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  1. Does he score for you? I signed him in my game but struggled to get him to play well? Ended up selling him, and still not doing very well for his new team.
  2. I'm playing a similar game @Bilbaoboy, I'm in the 2019/2020 season and Andre Dozzell is awesome. Niall Ennis is a beast, but his mental stats are really letting him down.
  3. Hi Herne Did you document your west ham save? If so I'd be curious to see how it went!
  4. Thanks for all the feedback, definitely some helpful advice there. I suppose what's frustrating is that he asked for the transfer, so I don't actually want to sell him. We agreed that I would accept bids of £55 million and he was happy with that. But I haven't been receiving bids near that, the only bid was a non negotiable bid from Arsenal so I really didn't want to sell to a divisional rival. I've got about a month and a half until the Jan transfer window, hopefully I can change his mind about leaving by then!
  5. Does anyone else find that the fees we're expected to pay for players far more than the fees we can demand for our players? In my second season as Chelsea manager and wanted to sell Diego Costa who's listed as a world class striker and scored 25 goals in the previous season and valued at £35 million. I asked for £55 million for him (reasonable in today's transfer climate) however I only received non negotiable bids of £39 million. However when I try to buy a striker I'm expected to pay way above the odds. I had £110 million rejected for Dybala, had to big £96 million for a 28 year old Aubameyang (who didn't want to talk to me, ouch) and had to bid nearly £90 for Belotti. Is anyone else having similar situations? And if so are there any tips for increasing a players value in the transfer market?
  6. I started a game as AC Milan manager, but I forgot to add Italian as a second language. So naturally the press are asking me questions about the language barrier. Are you able to send yourself on an intensive language course like you can with new players/staff who don't speak the language?
  7. @herne79 yes I have heard about this, i will definitely try this in future and load the Chinese league for sure. And you're right we are blessed with good tutors, i think this has certainly helped with the development. And regarding Steve Potts, I'd have done the same! Haha
  8. How's everyone getting on with developing youngsters? The board make it a philosophy to develop youngsters through the academy. I've got Oxford, Joe Powell and Samuelson developing well and my coaches say Quina could be really good.
  9. I've never blocked the first transfer window before, but I may do in future games I start. It seems you can get a lot more money for players that way.
  10. Yes mate, Noble should no longer be injury prone and Lanzini's balance has increased. Should see these changes in the winter update.
  11. Naturally, I can't delve too deeply into the inner workings of the game. It would be very tempting to make all players as good as Messi, but unfortunately we can't do this! We have to keep a balance. If we increase stats too much such as determination and aggression we may have to lower other stats, for example acceleration or passing which would therefore make the players less well rounded. Carroll's stats for these attributes are actually quite good, but in a comparison with Zaza though he obviously falls way short as Zaza is (in my opinion) massively overrated.
  12. Brilliant thread, really enjoyed reading that. Good work! And thanks for the staff suggestions!
  13. Hi Rashidi, are you still using these Filters in FM17? If so do you have any advice or tips on how to set them up?
  14. I signed Berahino in my Everton game, but I'm struggling to get good performances from him. Can i ask where you play him and in what role?
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