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  1. Pearce needs to STFU. Employed to tell a story I get but sometimes saying nothing tells the story.
  2. Will give this a try. Want to play with a team from Madeira in the lower leagues - yes I know Camara de Lobos are in the standard game but them being amateur and everyone else in the league being semi-pro just makes it too hard.
  3. Ah will compile a list then so four can be chosen at random.
  4. Ingolstadt (Germany) Austria Vienna (Austria) Ferencváros (Hungary) FK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)
  5. Hmm not sure to be honest. Id think the "key staff" would sort it but maybe not. I'm no expert it. Just the first thought i had as to what could be the issue. Edit - oh just seen the reply above !
  6. It will likely that they just don't have those staff in the database. You can tick the "add staff" at startup to sort that - obviously they wouldnt be the "real" staff but it's better than having that happen.
  7. A Danube Tournament would be great - teams from cities the Danube flows through. Only thought of it as I'm thinking of doing a Danube challenge of some sort.
  8. Hmm, checked this file and its the same in that players are contracted for a couple of years but have a wage set to £0. Will just make do and see where i get and see if a OFC win and the World Club Cup brings in enough money for the board to increase the wage budget. Guessing its something to do with the db rather than the league files.
  9. Glad I've found this. Will be giving it a try later on. I starting playing as Auckland City on another NZ league that I found on the Steam Workshop the other day but found that the board would only allow me to spend 1.5k p/w on wages but all but 3 of my players were on part time contracts with a wage of £0 per week. The 3 players, and coaching staff who were being paid, already took me over that p/w limit. Made it impossible to tie anyone down to longer contracts - because they obviously wanted paying when you negotiated a new contract - or sign new anyone at all
  10. Probably Charnock Richard for me (just) but too high a level. Live in Eccleston so the dream would be to get the Mid Lancs League in there for me to take Eccleston and Heskin FC to the top
  11. This looks great and i'm going to give it a go. Just one thing i have spotted - Euxton Villa - the ground is set as Runshall Hall Lane - it should be Runshaw Hall Lane My most local club so was just having a look with the idea of starting with them and spotted that.
  12. Marcus Snell at Wigan needs Welsh nationality adding - https://wiganathletic.com/news/2019/september/International-News-Daniel-Smith-makes-youth-international-debut-for-Slovakia-s-Under-17s/ (hes listed at the bottom here as playing for Wales U15s) Not sure if he should have English as a second nationality or not
  13. This was mentioned in another thread that it was an issue they were aware of with clubs in administration. You'd have been better than John Sheridan anyway..
  14. Yeah it will be fixed in the release day patch. Thats if there is a release day patch. Won't be long after if not on the day.
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