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    I love the tactical aspect of football and all my writing will have this flavour to it. Wether it be a purely tactical post or a career with a good storyline involving a certain tactical journey/style. I like to manage clubs which are fallen/sleeping giants who have a good fanbase, or teams that come from a big city with the potential to become a big club. or clubs with a interesting back story such as they are know for a certain tactical style or having a reputation for producing great talent. I always play as a real life character being a big fan of realism!

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  1. Odds BK Chasing Glory Special Update Today we have a special interview with Ole Martin Nesselquist from Odd. We will talk tactics, transfers and future! Ole Martin your being billed as being a bit of a tactical genius how do you feel about that? "I think genius is flattering" Do you agree that switching to a high press system has be a masterstroke? " to be honest our core principles are the same to say its Gegenpressing is extreme. We do engage our opponent a lot higher up but, we still like to play the same way" Moving too three strikers has s
  2. Odds Bk Chasing Glory August 2023 Losing start to the month, but the great result in the first leg carries us through. Tjåland scores and doesn't get injured, its a miracle people! Swiss champions up next! Good draw at this stage but, away tie up first may prove tricky! I great side spectacle is the draw sees two members of the Club of Pioneers. Oldest club in Norway vs oldest club in Switzerland. Sannes 10th goal of the season secures a 1-0 win away at Sandnes Ulf, Making it 6 league wins on the spin! Goals flying in and only two clean sheets, times hav
  3. Think that’s what am thinking! He has been done on the forums before. But not as much as others Pep is done loads biesla done loads
  4. Thanks man! I really love the tactical side off the game. Probably why it takes me so long to get though the seasons. Watching everything on comprehensive looking to get an edge on the AI! Systems are really aggressive but with so many Parked buses I needed to fight fire with fire.
  5. Timing of the goals was massive. Getting an early one really set the tone. At home I think we could beat anyone on our day!
  6. To be honest they are probably to aggressive for my usual taste. But if you can’t beat them join them type idea. I much rather a solid base. But to be honest with my back 3 I do have that!
  7. Odds BK Chasing Glory July 2023 Two really big away ties to start the month! Must win if a league challenge is to happen! Every game is a cup final now! our first foray into champions league football is lodged into the month as well. On the whole its a month of huge stature if its to be a successful season. Winning start with the new system! The media billed it as a drab match! I beg to differ! I really open game! Both sides making clear cut chances. 6!! for us is brilliant with it being our biggest problem this season. A real solid display in the firs
  8. Nice start to the season!! Look at Hercules go!!
  9. I’ve been to a Malaga game. Beautiful stadium and we’re champions league not so long ago! But I think Deportivo would be the one that pulls me in most. Had that phenomenal side! And really have fallen!
  10. Odds Bk Chasing Glory New Tactical Tweaks & Systems First up is our league winning system. Teams seem to have sussed it out and sit back and give us the ball in less threatening areas. Therefore I made some Small tweaks. I didn't want to rip the system apart as it has been lethal up till now. Tempo is now maxed out, in order to move our opponent around a lot quicker and disturb there stubborn shape. Counter has also be added, as I look to attack as soon as turnovers happen trying to catch the opponent before they park the bus. Line of engagement has b
  11. Been considering Spain for my next save. I love this idea! Following closely and best of luck on your quest
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