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  1. The board asked us to be more direct but I still like to build from the back! If you are Mourinho I would like to be klopp hahah
  2. The Fuse Is Lit We came flying out the traps at the start of the league. Three great wins including smashing six past Bohemians in the first home game of the season. Slovan Liberec and Jablonec were either side of the Feyenoord games were David Holoubek seen fit to rest players it seen the first points dropped however. A hard fought win against Ceske Budejovice got things back on track. Klobasa early season goal scoring form was sensational keeping Tecl out the side. The Three Stooges The fixture list threw up a wonderful run of games. Meaning we would face the big three one after the other with two of the games being away. A very late goal seen Plzen snatch a point. In a game Banik controlled it was a sucker punch. Considering it was a wonder goal from a player with very poor long shots and over the five minutes that were added it was an even harder pill to slow for Holoubek and his merry men. A game of several missed chances for each team ended in a 1-1 draw probably a fair result in the end. Tecl was denied a last minute winner against his former cub after a goal saving challenge from Jugas. Its always emotional for me returning to a place I once called home. But we got battered here and I can have no complaints about Sparta taking the three points my boys know work needs to be done. We have really struggled to handle Tetteh every time we come up against him, Am sure if you asked Patrizio and Ondrej they would tell you they hate playing against him. Fight Fire With Fire Bouncing back with six wins from six after playing the big three turns our fortunes around. Especially both 3-2 wins against Mlada Boleslav and Sigma Olomouc who are both having much better season this year thus far. Another 6 goals smashed in as well this time Teplice on the end off it. Halfway Point Things look okay for the time being. Sparta are starting to race away from the chasing pack a fantastic start from them. We need to keep in touching distance but its easier said than done. There isn't many shocks anywhere else in the table most teams finding themselves were they are expected to be. As per David Holoubek's side are the best for possession and passing in the league following the same trend as last year but there attacking play this season has bucked the trend along with there defending. So far this season there attacking play has been driven up a notch. They have created the most chances in the league by some distance and have also hit the target the most which to no surprise has led them to being top scorers. These attacking stats have come at a cost as the defence suffers. Banik have conceded only one less goal this far than what they did all of last season. Which has seen Holoubek's side dubbed the entertainers this year. Pohar Ceske Posty Our title defence will start with a nice local derby. Well it was 1-0 going on 20-0. In the end we made it harder than it needed to be for ourselves, We lacked composure at key moments. Then young Tamar gets sent of and we end up having to dig in. Adam and Daniel done immense in the middle of the park considering they were a man short in there also. Its a cup tie and most importantly we are in the next round. The 2009 winners Teplice are up next. Having already taking six goal of them in the league Banik will be favourites. Just Around The Corner The next five games will take us into the winter break. Its essential we win at least the first 4 to progress in the cup and keep on the tails of Sparta and Slavia in the league. Story So Far disappointing to go out of Europe in the manner we did against Feyenoord but can hold our head high Good to see us bounce back after a few shaky results especially after playing the big 3 in a row Now we are seeing the true version of the high octane Holou Ball coming together lots of goals and high paced pressing Going to a Pressing forward has really got our striker scoring along with the wide men who have carried on from last season There is still a long way to go in the league but we cant afford many more sloppy results I plan on doing a full update dedicated to how we are playing tactically now whether it comes next or before or after the winter break am unsure
  3. Fantastic achievement getting to the Bundesliga with in 5 years. Especially with the lack of funding or a large stadium
  4. Thanks man. The late goal in the first leg proved to be decisive.
  5. It’s seems to be gathering pace by the looks of things. I’m bogged down with work this weekend so falling behind abit. Hopefully get an update out tonight!
  6. Yeah hoping both will be class acts in a few years. Pavlovic has started to come onto a game now. Taking time to learn his new position. Stevanovic not arrived yet but hoping for big things. Although He hasn’t lived up to it much for Piksi. Definitely was a sore one to go out to Feyenoord the way we did. Having being 3-0 up. anyway it’s good to have so many saves going on in Eastern Europe. Hajduk spilt have already won a champions league that’s the level we are all aspiring to now 👍🏻
  7. Doesn’t get much tougher in terms off a group draw! Not surprised you finished 4th. Going well in the league though will give you some satisfaction. Despite being out Europe. Am at a similar stage myself with going out Europe and only really the league to enjoy.
