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  1. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    France to win 5-0.
  2. Don't worry, think it's only €6.50 for a watered down Carlsberg. Plus a further (non-refundable) €1.50 for a plastic glass. Jokers.
  3. Some guy's just gone up to him and asked for a photo with his little lad. "Can I get a picture of you with my son... He's got no idea who you are though." Amazing.
  4. Stuck on the slow train out to Gatwick. Premier Inn awaits, then 8.10am flight tomorrow. Ridiculously excited, even though I'm not Welsh... Still probably the biggest match I've ever been to.
  5. Looking forward to actually getting a bit of time in Lyon. When we were over for the group stage we did so much travelling it was literally motorway-hotel-stadium-hotel most days and back on the road. We had a couple of spare days in Bordeaux but we did Paris, St Etienne, Toulouse, Marseille and Lille without even finding the town centres at all Landing about 11am Wednesday in Lyon (plus not having to drive), so should be able to get a few ales in and a bit of wandering about. Are the fan zones now closed during the day since there are no early kickoffs?
  6. The English Inquisition

    Just seen this on Twitter: England have beaten all four semi finalists in the last 12 months. Ridiculous.
  7. Germany v Italy| Quarter Final| BBC 1 20.00

    This, 100%. Hands are up because the Italian is about to chuck himself on the floor and try and win a soft pen. Very harsh for me.
  8. Went a bit mad in Sports Direct yesterday... stumbled in there after four pints at lunchtime and found all the countries' Euro 2016 T-shirts reduced from £19.99 to just £4 or £5. Think I came out with Belgium, Slovakia, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Sweden in the end Probably wear a Euro 96 T-shirt on Wednesday... got one off eBay brand new and unopened, at one of the group games it came out of the wrapper for the first time in 20 years
  9. Germany v Italy| Quarter Final| BBC 1 20.00

    Tell you what, this is some record Italy have against Germany in major tournaments. Eight meetings without defeat... incredible when you think how many times Germany have gone all the way in that time. WC1962 - West Germany 0-0 Italy (Group Stage) WC1970 - Italy 4-3 West Germany (Semi Final) WC1978 - West Germany 0-0 Italy (Second Round) WC1982 - Italy 3-1 West Germany (Final) Euro 88 - West Germany 1-1 Italy (Group Stage) Euro 96 - Italy 0-0 Germany (Group Stage) WC2006 - Germany 0-2 Italy (Semi Final) Euro 2012 - Germany 0-2 Italy (Semi Final)
  10. Well played lads Thoroughly deserved. Convinced it would be a game too far for you, so much so that I'd already bought a Belgium T-shirt to wear to the semi final
  11. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Yeah but failed to beat them in other games.
  12. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    What kind of list is that? Loads of teams missing. France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain I think
  13. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Did well on Monday to keep it at 2-1 tbh, could have been worse.
  14. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Chris Waddle "They're all just headphones" :D