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  1. SEASON 2031/2032 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION SEASON REVIEW MAIN SEASON LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE PLAY OFFS SHEDULLE It was a season which we start with big hopes even for automaticall promotion but it end very harst for us(we didn't reached even promotion playoffs).Osassuna,Logrones and Mallorca won promotion.R.Oviedo,R.Betis b,Leganes and Cadiz relegated. LEAGUE AWARDS COPA DEL REY SHEDULLE Bad season in Copa Del Rey too. ANDORRA FC AWARDS AND BEST XI BEST XI AWARDS AND STATS U18 - AFFILIATED CLUBS S.D LOGRONES Logrones with 4 players on loan from us won promotion to Segunda b.Especially Rodrigues was amazing with 27 goals. AVIA A midtable finish for Avia. PLAYERS ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY 16!! OTHER NEWS SPANISH AND ANDORRAN COMPETITIONS & COEFFICIENTS SPAIN Barca made the double while La Liga dropped 1 place. ANDORRA Lusitanos made the double again and Andorran Primera won 2 places. ANDORRAN CLUBS IN EUROPE LUSITANOS MASSANA SANT JULIA INTER CLUB D'ESCALDES Bad season in Europe for Andorran clubs. OTHER EUROPEAN LEAGUES AND COMPETITIONS ENGLAND ITALY GERMANY FRANCE CL EL ANDORRA MEN'S TEAM NEWS Our first official games with national team are on September. VACATIONS
  2. SEASON 2031/2032 MAY/JUNE 2032 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE And we are out... Huge dissapointment,we had play off place in our hands until last game but we lost it.Anyway we didn't deserve it after this awfull last month..Football is tough sometimes but we have to move on.. NATIONAL TEAM CALL UP My first calls for Andorra!! FRIENDLY GAMES RESULTS Great start,we were very good in our first games and look ready for nations league.
  3. SEASON 2031/2032 MARCH/APRIL 2032 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Some bad results and we are in danger to lose even promotion play offs.. OTHER NEWS 2032 YOUTH INTAKE Another excellent youth intake. BEST REGENS RUIZ GARCIA AVENDANO GUTIERREZ CUNHA NATIONAL TEAM UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE DRAW ANDORRAN DRAW In our first draw ever we were very lucky!Even first place looks possible here,of course N.Macedonia are the favourites to make it but you never know.
  4. SEASON 2031/2032 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2032 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Promotion battle is huge this season.With 6-7 clubs(Castilla and Barcelona B can't get promotion) fighting for it.If we were more stable we could have take difference from the other contenders.... NATIONAL TEAM ANDORRA'S 2031 BEST XI WORLD RANKINGS No games for national team so we remained 165th.. OTHER INTERNATIONAL NEWS FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR Mbappe became 32...
  5. Thanks mate.This will be our first target + some good results in nations league and European quilifiers.
  6. SEASON 2031/2032 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2031 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE A bad run between late November and early December throw us to 6th place,only 2 points behind automatical promotion though.At least we smashed Leganes in our last game and finished this awfull run. HIGHLIGHT And a lucky + stupid goal from our regen-star Aguilar.. ANDORRA MENS TEAM REPORT Andorra finished with a respective 5 points collection in their Euro quilifiyng campain. Andorra's boss resigned after almost 8 years and national team place finally is available!Ofcourse and i applied for it. PRESS CONFERNECE And Andorra will be proud to announce as their new manager P.Koutsochristos. NATIONAL TEAM INFO We are 165th in Fifa Rankings,not bad for Andorra. NATIONAL POOL BEST PLAYERS As you can see most of our best players play to my club(Andorra fc) or they played to us in past + some who play to Andorran Premier best clubs (Lousitans,Sant Julia).J.M.Rodriguez who came from our youth intake and now play for R.Betis is the star of this team. TACTICS I will stuck with my club's main tactic for now. STAFF I filled national team staff places(Senior,U21,U19).Mostly with Andorran ex international players. NEXT GAMES And our first games will be against weak opponents.Chance to test players and tactics. OTHER NEWS My first votes as international manager.
  7. SEASON 2031/2032 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2031 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Great start in league.We were unbeatable until our last game against Bilbao B.Very important to stay close to first places in first 3 months,something who cost us last 2-3 seasons. COPA DEL REY 2ND ROUND CORUXO VS F.C. ANDORRA Coruxo fight it but they are 2-3 levels lower from us. 3RD ROUND MALLORCA VS F.C. ANDORRA And.....Again we are out very soon.They took 2 goals lead but we return in game with 2 goals in second half.Their goal in last minute of extra time was a knife into our heart.. OTHER NEWS NEW CONTRACT Board is delighted with my work so.. UPGRADES NEW UPGRADES New upgrades..