  8. The group is definitely a good one! After turning over the Turks. I would fancy you to win against the Danes and Serbs
  9. 3rd Qualifying Round The Dutch Are In The Club David Holoubek will be a bag of mixed emotions. No one would have expected a easy ride against Feyenoord. No one would have truly expected a win. But to have been 3-0 up at half time people would have called you crazy. Unfortunately despite the sheer Domination two slack goals have cost us majorly. The away goals are crucial and the second one so late on is a killer blow going into the second leg. "I am disappointed in a way. But not at my players, We have given everything over two legs and we probably deserved more. twice we took the game to Feyenoord and unfortunately in the end we have just came up short" Sickening to go out on the away goal. After going toe to toe with the Dutch giants. The European dream is over before it began.
  10. Very tough draw. We must win the first leg at home to have any chance of progressing passed the Dutch giants. Devastating blow to the young Serb. He had hit the ground running in his first 4 games. Hangya as well now. Leaving us no fit senior left back. Gives a kid a chance to step up but not ideal with Feyenoord coming up.
  11. Congratulations on doing the double in your first season in Moscow!! What drama the last day and what away for it to be snatched away from the rivals!
  12. Lovely first season! Stick to your attacking principles it’s entertainment after all! My real life team hearts are bottom of the league due to our old manager being negative and defensive. It wouldn't be as bad being bottom if we had been attacking teams
  13. I also have OCD. Our brains often work to hard. My problem is a seak absolute perfection! It held me back tactically. Would let my players natural roles dictate my tactics. But like you I found some peace of mind using real life tactics replications or ideas to get around this problem. Right now my thing is using overloads. I read about them when am not playing almost any free time I have at work etc then apply them to the game. I found another helpful thing making 3 well balanced tactics at the start of the game with a long term vision and philosophy to work to so you just tweak them slightly from season to season helped me a lot. Plus let’s be honest what your doing is what every real life manger does. There taking ideas from someone else. Rinus Michales taught Cryuff pep is inspired by Cryuff a bielsa I dare say Jose was inspired by robson at times. That’s the beauty of football my friend. Best of luck in game and with OCD
  14. The Miners Welfare Cup The much coveted pre season cup is back again. The miners welfare held in Ostrava sees four Eastern European teams battle it out for the friendly trophy. This year FC Krasnodar drew the hosts while Lechia Gdansk drew Austrian power house Red Bull Salzburg. The hosts couldn't retain there crown. Krasnodar proved to be to strong until they met Salzburg in the final. The Austrians take home the trophy for a season. On the whole pre season went marvellous for David Holoubek and his team. Big wins against Strum Graz and Hajduk Split being a particular highlight. Czech-Slovakian Super Cup Final The Czechoslovak Super Cup is an annual football match between the winners of the Czech Cup and Slovak Cup. It began in 2017 replacing the old Czech Super Cup and Slovak Super Cup. Spartak Trnava were runners up last year to Slavia. But after securing another Slovak Cup find themselves up against first timers Banik Ostrava. Holoubek's men steam rolled there Slovakian counterparts to bring home there first Super Cup. Goals from all of our front three is pleasing, especially two headers from our left winger Granecny. Outclassed them all over the park. Some nice debuts as well. Sehovic and Zugelj were superb. Pavlovic had a good game it will take him time to master his new role in the middle of the park. Other News The fixtures are out the first three games we are expected to win before things start to toughen up. Holoubek will be targeting five wins as he hopes to make another flying start to the league campaign. The board have set the expectations. Reaching the group stages sounds easier than it will be. We still have two rounds to go before we get there. On that note all our teams in Europe need to perform better this year as we have slipped down the rankings and lost a slot. The finances look a lot more healthier this year as we come to the start of the season. Aided by our new sponsorship deal and the sale of kebbeh. We now head into the season with a positive balance compared to last season when we were in the red.
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