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  1. You should manage Faroe Islands national team too.
  2. Thanks mate.Yeah managing both a club and a nation really slow things down and in the start the results are awful.I usually wait until national team manager leaves his post but this time i really wanted to manage Andorran IRL players (who are quite old) also one of them is my friend in Twitter and I really wanted to give hime a call because IRL he has problems with Andorra's national team manager.Actually we had a conversation in Twitter about this..
  3. SEASON 2024/2025 DECEMBER/JANUARY 2024-2025 TRANSFERS OUT *Tsetsilas wanted more playing time and that's why we loaned him to Sporting CP.Hes value now is on 7 millions and i have big plans for him for the next season. *Also we end Azevendo's loan from Inter.He was very disappointed in our games . RETIREMENTS Happy retirement Sokratis! IN He came to replace Azevedo. Always liked this guy and i believe he didn't made the career he could had.Anyway he came to us on loan from Tottenham to make the difference. He will replace Sokratis. FUTURE TRANFERS A GENERAL VIEW LALIGA SANTANDER An awfull December followed from a beautifful January see us 13th with 8 points difference from death places. COPA DEL REY FIRST ROUND DRAW FIRST ROUND CERCEDILLA VS F.C. ANDORRA Easy enough.. SECOND ROUND DRAW SECOND ROUND PERALDA-GIRONA B VS F.C. ANDORRA Another easy win against Peralda-Girona B. INFO Our international player Alex Martinez plays there.He wasn't good against us. THIRD ROUND DRAW Awfull draw.. THIRD ROUND SEVILLA VS F.C. ANDORRA Sevilla was too much for us... OTHER NEWS INJURIES UPGRADES OFFERS YOUTH INTAKE PREVIEW PLAYERS ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY NATIONAL TEAM SEASON AWARDS & BEST XI WC EUROPEAN QUILIFIERS DRAW A very interesting draw!Let's see what we can make here. FIFA WORLD RANKINGS NEXT Spain and Faroe islands are first. OTHER GLOBAL NEWS AWARD WINNERS MANAGERS PLAYERS
  4. 3rd place for the first season will be a great achievement in Gibraltar. Imps and College Europa are miles away from every other also St Josephs changed level in last 2-3 years and closed the gap between them and the two giants.Try to sign their main striker Juanfri he is amazing.Good luck!
  5. You will win promotion next season mate don't get disappointed.
  6. Good luck to Hellas Verona with the very interesting greek story behind their name! "Founded in 1903 by a group of high school students, the club was named Hellas (the Greek word for Greece), at the request of a professor of classics.[2]"
  7. SEASON 2024/2025 NOVEMBER 2024 TRANSFERS OUT He wasn't in my start XI and he asked to leave.Money were quite good. LALIGA SANTANDER A month with mixed results see us with 6 points difference from relegation places. OTHER NEWS INJURIES Hospital... PLAYERS ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY NATIONAL TEAM UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE GROUP 1 TABLE & NEXT GAMES CALL UP INJURY MATCHDAY 5 MALTA VS ANDORRA If you can't win a game at least don't lose it... INFO MATCHDAY 6 SAN MARINO VS ANDORRA And a win with good performance against San Marino. INFO GROUP 1 TABLE & RESULTS We couldn't gave a battle to Luxembourg for 1st place but we made a record of points in our history and the future looks much better.I think we left behind us teams of this level (like Malta and San Marino) and we can look ''higher'' now. FA REACTION . Of course our FA is happy. FIFA WORLD RANKINGS NEXT Another draw in front of us.
  8. SEASON 2024/2025 OCTOBER 2024 LALIGA SANTANDER Only 2 games this month (our game against Athletic Bilbao postponed).Bad performance and two defeats.We have to start playing better soon... OTHER NEWS PLAYERS ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY NATIONAL TEAM UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE DIVISION D GROUP 1 TABLE & NEXT GAMES CALL UP INJURY MATCHDAY 3 ANDORRA VS SAN MARINO We relaxed too much after 2-0 and it almost cost us.Anyway 3 more points in our bag. INFO MATCHDAY 4 INFO ANDORRA VS LUXEMBOURG As you can see from the stats we didn't deserved to lose here... GROUP 1 TABLE NEXT GAMES Luxembourg secured 1st place so the only thing we can achieve in this group is to finish 2nd with a good finish against Malta and San Marino.
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