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  1. Great stuff. Thank you ! Problem is it gives me even more options so no idea who to start with. Maybe off to Mongolia to manage Thermal Power Plant No4. I mean who wouldnt want to manage them in a big derby against Power Plant No 3............
  2. Watched the first one so far and have the second one recorded. I thought the first one was great and even my "why dont they just kick it in the goal" girlfriend loved it and has asked if we can watch the second one tonight. Result !
  3. Always baffled me as why this isnt included. Surely it would make sense that a player starts the learn a language if he is moving to a new nation in the future. i.e - i've just signed a pre- contract with a Norweigian player who has always played in Norway to come to Paris FC 6 months down the line. There should be the option at the pre-contract stage, or players should do it of their own accord, to learn the new language, to some extent, during that 6 month period.
  4. Would be madness if he didnt go and the likes of Washington went imho - from a distant view.
  5. Stan Collymore tweeted that it was a phone connected to a pipe with wires. And someone i follow on Twitter who works at OT said they've spoken to a colleague and he said "its shocking what has happened" but wont elaborate what on Twitter.
  6. Using the default skin and have cleared the cache. I'll report on the UI bugs forum now.
  7. Is this some sort of known issue ? Its been getting on my nerves since the updgrade. If i sub on a player, even in his best position, the red, orange, green etc line constantly shows red to show hes not suited to a position, even though he is. I seem to need to go to the tactics screen a couple of times and move the player around, confirm it, and then move them back to their first choice postion when it will eventually show green. See here with Hendry - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5KTra3MO1PU1JPQkdXM2ZySkk/view?pli=1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5KTra3MO1PZWpNV3N0Y0xOMEk/view
  8. Liking this update. Think i might start a similar save. Have checked Andorra but no squad has many real players so probably try Luxembourg or Malta
  9. Ahhh. Now it's all working, Inc Gibraltar when i get rid of Belize. Great work with all these leages. Now where to start managing ?!?
  10. Hmmm. Reimported manually rather than the Steam Workshop. Getting a crash upon setting up a new save but if the SI Gibraltarleague isnt selected in the custom files then it seems all leagues will work
  11. Tried downloading the pack a few times but finding a lot of leagues are showing with the red warning triangle next to them saying not enough teams found. Is that a known problem ? I'm on a fresh install too with no other updates than the official one.
  12. Loving following this update. Just toward the end of the first season with Gib Scorpions at the moment. I'm not going to make the play-offs as i had hoped. I seem to go three weeks without a game and then when i do have one i end up missing 3 or 4 players on national duty. Hopefully i'll have a better season to come. I've just had a youth intake and one of then went straight into the team and scored twice on his debut.
  13. My attempt died a death. I started during a week i was off work. Since then not really had time to play. I'm off work again this week but so far i've been busy. Might pick it up again tonight if i get chance.
  14. Cheers. I'm currently 4th after 9 games in the Second Division with Britannia XI. Won 6, drawn 2 and somehow managed to lose one i dominated against Cannons who are top by four points. Pretty sure i can reign them in and go up. I'm top scorers in the league by a couple of goals but struggle to keep clean sheets.
  15. Have you gone pro yet or are you still amateur ?
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