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  1. So would you only play a FB/WB on attack duty if you have an IF/IW in front of them? Otherwise if you use a winger they'd be occupying the same space?
  2. Example: At Atletico for AML I have Thomas Lemar and Thiago Almada. For AMR I have Nicolo Zaniolo and Ferran Torres. Lemar is a pure winger and left footed, so I play him as a Winger. However i don't really see Almada as suited to that role, and he's right footed, so when I play him at AML I use him as an Inside Forward or an Inverted Winger. Do other people do this? Would you recommend training their weaker foot so it's not an issue and then Almada for example could just play as a winger?
  3. Fair point I've not really watched them a great deal tbf
  4. Obvious winner is the Barca 3. Btw Atletico's current 3 ain't bad at all - Koke - Saul - Thomas Partey
  5. I'm retraining him as an IF to cut in from the left wing.
  6. Yep when I get on tomorrow I'll send it over I've never been great at tactics on FM but this one seems to be working fairly well. Btw Correa also underperforms as an IF for me. I think it's cos he's a right footer on the right. Lemar as a winger on the left is unbelievable.
  7. I rotate but I think that's down to my OCD and hating seeing players on low match fitness. Managing Atletico atm though there are certain players who have to start almost every game. Koke and Saul for example.
  8. So bloody annoying when players do this, especially on the keeper!
  9. Hey mate. I'm playing as Atletico as well, second season. First off can I ask what happened to Lemar, Correa, Gimenez and Koke? These four are all starters for me. Joao Felix I'm rotating with Morata as an AF (A), he is scoring plenty of goals but I'm not sure long term it's his best position, his pace isn't really improving. I play a similar formation to you except I play Llorente/Partey as a CM (B2B). I've got Bellerin at RB who is phenomenal on attack duty.
  10. How much will I be looking to spend to run a fair few leagues at max detail?
  11. Should this laptop still be capable of running FM2020 (pic below)? I'm guessing not as I bought it in 2014 but thought I'd check!
  12. Only just seen the thread. Awesome work Wiggy. I wouldn't have a clue for 90-100% of them but have enjoyed reading through
  13. It's actually been pretty positive considering the amount that could be retiring but haven't! So far anyway. But if someone's decided they're not gonna play the next major tourney they usually retire straight after the previous one.
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