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  1. Just do away with qualifying altogether at this rate. No qualifiers then during the league seasons, means domestic leagues can be played over a shorter period, then just have the Euros with every country involved over 7/8 weeks...
  2. Whilst it is gutting that we lost last night - including the manner of the defeat - I am most buoyed today when I look at where our squad is at right now. When you look at what we achieved over the past 4 weeks, and then at the ages of the players, the future is looking very bright indeed. Mostly in the attacking areas, but then you want more experience in your more defensive players. Rice, Mount, Foden, Rashford, Sancho, Saka, Bellingham all 23 or under and should all hopefully be far from their best. Even the oldest players in the squad, Walker and Henderson, have only just turned 31. Phillips, Grealish, Shaw, Sterling all 25/26 and have another 4 good tournaments left in them. Then you have the likes of Maguire and Kane who still have a few tournaments left in them too. It's actually quite exciting where this squad is at right now, before you factor other players who will come to the fore over the next few years.
  3. Christ, Jenas is worse than Keown.
  4. It's my birthday on Sunday, so I'll be enjoying a morning visit to feed the ducks and geese, which has become a beloved pastime since lockdown last year. Other than that I don't have any real plans, though I may watch the men's Wimbledon final in the afternoon despite having watched probably a total of one hours tennis during the whole tournament. Might watch a film.
  5. Commentary team is the main factor for me, so even though Lineker is miles better than Pougatch, I would have gone ITV had they gone with the team of Tyldesley and McCoist. However, as they have inexplicably gone with the woeful Matterface and Dixon, BBC's not quite as bad pairing of Pearce and Keown get the nod.
  6. Why do the 2 people tweeting in the OP not know what month it is?
  7. I'm torn on this one. On one hand I always like to see all the UK (and Irish) sides do well when they qualify, but on the other I've wanted to see Denmark do really well ever since the incident with Eriksen. I'll just enjoy it and be happy enough with whichever side makes it through, but deep down I think I'm pulling a little more for Denmark for the above reasons.
  8. What a lovely place this is. Weezer, a wonderful gesture.
  9. I would like to recommend that we all upvote Wigmore's above post to show our appreciation for this awesomeness.
  10. Congrats @Confused Clarity, a battle to the end! Excellent stuff @Wigmore, from start to finish. Thoroughly enjoyed this month long journey as much as last year. Great humour and fun all the way through.
  11. Yeah, I could easily have 3 points here, too?
  12. It's sometimes understandable when someone does a double post, but not when they are 14 minutes apart
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