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  1. being ridiculously stupid - where do i enter this code?
  2. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    Got some other good signings in too, although, delap was the pick of the bunch. I only got him 5 games in so I had one of the original players as skipper but he starts on bench so delap is matchday skipper but not club captain. I guess you need to have a team with good rep, but the lock feature on wages is very useful after a bit of negotiations. All my signings have said they are not interested in signing but are prepared for you to offer them a deal, most negotiate at over 1k a week but using the lock feature I have managed to get 5 or 6 on wages between 275 and 500 which is my limit.
  3. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    Luck I suppose! He wanted 1,200k a week, but after a bit of negotiating I locked it in at £450 and he accepted it! scored from centre mid on debut as well.
  4. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    massive coup for North Ferriby, the recently promoted side have managed to lure Rory Delap to the Humber club albeit giving the former Stoke man a three year deal at the age of 37!
  5. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    A bit late to the party but fancied giving this ago so up "]The Villagers! Does anyone have any idea how I could find a logo pack that includes North Ferriby as I would like to play the game with their logo in. I would do it myself but don't really know where to start
  6. Invested in fm today and was thinking of this challenge as my first save. Any advice?? Also on a slightly unrelated note how do you produce the statistical screenshots that leonavich has used in his posts here
  7. San Marino Double Challenge FM2010

    Hi guys, I have managed to make it possible to naturalise foreigners at the san marino club team so they can represent the national team, it is very easy. Only two edits are required. On the club side you have to change the nationality to San Marinese rather than Italian then you have to go to the national side and set the "years to gain nationality" to whatever you want. I have set it to 5 years which brings ot in line with the UK. Although it takes 5 years to naturalise the players it may have a long term benefit on the national side. Now I have sorted this out I shall be starting out with San Marino this afternoon!
  8. Can player weight change?

    dunno about the weight changing but hes awesome on my southend save atm i bought him in 2015 from spain. scored 29 in 38 in the championship and now has 4 in 4 in the prem! genius!
  9. San Marino Double Challenge FM2010

    hi just started this challenge. Is it possible to naturalise foreign players you have at the san marino club side to benefit the national team?