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  1. Now that you have an AJAX GM will you become youth system oriented? I also approve of all the Tall Players! It helps with Set Pieces.
  2. I currently use a BWM-D and BBM-S as my midfield combo in a 4-2-3-1 I use the BWM-D on the side of the formation with an IF-A. Because the IF-A doesn't track back defensively to often. I also think it is an underrated role for the because it DOES have the PPM HOLD Position. I use a BBM-S to move into channels (so he doesn't roam wide and get in my Winger-S's way) and train either Gets forward or Arrives late in the Box The AP-S that I use in AMC position has ppm Tries killer balls and tries long passes. I also notice he tracks back quite far to make himself available. (I don't know if this is due to High Teamwork and Workrate) I get about 10-15 assists a season from him as well as 8-10 goals. In my system the Winger-S seems to be the star playmaker but that maybe because he is the Corner and Freekick taker.
  3. Bad dip in form at the end of season. Did Jordan Morris stop scoring?
  4. At least you made the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals and host a playoff game. The MLS Trophy is worth more than the Supporters Shield.
  5. Nice Attacking Goals....now to do it more often!
  6. Does your AMC have good vision and passing? It would be good to see the player your using Attributes and PPM's as well as the tactic, roles, duties, and instructions.
  7. Good First Season. Building a solid foundation. Is Baros gonna join your Backroom Staff?
  8. @wazza: My current save (initial FM20 save) started at Wexford. I did ok, but board lacked ambition. I then moved to Bohemians in IPD after some success there,(League Title) I got the Dundalk job. Went undefeated 2024 and jumped ship to the New England Revolution(fan of club and closest to my home) it is now 2028 in my save. This all starting as a Sunday Footballer and my tactics are mix mash of Jurgen Klopp and Mourinho. I gengenpress to a point but build my game around defense and 4-2-3-1 Wide. Also I like Tall (5'10" +) players who are fast, strong, brave, work hard for the team.
  9. Interested. In my save I started at Wexford in Irish First Division. So your gonna play "old school" British Football or will you evolve tactically?
  10. What Formation and tactics are you using? I am playing with NE Revolution in my save . I am finding it hard to keep quality players...the either get their heads turned by a foreign team or want to much money to re-sign. This is because of the wondrous MLS Salary Cap. As far as formation and tactics I use is a 4-2-3-1 Wide Gengenpress and have won two MLS Cups in a row.(I also didn't start in MLS, I got job in 2024.) As far as your Academy is concerned check out the yearly intake email. Sign any players your ASSMAN/HOYD recomend to reserve contracts. USE them in preseason and find out if they capable. If they are they make a great way to round out the roster if not stash them on the InterMiami II team. (Otherwise you risk losing them to the March Waiver Draft)
  11. How do you ever get a 4-4-2 to work... I use a 4-2-3-1 Wide mostly, but have 4-3-3 Wide and 4-1-2-3 Wide variations. I play the 4-2-3-1 Wide like 90% of the time. Reason I ask is because I think I am too defensive minded when trying that formation. (I think of Dyche's Burnley)
  12. Great Job. Are you still promoting players from within or are you going to "poach" a few from the Big clubs. Certainly your loan players might be a few you might want to sign permanently?
  13. MLS and NACL Scheduling: Summary: When I play in the MLS Match Scheduling is incredibly bad. I end up playing FOUR matches in a week and as many as EIGHT in Two weeks in the early season. (March-April) and in the later season July-November my MLS team often has 2-3 week breaks and no more than 1 match/week. I think the rescheduling AI is only looking for the nearest open date for both teams without realizing multiple matches are already scheduled often for both teams. This leads to MLS Teams especially being hindered in competing for NACL title and also kills any ability to defend title because injuries are horrible even with rotating the squad heavily. Suggestion: Try to get Rescheduling AI to look towards the end of the schedule to reschedule MLS matches. Uploaded File: Eceel Wehttam unemployed -a FM20 save 218mb
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