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  1. Not Sure the Greenock Morton FC job is a step up. A job in the Championship of England or Premiership in Scotland should be your target for a new job. Otherwise some how make TNS a force in European Football. (start by making the Group Stage of ECC and or EC)
  2. I have not won the Champions League...I qualify for it then reach Group Stage and get slaughtered by the Big Clubs (Barcelona, Chelsea, and Ajax this year). I AM most successful Manager in ICT History... Even with the Champion's League money ($17.28M this year) I don't have a large wage bill. ($7M/Year) Trying to put club on solid foundations first (upgrading Facilities and Stadium and improving youth coaching) then eventually overtaking Rangers, Celtic, and Hibernian for League title before I get bored and leave for MLS! I love playing MLS because the league is relatively balanced No really dominant sides and I can be creative Tactically and create a dominant side. I have been using a Counterattacking 4-5-1 in current save, but will change systems when I go MLS.
  3. I've been mucking about the Manchester suburbs in Vanarama League with Stalybridge Celtic and then moved on to Inverness, Scotland for Scottish Premier League Football with Inverness Caledonian Thistle (Most successful manager ever in 2033) in current save...
  4. Glad to see another American mucking about in Europe! Hope you go far!
  5. Too Loose is winning? Klopp usually leaves before getting sacked by Liverpool in my games.....usually leaving for a Spanish Club before returning to England as Man City or Arsenal Manager.
  6. Follow the Money..... I have to! Good Luck!
  7. @optimusprimal82: you posted the wrong league table. The one posted is from much earlier in the season! Cheers for you most likely surviving in the Premier League...
  8. Familiarity with a tactic is great, but if you stick with it too long AI does adapt. In my current Stalybridge Celtic save I have been playing a defensive 4-1-4-1 Wide that has kept my picked 24th relegation candidates for the past two seasons in the VNL! In the Third season we stayed up but the AI went All out Attack and press against us which it never did before...(every team)!
  9. I am by no means an expert or a tactical wizard, but I have felt that my team plays much better when I manage them personally. I have an instant result button that allows me to speed through seasons. I generally manage ALL the home matches and away matches against relegation candidates especially now that I am managing a relegation candidate. When I play a bigger team I often insta-result the league matches and only manage in the Europa or Champions League. I have a pretty good understanding of how a 4-2-3-1 Wide and appropriate roles...learned over several FM's. I am currently trying to figure out a 4-1-4-1 Wide DM with the current team... Been noticing that I can up the mentality against the AI because it is either All out Attack or All out Defense when I manage against it. Especially when I am an underdog. I appreciate the insight this and all of the careers have give me into FM.
  10. I noticed that playing on Balanced instead of Defensive helped get on the scoresheet as well. I think because AI Teams had gotten used to me playing defensive they were much more attacking and my Attacking players were able to find space in behind them. I am currently getting killed by tall Targetmen, because my CB's are almost all ONLY 5'10" Tall. Stalybridge must be populated by dwarfs...LOL Try to save those kids that are being "sniffed" around!
  11. I have one game to go in my re-done season. It came out about the same a few more wins and a few less draws (20), but I can still set the VNL record with one more draw. I will still end up about 14-15th place which is the same as the "lost" season. I will ask for professional status again but won't resign over it. I need it because the players were beginning to get fatigued with all the matches. Had two good cup runs ( FA Cup 3rd RD and FA Trophy Semi-Finals) The only thing that suck and is different is my youth intake,,,,got a bunch of low determination and unambitious types instead of Fairly Professionals!
  12. Just become the master of the Draw...like my season I lost. I set a VNL record with 22 Draws! 38 Draws=38points in Premier League In your case 23 more Draws are needed, easy as pie...LOL! Have fun either way. Your players are probably NOT ready for the Premier League. Just like mine are probably not really ready to be pros...yet we keep grinding out results draws are as good as wins if you stay up!
  13. Good Luck in the Premier League. I am reliving the 2025-2026 season all over again. (I tried to go Professional after coming in 14th after 25 Draws! the first time around) and I resigned. Unfortunately the only save I have before the resignation is from preseason. I'm making the same personnel decisions and as long as I finish midtable the save won't be too corrupted. I am just about fed up with my board...
  14. Good Luck in the Premier League! Even with the new stadium your finances should be fine. No wonder my finances suck...I only have 79 season ticket holders as Stalybridge Celtic. What I would do to have 2095! (that would make the team self sufficient @$379/year) My Stadium Sponsor shells out $14.5K/year But I have saved over $500k in the bank and the board would let me spend nearly $800k for transfers. I think we will have to go pro to make anymore progress...if we can afford it.
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