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  1. @Johnny Ace: I agree that Attacking and higher Mentalities does work against the AI's packed boxes but you would surprised what a lower mentality and fewer TI's and more PI's and PPM's can create. I generally start my formation on Balanced and work from there. Since reading some other threads about the 4-3-2-1(@westy8chimp) I started going with less is more. Especially since I tend to recruit big, fast and strong players who are aggressive, brave with plenty of teamwork and work rate. I tend to prefer at least a 12 in all of those Attributes if possible. This creates a team that will get stuck in without the TI. Especially if you use the Opposition marking system. I also train my playmakers with all the possible passing ppm's (Killer balls, One Two's, Switch to other Flank, Dictates Tempo) and make sure they have high flair as possible as well.
  2. Gengenpress and High Defensive Line forces the AI to "Park the Bus". Lack of Movement by Lone Strikers is another issue. I have A lot of Success with my LW IF-A in a 4-2-3-1 Wide. He takes more Long Shots than I like but he does score. The real problem is the Defense loading the Box and not following the Striker out of the box when they do move.
  3. @Johnny Ace:The Shadow Striker definitely needs bunch of support like you have in your set up. Like you I found that a CF(S) is the best compliment in the middle of the attack. I have also found that ONLY one Attack role in Front Four is beneficial in a 4-2-3-1. My Current setup has IF-A on the Left Wing and he is the Star. No matter what role I give the Striker he is always outshined. But I think that is due to the Lone Striker being marked out of the Game by the AI's CB's and lack of movement in FM19's Match engine. Also you might want to ease up on the Mentality except in the last minutes of a half. Because the AI tends to "Park the Bus" against you if you play to attack minded and or compress space with a High Defensive line. (It does it no matter who you play against or who the favorite is especially as the Away Team).
  4. Barnet would probably beat that Crystal Palace team... Experiment tactically with Barnet until the new version comes out. That is what I am doing in my current save.
  5. Congrats on a great season. That New Stadium is gonna cost a lot of money...hope your directors aren't to optimistic about size of the Stadium! The increases in Transfer Budget and Payroll are just enough to POSSIBLY recreate this season's magic.
  6. Toppling PSG is an Achievement in itself and Quarterfinals of Champions League isn't too shabby. Hopefully the Takeover will mean more money, but usually Consortium's seem to drive you further into the red or have horrible plans for team (like sign big stars when doing a youth save etc.)
  7. Had to try...I'm sure Monty can find a Hottie at the Three Wishes! LOL!
  8. Good Job with the Title! Even if it was never in doubt... Surprised as you are about HK...hope they will bounce back up.
  9. Win with the Palace...Trounce Barnet every chance you get...play an annual "friendly" with them. Nobody in Monty's situation would turn down the Palace job...especially for 6X the salary!
  10. Like always just Burnley it up! and you will survive.
  11. Let's do this Ligue Un for Toulouse! Down with PSG and their Oil Rich Overlords...it's all about Art and Toulouse-Lautrec!
  12. This isn't fun the Big Fat Goal Scoring Keeper gives you an unfair advantage over the AI. LOL It doesn't know how to counter such tactics even though you have been exploiting it for awhile now.
  13. HYOD should have a Professional or Resolute Personality to encourage "better" personalities among the youth intake. Otherwise your new HOYD is an improvement. Also is his preferred formation the same as you are playing? Because you will have more ready to plugin roles and positions in youth intake. (it won't be perfect but better the wrong formation HOYD's)
  14. Should have tried HK. I know they have a youth team. They were one of my first saves with FM19!
  15. Looks like you have Greece under control...but be careful Olympiacos seems to be up for the fight.
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