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  1. Wow!Ian Lee is good enough to be a squad player on my Liverpool team NOW! I bet he is dominating for Plymouth...
  2. Keep up the Struggle...it will make it worth it once you reach the Promised land of the Premier League!
  3. Great Job Staying up...hopefully you get lucky!
  4. Wow, I have never seen a revolt like that....Tell them "If they didn't go on vacation a month early. They wouldn't be in this mess and would have won a few games!"
  5. Great Season! too bad about Europe...which would have given you some funds for upgrades. Really BAD Year for ST. Etienne that sucks...since they are my favorite French Team. I kind of think of them as the French equivalent of the Chicago Cubs of American Baseball...when they were on their 108 year title drought!
  6. That seems to be a trend I remember people complaining about it in both this years and last years ME's. I thought they had fixed it in one of this year's updates, but it seems to have returned. I have a 6'5" Striker on my Liverpool Team...he heads EVERYTHING over the Goal. I have started using the Low Cross Shout and now he actually heads them in...(only about 5 game sample though)
  7. Do you have problems with your Tall Striker with good heading hitting every Header over the Goal in open play? My Tall players only seam to keep the ball down when heading set pieces. Good Luck in Championship! I think you need a little bit of it.
  8. Congratulations on the unexpected promotion! Remember the target is 50 points next season.... Like you said you might not make it but give it an all out effort. My guess is you will have to do well in "dead-ball" situations.
  9. Is the Chairman overruling you on all these transfers or are you playing "Moneyball"?
  10. In Champions League, try to put your first team against Ajax and Hannover in all matches to assure yourself 2nd place (Unless you have to choose between them and Top 5 Ligue 1 Team). Play your second string against Juventus, sometimes they can surprise you! Just tell them you believe in them... Time to start laying the foundations of making PSG your B****! The extra money from making the Knockout rounds will help, because you also need to consolidate a Top-6 position (preferably Top-Four) in Ligue 1.
  11. Good start to the season. Congratulations on Manager of the Month! No matter what season or what team I'm with the "Relegation Safe" Number is "ALWAYS" my first season priority goal. And the earlier I meet or exceed it the more likely my team of making other goals. Any extra funds from the Takeover? Any players are you willing to sell to improve the Bank Balance(funding of Youth Academy and recruiting)?
  12. Did you make the Europa Cup? NEVER sell to Mourinho! (Unless it is a super offer. $50 million+) You need your young stars to build a foundation especially if you missed continental play and the extra money.
  13. What is a (DG)L? and Congratulations on the Ligue 1 Victory. What are your goals for next season? I think a Coupe de France Trophee would look nice. n'est pas? Are you going to invest the Champions Cup money in Facilities or the Squad?
  14. Congratulations on Promotion! Is the squad ready for League One? I always find it the hardest to win and the easiest to get relegated from, because a lot of teams loan quality players with lots of flair and Deadball skills.
  15. Beat the "Mustard" out of Dijon for the Ligue 1 title!
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