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  1. Oh yeah, that’s right. About six months out I think. Might be back in time for a Nations League debut on that basis.
  2. Absolutely this. Whoever said earlier he was “nowhere near the squad” so Ghana could have him ffs. I mean are we seriously giving up on a 20 year old who played 30-odd games for Chelsea this year? Doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since he made his England debut and absolutely bossed the game in that qualifier.
  3. Probably see Eberechi Eze in the September squad given that he was in line for the EC warmup games before an injury. In September there are three games crammed into a week instead of two. Still catching up some of the fixtures delayed due to covid... so probably going to see 30-odd names. First home game back is against Andorra, sandwiched between tricky aways in Hungary and Poland. So probably some youngsters and fringe players coming in to take care of that one even though they will pack Wembley out based on it being some sort of “homecoming” for Kane and Sterling et al.
  4. Yeah, they binned off the Confederations Cup after 2017 because in 2021, 2025, 2029 etc. they were supposed to be having the new 24-team Club World Cup. Except the first one hasn't happened because of covid-19 and the big European clubs were never properly committed to it anyway. Not sure what's happening with it now. It was also supposed to be a warmup event for the forthcoming World Cup host... but the inaugural 2021 edition was never going to be in Qatar because of the hot weather in June-July. It was going to be in Japan instead.
  5. Glad this guy isn't my boss Should be asking himself why they have a culture where people don't feel they can ask for time off at short notice for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  6. Never rule it out. Once of my favourite memories of the Russia World Cup was him randomly tearing forward in the third place playoff. Carrying the ball into Belgium's box like Sol Campbell at France 98.
  7. Rumbled. Playing the long con juggling different accounts for 20 years. All so I can trumpet Gareth Southgate’s management at a future World Cup and make it look like a few other people agree with me. Just a shame I decativated HarryNotRoy2012 and RecallForOwen07.
  8. I make it 15 according to the last calendar I saw: Sept 21 - WCQ (3) Oct 21 - WCQ (2) Nov 21 - WCQ (2) Mar 22 - WC playoffs or friendlies (2) Jun 22 - Nations League (4) Sept 22 - Nations League (2) Release of players for the WC in mid-November so there is no October international break. Also no time for any warmup friendlies pre-tournament either I don’t think, just straight from the domestic calendar one weekend to the start of the World Cup the next. Crazy really. Although we might have another couple of random friendlies in January. They have mi
  9. I mean this is the thing, fine margins etc. You can moan about Southgate's negativity and late subs but it's been clear all tournament that he doesn't trust Grealish defensively. So you switch Mount for Grealish on 70 minutes to give you a better option going forward... but if we then lose 3-1 in normal time it looks like the wrong call. Same with the penalties. Bringing Sancho and Rashford on for a spot kick when they haven't been involved in the game looks like an idiot's move once they've missed. But if players like Stones and Phillips had missed people are screaming that he's left att
  10. Nah, come on. Southgate is a joke manager even though he was a couple of missed penalties away from a knighthood. And Mancini is a genius for the ages even though Italy only won one knockout game out of four in ninety minutes. That’s how it works, right?
  11. Can't argue with this. I mean look how badly England have done before now, even when they've had a crop of brilliant players.
  12. The videos doing the rounds on the socials were from an outer perimeter, not the entrance to the stadium proper. Miles away from where you access the seats. I mean it’s clearly not good that people were breaking through but there would have been another 1-2 checks after that point.
  13. I mean seriously. We were two kicks away from winning the tournament against a team that are unbeaten in two years or something. Yes he is defensive minded, but a Sven or a Steve McClaren would have shoehorned Grealish and Foden and Mount and Rashford and Sancho into the same starting eleven. Not played with any balance in the side and not gone with Phillips or Rice or an extra defender for fear of leaving out a big name and being criticised by the media. I know which I prefer and I know which would have been nailed on for another R16 exit. Southgate could have been a bit braver last
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