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  1. Easy to say that. "Oh yeah, if we want to win it we need to be able to beat anyone" etc. But if we lose to Brazil/Germany in the quarters it goes down as yet another mediocre World Cup where we couldn't go out and perform above expectations. If we get Mexico/Serbia/Sweden/Switzerland and beat them and then lose to Spain or someone in the semis people could be talking about these games in 20-30 years the way we talk about Italia 90 and Euro 96. If the draw means we're fortunate enough to play last and our results in the first two games mean we can effectively control Game 3 and "choose" our path from there, why on earth wouldn't we. Best we can hope for is being able to draw 0-0 though and at least make it look like we were trying a bit. I can't honestly see either us or Belgium actually losing on purpose although if we did it would be up there with the great World Cup "bantz" like West Germany v Austria 1982 or the Zaire lad smashing that Brazil free kick away.
  2. Rob1981

    Nigeria v Iceland / Friday, 16:00 BST

    Which result makes it most likely Argentina go out? NIGERIA WIN: Croatia 6, Nigeria 3, Iceland 1, Argentina 1. DRAW: Croatia 6, Iceland 2, Nigeria 1, Argentina 1. ICELAND WIN: Croatia 6, Iceland 4, Argentina 1, Nigeria 0. Basically whatever happens they need to beat Nigeria next week and rely on the other result. But if Iceland win tonight Iceland then only need a draw on Matchday 3 to stay ahead of Argentina in the event of an Argentina win. They could potentially even lose to Croatia and stay ahead of Argentina on GD. Any other result today and Iceland may then need to beat Croatia to stay ahead of Argentina. Croatia have already qualified though obvs.
  3. Costa Rica out as well What a shame.
  4. Brazil not reading the script at the moment. Could end up with both them and Germany finishing second
  5. Rob1981

    Serbia v Switzerland / Friday / 1900 BST

    This one feels like something from the UEFA Nations League.
  6. Basically if Belgium beat Tunisia we need a win against Panama but not a big win by more than a couple of goals. Then we are through but stay behind Belgium on GD and we can play out a draw in the final game and finish second. Or even let them win it. Best thing for Belgium to do in the last match if that plays out would be them leathering the ball into their own net in the first minute, then sitting down at 0-1 for the rest of the match. I would love them to actually do this. Imagine the howls of protest from the English media if we are “robbed” of the runner up spot and end up being forced to win the group by Belgium’s skullduggery
  7. Updated again, only giving Argies a 30% chance of squeezing through in second
  8. Worst thing about that was that we went out on goals scored, not even on goal difference. And from about 80 minutes we were holding the ball in corner at 1-0 up against Slovenia, then USA went and scored in the other game. Just a terrible WC campaign from start to finish, even the brief higlight of qualifying for the R16 was ruined by us shooting ourselves in the foot at the death and ending up with Germany
  9. Tell you what, if we got Brazil v Germany AND France v Argentina in the round of 16 that would be HUGE
  10. This has now been updated following today's Group C results. Love this.
  11. Rob1981

    France VS Peru (4pm KO)

    Fancy Peru to get something here, they were probably the best out of all the teams that lost their opener.
  12. Rob1981

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    See McCoist has changed his tune a bit, called it a “moment of madness” from Poulsen to start with.
  13. Rob1981

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    They keep introducing a specific VAR ref so I think there is one in overall charge and he alone makes the decision whether to call a review. The other lads in there must just be scrolling through the camera angles and showing him which bits to look at.
  14. Rob1981

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    Again, the very fact that opinion is split here shows it isn’t a “clear and obvious” one, therefore VAR shouldn’t be intervening at all even if the non-award was arguably incorrect. If it needs to be clear and obvious, surely they could just have three VAR officials and only call it for review if all three of them agree. Would stamp out a lot of these debatable ones and only see it used to correct obvious blunders, which was supposed to be the whole point. We are literally getting nearly ten times as many penalties as we used to. Read that it was 0.56 pens per game in the first round of matches conpared to 0.06 in 2006 and 2010.