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  1. Well I was born in 1991 so no....
  2. I don't know but in my Fm18 saves my B team or U21 manager after a good year always had offers from other clubs (9/10 of them accept them).
  3. Hi guys and sorry if it has already beeing discused here but in Fm 18 and especially in games I have good results always extra time had been 4 or 5 minutes, is it abnnormal or this is only my idea? Thanks..
  4. In this Fm when I have the result I want and try to play more defensively in last minutes always my opponent scores and I believe in this Fm many changes in a game don't help. The only thing I do is to change to Contain and play even safer but only in last 2-3 minutes...
  5. Sheriff7

    I gave up

    For me just using someonelse tactic just because it had good results shouldn't be an option for everyone who plays this game. Read some useful tactic threads, see what kind of football you want to play for example I like playing with wingers or side midfielders and 1 attacker and passing into space, experimented with them and after many many many bad results (and good) after disappointments, shocking eliminations and some amazing moments you are going to find a tactic who will be your best friend in every Fm. At least that's what I did when I start playing this beautiful game (2012)..
  6. Sheriff7

    Pré commande/ accès bêta

    Of course and that's why I said my guess not something official.
  7. Sheriff7

    I gave up

    Really mate if you find time and read "Pairs and combinations" thread you will change your view about tactical piece of the game and it will became more understandable for you.Of course we speak for a game who demands many hours of your time...
  8. Sheriff7

    Pré commande/ accès bêta

    If you want my guess mate it will be Wednesday 17 October.
  9. Sheriff7


    REIFFEISEN SUPER LEAGUE LEAGUE TABLE MATCHDAY 36 SHEDULLE APRIL 2024 MAY 2024 We remain 3rd but in last month our minds were to vacations and we had some bad results(in difficult games though). LIECHTENSTEINER CUP FINAL Of course we won our U18 and lift our 52nd liechtensteiner cup.EL again next year. END OF SEASON 2023/2024 REVIEW REIFFEISEN SUPER LEAGUE LEAGUE TABLE RESULTS Can't compain here we finished 3rd,with EL games we couldn't follow YB and Basel. MONEY PRIZE LEAGUE AWARDS BEST ELEVEN 1 player in league's best XI. FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR Excellent season for greek Limnios! BEST YOUNG PLAYER Very good season for Schaan too. COACH OF THE YEAR 3rd but with one of the lowest budgets in league,i deserved this award. LIECHTENSTEINER CUP Another year we cruised in LFV cup. EUROPE Amazing year in Europe too,second time in a row we reached EL 1st knockout round and left out big names like Rangers and Real Sociedad. EL MONEY PRIZE Only??? VADUZ FC AWARDS BEST ELEVEN AWARDS OTHER NEWS UPGRADES We grow up really fast guys,10 millions to upgrade our facilities!! INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS 30 players in international duty and 1 of them will be in Swiss squad for next Euro! OTHER SWISS LEAGUES CHALENGE LEAGUE Aarau return to Superleague. INFO And their best player was on loan from us!He is liechtensteiner too. PROMOTION LEAGUE OTHER LIECHTENSTEINER CLUBS VADUZ II,ESCHEN MAUREN,BALZERS Very good year for our B team.decent year for Balzers and Eschen Mauren. TRIENSENBERG Trieseberg had a bad year but at least they didn't relegate. SCHAAN,RUGGEL A decent year for Ruggel and Schaan too. OTHER EUROPEAN LEAGUES AND COMPETITIONS ENGLAND SPAIN GERMANY ITALY FRANCE PORTUGAL Braga!! EL Red buls money finally reach their goal. CL NATIONAL TEAM NEXT GAMES(JUNE 2024) CALL UP LIECHTENSTEIN VS MONTENEGRO LINE UP GAME Excellent performance against a much higher in Fifa Rankings nation (39th),we totaly deserved this win. LIECHTENSTEIN VS QATAR LINE UP GAME And hold the draw against Qatar,national team has excellent progress. OTHER NEWS NATIONS LEAGUE DRAW DRAW LIECHTENSTEINS DRAW SHEDULLE We had nations league draw also and after our promotion in our last campain we expected a very difficult group.It will be very diffuclt but we are much better now and we are going to fight every game thats for sure. NEXT GAMES(SEPTEMBER 2024) First games against Bosnia and N.Ireland. OTHER NEWS EURO 2024 (ITALY) GROUP STAGE DRAW VACATIONS
  10. Sheriff7


    Thanks mate,yes we lost be chance there.Anyway we must move on..
  11. This is how team's cohesion should be in a club and below it some of the reasons it exists: And for me to achieve it the most important thing isn't training or something else. Beeing stable and have as much as you can the same players every year is the key for a successful career in fm.
  12. National team's squad looks very strong in every position and very promising
  13. Sheriff7

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    Great progress mate and so soon!!
  14. Sheriff7

    Zeljeznicar Sport - Youth Only

    Good first season mate..Balkans always are very talented but many times without mind in their heads.
  15. Good work mate and so fast!Do you still have any Liechtensteiner in your squad?