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  1. He is set as Player/Manager (u23 team) and has a secondary job as coach (first team) which seems to cover all the areas you mentioned. However, that secondary job does not appear to be in game - that must be a bug as it is set in the data. There must be a bug relating to a secondary job for someone with a player/non-player first job. It's been logged, though that will (of course) be for next year. He was also rated (by Current Ability) as Grimsby's 22nd-best player, so it's not as if he is rated as essential and someone that must be selected. That all said, it is probably 5 CA points too
  2. There are no further updates planned. As previously said, apologies for the error.
  3. Human error here, I'm sorry to report. He was in the database on loan, which I deleted, and I also updated his playing history, squad number, date joined, contract details etc, without updating the 'club contracted' field from Luton to Charlton. Apologies for that.
  4. That's because I fixed it in the live database after seeing this post earlier today! It was 2001 (an error, as reported).
  5. The database for the final update was Monday 1st March. Anything that happened after that date is too late for inclusion in the update, which is due "when it is ready". We do not wait for any speculative event to happen to launch any update. That simply isn't how it works.
  6. Christina, your excellent input is appreciated. The researcher is aware that, finally, there is a Blackburn supporter keen to post observations here after many years of no Rovers fans posting here. That is welcome. Blackburn's U23 team are rated appropriately as a group, compared to other U23 clubs. When those players prove themselves at higher level, then they can be increased. I am sure you can appreciate that our researchers are unable to attend U23 football this season as they have done in the past. Magloire's loan at Motherwell didn't start until February. His CA is more than f
  7. Because Cook's progress was halted by his injuries and his PA is so much higher than his CA. So, even if Cook does improve, which is very possible, he'll not improve enough to reach that PA. Worrall's CA/PA gap is lower, so it is much more likely he will reach it.
  8. This is nothing to do with the data, nor is your post about Russell Martin. Neither has an end date for their current job set in the database. Therefore, your bug is nothing to do with the database.
  9. 14-17 would be fine for his aerial reach. Thanks for spotting the error, it's now been fixed for the final update.
  10. No, because his date of birth is Nov 2004 which means he is too young to be included.
  11. Worrall has every chance of reaching that 142 and becoming an established Premier League defender that rating would imply, so there is nothing to reconcile there. He'll play very well for you in your FM save, if managed properly. Absolutely everything that happens to him in your save helps dictate the likelihood of him reaching that PA! His (hidden) mental attributes are good so that will help, but of course it's not a guarantee because he could do his knee in during the first match, etc. The researcher watches all possible games (clearly not all U18s and U23s are as easy to watch this s
  12. Knowledge has been assigned to him in the database.
  13. The Gibraltar Head Researcher added some of them in his spare time. He is trusted to do so. We're concentrating on improving non-league research at levels 7, 8 and 9, before wasting scarce time on level 10. Until we get 7, 8 and 9 to be much better, we have not got time to moderate any lower than that.
  14. It's set in the database as being Arsenal paying his wages for the first season only. We'll take a look at why it continues past that first season.
  15. Santy has explained the recently-changed approach to not reducing PA. The high PA is kept to enable the game AI to understand the highest potential he had, even if it is unlikely he will now reach it. Two serious injuries, to an ankle and knee, have been a major factor in him not fulfilling his clear potential. Cook is very unlikely to reach that PA in any savegame, so it's a moot point anyway.
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