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  1. Why are people so stupid At least the Greens are now up to 3rd place though
  2. What the hell is she gonna do? If she did return to the UK then intelligence operatives would be watching her every move like a hawk. At least then they'd know what she's up to. Whereas now it helps her martyrdom, extremists will use her case to prove that "the west doesn't care about you".
  3. Sarah Smith in trouble once again for misreporting about the SNP. Claimed Salmond said Sturgeon should resign when the footage (which the BBC chose not to air for some reason) proved the exact opposite - Salmond said "not for me" when asked if Sturgeon should quit, before pointing out that more than a few Tories have broken ministerial code or outright broken the law recently and stayed in their posts. Of course, no official retraction other than a small tweet on her personal Twitter page which 98% of people won't even see. It's hard to tell if it's genuinely malicious misreporting of the news
  4. As long as Pokemon Legends: Mew is set during the Kanto War that Lt Surge supposedly fought in
  5. Part of me reckons that Game Freak/The Pokemon Company wanted to put all their attention on Legends: Arceus, possibly with the idea of making a whole Legends series of games which explore the Pokemon World's history and much more open world gaming. But they also knew there was a LOT of demand for Gen 4 remakes so decided to outsource it to a different dev, in an attempt to appease everyone. That'd be why the graphics are so different and why the Gen 4 remakes feel a bit like an afterthought.
  6. https://thehell.bandcamp.com/track/matt-hancock-you-shady-****ing-crook The Hell have released a song which just about sums it up.
  7. Would the Isle of Man approve of this? If I remember correctly, the Isle of Man is technically not part of the UK and is self-governing, with the UK only having authority over defense and foreign affairs.
  8. Finland going for the token rock/metal act this year with a very poppy nu metal song. Think they're cashing in on Bring Me the Horizon's recent success in global charts.
  9. Considering the role that Metallica played in getting DMCA passed, and the snowballing of copyright issues ever since, this is somewhat karmic.
  10. You know the conservative media are desperate to divert attention from their own problems when they're attacking a god damn dog.
  11. He went on to be a host on Fox News,
  12. What about the Max Headroom hack
  13. The radio station UVB-76 is something of a mystery
  14. I'm curious about this raised bit of harder skin on my nose with a little dark spot in the middle. I've had it for ages but it occasionally looks more pronounced (especially when the skin around it darkens while it stays white). I'm thinking maybe it's a callous or scar tissue from where I had some pretty big spots there in the past but should I get it looked at?
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