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  1. Cheers @PhillWHU86Ben Clarkson has been added to West Ham as well! Should all be sorted when the game is released fully!
  2. Hi @PhillWHU86thanks for the comments, very helpful. 1) Will get Ben Clarkson added in as U23 physio 2) Zavon Hines is an U14 coach for West Ham, hence why he is not on the game currently. If he moves to U18 or higher, we can add him back into the game 3) I haven't been able to find any info on Konchesky still being our loan manager. His LinkedIn doesn't seem to have been updated for a while. As far as I am aware he is Assistant Manager/Player at Billericay so unsure if that would leave him any time to also be our loan manager 4) Will look into Jack Collison for you, I did
  3. Hi @krajcik38thanks for the apology, I understand that player ratings do invoke a lot of passion and of course its one of the most difficult and contentious aspects of the research process for us researchers. Soucek has had a big CA boost from last years game. I do completely understand your gripes regarding his stamina, but I wanted to make sure that Soucek's all around game was improved to reflect his ability and his importance to our team. If I were to bump his stamina up to 20 it would then mean that I couldn't increase other attributes such as passing, first touch etc. It can be diff
  4. Brilliant, thanks @richard.cheesemanI had been meaning to message you!
  5. Hi @sullivan123,thanks for your comments. Fornanls rating for LW has been upped, he is now natural as a LW Regarding the attendance, I just checked the latest data on the game and it is set to 57k. So this should be correct in game, however I will keep an eye out for this to make sure it is correct. Yarmolenko is not a team leader, the latest iteration lists Noble, Rice and Antonio as the leaders in the team. Yarmolenko is part of the core group due to being in the team for a few seasons now. Regarding Rice, I do see your point but when looking at chances created this seaso
  6. I do agree with your assessments of these players and would love to increase their ratings some more but ultimately it isn't always possible when you have to consider the rating of the team as a whole. I think Antonio has had a boost since your message but of course if this form carries on then I will have to reconsider again. With out CB's if you look back at the last few seasons for us our CB's have changed so often, we had the partnership of Diop and Balbuena for a long while, then Diop and Ogbonna and now Balbuena plays next to Ogbonna in the back three. For this reason their ratings are a
  7. Does he score for you? I signed him in my game but struggled to get him to play well? Ended up selling him, and still not doing very well for his new team.
  8. I signed Berahino in my Everton game, but I'm struggling to get good performances from him. Can i ask where you play him and in what role?
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