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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Have you see something worst(Look down to Aiolikos)??
  2. Win everything with Imps and Gib!!

    2/3 SEASON 2025/2026 JANUARY TRANSFERS 6 OUT (4 LOAN FINISHED,2 FREE TRANSFER) 4 IN (3 AMAZING LOANS AND 1 GIBRALTARIAN AND OUR EX REGEN AS FREE TRANSFER) LEAGUE TABLE AND SHED 17 Wins and 1 lost,Glasics break our beautifull record.. EL KNOCK OUT ROUND FIRST GAME Very bad defensive play from us and big home loss... EL KNOCK OUT ROUND 2ND GAME Amazing 2nd game we equalized first game's result but we were awfull in penalty shoot out(lost first 4 penalties) and we are out from EL,still it was an amazing performance in Europe... REGENS Finally a very good DM in youth candinates this year...
  3. Portugal which nations are similar?

    I think Andorra, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau have relationships with Portugal too..
  4. Yeah he said something about an anagrams-game make us try to find some of the new features..
  5. I couldn't do this because I want as much realism as i can have but you deserve Congratulations for this!! 👏
  6. I loved LMA manager I played 2007 for many years after release date...
  7. Very good man.. I wouldn't concern about financial,this is normal in the situation you are now.. When you get another promotion money in segunda division will be more,your status will change to professional and maybe you will have some good offers for your players.. Let's hope you will make the miracle against Deportivo La Coruna..
  8. Long journey mate..Have patience and you will make it..
  9. Opinions on Northern Ireland?

    I haven't play in Northern Ireland but I played many saves in small reputation leagues (Gibraltar,Andorra) this feeling when you finally pass CL 2nd quilifier is amazing Always wanted to start a save with Crusaders I like their colours and especially their badge, also IRL every year they try pass a round in Europe and they can't, this year they lost this opportunity in last minutes against a Latvian club.. Good luck whatever you choose..
  10. Congrats for CL title..One of the best fm players i have ever see..
  11. Ecellent results in qualifiers.. Ibrahim could help you in national team and Lee Casciaro is old but still a killer.. Good luck!!
  12. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Good luck man,this English winger looks good..
  13. No it wasn't him.. I won promotion from Primera Catalana and i was in good form like you in Tercera but then i had some problems with my laptop (i change it) and then start my save in Gibraltar.. Anyway good luck i can't wait see you beat Real and Barca..
  14. Good luck,i manage them in fm17 but i started from Primera Catalana(editor)..Excellent start i will follow this..P.S Did you left Saez or you couldn't keep him because if i remember wright he is very talented..