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  1. I said at the time it was clearly staged. If one person runs on the pitch, it could easily be they were a bit drunk, or just caught up in the atmosphere and grandeur of the occasion, but when 4 people all invade at the same random time it was clearly something staged. Wonder what will happen to these 4 people who have so openly opposed Putin. Wonder if they just disappear...
  2. Don't think we should have one, personally. Maybe if we'd lost in the final, perhaps, but not for making the Semis. There'll likely be people there to cheer them home off the plane, but definitely shouldn't be anything in way of an organised parade.
  3. Yeah, a penalty for me. Don't think it was deliberate as such, but felt his hand moved unnaturally towards the ball, almost like a reflex thing.
  4. I'm not gay, but I'm livid that MIR is reeling off his favourite male hotties and has completely shunned this sexy bastard
  5. I can't really compare to others because tbh once four years have past I don't really recall how good an overall tournament was, but this World Cup has been pretty great. Only a few poor quality matches but the majority have been really entertaining.
  6. I definitely would. Deserves a chance to win the Golden Boot. Would definitely give Pope and Butland a half each, too, and try and make sure those who have played the least so far get some time, so would give Welbeck a start.
  7. Not been in this thread since the first few games. Picked out my favourites from those posted. In no order, all of these girls are really cute. All of these girls are naturally gorgeous. The 2 Icelandic girls are right up there and the Iranian girl is amazing. Gorgeous brown eyes on the Croatian lass and I appreciate her natural eyebrows with a little hint of bushiness to them. Can't stand the permanent marker drawn on eyebrows look such as Ospina's partner here: She is naturally really pretty, but ruins it with ridiculous looking, awful eyebrows.
  8. So, homophobic abuse and throwing foreign objects is only 60% worse than wearing the wrong socks. Fair enough.
  9. They made a meal out of Denmark and then the same thing against Russia. Didn't perform like they did in the group stages.
  10. After the group stages, I really liked the looks of Belgium, Croatia and Uruguay, more so than the usually fancied sides such as Germany, Spain or France. Croatia have been poor since the groups and been very fortunate to get this far whilst France have done the opposite and played pretty well after struggling a little in the group stage. Belgium have looked consistently good though so I'd like to see them get to the final as they were the team I felt played best in the groups, too. Should be a great match tonight.
  11. I just generally dislike the things players get away with, such as taking a throwin 10 yards up from where it went out. If I was a referee I would brutally enforce that 4th bullet point. There is absolutely no reason for a player, when a throwin, free kick etc... has been given to the opposition for the player to pick the ball up, carry it away 10 yards, and then throw it back. Literally no need to do that, but it is done all the time. I would book any player that takes the ball with them even a yard. Just don't touch it, it is your opponents ball, leave it alone.
  12. Of course I know that wouldn't and couldn't happen I'm just picturing some ridiculous Benny Hill type scenario where they just keep doing it over and over again.
  13. Yeah, that's all I'm saying. I agree that that a yellow was correct with the rules as they are, just that the rules should allow for a red in certain circumstances. Still, when you still have that rule where a goalkeeper kicking a goalkick to a defender and underhitting it, and the defender playing the ball inside the box to get out of jail free, I guess we can't have everything. Actually, I'd love to see a team one day when a goal up, just constantly kick the ball and have the defender play it inside the box resulting in a never ending cycle of retaken goalkicks and coasting to a 1-0 victory...
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