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  1. Can we please get a JG creativity buff when possible? Best wishes, A sad Aston Villa fan. Carries ending in chances created Player Total carries Carries ending in a chance created Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) 260 17 Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) 218 14 Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) 201 12 Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) 212 11 Adama Traore (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 204 11 Gerard Deulofeu (Watford) 188 10 Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City) 142 10 Felipe Anderson (West Ham United) 225 9 Christian Pulisic (Chelsea) 132 9
  2. @LewParsonsAVFC Hi Lew, some thoughts on the AVFC first team players... Tom Heaton: Command of area too high, seems to be stuck on his line most the time, excellent shot stopper though so maybe reflexes a little low. Guilbert: Bang on, especially positioning 10 as he does seem to out of position badly a couple times a game. Engels: Bang on. Mings: Attributes bang except for leadership which I would rate very highly, Southgate has commented on this as a key strength he sees in Mings. I did wonder if some PPM could be added for his passing i.e. switches ball to other flank, that long diagonal is a signature move in particular. Targett: He's no Usian Bolt but 10 pace seems harsh. Plenty slower full backs out there i.e. Creswell at West Ham with higher pace. Finishing and Long shorts are better IRL I suspect given his goal vs Brighton and the faith the team had in him taking a free kick in the same game. Luiz: No complaints, maybe long shots up a bit? Marvellous: Tackling and Anticipation of 14 seems low, but broadly on point. McGinn: Better dribbler than 13 I would suggest, rarely loses the ball and goes on a lot of dribbles IRL https://twitter.com/Other14The/status/1189181722362908674/photo/1. Also an extremely good tackler, one of the highest in the league so far this year. https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/players/total_tackle Trez: Not seen enough to comment Grealish: Quickness stats seem low, particularly acceleration. Whilst his top speed may be lower than some elite players his initial burst of pace gets him past players consistently, as Wesley's Arsenal goal exemplifies. Passing and Vision seem a couple points off too as his chance creation stats suggest. El Ghazi: Only issue here is quickness, he is more 16 acc, 15 pace IMO. Very surprised at the 13/14 in game. Wesley: He is bad at heading, I wish he wasn't but he is. 16 is generous I reckon. He is a little quicker than given credit for, seen clips of him in full flow for Brugge, where he looked lightening quick, not really seen it for Villa yet though tbf. Others: Davis seems very poor in game,poor finisher sure, but his hold up play is fantastic, very strong physically. As a side note I don't think his injury is as bad as suggested. Lansbury, looks like he hasn't been updated in a while, pace of 15 well generous, but better technically than given credit for. Hourihane: 12/11 quickness generous, better free kick/corner/long shots/technique than represented in game though. Be interested to see what you think. Cheers.
  3. Keep seeing goals allowed from shot rebounds where multiple players are clearly offside and the linesman is looking right across the line. This is way too common.
  4. From my understanding you can hire an assistant manager with personality traits that will mean he deals with press conferences in a way that reduces the amount of negative player responses. I think evasive or reserved work well. Try and avoid media friendly (somewhat intuitively) outspoken, volatile etc.
  5. I think the director of football role needs its own stats and a complete revamp for this style of playing the game to be enjoyable. More interaction with the director of football would be good. Someone is interested in your star player? Having a meeting about this could be good. Stats around how hard a deal each director of football makes, how likely he is to listen to a players demands, you as the manager, weighing up selling vs what's available in the market to replace the star player, considering your own finances and the players length of contract . Things like this.
  6. I think it may be a visual issue, I played against a team that looked like they were playing 4 dms, including the wingers, but the positions were central.
  7. Is anyone else seeing midfielders looking deeper in tactics view. My own midfielders are looking the same but I just played Swansea and it looked like they were playing 4 dms when they weren't. Am I imagining this?
  8. Stick Kodjia inside forward left wing on attack. Focus down the right and look for overlap, get your right sided players to aim at the far post. Use whippedor floated crossed (I use whipped). Left backs tend to be very short, so if you can isolate Kodjia against them using this method he'll score goals. Also Abraham is great forward for this sort of wing play. I also used McGinn as a box-box but with play wider, run wide with ball, to use the space on the left vacated by Kodjia being narrow, but then I didn't use cwb on the left. I'ddrop Taylor to full back support, to counteract the attacking right sided defender and use McGinn to provide width on that side.
  9. I weigh up some key attributes for both the marker and opposition and only use if also man marking. Attributes: Marking and to a lesser extend positioning is roughly equal to oppositions off the ball; maker is quicker than marked player. Marker has at least 10 concentration. In terms of tackling hard. I weigh up my players tackling with the opponents dribbling capability so speed, dribbling, flair. Also bravery is a worth a look, but if I player is not brave but has amazing dribbling I still go easy. If you go in hard you're more likely to get skinned, easy is like jockeying as I understand it. I would also beware of using an intense pressing system vs fast players who are good off the ball, especially if tackling easy. TLDR: I tend to man mark playmakers like Shelvey or Mooy. Guys without insane physicals who the opposition play through. I go hard on slower players with poor bravery. This is just my opinion btw, I'm sure others will have more complex and valid points.
  10. Yes but he's also natural in various midfield positions, whereas Broughton isn't even awkward in another.
  11. Well why on earth would such a talented player be a centre back if his positioning was truly awful? I've no idea what he's like in real life other than to know he's an England youth international and the biggest clubs in England are interested in him.
  12. I've had some game breaking issues, where the game won't let me continue, 2 red cards in a game I'm after I'm 5-1 up in leading to a crash for example. I think you must have rose tinted glasses on previous betas to suggest this has been a full fiasco for anyone, or to think this will impact preorders. Preorders could go down though, given the record numbers and revamp this year.
  13. In contrast I feel the beta has been the best it's ever been despite the bugs I've experienced, and I love moaning.
  14. This would be great, enabling staff personalities to contribute to general squad character. Might be a bit op though I guess.
  15. It's very weird, I'm training him as a CAM becausehis positioning is so so bad. I'll provided an update when the results are in. I would be fuming if I was a Bolton fan with how he's been gimped.
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