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  1. Great Stuff! Nesselquist ball is alive and well in Italy.... Slovakia is my next updates destination for which I should start posting sometime this week. Training is important. Are you going the "Luzern" route?
  2. You now have to deal with "Great Expectations"! Fantastic Season. Verdi will probably need to get out the checkbook to keep the team together,,,,,
  3. Globetrotting! and not too shabby European Football when you are expected to be Mid-table.
  4. Interested as always in your work. I have continued playing the Grenoble save, but moved clubs and brought Nesselquist Ball to Torino in Italy. I just don't have the time to write. But I will probably start another "Career" after school finishes for the year and I get grading done. Until then I will await updates with much impatience!
  5. PSG in the game seems to play out like they do in real life. Dominate France but NEVER do anything in Europe no matter what Superstars/Wonderkids they bring in EVERY Transfer Window. I think that is one of their problems....they never have a settled team! Is Guardiola still at MC in your save. In mine it is 2034 and he is at AC Milan.
  6. Pedroso sounds like another Coutinho....beware of a "flame out"!
  7. The only thing I can say is work on the Defense.....that is what is keeping you from having 3rd place all to yourself. My Guess about why your so far behind RM and Barca is draws that should be wins and losses that should be draws. Unless you start scoring even more goals!
  8. Your dedication to Latvian Football is remarkable! KUTGW!
  9. You definitely improved the club....even the AI could win titles. I think I will put a spin on this 5 year in the future run and have Dauphinais "Comeback" to managing after 5 seasons after resigning for personal reasons! I will then continue my now on hiatus save after the school year finishes in a few weeks. @SixPointer Good Luck in your new save. Will you be posting it by chance?
  10. It was a dominant season, but getting 100 points means at least 32 wins with NO losses. Might just as well ask to be the Invincibles!
  11. The Second Tactic will work, but it has growing pains..it especially needs a lot of tactical familiarity. The reason the First Tactic worked better was tactical familiarity. Keep plugging away Nesselquist Ball works! England was going to win probably any way, it was just by how much. KUTGW!
  12. KUTGW! Latvia is slowly becoming a power....especially when you start playing members of the National Team in Serie A.
  13. Are you thinking of taking another challenge in the world ODD made? I think that might be an avenue to consider....starting as an unknown manager in 2030 or whenever or take Nesselquist to Germany to rebuild a fallen Giant at that date and think up a whole new tactical setup!
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