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  1. Robbie Savage

    Was contemplating doing a 'commentators performance' thread but might as well post in here. Savage has been better than usual, but still not exactly good. Just not as bad as usual. Martin Keown is horrendous, such a dull, boring man. He's to football commentary what Eric Bristow is to commentating on the darts in Sky. Just so awfully boring, rambling on about nothing of interest. Mark Lawrenson is the one that's really irritated for me, though. It's like he's been on a constant crusade to earn himself a comedy gig. Everything that has come out of his mouth has been some snarky, sarcastic comment that I'm sure we're meant to find amusing. I've no problem with commentators saying or trying to say something funny, but there is absolutely no need for someone to try and say something sarcastic or 'funny' every single time they speak. He's always been awful but he's completely stepped up his sarcasm ten-fold. Amazing really that there aren't better guys out there. I'm assuming there are plenty but BBC/ITV aren't bothered about finding/using them, or would rather have pundits who are terrible but recognisable as being recent top players. Ian Wright is woeful, can not stand him. Just such an idiot. Dixon, Shearer both dull.
  2. Referee performance

    I think overall, so far, the refereeing has been pretty consistently great. There's been the odd occasion where you have to wonder how one officialt, let alone 3, has missed something blatantly obvious, but on the whole I think the standard has been very good indeed. I do still have to question the point of having these goalline officials. There was one game where a striker shot and the ball took a huge deflection off the defender and somehow a goal kick was given. I mean, yeah, both the referee and the linesman somehow missed it, but if the goalline official isn't going to step in there then they are literally pointless.
  3. Girls of Euro 2016

    I don't think it's shopped. But I'd say she has definitely had some work done.
  4. Our Forums are changing

    Seriously though, haven't got an issue with them changing, just have to hope that the changes are good. On one hand they've been this way for ages now and I like how they look currently, but I'll reserve judgment until after the change. Go for a Bret Hart neon pink/black style please.
  5. Sterling was really bad again, at least he rightfully got taken off at HT this time. Alli and Kane have been surprisingly poor, sadly. Huge win today, felt we were a little lucky but only in the same way we were unlucky to only get 1 point against Russia. Hart really isn't close to being a world class keeper, either. So weak on the Bale goal. Also flapped at a cross early on. First half was rather underwhelming, second half was better.
  6. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Whilst I don't necessarily think Spurs will win the league, I think posting ' Spurs aren't winning the league ffs' weeks after Leicester won the league is a little foolish
  7. I gave it a 7. I was torn between 6/7 but 6 felt more harsh than 7 felt too generous. Opening game was better than usual, Austria/Hungary and Poland/N.Ireland matches were better than expected, and I don't think we've had a real poor match yet. Not had many crackers but I've enjoyed every game so far which, 12 games in, is good going. If it was a percentage score I think I'd go 67%
  8. Portugal V Iceland Group F - KO 20:00

    So chuffed that Iceland earned a point last night, well done to them, it was fully deserved.
  9. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Our seasons fixtures don't look too bad at first glance. Couple of double headers immediately jump out there as being very big weeks in the season. Liverpool and Chelsea both away on Oct 15th and 22nd respectively, then Arsenal and Spurs both away again on May 6th and 13th as the third and second to last matches of the season. Obviously fixtures will get moved around to different times and days, and some moved due to fixture congestion, but those are the major points of the season as they currently stand.
  10. Portugal V Iceland Group F - KO 20:00

    Come on Iceland! Always gravitate towards the underdogs and Iceland are definitley that, so mon them.
  11. Austria Vs Hungary: 5pm

    Well that was delightfully a surprisingly enjoyable game. First half not the best but had its moments, second half really got going though. Really quite enjoyed it overall. Lovely dink for the second goal and lovely 1-2 for the first.
  12. Austria Vs Hungary: 5pm

    Match to surprise everyone and be a thrilling end to end 3-3 full of mesmerising, flowing football. Kiraly becomes the oldest player in Euro Champs history should he start as expected today, iirc.
  13. Suspended Disqualification? So... a warning, really?
  14. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Mata actually seemed like he could possibly be one of the proper actors in that, if you didn't know who he was. Smalling really made me think of Moss from The I.T. Crowd. Just an awful shower overall, though.