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  1. Amazing read as always. Substitutions are always my go to resource. Playing with the attribute side of the game is how I normally prepare though away matches, for instance, switching a good baller box to box mid for someone who is more agressive and physical. I recently had a "David Brooks" moment (I remember such a thread) playing at Santos in Brazil. I played with 2 up top and my best players were wingers and I loaned them out in the first season. When they came back I was not adamant at changing the system but I didn't want to waste the talent of players like Soteldo so I started
  2. Seems an interesting discussion! Not having too much to say, but I was thinking about doing something similar in Internacional (Brazil) to reap all what's left on an old player like D'Alessandro. Never thought about doing this with an entire old squad, so I'll follow this closely. Good luck!
  3. From my limited understanding... The reputation of a team gets updated twice per season, after 31th december and at the end of the season. So, if your reputation increase, your opponents might be more defensive against you thus reducing the conceded space. From that on, it's a question of looking at your own tactics/players/game approach...
  4. That's the behaviour I think it has (or used to think). Interested if someone have some conclusive findins on the matter.
  5. Greetings. IDK if it's against the forum rules but I will link to a topic (on this very forum) about an old thread I recently remembered: In this sort of replication the christmas tree formation used Kaka and Rui Costa as AMC's and Seedorf played in the Ambrosini role... Nevertheless, the WM-S is a customizable role and was used in here to a great effect. I would definitely considered adding up WM-S to my previous guesses.
  6. I guess WP (S) for Seedorf - if you go assymetrical - or AMCL (S) as it's the most customizable role in the AMC strata... Kaka either AM-A or SS? Really love these discussions, such great insights and different ways to see the game. Such golden age for this AC Milan team...
  7. Not really relying on pressing... It was something like: GK DFB, NCB, CD,WB-D CM-D, B2B IF-A, AP-A, IF-S P And the TI's were to play narrower, tighter marking, much deeper defensive line (we didn't have line of engagement back then), and offside trap (to compress the space). The only thing pressing related I remember it was as PI's for both fullbacks, 'cause the aim of the tactic was to invite the opposition into our deep defense and then agressively take the ball to launch a quick and direct counter. Most of the goals were direct passes to the AMC
  8. I don't have glaring proof but I don't agree with this one (it's probably more difficult to achieve tho...). In FM18 - before the Regroup and Counter-Press team instructions - I tried a 4231 low block tactic that featured in @Rashidi tactic book. I tried with Burnley and in a couple of years I have the best team around. Obviously it went more difficult to break stubborn teams down but I always managed to do it. I remember Rashidi's advise something like "if you are managing a top tier team, you can tick Be more Expressive and Roam from Position" (this former instruction is no longer avail
  9. Anyone gave this a go for the FM 21 edition? I do love (at times) the football that Graham Potter is trying to implement, and tho the front 3 not play 100% the same as IRL, this tactic plays some lovely decent football and grinding out great results. @CaptCanuckmany thanks for your contribution
  10. That's very close to the way I see it. My take would be (from right to left): GK FB-S BPD BPD FB-A B2B DLP-D W-S AM-A IF-S (or IW-A cause IW have lower mentalities than IF) Trequartista I only use to watch match highlights to I won't venture with any TI's aside perhaps overlap left to increase theo's mentality... I would like to see other people's attempt at mentality/TI's to recreate this side.
  11. I have nothing of value to add to the discussion here, just stopped here to congratulate the OP for such a wonderfull idea and a very well laid out post. Looking forward for more!
  12. I'm by no means an expert, but I would make some slight tweaks to your system (not involving Tonalli). I would change Kluivert to a winger on support and pellegrini to a full back on attack. I would change Conti to a full-back on support and Kessie (maybe) to a simple CM on support. Leao up top I would change to a PF on attack but I can see he's performing great for you, so, leave it be. I would also remove the higher tempo and wide instructions, as well as the offside trap. Just my 2 cents... but regarding to your primary question - how a mezzala can perform - you gonna give hi
  13. I don't often use the Mezzala (I favour the MC-attack) but the forum it's full of topics and posts - even stories and challenges - of people using the Mezzala to a great effect. You got so much success stories to dwelve into if you want.
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