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  1. SEASON 2027/2028 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2028 SPANISH SEGUND DIVISION By LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE We play better than ever and we deserve 1st place,defeat from Alaves B in our last game hurt us although.. OTHER NEWS BOARD EXPECTATIONS After all these excellent results we decide to change season's goals. TRANSFERS OUT Kiko and Alavendra loaned out to get some games and Keita was bad so i decide to send him on loan. IN PASTOR N'GOM N'Gom will be Keita's replacement. INFO SQUAD And this is our (finally) squad for this season. UPGRADES Our first upgrade ever completed.
  2. I know this is illegal indeed but happens all the time IRL without any serious impact for clubs plus they could add these additional suspensions you wrote in fm too.Just to give it as option too team talk area was my request actually.
  3. I would like to have as option to say in a player "get a red card" because i don't want to lose him in more than 1 game due yelow cards restrictions-rules,it happens al the time IRL and i think it is a fair request-suggestion.
  4. SEASON 2027/2028 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2027 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION B2 LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Just great!It seems we will fight against Alaves B for 1st place. HIGHLIGHT A beautifull goal from Wilfried. INFO CANILLAS What can i say about this guy?Every year he starts as bench player and every time he finishes season as a start XI!In age of 31 with only 2 stars for rating and he scores like crazy!! ANDORRA MENS TEAM NEWS Andorra's Mens tem made and amazing quilifing campain with a record of point collection,so i don't see my self as their manager in near future...
  5. SEASON 2027/2028 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION B2 LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE We made good start in league,3rd place with 3 points difference from 1st Alaves B.We play good football and when we gain better tactical cohesion results will be much better. COPA DEL REY 1ST ROUND In a dramatical game we eliminate Sabadell in penalty shootout. 2ND ROUND DRAW GAME And an early exit from cup this year.We took the lead in extra time but they turn it.It was my mistake because i made huge rotation here.It will cost us financially.. OTHER NEWS TRANSFERS! IN RODRIGUEZ Well i didn't have any problem with our left backs but this guy was too good and i couldn't resist from offering him a contract.Anyway every good player fits in our roster.. ........ And he injured for 2 months 2 weeks after.... PASTOR I told you before that this guy was my target.Finaly he dropped hes financial requirements and I sign him,the bad thing is that he will join us on 4th January...
  6. Good work mate.Now we are in the same season in fm.It took 3 months to me getting there and 2 weeks to you...
  7. SEASON 2027/2028 SEASON EXPECTATIONS Well this is strange,our board has lower expectations this year.. PRE SEASON JULY/AUGUST 2027 TRANSFERS IN OTERO A player who played for Valencia in past can change our level. GARITANO The only loan we made this season.Garitano is an excellent choiche for our right side.. DIEZ He is a bet for us but i believe he will help us. CASADO A very good and experienced Goalkeeper with great career in Spain and Greece.We needed this for a long time now.. DANI We already knew Dani,he played(on loan) for us last 5! years.Now he came as free agent. TARGETS If we sign Pator i will be satisfied with my roster. SQUAD This time i tried not to have too many loans in our roster and we did it. TACTICS 1ST 2ND This is new,let's see if it will works. Our pre season was only 4 weeks this year because we finished last one at late june. SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISON B SEASON ODDS For first time books give us 8th favourite! COPA DEL REY 1ST ROUND DRAW No bye this year....
  8. SEASON 2026/2027 REVIEW SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION B MAIN SEASON LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE PLAY OFF PICTURE SHEDULLE It was a tremendous season who finished really bad for us.We must collect our pieces and return stronger next year. LEAGUE AWARDS Canillas was on fire!! COPA DEL REY SHEDULLE Very good season for us at Copa Del Rey,we lost in 4th round from A.Madrid who reached final. FC ANDORRA AWARDS BEST XI AWARDS AND STATS U18 Too close for our U18.... OTHER NEWS SPANISH AND ANDORRAN COMPETITIONS & COEFFICIENTS SPAIN R.Madrid dethrone Barca who won Copa Del Rey.La liga remain 2nd in Europe. ANDORRA Luzitans won again league and Sant Julia andorran cup.Andorran Premier is 99th in Europe. ANDORRAN CLUBS IN EUROPE LUZITANS SANT JULIA FC SANTA COLOMA ENGORDANY A bad season for Andorran clubs. OTHER EUROPEAN LEAGUES AND COMPETITIONS ENGLAND ITALY GERMANY 15/15 for Bayern! FRANCE CL A French final for CL! EL MANU won EL against Montpelier! ANDORRA MEN'S TEAM NEWS Men's team campain until now for European quilifiers is very good. VACATIONS After last game nightmare we need some vacations....
