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    SWISS LEAGUE (END OF SEASON) So 4th this year,at least we finished with some good results in the end..Next year with better team cohesion and better tactic familiarity i'm sure we are going to be much better... LEAGUE AWARDS 2 players in league's best 11.... LIECHTENSTEINER CUP SEMI FINAL FINAL We won(difficult) our 50th Liechtensteiner cup.... VADUZ AWARDS SEASON REVIEW LEAGUE It was another season with many ups and downs we have to be more stable next year... LIECHTESTEINER CUP EUROPE A bas season in Europe,We couldn't pass YB.... DYNAMICS,SOCIAL GROUPS AND HIERARCHY OTHER TEAMS FROM LIECHTENSTEIN BALZERS,ESHEN/MAUREN VADUZ 2 A good season for our B team and Eshen/Mauren.... TRIESENBERG Excellent seson for Triesenberg in their new division... SHAAN,RUGGEL OTHER LEAGUES ENGLAND GERMANY ITALY SPAIN FRANCE UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MANU won their second in a row CL!!! NATIONAL TEAM EUROPEAN NATIONS LEAGUE DRAW GROUP SHEDULE Estonia and Fyrom are very difficult opponents but i believe we can make it!! HOLIDAYS!!!

    No problem mate...Huge result indeed!!So you and Eshen/Mauren for 1 EL ticket!!!Polverino,Meier and Sele are very good players for this level!!
  3. [FM18] Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Good to see Rangers and Celtic so strong mate it gives interest in league and makes you have interest for the save too. Your CL group was far too difficult..
  4. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Great start man..Good to see Jamaica in World Cup...

    You are unlucky in your choice because Eshen/Mauren is affiliate team of Vaduz and it could help you with squad registration problem...For the central midfield area yes you have wright they are very good for their level,Frick is amazing but IRL he decide not to play again for national team.. In wingers area I used-use Livio Meier and Franz Burgmeier (amazing player and legend for Liechtenstein),Kuhne and Salanovic are good back ups..In defense things are much better than last years because Hasler(right back) and Wieser (center back) played in midfield area last years.Kaufman is good player for this level and Goppel a rising star on left side...P.S Many good liechtensteiners (Polverino,Meier,Salanovic) become free agent after some years keep an eye on them and sign them if you want they will help you.Jehle is just great i kept him in Vaduz until his 39 and he was amazing....Good luck and excellent result against Israel..

    As i said before i would love to see a Balzers or Eschen Mauren save here...Yes they produce Liechtensteiner regens(most of them want to play for Liechtenstein),of course they aren't so good as Vaduz's but if you win promotions and upgrade your facilities they will be better..From FM18 Yes,if any Liechtensteiner club win EL next year will play in group stage or play of quilifing round of CL....

    Our youth recruitment is established mate but now i don't have option from my board to upgrade it..Still i am happy for the level of our new regens...

    WINTER BRAKE FRIENDLIES SWISS LEAGUE MATCHDAY 28 I change back to my old tactic and as you can see it was big mistake,we fall 3rd and now we have hopes only for second place.... NEW YOUTH INTAKE Upgrading our youth facilities worked perfect and our new youth intake is amazing!! BEST REGENS OSPELT For Liechtenstein's level this regen is just amazing.... LAMPERT STRUB NATIONAL TEAM FRIENDLIES CALL UP LIECHTENSTEIN VS GERMANY PRE GAME LINE UP GAME Germans were too much for as but a 2-0 or 3-0 would be a fair result..... OTHER NEWS Reach 50 games with national team.... LIECHTENSTEIN VS LITHUANIA PRE GAME LINE UP GAME We were just amazing against Lithuania,we had the ball all the time and were the boss of this game.I believe national team change level and we can win our group in next international nations league campain... NEXT GAMES
  9. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    I don't want to make it more complicated for you but Corinthians is a very strong and historical club so I don't know what I would answer if I were in your position...

    SWISS LEAGUE MATCHDAY 18 We had a good run and we are 2nd with 6 points difference from YB..... WINTER BRAKE CAMP AND FRIENDLIES We are going to go to a training camp in Andalusia this year for the winter brake maybe board shedule it because our financial and Bank balance is better than ever (10 millions +).... WINTER BRAKE FRIENDLIES OTHER NEWS FACILITIES UPGRADE Upgrade of our facilities finished and now we have good training and good youth facilities... Also we planed another upgrade
  11. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    At least you didn't won FA Cup from first season.. It is encouraging for all us here in forum, we can start believe that we play the same game with you.. ..
  12. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Oh sorry I read 7th tier Welsh and I thought this.. I had to now that Salford is English too...

    Thanks man my best result on Fm ever...

    Thanks mate! I love this save and I will stuck on this for a long time...
  15. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Good luck mate!! 7th division in Wales??!