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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I've had a lot of fun writing it so far. There was definitely a lot to get through! Very much looking forward to your alternate reality save. Really does look like you've gotten them off to a solid start to the year from what you've shown in your post, and it's looking like a solid upper mid-table finish for you at least. The team is certainly of Serie B quality overall, but it's been a lot of work to cover the deficiencies/lack of variety in the players. But that's what's so fun about this game!
  2. What formation did West Brom run? If they had a lot of players forward then the regista can get caught upfield in quick transitions. In that case it might be better to keep the DM as a HB in those games to protect the neckline and maybe use your DLP CM as a CM(s) with PIs to encourage more risk taking in passing but encourage dynamism than DLP usually gives you. You can also pull the MEZ back to support duty which will help you not get too caught out. This, BTW, is my preferred attacking CM role. I find the MEZ(s) to be really dangerous, lurking around the edge of the box as both a creat
  3. Good times. This formation is very good for applying pressure high up th pitch. I think you’ll do very well, curious to see how it works for you. As @backpocketmentioned, the trouble comes against 4-2-3-1, or really any formation with two strikers and an attacking mid. It actually lines up surprisingly well against 4-3-3 unless they’re really focusing down the wings. The wide CBs cover well against the three forwards and the CMs provide good cover too to maintain numerical superiority. At least that’s what I’ve found!
  4. To your question about the striker, he’s going to be a bit isolated with your tactic. As a DLP, he’ll look to play others in as much as look to score himself, but with your wide focus and wide width he’ll be largely alone a lot of times, and won’t be on the shoulder of the last man for balls in behind, and even a truly great striker will struggle when it’s 2 or even 3v1. That doesn’t mean it won’t be effective, the wingers do cut inside based on their roles, but not until you enter the final third. Two thoughts - You can keep the wide play but help support your striker by giving the outsi
  5. I’m running a pretty similar system with Livorno (now in Serie B in my second year) and it’s been fantastic. I personally have been loving the DW/WM in the 3atb shape. It’s so much more proactive than with WBs You might be a bit open with the full on winger on the right but overall it’s surprisingly good defensively. I actually liked your MEZ in the first tactic, and I pair it with a CAR (my player acts like a more dynamic playmaker in this role), and an AM(s), but yours looks good as well. I think you’ll find that with your aggressive defensive TIs you’ll end up with a possession tactic
  6. Good win vs Juve! You look like you should survive comfortably if you can keep winning every few games. Funny that you’re rarely drawing, just win or loss!
  7. Glad to hear it’s started well, that’s a good game to right the ship! Spurs are still a decent-top side (I’m guessing still in your save) so the question is more - did you see better movement? Seemed like you stayed defensively stable, so that’s good. In terms of the IF, I think as teams sit deeper, they won’t come out and close him down, they’ll sit back and force him to beat them. As an attacking player myself, I can tell you it’s much much easier to beat a defender rushing out than one who tracks you and doesn’t commit! I think it’s just a natural consequence of being a top side.
  8. First of all, I’m doing an fm21 save with Livorno that I’m chronicling in the careers forum so it’s very interesting to see your take on the team, which is very similar at the start. I’ve also taken the possession approach, but I’ve been running a 3-4-1-2 so it’s very different! In terms of feedback, I think one issue I see is congestion in the attacking third. All four forward players will be largely attacking the same space. Mazzeo does well coming deep, and I see why you’ve matched him w Braken as a SS, but with the two outside players also attacking the middle you’ll have too many pl
  9. Tough run in the league, those draws can be more frustrating than losses. But we’ll done against MC!
  10. This. Mitajovic would make a great mezzala - as would Neri. Also, If you have the three forward players plus the mez press more, you’ll shut down cautious opposition while still giving a little space to lure them out. Also, I can see why you set up your midfield the way you have based on the players, but I don’t think they’re as balanced/effective as they could be. I think having two conservative roles out of three is too much for playing teams that will sit with ten men in the box. Kidane is a good DLP in CM, so I’d wonder about playing Neri as a DM with a more progressive role than HB t
  11. Sometimes bad form causes bad form, but having that much trouble with world class players does sound like a tactical/suitability issue. The issue I see that could lead to having trouble against “bad” teams while beating top sides is that your midfield might end up being to far apart and too conservative. The HB will stay deep, the DLP will stay put, and your CM(a) will bomb forward. Against top sides, that HB and DLP will provide good cover, and the four players going forward with WBs in support will be enough when the opposition is throwing men forward. Against lower opposition, thoug
  12. I hate being reliant on one player for goals, but when one guy is so good it's so hard not to lean on them. I had Ings at Southampton be like that in fm19 - he was deadly when on form - but, well, he got injured a lot and it was a struggle without him.
  13. New to this thread, but it's been a fun ride and a good concept. I'm almost annoyed that I didn't wait another bit for you to finish out the season before I caught up...I need to know how this title race ends! Good to see your 4-2-2-2 working so well on the whole. It's a formation I really like in theory, but have never gotten to work. I like the look of yours though, so I might take a closer look and take some elements the next time I want to run something like that. Lots of TI's but they make sense so it works!
  14. Wow! Good month after a few tough ones! Defeating the Empire, whooping OM, and progressing fairly smoothly in the Euro Cup. Man City will be tough but who knows?
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