CM (S). I think your tactic could really do with another attack duty player. you have one on attack who's role is to get other players into the game so maybe add either a midfielder or a winger to add some oomph in your attack. I play a similar style and have had a lot of success with PF (A) for striker. He plays similar to an AF and DLF and will also suit your pressing style. I like the FB on support but maybe add more variety with a WB on one of the sides. your tactics is also good for creating 1-on-1's, I like to add a NCB when I spot one of the opposition defenders is too slow against my striker. I wouldn't have prevent short GK distribution as your defensive line is not high enough. when you prevent short distribution you are forcing the opposition to hit it long instead or play through you, because your defensive line is not that high they might find gaps to exploit you with. To play a high pressing game your players need (AT THE MINIMUM) good work rate, determination, acceleration and stamina. So, be careful with introducing this in your tactic.
  15. I would suggest comes deep to get ball would be suitable for an F9. worked pretty well with me on FM19
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