  8. SEASON 2031/2032 SEASON EXPECTATIONS Same expectations. PRE SEASON JULY/AUGUST 2031 TRANSFERS OUT One of our best players left us and i couldn't do anything to stop this transfer(he had released clause.Anyway a player who came from Sant Julia and cost us 500€ sold for 2.2 millions! IN COSTA ( From MARITIMO-70,000€) Costa will replace Mena (loan finished). VICTOR (ON LOAN ROM LE HAVRE) Le Havre has a player who cost 12 millions and he is available for loan(without any wage payment from us) ?Thanks! EPPLER (FROM AUE FOR 350,000€) EPPLER will replace Silva. SQUAD TACTICS 1ST 2ND 3RD PRE SEASON FIXTURES RESULTS Another very good pre season.We lost very difficult from A.Madrid and R.Sociedad and smashed Brondby. SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION SEASON ODDS Books predict a bad season for us. COPA DEL REY 1ST ROUND DRAW An easy task for us in our first Copa Del Rey game this season. OTHER NEWS SEASON TICKETS SALES PLAYERS ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY
  9. SEASON 2030/2031 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION SEASON REVIEW MAIN SEASON LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE PLAY OFF SHEDULLE Really i should'n complain because it was a great season which we start awfull but after October we played amazing football.Injuries and international duty of key players cost us in play offs. LEAGUE AWARDS TOP GOALSCORER Vinciguera for another season was amazing. GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR COPA DEL REY SHEDULLE We were out very soon from cup but from a La Liga side. ANDORRA FC AWARDS AND BEST XI BEST XI AWARDS AND STATS U18 Still no sight of them.. OTHER NEWS RECORDS New league position and attendance record. UPGRADES We keep growing. SPANISH AND ANDORRAN COMPETITIONS & COEFFICIENTS SPAIN Barca won league and Real Madrid Copa Del Rey.For another season la liga remain 2nd in Europe with 7 european places for spanish clubs. ANDORRA Lusitanos made the double.Primera fall a place and will have 4 european places for next year. ANDORRAN CLUBS IN EUROPE lUSITANOS SANT JULIA MASSANA INTER CLUB D'ESCALDES Very good season for Andorran clubs except from Inter.Especially Massana, in their first european adventure they eliminate Chickhura. OTHER EUROPEAN LEAGUES AND COMPETITIONS ENGLAND ITALY GERMANY 19 titles in row for Bayern!! FRANCE Montpellier made the miracle and dethrone Pari(who finished 3rd!) CL But they won CL against Milan.. EL ANDORRA MEN'S TEAM NEWS Andorra continued their good results and took a draw against N.Macedonia before lose very difficult from Netherlands.Another regen from us(Queiruga) took his first cap.Now we have four regens in their star XI. HOLLIDAYS
  10. SEASON 2030/2031 JUNE 2031 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION PLAY OFF SEMI-FINAL LEG 1 CORDOBA VS F.C. ANDORRA LINE UPS GAME I don't want to use excuses guys but the fact that we had many key players out or in bad condition cost us this huge defeat.Anyway we hold very good until 1st goal but after that we crashed.. HIGHLIGHTS 1-0( 34' DUSSART) 2-0( 36' OGUNSANHA) 3-0(41' DUSSART) 4-0(45' THIEL) SEMI-FINAL LEG 2 F.C. ANDORRA VS CORDOBA LINE UPS GAME Medrano's mistake end our (very few) hopes to turn this leg.So another year at this category.. HIGHLIGHTS 1-0(45' KAHLINA) 2-0(46' LOPEZ) 2-1(55' VARELA)
  11. SEASON 2030/2031 MAY/JUNE 2031 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Defeat from Cordoba and draw against Lugo end our hopes for automatical promotion.At least we secured 3rd place and will start promotion play off with avantage. PLAY OFF DRAW OPPONENT PROFILE Coroba is a good team and our past meetings wasn't good for us.. F.C. ANDORRA PREPARATIONS Well if things were normal we would be the favourite but with all these players out(injuries,international duty) i don't know what to expect here..
  12. SEASON 2030/2031 MARCH/APRIL 2031 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Another incredible run and we put pressure on Gijon for 2nd place!! NEXT GAMES They have 5 points avantage but if we continue like this you never know.. OTHER NEWS YOUTH INTAKE Definetely our best youth intake ever.. BEST REGENS AGUILAR This guy looks already ready for first team. RUIZ Ruiz became our's and Segunda's younger player who played in a game ever. GAVILAN HOCES MEDINA TRANSFER IN TOSIC I sign Tosic only because i had a Serbian guy in our squad who straggled to adapt here.He played in one game (for 15 minutes) and became Segunda's older player ever who played in a game.He has 20! in set pieces(corner,penalty and free kick) and 1 in Stamina... ANDORRA MEN'S TEAM REPORT Andorra had two very respective defeats for European quilifiers from Wales and Bosnia with 3 regens + 1 older player(Alavedra) from us in their start XI!
  13. SEASON 2030/2031 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2031 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE We are stable and good results keep coming,especially against Cadiz we were amazing and smashed them 7-1!I don't think we can catch automatic promotion(first 2 places) but we are going to be in promotion play offs. TRANSFER MARKET OUT We loaned out 2 these guys because they hadn't much playing time here. IN DJURIC I wanted Djuric from last summer but he had renew his contract with Vojvodina and didn't wanted to sign for us.This time we sign him(575,000),he has great potential. NEW AFFILIATE Also S.D Logrones will be our third affiliate club.
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