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  1. Great first in your european year mate..
  2. [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    Congrats for the win against Georgian's mate,always a miracle for San Marinese teams...
  3. [FM18] - Tai Po - Youth Save

    Great idea and Screenshot mate.I think their national team had some good results last years..(Are you going to manage nation soon?) I believe you can make them strong nation..Good luck!!

    You are absolutelly right my friend it was my mistake..All my screenshots will be in English,thanks..

    Thanks mate..I must thank you also about your great advices for training,really helpfull!! P.S We were very close knock them out this year,i really want them next year,things will be very different.......

    For me too man for years now..Thanks for comment..

    TRANSFERS THIS SUMMER Not too many changes 5 out and 2 in LEAGUE TABLE AND SHEDULE UNTIL 1ST OCTOMBER As i expected it will be difficult because only one team can get promotion to Superleague..After a great start suddenly in next 3 games(WIIL,XAMAX,WINTERTUR) we had big defensive problems,i made some changes in tactic and in start eleven and things became much better in next 3 league games..Servette fc is excellent untill now and have 5 point difference,in game against them we were much better but with a stupid defensive mistake and with some bad choices in attack game end 1-1...Well i still believe Servette will lose some points in next games and we will climb in first place....Here is a beautifull goal we scored agains Aarau just see the assist from Burgmeier...Aarau - Vaduz_77 λεπτά.ogv LIECHTENSTEINER CUP DRAW It must be easy win it and play in El again next year... IN OTHER NEWS Goppel our Liechtensteiner big pospect renew until 2020.... NATIONAL TEAM SHEDULE AND GROUP TABLE First i have to say our U19 have very difficult task... CALL UP FOR GAMES AGAINST ITALY AND ISRAEL WCQ LIECHTENSTEIN VS ITALY & ISRAEL VS LIECHTENSTEIN We played very good against Italy and very bad against Israel at least we scored and lost with respective scores... WCQ GROUP TABLE AND NEXT GAMES NEXT UPDATE LEAGUE BATTLE AND LAST 2 GAMES FOR WCQ... ENJOY!!
  8. The Great San Marino Challenge (fm18)

    Congrats for promoting fron Serie B,always very very difficult league..
  9. [FM18] Finns Can Only Get Better

    Fair title mate i still cant believe a country with very good players all these year didnt achieve even play of spot for a major tournament Good luck!!
  10. Static??Why the made it with Gibraltar last year and they fix it because it was bug!!Anyway good luck in Montenegro...
  11. Unlucky mate..This away goal rule sack..
  12. [FM18] 12 Years A Slav

    Congrats for wining the league mate against strong side Ludogorets!!Great start!!
  13. [FM18] AFC, A Chainsaw Massacre.

    Beautifull save mate keep up good work...

    EL 3RD QUILIFIER 1ST GAME We were amazing!!Paok took the lead but then only 1 team was in field..Excellent result but still will be difficult in Greece... EL 3R QUILIFIER 2ND GAME Well we lost but in extra time.Paok took 3-0 lead and we took red card,against the odds we scored and played extra time.1 mistake in extra time second half cost us a goal and Paok won this tie..I am very proud we played excellent against a stronger side,i believe if we didnt take red card we would be in next round,nevermind next year we are going to be better... MONEY PRIZE AND FINANCES SWISS CHALENGE LEAGUE ODDS We are 1st favourite but i believe it will be very difficult with opponents like Schaffhausen,Aarau and Xamax.... SWISS CHALENGE LEAGUE TABLE AND RESULTS UNTIL NOW We start very good in all three games i made Huge rotation because we had EL games..My tactic seems to work great both in defense and in attacking game... Also i add one more tactic Next update with more league games,transfer window end and National team's games for WC quilifiers...