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  1. Well the first thing you did wrong was post in the wrong forum.
  2. Portugal are really going to have a problem when their ageing defenders retire.
  3. TBH I do think that if Ronaldo hadn't gotten injured, then France would have won. Ronaldo being injured but encouraging them from the touchline galvanised the team and gave them more energy. They still played dirty (Moutinho trying to goad Matuidi into a red card and Eder winning a free kick by handling the ball and blaming the French defender) but I doubt they'd've had the same drive if Ronaldo was still fit and playing.
  4. Neither were New Zealand in their last World Cup.
  5. Corruption and frauds go hand in hand?
  6. Just saying, he did essentially take charge of the team for extra time. He did the team talks, he was spending the most time barking instructions on the touchline. The actual manager wasn't nearly as involved.
  7. You mean the side that didn't win a single game (games won in extra time/pens don't count by FIFA rules for rankings etc) until the semi-finals?
  8. Ronaldo can now add "Euro 2016 winning manager" to his CV. Prancing up and down the touchline like he was the boss.
  9. Deschamps fell victim to Hodgson Syndrome. Making the right decision but far too late for it to make an impact (see: Rashford)
  10. Portugal such scummy gits. Such undeserved winners.
  11. The moths are everywhere. I'm expecting one to fly on the camera lens just as a goal is scored.
  12. Kinda had a feeling Ronaldo was genuinely injured the moment he went down. Portugal seem to be content to play for Extra Time and pens already. Sissoko is having a blinder though. Mike Ashley must be loving this because it's pushing his value higher and higher for the inevitable cash-in.
  13. Germany or France. No third choice for me
  14. That was probably Ronaldo's best free kick of the tournament. Which isn't saying much.