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  1. Good to see Mbappe has already perfected an arms-folded goal celebration that makes you want to punch him in the face. A worthy successor to Cristiano Ronaldo if he is set to take over on Best-Player-In-The-World duty.
  2. If he doesnt see it, he doesn't give a penalty. So that's his decision. End of. It should get VAR'd only if it's an absolute shocker of a mistake which everyone round a table would agree is wrong. It's not supposed to be used every time there's a coming together or a loose ball bouncing around in the box which you can argue both ways. Look how many penalties have been given in this World Cup... it's absurd. They are literally changing football in front of our eyes.
  3. No way. No way. It was never there to "help them make decisions", they make decisions in real time and VAR was supposed to be used sparingly only to correct obvious mistakes. To save refs the embarrassment if they missed something horrific like Maradona's handball or that offside Argentina goal against Mexico which people are still talking about 10+ years later. It should have been used a handful of times across the whole tournament if that, just a failsafe if the referee makes a total **** up. They're not supposed to freeze in the moment, not give a decision. and then trot over to the vi
  4. It’s not about whether it was “obviously” not a penalty, it’s whether the original decision in real time (no pen) was “obviously” wrong. If you can feasibly argue it both ways it’s not an obvious error, therefore shouldn’t be corrected. I feel like I’ve posted this in about 20 threads but this is never how VAR was supposed to be used. It should have been used only to correct absolute howlers that people remember years later, not to review every tangle of legs or ball-to-hand moments. It’s ruined it.
  5. WELL DONE FIFA, just when we’d started to forget what a ****ing pathetic shambles VAR is, you’ve ****ing come back with it and ****ing ruined the World Cup final. Just ****ing **** off.
  6. Still no idea why the BBC studio team feel they need to wear suits for the final but not for the rest of it. Same every tournament
  7. Heart says Croatia, head says France. Watching with Kronenburg and brie and a Camembert, couldn’t find anything Croatian in the shop.
  8. Don’t buy this, it has Mexico winning a round of 16 game ffs
  9. 1998 > 2014 > 2018 > 2006 > 2002 > 2010 Although tbh, this is like people asking you which of your kids is the best. Even the worst one is still magical, it’s the World Cup ffs. Most people’s “favourite” is influenced a lot by whether their own country did well and the personal context for them. How old they were, what else was going on in their life at the time, who they watched it with etc.
  10. Assume he gets a ticket for the final tomorrow? Then does he get presented with it after the game and before the French/Croatians go up? Seem to remember the farce of Messi going up to get the best player award 4 years ago even though he was on the losing side and the whole German team was waiting to go up and get the trophy straight after him.
  11. Last five England games: LDWLL. It’s a new dawn! \o/
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