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  1. bolton1987

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    That episode redeemed the second season for me.
  2. A lot of the women grunters were trained at a particular academy - Nick Bolletieri has a lot to answer for! Also it is apparently performance enhancing and a distraction for your opponent: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/jan/18/what-can-science-tell-us-about-grunting-in-tennis
  3. Think he gets this in 5. Thiem in the SF a totally different proposition however.
  4. bolton1987

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    It added nothing to the plot and didn't feature any of the best character arcs.
  5. bolton1987

    The TV Show Thread

    It is good news, considering what has happened in the show so far is basically the first act Still another 5 (+2 as yet unpublished) novels to adapt.
  6. "Pristine" was supposed to be Penistone - stupid autocorrect. Actually this one is straightforward, just no genitalia in it. Mildenhall is pronounced "Minal" locally apparently Mousehole - "Mowzel" Woolfardisworthy is apparently "Woolsery"
  7. Loughborough Mildenhall Pristine Mousehole Woolfardisworthy
  8. bolton1987

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    The bit in the town was great - was like a Sergio Leone film
  9. bolton1987

    Leagues represented in the World Cup

    Dundee - Kelvin Jack for T&T
  10. bolton1987

    The TV Show Thread

    Network/basic cable channels and sci-fi programmes are not a good combination. I don't know why they still bother. I was pleasantly surprised Fringe got 5 seasons. Hopefully one of the streaming sites will pick it (The Expanse) up. Syfy these days are more interested in producing Sharknado *****.
  11. bolton1987

    Leagues represented in the World Cup

    I think one of the Trinidad and Tobago players was playing for Wrexham in League Two
  12. This is like the joke act in TV talent shows
  13. Hungarian version of Linkin Park?
  14. bolton1987

    The TV Show Thread

    Expanse is probably the best show on TV right now, so I'm gutted it's been cancelled. Hopefully it will be picked up - still a few more books to adapt!!
  15. Agree about Bolton. The odds have gone somewhat though, a Forest win was 4/1+ yesterday (and Bolton were 4/6, now out to 19/20-ish). Still probably excellent value in the Double Chance/DNB markets.