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  1. Whoever goes at the beginning will find all of their choices taken by the time it gets back to them.
  2. Isn't Promes under investigation over a stabbing?
  3. I think the only reason I liked 2010 that much was because that was the first tournament me and my classmates actually followed. It was fun discussing something other than Cricket for once. Then again, 2014 was even better because by that point all of us were interested. We even made small flags of countries that we wanted to see win and would make fun of each other when the team they were supporting lost. That was especially hilarious as more than half the students were supporting Brazil.
  4. Didn't the French team go on (or threaten to go on) strike too? Other than that, we also had Forlan looking like the only one who knew where that ball was going to go and Germany went a great run with a number of young players who would go on to become mainstays for years (although I understand people in England didn't necessarily like that ). It was my first World Cup too so I'll always have a soft spot for that.
  5. The choice was between Istanbul and Vienna again and I went with the latter, mostly because there's a larger selection of teams available to play friendlies against in Austria for some reason.
  6. Hajduk Split Prva HNL 2031/32 November & December Fixtures November began with a frustrating game at Varteks as they took a 54th-minute lead. We equalised a few minutes later but it took two injury-time goals to finally break their resistance and stay within touch of Dinamo at the top. Brann put up less of a fight in the return game which ensured 3rd place at the worst for us and we picked up routine wins against Inter Zapresic and Slaven Belupo. We gave it as good a go as we could against Bayern but they went 2-0 up and despite Matkovic's second half strike, w
  7. Hajduk Split Prva HNL 2031/32 September & October Fixtures All about staying in touch at the top. A wild game at Osijek saw us come out on top of a goalfest, having been 5-0 and 5-1 up at times but struggling to keep the ball out of our own net at the same time. Bayern dominated but we kept the score down and Dinamo's visit provided for another enthralling game. We threw away a 2-0 lead but then took the lead again right before half time and then had enough chances to put them away. They made it 4-3 late on but thankfully, we hung on as Dinamo dropped points fo
  8. Hajduk Split Prva HNL 2031/32 July & August Fixtures What an awful way to start the season. We took the game to Dinamo this time and hit back right after they scored. Andre Luis Zagallo got himself sent off right before half-time and we fell apart in the second half. A dominant display against Istra saw only a one goal win and Rijeka held us to a draw in a slow start to the season for us before we convincingly blew away the rest. No slow starts in the Champions League though. Excelsior were a surprise entrant at this stage and despite taking a first minute
  9. One more upgrade and we will have everything maxed out facilities-wise, at least among things that can be upgraded.
  10. Hajduk Split Prva HNL 2031/32 Preseason Season preview Having found no jobs of interest, I decided to plough on a little further with Hajduk, hoping to keep my squad intact as long as possible. For the first season since I've been here, we have been tipped for 1st place. Friendlies A routine preseason with an impressive display at Dusseldorf where we were unlucky not to take the win. For the third year in a row, the Superkup was played and this time we nearly fluked a win. Dinamo dominated but could only cancel out our first half go
  11. CLUB Season | Team | League | Position | Cup | Continental comp | Other comps | Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017 | HK | 1. deild karla | 2nd | 4th round | - | League Cup GS | Promoted 2018 | HK | Pepsi-deilden | 10th* | 4th round* | - | League Cup GS | Resigned after 6 games --------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Hajduk Split Prva HNL 2030/31 Squad Probably good enough to win the title if we didn't suffer from so many injury issues this season. The player values also went up a few days after I took the screenshot and everyone is pretty much valued at almost double of these figures now. Sibenik-born academy product who is definitely the best player in the team. Played a part in 60 goals in 60 appearances and is probably too good for us. Wanted by Milan and Valencia now. Joined from Brazilians Internacional and has become Matkovic's partner in crime. N
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