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  1. Completed: 29 Cardinal S1, S2, S3, S4 Taskmaster S9, S10 The Trip S1, S2, S3, S4 The Pembrokeshire Murders Back S1, S2 Being Beethoven North Square - Stumbled across this on All 4, an old ten-episode drama series about the comings and goings at a barristers' chambers. More than a whiff of This Life about it, not least because it was only made a couple of years later. But this is a different type of show really. More on the actual legal cases and the courtroom politics, and less of the pop culture references and characters' personal lives. Only really watched it because
  2. I nearly gave up on it after the first season series. But it is only a handful of episodes and it does have a different feel to it once it gets going properly. They tweak some of the personalities a bit.
  3. Good luck finishing Commandos 2 in 20 hours, used to take me about 20 hours per level “ALARM! ALARM!” was the soundtrack to my university years, at least when we wanted a break of CM01/02. Then finally managing to kill another one of them and scrambling to hit save every time you’d made a tiny bit of progress great times
  4. Skips v Discos ffs when some of the big guns have already gone out by now. This is like Cardiff and Barnsley in the cup semi final that time.
  5. One of the things lenders look at is “credit utilisation”, i.e. how much of your available credit you are using and are you borrowing responsibly or maxing out whatever others have offered you previously. So having a £10k limit but only carrying £2k balance leaves 80% unused. It’s a bit counter intuitive but better for your score to have been offered more credit since if you only have a £4k limit only leaves 50% unused. Whether this makes much of a difference in practice... don’t know. But this is the theory.
  6. This is amazing Been listening to Antwerp’s “Nostalgie” all day, my soundtrack of choice whenever I drive through Belgium/Holland.
  7. People have already been arguing that. Some of the stuff about “aim for zero covid!” last week was because if it continues to circulate people will get it next year if they haven’t been vaccinated.
  8. They can’t tunnel or build a bridge direct from Scotland to NI because we dumped millions of tons of old WW2 bombs in this part of the sea. Hence the new plan to tunnel via the IOM so they can go around them.
  9. Honestly, I was embarrassed for the guy. Claimed he "wasn't allowed" to tell me the APR ffs. And quoting repayments would be "within a range" Basically £30k extra borrowing would be "£145 to £167 a month", £40k extra borrowing would be £196 to £223 a month". I mean this comes down to your overall LTV presumably, so they must kick you up a pricepoint if your total mortgage amount crosses a certain threshold. But he didn't seem to understand this himself and he couldn't give me their current valuation so I couldn't work it out for him. Seems you only get a specific repayment f
  10. Holy ****, NatWest were a shambles. Couldn't tell me the APR on additional borrowing. Couldn't tell me what the monthly repayment would be. Couldn't even tell me their current valuation for my property even though I came off the phone and found this is already visible in their banking app. I basically have to apply blind, tell them what amount I want before I know how much it's going to cost me, and then they can only tell me the change to the monthly repayment at the point it is being approved.
  11. Scampi Fries included but not Bacon Fries? Okay...
  12. Literally no chance of a UK council limiting rentals, most of the time a good chunk of the council's budget comes from kickbacks from property developers
  13. Cheers! From experience, if there is an easy way to do something and an unnecessarily painful way... NatWest will always pick the latter. Booked a call back with them on Friday night so I'll see what's what. I'm hoping they will revalue the house based on what the market is doing now, if they factor in the increase since last May and the amount we've already paid off... then I reckon they could give us what we need and the whole amount would still be within 60% LTV. Otherwise probably going to work out a lot more expensive than if we'd just borrowed more last year and left it sitting i
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