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  1. Grenoble Foot 38 October 2030 : Regular Season "These are the times that try men's souls" Gerard was relatively happy with the team and its place in Ligue 1, but a little drop off was inevitable with the massive rotation and tactic switching. The Month of October would see Five Fixtures. Three in Ligue 1 and Two in Champions League. As always Gerard was looking for 6 points from the League matches. Schedule As one can see the team didn't start the month off right....and Eduardo Pires is in a slump....it isn't for trying from both Eduardo and Gerard. After
  2. Grenoble Foot 38 September 2030 : Regular Season "Hanging Tough" Gerard was not exactly happy with the way the team started the season but at least they had managed to stay in the top half of the table. September would be very busy with a total of 6 matches and an International break this is where the team would truly be tested and Gerard would know if they had the mettle. Schedule The team played well against Bordeaux to start the month and it continued at home against AS Monaco. Gerard and the team then traveled to Munich and used the 3-5-2 formation aga
  3. Grenoble Foot 38 August 2030 : "When the going gets tough the tough get going" Gerard wasn't thrilled with his team's performance in some of the Preseason games, but he hoped the fact that the matches were for real would make the team focus on the job at hand. The Four Fixtures this month were all winnable and a good start would do the team a world of good considering that the team would soon be playing in the Champion's League and our Preseason showings proved it would be a real step up in competition. Schedule The opener against OGC Nice was tough,
  4. Champion's League in no time! Just three teams to destroy first.
  5. Congratulations! Some wine can now be partaken! Do you think you have what it takes in Serie A or is this too soon?
  6. Does that mean your in the 2nd Division? or did you make the Top Czechian League? Congratulations on your title and Good Luck next season.
  7. more data than my small brain can comprehend! LOL! You are working miracles and you don't have a "Goal Machine" carrying you..... KUTGW!
  8. I am looking forward to it also. He will get his chance.... I am staying for at least the current season, but it depends. There were two goals at the start of the save and one was achieved.....Grenoble in Champions League the other not so much...
  9. I didn't think it was right to do so because I stated at the beginning this was a one team save. Also I never do really well in international management. IRL like I said a real Gerard would take the job no doubt about it. I also thought about ending the save and thread as well.....because that would be a logical stopping point. There are other saves I would like to try..... This will go on at least one more season.
  10. Grenoble Foot 38 July 2030 : Preseason "It Could be our Year" Gerard headed into Preseason reasonably happy with the team he had assembled. No one of Consequence had come or gone. Yes the new CB was good, but Gerard wasn't entirely convinced that he deserved to start over homegrown product Vidal, who had good partnerships with both Contreras and Zouma. As for tactical changes not many really, Gerard got rid of the rarely used 5-2-3WB Formation and has added another 5-2-1-2WB Formation that he calls the "Nesselquist Variant" it is a true homage but with a Dauphinais twist.
  11. I am taking your advice, but couldn't find a standout player the team can afford. Thanks. Thanks. I hope he turns out well he was considered cover by Gerard but Assman is putting him in Starting lineup in Preseason. Thanks. Gerard is readying for some "consolidation", but is going harder into "Nesselquist Ball"!
  12. Grenoble Foot 38 June 2030 : Offseason "Rotisserie Soccer" Gerard took a few days off after the last game to soak up some rays on the Riviera, but after not too long his mind wandered back to the season to come. He decided wholesale changes DID NOT have to be made. He decided to keep the goals for the team reasonable: -Finish in a European Place -Aim for at least 76 points -at least Quarterfinal's in Coupe de France -qualify for Europa League thru Champion's League if possible But to do that he was going to go with what brought him here penny pinch
  13. Only for converted wingers....lol! I'd rather have a BBM type....but it is hard to find flashy, technical players who CAN tackle.....
  14. You are performing miracles....in spite of your Youth Intakes! Wingers are overrated anyways.....convert them to Central Midfielders! (CM-A works best)
  15. Your Flat 6 "Transitional Overload" almost looks like an ME breaking Downloadable Tactic...LOL! Wish my own tactics worked as well.... KUTGW! This thread and @SixPointer have taught me a lot about the game (FM) and what to look for when watching on TV as well. It helps me appreciate the "Beautiful Game".
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