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  1. No idea, it's not set by the research team. Presume it's an auto-generated figure? Will look into it.
  2. Chesterfield or FC Halifax in the National League too low down for you? Blackpool?
  3. We decided to keep Henry at Stevenage, the higher club. We don't currently cater for people being at two different clubs, one as a player and the other as a non-player, so that was the choice we made.
  4. I've checked through the Crawley Town squad, and none of them fit the HGC ruling. I'll have to contact the EFL to ask whether Crawley are exempt for any reason.
  5. We don't replicate a system where development sides of level 7 teams play in lower level 11 leagues. We don't use sponsor name stadiums for level 7 clubs. The Fund can be added to annual incomes if it is explained how much money that is, how often it is received etc. Chairman already updated.
  6. You are going to have to provide some actual evidence of debts that have been paid off. You have not provided anything we can use.
  7. Thanks for spotting this, and for all of your help in identifying data issues since the release of the first update.
  8. Those FAI penpics are out of date.
  9. White and Davies was an error on my part when analysing the strength of the Mansfield squad. That's been fixed for the imminent final data update.
  10. Thanks for that. You have not provided one single date for any of those events or changes. When did Godfred move, for example? You see, it's not just as easy as listing something you find wrong, doing the research is more than that. When did Mckee retire? The database does not accept the phrase "a few months before the 20.3.0 update". Fuk Wing Lee - you have not told me what job he should have, if he is not a player.
  11. There are a few examples we can work with. Historical errors are in the past - eg Festus Baise is now listed as Hong Kong international. Erling Gutierrez is a mistake of the Honduras research team. He is a Honduras player mistakenly with the wrong nationality set. Believe it or not, mistakes can happen. That's been amended for the forthcoming update. So has Recio's international caps, put in the wrong field in the database in error. However, you are prone to exaggerate, as people are in this forum. "More than half" of the players being wrong is simply you plucking a big number out of thin air. Tam Ah Fook is an error with the person's classification being set as "player instead of "non-player". A simple error that often gets made when someone retires. That's been updated now too. If you log the errors here, we can try to fix them (given that the deadline for the data update is very soon, and we have many items to work through and test). If you do not log errors and sit around moaning about them but keep them to yourself, we can't. It's as basic as that, really. Internally, here at SI, we are moving how the database is managed and maintained through a huge project, which will involve adding to the research team in all nations. Including Hong Kong. We'd like to bring you into the research team to be able to fix such issues as source, and to help make the HK data as soon as you can.
  12. Every player has been considered, and Portsmouth are no exception.
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