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  1. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    SEASON 2021/2022 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2021 SPANISH THIRD DIVISION GROUP 5 We start very good but still with 2 defeats,especially against Castelldefels we were awfull. ANDORRA U21s Not much to say here,we played very good against Austria and hold game to tie until 73th minute.Belgium was too much for us and score was 3-0 already from first half.
  2. Sheriff7

    Just another Club/Country save

    Good luck mate. I loved my save there..
  3. Sheriff7

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    It looks (and is) difficult but you can fight even for second place and automatical promotion. Last games will be very interest and hard task and that's why we love this game. Good luck mate!
  4. Your bank balance looks beautiful...
  5. Sheriff7

    [FM19]A Colwyn Blows Through England...

    Very stable season mate. Your promotion-contenders were good too but you were just amazing...
  6. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    We have to mate. This is our 3rd year in this category so no excuses for us..
  7. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    SEASON 2021/2022 PRE SEASON JULY/AUGUST 2021 TRANSFERS As i said before this year we made big lifting in our squad.Some players who were dissapointing last year left anf we have 8 new signings. IN VICTOR GARCIA FRAN MARTINEZ JAUME DIARRA PADELA XAVI !?? MENDIBELZUA DANIEL WONG Most of them as you can see in a very promising age. SQUAD TACTICS Of course we lost our tactical cohesion. FRIENDLY GAMES Good results except game against Barca of course.And something important,no injuries.. SPANISH THIRD DIVISION GROUP 5 BOARD EXPECTATIONS Our board again has very "low" expectations. LEAGUE ODDS Bet on me guys,this a value..
  8. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    SEASON 2020/2021 MAY/JUNE 2021 SPANISH THIRD DIVISION GROUP 5 In last 2 months my player gave up trying and had their minds in hollidays.5/5 draws in our last games SEASON REVIEW SPANISH THIRD DIVISION GROUP 5 SHEDULLE  Our season wasn't neither bad or good,we finished 6th but with huge difference from 1st place.We need many changes if we want to fight for promotion. BEST XI AWARDS & STATS U18 For another year our U18 secured their place in first division. SPANISH AND ANDORRAN LEAGUES AND CUPS SPAIN Real Madrid won La Liga and Valencia Spanish cup. ANDORRA Lusitans with their amazing Portuguese regens dethrone Sant Julia for Andorran league.Santa Coloma won for 3rd time in row Andorran cup. ANDORRAN CLUBS IN EUROPE SANT JULIA LUZITANS SANTA COLOMA Excellent year for all Andorran clubs in european quilifiers,especially for Sant Julia who eliminate Zalgiris in CL. OTHER EUROPEAN LEAGUES AND COMPETITIONS ENGLAND ITALY GERMANY FRANCE CL Pari again!Also Milan reaching final is a surprise. EL Another lost final for Benfica........ ANDORRA U21s CALL UP RESULTS (FRIENDLY GAMES) JUNE 2021 A win against Kazakstan and a dissapointing draw against Malta. NEXT GAMES (SEPTEMBER 2021) Next games are for European quilifiers and against very difficult opponents. ANDORRA MENS SQUAD REVIEW Andorra's men team are in the same group (WC Quilifiers) with Liechtenstein and will fight to avoid last place. HOLLIDAYS
  9. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

  10. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    SEASON 2020/2021 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER/JANUARY 2020-2021 THIRD DIVISION GROUP 5 We had some good results and reduced difference from 1st place to 3 points in December but 3 draws in row for January left us 9 points behind from 1st Hospitalet. ANDORRA U21s EUROPEAN U21 CHAMPIONSHIP DRAW ANDORRAN DRAW SHEDULLE Well....Maybe the worst draw we could have.I will be happy if we can win Montenegro or Iceland..
  11. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    Thanks mate.Sorry for no updates guys but I have much work in my new house.I'll try to update something next days..
  12. Sheriff7

    [FM19]A Colwyn Blows Through England...

    Well done mate, excellent work. 37 assists must be a record..
  13. Sheriff7

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    SEASON 2020/2021 SPANISH THIRD DIVISION GROUP 5 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER/OCTOMBER 2020 Much better start this season and 6th place until now,Hospitalet made amazing start and lost only from us! ANDORRA U21s Except game against giants France we finished this campain excellent with national team,4th place with 10 points which i'm pretty sure is a record for Andorra U21s.. NEXT GAMES