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  1. SEASON 2019/2020 EXPECTATIONS PRE SEASON FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 TRANSFERS IN NICOLAE NEMERENCO ANATOLIE NIKOLAESH BORGES CONSTANTIN BOGDAN PETRU RACU JONATHAN BIJIMINE DAVID ANDRONIC EMILIO HERNANDEZ DAN OJOG SERGHEI PASCENCO MATEJA STOJANOVIC GABRIEL ROGRIGUES As expected due change of category we changed totaly our roster.Almost all players from last season(expect some talented youngsters) left us and many ''news'' came.We sign many young talented Moldovans(Nicolaesh,Ojog,Bogdan) and some more experienced who played in bigger european leagues(Nemerenco,Pascenco,Racu,Andronic).Many foreigners came too,some experienced like Hernandez and some young and talented. STAFF Many changes in staff too. BANK BALANCE Of course after all these our financial look awfull.. SQUAD U19 SQUAD TACTICS 1ST 2ND 3RD 2 more tactics.. SHEDULLE Our pre season had many ups and downs.Especially in the start we couldn't hold clean sheet even against very low quility clubs,in the end we won Sheriff and smashed a small reputation club and gain some morale.After so many changes all these are normal of course. OTHER NEWS INJURIES SEASON TICKETS SALES PLAYERS ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY MOLDOVA DIVISIA NATIONALA LEAGUE ODDS We have second bigest budget after Sheriff + good reputation so these expectations looks normal even for a just promoted club.
  2. Blame Greek Wikipedia not me for this..
  3. Yep,Moldovan and Romanian are their official languages,just show it...
  4. Can you loan me some mate?Από τα Ρογγια είσαι?
  5. Well i spend too much this summer and our bank balance looks awful but i will try..Thanks!
  6. In first division..Next season we are going to face them..
  7. SEASON 2018/2019 SEASON REVIEW MOLDOVA DIVISIA A LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE It was one of the easiest seasons in fm for me,we had big difference from all the others and won league title and promotion comfortable..Real Success also made very good season.Flotesti,Tighina and Sireti relegated in 3rd division. MOLDOVAN CUP Very good in Moldovan cup too we reached qrt final and lost from strong side Sheriff with many injury problems. EUROPE Playing in EL was totaly unexpected.We made our work and eliminate Folla esh before we lose from Leipzig.Money was a much needed breath for us. BEST XI,AWARDS AND STATS U19 LEAGUE CUP Excellent season for our U19 too. OTHER MOLDOVAN DIVISIONS MOLOVA DIVISIA NATIONALA Sheriff won another title here easily and quilified for CL.Petrocub,Speranta Nisporeni and Milsami(cup winners) will play in EL.Cadu relegate and will take our place in second division. MOLDOVAN CLUBS IN EUROPE SHERIFF TIRASPOL Sheriff didn't reached EL group stage this year. MILSAMI ORHEI CS PETROCUB Bad season for the other two.. OTHER EUROPEAN COMPETITONS ENGLAND (SEASON 2017/2018) SPAIN (SEASON 2017/2018) GERMANY (SEASON 2017/2018) ITALY (SEASON 2017/2018) FRANCE (SEASON 2017/2018) CL (SEASON 2017/2018) EL (SEASON 2017/2018) MOLDOVA REPORT Moldova won their nations league group. VACATIONS
  8. Yeah,especially if you are R.Madrid fan..
  9. SEASON 2018/2019 OCTOMBER/NOVEMBER 2018 MOLDOVA DIVISIA A LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE And we are the champions.Everything finished in 4-0 against second Real Succes. MOLDOVAN CUP QRT FINAL LEG 2 SHERIFF TIRASPOL VS ZARIA BALTI We fight it but everything finished after 1-0 from (excellent) Tambe. OTHER NEWS YOUTH INTAKE 2018 BEST REGENS KOBZEV STARKOV
  10. SEASON 2018/2019 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 MOLDOVA DIVISIA A LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE We are too good for this category like league table says.We made our first defeat in last game but still we are one win before we secure 1st place and promotion. MOLDOLVAN CUP QRT FINAL LEG 1 INFO Too many injuries just before this crucial game... ZARIA BALTI VS SHERIFF TIRASPOL And it cost us.Even though we had many injury problems we played very good but they scored their chances and took huge avantage.We have the revans in Tiraspol but i don't believe we can turn it. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE UEL 2ND QUILIFIER (LEAGUE PATH) LEG 1 RB LEIPZIG VS ZARIA BALTI We hold excellent for one half but in second one they showed their talent and smashed us.Anyway we speak for an unequal battle here. UEL 2ND QUILIFIER (LEAGUE PATH) LEG 2 ZARIA BALTI VS RB LEIPZIG Another defeat in second leg and we are out. MONEY PRIZE OTHER NEWS NEW CONTRACT Thanks.... MOLDOVA REPORT 1 win and 1 defeat for national team in nations league..
  11. SEASON 2018/2019 JUNE/JULY 2018 TRANSFERS OUT IN COSTILLA MOLDOVA DIVISIA A LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Still unbeatable and we are 1st.Real Succes still put press on us though. MOLDOVAN CUP 2ND ROUND GRANICERUL VS ZARIA BALTI Granicerul out.. 3RD ROUND LEG 1 ZARIA BALTI VS SPERANTA NISPORENI We won with clear score in home leg Speranta Nisporeni who is a strong first division club. 3RD ROUND LEG 2 SPERANTA NISPORENI VS ZARIA BALTI And we finished the work in away game.They put much press on us after 1-0 but after Ovseanikov equilisier they gave it up. HIGHLIGHTS IMPORTANT MOMENT 1-1 (OVSEANIKOV 47') QRT FINAL DRAW And our next opponent is the worst we could have... UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE!!!! Something i didn't noticed here guys.We have games for EL(Zaria quilified for EL in season 2017/2018)!!!I can't see us make something good here but only good it will make us. UEL 1ST QUILIFIER (LEAGUE PATH) DRAW And our first draw is a defenitely beatable opponent.286th in Europe Folla esch from Luxembourg. UEL 1ST QUILIFIER (LEAGUE PATH) LEG 1 ZARIA BALTI VS FOLLA ESCH We smashed Luxembourgians in our home. UEL 1ST QUILIFIER (LEAGUE PATH) LEG 2 FOLLA ESCH VS ZARIA BALTI And we finished the job in away game. MONEY PRIZE Thank you!!! UEL 2ND QUILIFIER DRAW Let's hope they will be gently with us....
  12. SEASON 2018/2019 APRIL/MAY 2018 MOLDOVA DIVISIA A LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE We start very good in league and after 5 games we have only 1 draw in a game witch we finished with 9 players.Real Succes start excellent their season too. MOLDOVAN CUP 1ST ROUND SAXAN GAGAUZ YERI VS ZARIA BALTI We won easily Saxan even though we went down to 10 men with the scoreline in 1-1. 2ND ROUND DRAW
  13. Cheers!!Εχουμε παρει σβαρνα ολα τα χωρια της Ευρωπης!
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