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  1. Oh that's great. I've also had limited times playing fm this year. Feels so sad. Thanks for the reply
  2. Great stuff mate, as always. Just one question. How about training?
  3. could you send me also, please? thank you very much
  4. Oh my.... Great work as always. Miss Del Piero so much
  5. this season squad looks promising. lots of young player came replace old player like marco sailer and milan ivana. are you guys ready for darmstadt in fm17? SURE
  6. Thanks for the corrupt save ?? Note: 7 on targets from 7? Are you kidding me? Great!
  7. What a Fairytale!!! Really really really enjoy read your thread
  8. Thats enough. I will make a new save. I lost every match and i dont know whats wrong with my team
  9. really really inspiring story!!! just made new save with darmstadt few days ago. now i've finished my pre season. here some screenshoots and also.... woowwww what a debut!!!! i'll try to update this story. cheers ps sorry for my english
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