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  1. Grenoble Foot 38 November 2020:Regular Season Gerard looked at the schedule for November and was happy to see only three fixtures. The International Break would give him a chance to tweak his tactics. The Paris FC match was the most winnable but Gerard believed GF38 had a chance in all Three! Schedule The media and the bookies didn't give us a chance in Paris... but the team won a squib of a game...we scored early on and then each team spent a lot of time missing the net....A win is a win! due to International call ups the
  2. Grenoble Foot 38 October 2020:Regular Season Gerard came to October buoyed by his success the First two months of the Season. October would be a busy month with five matches...looking ahead most were winnable with recently relegated Toulouse being the toughest opponents. First though was a battle with our rivals from Clermont! As you can see the month went about as badly as possible without getting blown out.... The Derby against Clermont should have been a win but our inability to deal with Route One Balls is beginning to tell. We played decentl
  3. Grenoble Foot 38 September 2020: Regular Season The month of September would only see three fixtures because of the International Break. Gerard thought that all of them were winnable. Schedule The first match after the break was a trip to Pau near the Pyrenees . The opposition was a team that matched well with GF38. Buoyed by his first Victory as Manager, Gerard looked forward to his first Home match and planned to rotate the squad. The match started well with backup Inside Forward Willy Semedo scored....after that nothing quite went right
  4. The DM looks nice.....needs a better personality. The Striker is Class! Not sure how long you will be able to keep him!
  5. Grenoble Foot 38 JULY/AUGUST 2020:Preseason/League 2 Starts Gerard Dauphinais had big plans for Grenoble, but first he needed the team to play "his" way. The Preseason would be a perfect time to build cohesion and tactical familiarity. None of the matches were particularly tough but one thing was obvious....the team was missing a "playmaker"#10, even though there were many talented players in the team. Team Standings Player of the Month Yoric Ravet Yoric is the "Wayward Son" returned. He started in the Academy and was sold to AS Saint
  6. I am playing with GF38 and have signed an interesting player.... Zidane's son is our new #10! Got him as Free Transfer after Trialing him....for 3 weeks.
  7. I'm not blogging it anywhere....and it is on hold, because I have returned to France with GF38! You can find the new save in Career Updates.
  8. I thought Clermont and Lyon were our rivals...I guess I will recheck the Info screen!
  9. The Away colors are an ugly red....I think they want to wear the flag!
  10. I broke down today after commenting on this forum. I have started a French save.... I will be tracking it in this thread: Feel Free to read and comment....
  11. Grenoble Foot 38 Background Grenoble Foot 38 are a Professional Football team playing in Grenoble, France. The team is currently competing in Ligue 2. The Save Rules: One Club save. Team Info The Manager Gerard Dauphinais A former player of note whose career was ended by a motorcycle accident.... The manager is known to admire both Guardiola and Klopp and wishes to play aggressive "Attacking" Football. The Club Vision is as follows: Tactics Players
  12. Since Clermont has been done...I probably won't return for another "Crusade"!
  13. Currently playing a "Rest of the World" Journeyman save and am in South Africa with the Jomo Cosmos of Johannesburg and it is 2024. This after stints with Chennai City FC of India and Rangers (HK) of Hong Kong. It is fun seeing players like Tom Barkhuisen of Preston return and play for the Keizer Chiefs.
  14. @Ronaldo Beckham I will probably return to France once I tired of My "Rest of the World Journeyman Save" I am currently in South Africa after stops in India and Hong Kong. There are a few good French Saves already going.... These are interesting French Saves.....
  15. Coming in ahead of PSG is always good.....maybe the team needs more conditioning and recovery so they don't run out of steam at the end.
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