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  1. davidbarros2

    Attacking and Possession

    Fantastic thread @herne79, as usual! In what situations do you use the other mentioned TI's (push higher up and drible less)? I can guess push higher up is against weaker oppositions or when you are one goal down and need to react?
  2. davidbarros2

    The Sarri Experiment for FM18

    Using the default Napoli squad and the players' PPM, this is by far the best replication of Sarriball! I just switched the DLP (S) to (D). But I am conceding tons through crosses, my center backs seems to close down on the crosser and the man who taps it in is always alone inside the penalty area. Sometimes just one center back close down and the other seems to be sleeping and gave no opposition whatsoever... I tried it with default Napoli Koulibaly-Albiol and with FC Porto Marcano-Felipe. Anyone seeing this issue?
  3. Amazing thread! The kind of story that makes me wanna play LLM again. I have a cousin that actually played for Walsall, Jorge Leitão, but he only got to the club 1 ou 2 years after 1999!
  4. davidbarros2

    The Firmino

    Pepijn Linjders is from the dutch school of football, I'm very familiar with his tactical philosophy as he was responsible of coordenating the youth academy of my team for years. With that in mind, probably he wanted to say that Coutinho was the Liverpool player with more ability to hold up ball and not give away possession, therefore, good at defending and taking away balls from the opponents as the dutch school of football advocates having the ball is the best way to defend
  5. Obviously this thread is still very pertinent....so, it's easy to catch up how you tinker with the defensive miedfield role to exploit some issues with the 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1) and the 4-2-3-1. But the "main tactic", I mean, with the DLP (D), when does it have to be used? I mean, if the opposition uses different formations besides 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1, what will be the best role to use on our defensive miedfielder?
  6. I've been playing with Wolves, trying to recreate their real life tactics with Nuno as manager. So far having inmense success with it, and the play style, well, I'd say it's pretty close to real life. As I play the game in portuguese a screenshot would be basically pointless, so, here is how I set it up: GK (d) CD (st) CD (d) CD (st) WB (s) WB (s) CM (d) DLP (s) IF (s) IF (s) F9 (s) TI: Standard-Flexible Pass to space Press more Higher defensive line Get stuck in Thight marking Prevent short GK distribution PI: Both WB - stay wider Left IF (Diogo Jota) - sit narrower, roam from position Right IF (Cavaleiro/Costa) - sit narrower, roam from position, get further forward (to replicate the heat maps where is more advanced than the rest) F9 (Bonatini) - roam from position If you wanna try and give me some feedback, I would appreciate it. Hope this would help out someone...
  7. Testing it myself and so far looks great! Any reason for changing the milito role from support to attack and the other way around? How about the second tactic, when do you use it? or it was just for testing purposes?
  8. Seems great! Out of curiosity, how is the goal/assist distribution? For instance, mostly through crosses or through balls, and how many assists is the sneijder role getting?
  9. Just to add some random imput from what I remember of this side: Mentality and shape for me were Standard/Flexible. Mourinho always seeks balance, in every aspects of the game. TI's were much direct passing (you can see that watching some youtube video's on how this team used to play), slightly deeper defensive line, be more disciplined and I would build from that. PI's probably I would put more direct passes on the sneijder role, and increase pressing and tight marking on the wingers, cause they really did track back. About player roles, Maicon was the definition of a complete wing back (attack) for me. He had total freedom and used to roam a lot, cut inside, shoot, cross, whatever. Zanetti maybe a Wingback (support), he seldomly ran with ball back and forth through his wing. I would try Lucio as a ball playing defender, but my concerns aim the midfield duo. For me Cambiasso was a deep lying playmaker (defend) at that stage of his career. I agree with the Stojkovic (or Motta) role, but I also believe this would be the most difficult role to replicate alongside Eto'o and Pandev. Perhaps this might be useful :
  10. Are you using the base tactic or a tweaked version? Amazing football indeed