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  1. Point Douglas Luiz is not selected for the senior Brazilian national team in FM 21, probably as he doesn't compare to compatriots (Allan/Fernando/Fernandinho/Casemiro/Arthur) in the same position in terms of CA (I imagine, I have not looked at this). What to be done: Enable the AI to select to Luiz for the Brazilian national team. I am not suggesting Luiz is bumped to the CA of the players he is keeping out the national team as they are mostly Elite or World Class, so I get that my request may not be possible in FM21. Evidence: Douglas Luiz has started his 4th competitive senior international
  2. Definitely worth noting, Seb. After all the mighty Aston Villa will be champions elect by pancake day!
  3. Correlation doesn't = causation. Sure, it may be DS tactics causing the zero assists and poor pass accuracy, and Partey may post better figures under Arteta but until we have the data that's speculation.
  4. At least go look at the data from last season and see what evidence there is for him to get an increase in those stats. A cursory browse suggests a grand total of zero assists and a bang average passing accuracy of 83%. For context that's lower than any Arsenal midfielder in the 19/20 season.
  5. Looking at the stats from this season Partey has done nothing that an Arsenal researcher could point to to suggest he deserves an increase, I'm sure he is going to be a great success at Arsenal and if that's the case in the short term perhaps he'll get an increase for the winter update. It's very normal however for a new player to be set by the previous researcher unless they do something significant form/stats wise before initial release. That's why I've pointed to actual stats from this season to argue for a Watkins increase. Go take a look at the stats and come back here if you find anythin
  6. This is a bit of a sentimental one but Peter Bonetti is listed as a Chelsea Icon. I was wondering if the Chelsea Researcher might consider upgrading him to a Legend? He passed away this year, would be a nice touch. I know winning 2 league cups, an FA cup and the cup winners cup is pretty small fry for Chelsea fans given events since 2003. However any Chelsea fan of a certain vintage will tell you Peter Bonetti will always be Chelsea's no 1.
  7. I think we are. Everything I've said is backed up by cold hard facts though. It's the likes of Klopp and Pep delving into the realm of hyperbole on the subject our Jack.
  8. @Im not MozzerIf he ever moves clubs I'm sure the team's researcher will think of something. On the diving it's a huge part of any elite attacking players game, people only mention it so much for Jack because he's fouled more than any other player in premier league history whilst playing for a team who rarely get the lions share of possession. That in its self should tell you something about his quality.
  9. @Simon Tipple Hi Simon, a bit of extra data here for your consideration. Your point is a fair one re tackles. A player maybe in the position where he's making a lot of tackles simply because of opposition movements, and his position relative to that. However, the data below also shows the amount of times he has been dribbled past which may contextualise his raw tackling stats a bit better.
  10. @MaBe7Kudos on your post. I share your disappointment with a few of the lad's attributes however: I think on McGinn: he has had some PPMs added that should help with his function in our system i.e. Likes to switch balls to wide areas. He is playing on the left of a double pivot with Luiz, so although I understand frustrations re some attributes like stamina I'm not sure how much impact that would have on his ability to more accurately reflect how he plays for us at present. He is rated as a good PL midfielder in the game, I can't really argue with that. On Douglas: The improvements in his
  11. I agree that Williams looks a bit too good. I'm not as passionate about it as you but I agree.
  12. Fair enough, I thought it would be the entire squad. Nerfs to Telles and Canvani might do the trick then. Still, it would be interesting to hear. Eating on lunch is important too however!
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