  9. SEASON 2026/2027 JUNE 2027 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION B PLAY OFF THIRD ROUND 1ST LEG FC ANDORRA VS ESPANYOL B PRE GAME LINE UPS GAME Very good!We were the best team and if we play again like this promotion will be ours! THIRD ROUND 2ND LEG ASPANYOL B VS ANDORRA FC PRE GAME LINE UPS GAME And we lost promotion to Segunda division with a goal at 95th minute........ INFO I can't express how i feel now... HIGHLIGHTS Also i forget to tell you that the goal who cost us promotion was an owngoal... PRESS CONFERENCE Really guys i don't know what to say, this is my worst fm experience ever..I hope no one else will face something like this ever again...
  10. SEASON 2026/2027 JUNE 2027 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION B PLAY OFF 2ND ROUND 1ST LEG FC ANDORRA VS MIRANDES PRE GAME LINE UPS GAME We gave big fight had some luck and we are going to play in 2nd leg with our home sheet clean. 2ND ROUND 2ND LEG MIRANDES VS FC ANDORRA PRE GAME LINE UPS GAME YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.My boys were amazing,another big fight today and we are in promotion play off final!One step from Segunda division! HIGHLIGHTS Keita came from bench because Wilfried injured and with a cool finish gave us the lead and progress to next phase! POST GAME PRESS CONFERENCE Their coach was mad but who cares?? INJURY And we left without left winger....... THIRD ROUND DRAW ANDORRA FC DRAW OPPONENT PROFILE Espanyol B will be our final opponent for promotion to Segunda division.They finished 2nd in our group and have better squad from us,like our last 2 opponents... INFO Morale is great in our team and a member from our stuff reject an offer from french club Auxerre! ANDORRA FC GAME PREPARATIONS MORALE I had a talk with my squad before these very important games and it went very good. PRESS CONFERENCE Again we are the outsider but we are going to give huge fight!
  11. SEASON 2026/2027 MAY/JUNE 2027 SEGUNDA DIVISION B PLAY OFF 1ST ROUND 1ST LEG FC ANDORRA VS REAL BETIS B PRE GAME LINE UPS GAME Amazing!I couldn't believe how good we were!9 shots on target,2 goals and 0! shots on target from our opponent! HIGHLIGHTS 1ST ROUND 2ND LEG REAL BETIS B VS FC ANDORRA PRE GAME LINE UPS GAME Another good performance and we are to next round! HIGHLIGHTS INFO INJURY Of course it came with a cost,Aritz will be out for some weeks. PLAYERS ON INTERNATIONAL DUTY And we had some other losses due international games brake.. 2ND ROUND DRAW FC ANDORRA DRAW OPPONENT INFO Mirandes is a very good team who finished 1st in our group and won us twice this year.
  12. SEASON 2026/2027 APRIL/MAY 2027 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION B LEAGUE TABLE (FINAL) SHEDULLE ffffffffffffffffffff...A very stressfull main season ends and we finished in a play off place! INFO With a win in last game against Logrones B we secured 4th place but we played unexpectable and draw,thanks god Lleida played for themselves and won Alaves B who was our main contender,Mirandes,Bilbao B and Espanyol B had already secured their places. PROMOTION PLAY OFF DRAW FC ANDORRA DRAW Better draw this time,i believe we can eliminate them. OPPONENT INFO They have big help from their A team and finished second in their group. ANDORRA FC GAME PREPARATIONS FRIENDLY GAME We smashed an Andorran club 1 week before play off games. MORALE For first time i spoke to each player separately and it had very good affect to their morale. FANS REACTIONS Our fans will be here for us. PRESS CONFERENCE AND PRE GAME TALK We are the outsider but we are going to fight until last minute.. TO BE CONTINUED.....
  13. SEASON 2026/2027 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2026 SPANISH SEGUNDA DIVISION B LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE 2 more good months and we are in play off places,teams who are higher from us make amazing season until now and i am pretty sure some bads results will come for them too. COPA DEL REY 4TH ROUND A.MADRID VS ANDORRA FC We tried a lot but difference was huge here.Two defeats with very respective scores from A.Madrid for Copa Del Rey. INFO 400!! OFFERS! Getafe and Zaragoza wanted me. And for this reason... NEW CONTRACT Andorra fc board scared that they will lose their best manager ever and i sign new 3 years contract with them.. OTHER NEWS BANK BALLANCE Money from our Copa Del Rey participation were very good. UPGRADES And we made our first upgrade ever! INJURIES We had some serious injuries at this point of the season. TRANSFERS OUT Kiko and Alavedra were two good back ups for us + they are Andorran but they were disappointed because they wanted more playing time,i loaned them out and when loan finishes i will offer them new contracts with back up roles this time. IN N'DIAYE A Villareal "product" came to replace Alavedra,he can evolved to a key player for us. TONI GONZALEZ Toni came because Wilfried injured and we left with only one left winger. DIAZ And finally Diaz came as back-up of our Goalkeeper place,he is Andorran and i know him from Andorra U21s call ups. ANDORRA MENS TEAM NEWS Andorra's Mens team had a bad nations league campain. INFO But their manager place looks safe for now.
  14. At least for Spanish 3rd tier(which i am now in my save) it would be impossible for them to stay with no strong squad, even staying at 4th tier would be a very difficult task.
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