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  1. Hi @Seb Wassell!One question:Early-mid-late in trainining has to do with the period we are in season(Summer,mid season ++)?
  2. Sheriff7

    Any news?

    I don't believe they changed anything for another year in International management...
  3. Sheriff7

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Great comeback against Albania!Sure you can secure 2nd place against (propably) Ireland...
  4. Sheriff7

    Bêta fm 19

    Most times is sooner from 2 weeks. I expect it on Wednesday..
  5. I read that Var will not have any influence at referees decisions (well and if someone think it logical no one can make it happens in a video game) so every VAR decision will be the same with Referee's first one?
  6. Sheriff7

    The 2018 FMCU Awards -Awards Night

    Sorry for beeing so late but i was very busy with my work today.Anyway congratulations to every award winner,guys who vote me and especially to @deltablue for his amazing job again...
  7. Sheriff7

    Usain Bolt

    i didn't spoke about this game + the fact he scored 2 goals doesn't mean his movement in field and his touches are profesional....
  8. Sheriff7

    Usain Bolt

    A guy in football forum who saw a friendly game of his club said that Bolt tried a lot, was inside many chances but his movements and his touches with the ball were completely amateur.
  9. This week new features news (until now)..
  10. Sheriff7

    Annoying bug

    Your B, U21 or U18 teams finished their fixtures? If they not that's the reason. A team go on Holiday when all club teams finished their fixtures...
  11. Sheriff7

    Leagues in FM19

    Miles said the same Nations and their categories like Fm18 mate....No New Nations - leagues...
  12. Sheriff7

    Beta vs full game?

    + you don't have editor with beta only after full release you get it.
  13. Sheriff7

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Finally mate you took national team job!You deserved it much sooner though.... Amazing progress with the club..