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  1. Jamo456

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Somehow just packed baby Kluivert and TOTS Firmino in consecutive packs from MM Came out of nowhere. So many potential coins I have no idea what I’ll do
  2. Jamo456

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Vardy in my community SBC couldn’t have asked for anyone more suited to my squad
  3. Jamo456

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Or the 4-3-3(3?) I think but that is with two CM’s rather than CDM’s
  4. Jamo456

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Conversely my pack luck is just getting silly, wasn’t around all weekend so only managed Gold 2 then picked up Alba and Kompany in one of my packs
  5. Jamo456

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Obviously it relies on luck but the rewards in terms of the packs you get seem pretty crazy
  6. Jamo456

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    The hybrid squad builders really are ridiculous. Have picked up Koscielny, Fabregas, Herrera, OTW Sanchez, OTW Kessie and Boateng in the rewards. I had about 10k when I started the very first one and if I sold all those would have 300k
  7. Jamo456

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Can anyone recommend me a laptop that's going to be able to run this reasonably well? Preferably sub £600?
  8. Jamo456

    Grand National Sweepstake

    2 entries please, bank transfer
  9. Jamo456

    [FM16] Tactic screen

    Thanks a lot, appreciate it!
  10. Jamo456

    [FM16] Tactic screen

    I imagine this is a bit of a long shot but I don't suppose there's anyway of preventing the icons on the tactics screen from moving slightly as roles and duties change (similar to how it was before FM15). My OCD won't allow me to play certain combinations of roles and duties if it sees two of the shirts overlapping (ridiculous I know)
  11. Jamo456

    FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Thanks Jogo! Been a while since I posted in one of these threads Rosenthal will be one for the U21's at first I think and we'll see how he does but he certainly has a lot of potential! I like Lenihan as he gives me a left footer to play alongside Mousinho at centre half and like you say he's been here before too!
  12. Jamo456

    FM16 - The Sky Bet Football League thread

    Decided to holiday for a little while as I was struggling to find a save that I was enjoying and could get in to. Got to around February and saw that Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink's job was under threat at Burton Albion with them in 22nd. The unbelievable facilities and the fact they are my most local Football League club meant they took my fancy so I created a new manager and too over. The first task was to survive relegation which we did by the skin of our teeth. At one point it looked like we might move into mid table but an awful run of form over the last seven games or so meant we only stayed up by one point, although there were a lot of teams on the same number of points. I then decided that a squad clearout was necessary. Tom Naylor and Anthony O'Connor left for around £50k between them. Ideally I'd have wanted more than that but I have a pretty irrational dislike for any players that aren't at least reasonable with their weaker foot so the opportunity to get a fee, however small, came in handy. O'Connor's performances at the end of the season also frustrated me so I felt I could get better in. Also leaving on frees were Hogan Ephraim (signed by JFH), Shane Cansdell-Sherriff, Robbie Weir, Darius Charles, Dean Lyness, Lucas Akins, Timmy Thiele and Tom Flanagan as well as a few youth players. This left a pretty big gap in the squad so there inevitably needed to be some incomings. Darragh Lenihan, Dion Conroy, Bernard Mensah and Tom Rosenthal came in from Blackburn, Chelsea, Watford and QPR respectively, all on free transfers. Ben Garratt came in from Crewe for a club record £100k which was pricey but he will either be my first choice keeper for a long time or we will be able to make a substantial profit in the future so I felt it was worth the cost. Then came my best bits of business. I suggested to the board that we got a parent club in and they came back with Wolves. I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to sign any of the loan players on offer due to the realism of it but then I thought it's something that Swindon have done in real life too. In came Jed Wallace, George Saville and Ethan Ebanks-Landell on season long loans. This all leaves me with a squad that I feel should be right up there at the end of the season and definitely not fighting another relegation battle. Will keep you all updated!
  13. Jamo456

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Cheers! Will try both those things, suspect it's probably a problem with my phone but worth a try. Thanks!
  14. Jamo456

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Got an iPhone 6 a few weeks ago and a few days ago mobile internet completely stopped working. Calls and texts still work fine and it still says I have 3G/4G connection most of the time but still doesn't work when I try and do anything to do with the Internet. Have rang Vodafone and nothing the matter with my account, and have reset network settings and latterly factory settings but still not working. Don't suppose any of you that know more about this sort of thing would have any idea what the problem is?
  15. Jamo456

    A level results

    I went into sixth form as one of the cleverest kids in the year expecting to breeze into a Russell Group with minimum fuss but managed to mess up AS Levels pretty badly as a result of thinking I could do sweet FA and had to readjust my expectations massively. Still got an offer from Leicester to do economics which was cool but decided it wasn't really for me. So I went to results day last year needing a combination of BBC from five A levels to get into Nottingham Trent (my first choice) to do Economics but only managed to get DDDDE having taken two (Critical Thinking and Graphics - both D's) a year early Trent text me in the morning to say I'd got in so I went into school actively hoping that I hadn't done well enough to justify going through adjustment to go to a better uni because I didn't want the hassle. Obviously a bit of a shock to have done so poorly and still be allowed in wouldn't have it any other way now having just had the best year of my life realising I've got to knuckle down and put work in.