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  1. Is the Gibraltar National League going to be one of the available leagues in this year's version now that it's licensed?
  2. I haven't bought the game yet, but weighing up getting it on Switch. Just want to ask: Is the Gibraltar league system playable on FMT for Switch?
  3. Um the national motto for France isn't "liberté, éternité, fraternité". It's "égalité", not "éternité".
  4. I mean, the World Cup was invented by a French dude so technically it is still coming home.
  5. "Sorry, we called but you weren't in Address: Home Item Description: It We tried to deliver this package to you but you weren't in. We've left it with your neighbour FRANCE"
  6. Delighted France won, they were my second choice team to follow from the start of the World Cup. The ghost of Barthez even showed up and possessed Lloris briefly.
  7. "IT'S ALL STERLING'S FAULT" In all fairness though, I thought Croatia would be our undoing. But, I think this will set a terrific benchmark for the youth groups coming through. Those players have experience of winning major international tournaments and will have seen how this (frankly average) England squad have done, and it could inspire them to really push on and fulfil the potential they've been showing in the 2017 youth tournaments.
  8. Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing attackers like Lookman, Sancho and Foden maturing, if they're ready by 2020 then we can really look forward to that
  9. I dunno, our youth teams are looking frighteningly promising. And they know they can do it, and aren't resting on their laurels at the big clubs in England who won't play them.
  10. Definitely. Watch the papers blame Sterling tomorrow though
  11. Nah buddy, this has France written all over it. I like France and they have some terrifying players.
  12. France. "We tried to bring football home but you weren't available so we left it with your neighbour"
  13. It was far better than any of us expected, so I'm content. Now I just hope justice is served and France destroy these guys on Sunday.
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