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  1. He is but not committed yet. Could see Madueke as a wildcard if he gets his move to Dortmund.
  2. Learned nothing from all the idiots arrested after implicating themselves storming the US capitol at the start of the year.
  3. That's our big problem, we're ending up with so much attacking depth that we're starting to lose a lot our dual nationals.
  4. Well let's think how wrong we were about this squad even last year. Could see a relative unknown spring up out of nowhere and get a call up.
  5. I'd send them all out on loan to clubs in Africa or the Caribbean, cultural exchange loans or something like that. Give them a chance to actually learn about other cultures and maybe teach them not to be racist scumbags.
  6. Fact he said they'd do it again in 2030 is reason enough for fifa to reject our bid outright.
  7. By the way Callum Hudson-Odoi has reportedly switched allegiance to Ghana. Can you blame him?
  8. There's an old episode of Mock the Week from 2014 on Dave, just after Germany won the World Cup and it had Hugh Dennis talking about our tournament: "If anyone's watching this in a few years time on Dave - we're still ****, aren't we?" I feel like Dave chose this episode on purpose.
  9. I say they go. And use the occasion to humiliate the government, challenge the government on their constant failures and do it all in front of the cameras.
  10. Get the feeling most of the squad will reject any invitation from No. 10 that comes their way.
  11. Definitely, but I'd give Southgate 2022. Squad is young enough that even if 2022 goes wrong we have plenty of time to rebuild, and one year isn't long enough for a new boss to stamp their style onto the team. If Potter can finally start seeing results with Brighton this season then he'll definitely be in the frame.
  12. We'll have to see what the next year provides for youngsters in midfield. Going to be a big season for Ollie Skipp and James Garner, for example. Both now out of their teens and need to start pushing for opportunities at the top level.
  13. Meanwhile the "comedian" Andrew Lawrence has been a racist knob on Twitter, leading to him deleting his account and every venue of his upcoming tour cancelling his shows. There are easier ways to retire from comedy than outing yourself as a scumbag.
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