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  1. Thanks for your post jammy8892. There's a contract clauses table in the database with the old Premier League clauses that should have been deleted, but were not. I apologise for that oversight. They will be deleted for the next official data update.
  2. The Bolton stadium is set as University of Bolton Stadium in the database and therefore in the game. You must be using some out-of-date third-party database that is wrong.
  3. Thanks for noticing that @birkelse. There was a typo in the league table in the database for 2017/18 - should have been 28 wins, not 38 wins. I have amended it now.
  4. There was an error in code which meant the retired squad numbers in Holland were not extracted properly - apologies for that. It's been fixed but that will not appear until the first official data update.
  5. We don't include players at level 12. That's it. Therefore, we decided not to include him. You say he could play League Two. So, why isn't he? I suspect it is because he doesn't want to. There are too many questions marks about him, his current levels of ability, fitness, his mentality and desire to be a pro footballer. So it was best not to include him in the game until he proves otherwise. He'd become a cheat player if he'd have been left in.
  6. The Bath researcher set the affiliation in error. Note to any researchers reading: All affiliations must only be set in the file of the bigger club. DO NOT set an affiliation in the file of the smaller club. We need to ensure this is better signposted in our new database system. Apologies for not identifying that error before release.
  7. As someone who works on the game (research), I am one of the slowest FMers you will find. I spend HOURS on all that stuff, especially as I nearly always play as a team I don't know in a country I am not familiar with the player names and the data. But even when I do play a save in England, I still take ages looking at everyone's U23 teams (for possible loans) etc., as well as working out who each of my first-team and U23s are (not so much the U18s, but I do check them out briefly). To be honest, it's the bit I enjoy the most. Enjoy your Stoke save!
  8. Sorry, I can't answer that, johaN, as it isn't as data issue. Can you please post about it in the League Specific issues section, League Specific Issues - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)? Go to the England thread and post in there. This is a bug with the fixture planning for the competition, not the data for the competition.
  9. His appointment as DoF happened only last Friday. We heard abut Tisdale and got that in after the data lock, but didn't hear about Widdrington after the data lock.
  10. If an EFL club sent us player photos, then we included them. If they didn't, and they would have been chased, then we can't. That's it.
  11. He's got a 12 rating for AMR, 'competent'. The AI calculates that he's nearly as good in that position as he is as SC. It just doesn't show up in his position mask (column six in your image). You can see his best position comes out in column 7.
  12. Thanks for your post, matt_forest. The new release contains the updated data for all clubs, including Forest. Hefele and Clough are in the Reserve Team if Hughton is the manager (specifically set up to not be preferred by him, in extra code). At the same time, they are both set in the database to specifically be reserve team players, so if that hasn't worked, then it's a bug, I'm afraid. We'll look into it, because everything I have inputted to the data would put them in the reserve team. All our soak tests realise than neither player will be a significant part of the squad during the se
  13. Thank you for uploading it DJ8, and providing everything we need to look into this. We're not yet able to confirm an update at this time.
  14. Correction: I have indeed updated the database for Offord's height, but that change was too late for Tuesday's (tomorrow) release. The contract change was made earlier and is in.
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