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  1. @john1: I hope you do better than Claudio Rainieri as Manager of FC Nantes!
  2. Malaga Season 2 Update: League Table: Season Review: Our Goalie Made the All La Liga Team! Standout Players: Fan Favorite, Captain, and our "Rock of Gibraltar" Our 3rd Best Centerback that I am trying to retrain as MC-BWM-D The Major Signing...actually a Dependable Target Man! The Leading Goal Scorer...off the Bench! and last our All La Liga Goalkeeper!
  3. The team was a top 4 preseason pick and since the AI can't deal with the Gengenpress... The team isn't much different in La Liga....it's almost proof that the ME is broken. I am playing an Asymmetrical 4-4-2 Gengengpress with a TargetMan and AF upfront....Classic British Football...LOL! The Team is in 4rth place in LaLiga. Lost 3-0 to Barca at Camp Nou and that is worst loss in Current Season.
  4. A real title chase...two dominant teams vying for the title! Hope Lee Davies continues to find the net for you.
  5. Season 1 : Malaga Promoted! Season Review Final Table: Malaga climbed to the top of the table by Christmas but couldn't keep up with Sporting Gijon in a Title Race that came down to the last day! Team of the Season and Fan Favorites! Leading Scorer: Dani Pacheco Our "Rock of Gibraltar" and Fan Favorite: Luis Hernandez The Playmaker: Renato Santos
  6. Here are the opening pics of the Malaga campaign: The Manager: Juan Carlos Libertad The Main Tactic: The Club Info: The Club is selected 4rth in Pre-Season and Looking at the Squad I think we have a fair chance of Promotion to La Liga! The Talent: We have a lot of talented but older players. They are good enough to get us to La Liga but will be replaced in the future. The Pre-Season: And Here We go!
  7. Malaga isn't actually the underachievers I was looking for, but I've decided to bring the Gengenpress to Spanish Football with a 4-4-2! I tried 4-4-2 Wing play during the First Half of the Preseason and was getting trounced by B Teams....so I decided "Heavy Metal Football" and being more Athletic than the opposition would be the thing to try. (especially since the ME rewards it.)
  8. Hello. I am going to try and take another underachieving team to the Top. This time from Segunda League. I am thinking Malaga.
  9. @Ronaldo Beckham I looked for the video but I can't see it on the internet, but saw the still photos AWESOME!
  10. I don't know about the Cardona strike...I live in US and my Soccer options are Premier League, MLS, and Mexican League, because I refuse to pay for ESPN+ for the German and Italian Leagues. The French and Spanish Leagues are on Bein Sports and they were dropped from my cable company (Comcast) several years ago. I used to watch Ligue1 on Friday afternoons when Bein Sports was carried by Comcast that is how I became a fan of AS Saint-Etienne.
  11. @Ronaldo Beckham I had Irvin Cardona during my Clermont save. He is decent to good. I used him as a a AML-IFA and in his best season did carry the team to survive relegation from Ligue1 with about 18-20 goals. I had a lot of injury problems with him and ended up selling him before he ran down his contract. He is a decent player in real life as well. I almost forgot about him though because Matias Palacios, Ante Palaversa, and Nael Jaby were much more impactful on my Clermont team. In fact Nael Jaby outperformed his stats and rating every season...he is rated 3 stars but was the best Key Passer in Ligue1 about 5 seasons in a row.
  12. This has been an impressive save obsurity to Serie A! May the rise continue!
  13. I like Ramos...and at 6'1" he isn't short.....I hate that Regen DC's are often 5'9" or 170-175cm! He looks perfect for his cover role.
  14. @Ronaldo Beckham Strasbourg will make for an interesting save. I think it will be a lot like my Clermont save. You will probably have good players already in the team and you will be able to attract good players with scouting. A lot of my players are 4-4.5 star rated possible wonderkids in FM at start, but they aren't sexy names. The Two best non regen players I brought in were Ante Palaversa (Croatian BBM, Man City) and Matias Palacios (Argentinian Playmaker, on an Argentinian Pro team) both players developed well, Palacios is a little fragile but otherwise he is a Messi-Clone. I would have said Brest and said try to only employ Breton players.
  15. Conforti is a little weak to lead the line and you need low crosses as his heading ability isn't great. You could use a big CF type player and use Conforti as an IF-A. Your rest of your attack force and midfield really need some shooting training. My Guess is that Conforti is being marked out of games because he is the only real threat to score.
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