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  2. JUNE/JULY/AUGUST 2025 "GOLD CUP 2025-TIME FOR THE NEXT STEP" SCOUTING UNDECLARED Many rejects here. CALL UP(GOLD CUP SQUAD) R.Haps return from his injury but Pinas is still injured.In our warm up game against Canada we played very good.We look ready for the main tournament. FA EXPECTATIONS MATCHDAY 1 Amazing result against Costa Rica!They took the lead 2 times but we played amazingly and turn it!A great first step to reach qrt final! A comfortable win for Mexico in the other game. MATCHDAY 2 We gave huge battle against Mexico but they have an amazing team. A difficult win for Costa Rica in the other game. MATCHDAY 3 A draw against Guadeloupe,we opened the score but Haps red card made the things very difficult for us.Anyway this draw is an excellent result and... We are in qrt final for first time in our history! QRT FINAL DRAW Of course our draw would be very difficult but we are going to enjoy it. MATCHDAY We made it difficult for them for 45 minutes.In the start of the second half they scored twice and finished the job. Of course we reached our goal. TOURNAMENT REVIEW Mexico was by far the best team of this tournament,just see the stats in the final! AWARDS 2nd place for Haps here. BEST XI FA REACTION FIFA WORLD RANKINGS 1 place up.We are almost in half in N.America. OTHER NEWS RETIREMENT After a great career my inspiration for this save retired.After 51 caps Biseswar hang out his boots. But he will stay with us.He is Van Der Vaart's new assman! Actually many ex-Suriname internationals are our staff members now. NEXT World cup quilifiers and our games against Bermuda ans Honduras are next!
  3. Τough results,sometimes in fm your players just forget how to play football.
  4. JUNE 2024 "First games of 3rd round" SCOUTING UNDECLARED He could be an option for the future. CALL UP 2 key players are out with injuries,Haps(Strabourg) and Shaquille Pinas(Ado den haag). MATCHDAY 1 It was a close game.They opened the score in 51st minute and then we left with 10 players,we gave big fight after that but nothing changed.A bad start. A comfortable win for Honduras in the other game. MATCHDAY 2 Awfull view..... Another close game.A draw against strong Honduras isn't a bad result but we must start winning games. 2/2 for Curasao. Next game against Bermuda is must-win for us and then a difficult away game agaist Honduras. A difficult win against Barbados in this friendly game. THE HIGHLIGHT An amazing goal from our captain. FIFA WORLD RANKINGS 1 place up.. NEXT A preperation game and then another Gold Cup begins.
  5. Who in hell they have 5 millions in their balance?
  6. MAY 2025 "Another draw!" Also our GC 2024 draw took place. NEXT It will be a very interesting summer!
  7. MARCH 2025 "WC 2026 quilifying phase begins for us-2 no return games against Cuba" SCOUTING UNDECLARED Sporkslede decide to play for us. CALL UP Our strong squad for our crucial games against Cuba, only Lowijk will miss first game (cards). THE NEWCOMER Surinamese FA wants from Van Der Vaart and his boys to quilify in 3rd round. LEG 1 As you can easily see we had the control of this game from the start but we couldn't score.Haps put an end in our(finishing) misery but he injured. THE HIGHLIGHT Our goal came after a beautifull compination. Haps injury was very serious(2-4 months),experienced Jozefzoon will be his replacement. LEG 2 We almost bottled it here.Again we create many chances and couldn't score,they punished us in their first real chance(after a huge mistake from our experienced center back Abena) but Klaiber came with a close volley after a free kick and send our heart back in her place. We are in 3rd round. SECOND ROUND RESULTS A huge sock from Berbuda(149) who eliminate Panama(81st)! THIRD ROUND DRAW Canada,U.S.A and Mexico allready quilified because they are the host countries! It is difficult but i believe we can make it. INFO Since we have a new format here are the new rules. FIFA WORLD RANKINGS A new move up. NEXT Third round starts immediately with 2 very important games on next June,also i arranged a friendly game against an opponent who is in the same level with Bermuda.
  8. DECEMBER/JANUARY 2024/2025 "Awards nights" AWARDS SURINAME BEST XI FOR 2024 SURINAME BEST XI OVERAL SURINAMESE LEAGUE N.AMERICA WORLD OTHER NEWS RETIREMENT Well everything comes to an end in some time.Our captain and the inspiration of this save decide to retire next August,in the age of 37.
  9. NOVEMBER 2024 "Last preperation games-new faces" CALL UP THE NEWCOMER(S) A comfortable win against weak Turks & Caicos. And an excellent performance and win against much stronger Panama.We look ready for our games against Cuba(next March). FIFA WORLD RANKINGS 4 places up! NEXT OTHER NEWS THE OFFER Thanks but i am ok here.
  10. OCTOBER 2024 "Preperation continue and WC quilifiers draw" CALL UP WITHDRAWN A difficult away win against Guatemala. And a perfect performance and win against strong Curacao.We start playing very good. THE HIGHLIGHT A beautifull goal from distance from Markelo. FIFA WORLD RANKINGS 2 places up and we left behind us Guatemala. WORLD CUP QUILIFIERS SECOND ROUND DRAW Cuba will be our first opponent in road to WC 2026.They have a decent squad so it won't be easy. NEXT Our last friendlies before our games against Cuba.
  11. AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2024 "WC 2028 quilifiers preperation starts" EURO 2024 France won Euro 2024. SCOUTING UNDECLARED Newcomers..They changed for us. CALL UP First call for Hardley(ex-ManU),Haas(ADO Den Haag) and Liesdek(Telstar). WITHDRAWN AND INJURIES A goaless draw... 50 games for Van Der Vaart in Suriname! Another draw against decent Haiti in their home,we equalized in last minutes. FIFA WORLD RANKINGS NEXT Guatemala and Curacao are next,also we have WC quilifiers 2nd phase draw. AROUND THE WORLD AWARDS
  13. JUNE 2024 "The last friendlies for season 2023-2024" SCOUTING UNDECLARED CALL UP We couldn't score against Andorra! An injury also... And we scored 3 times against Iraq... FIFA WORLD RANKINGS We won another place in fifa rankings. INFO WC 2026 quilifying campaign in N.America allready start,we will enter from second phase(17/10/2024). NEXT Our next friendlies will be against N.American nations,our preparation for next WC quilifiers starts.
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