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  1. Can’t say I’ve tried it. Could well work. Tbh am pretty happy with there contributions so far. In general goals have been my only weak point so far.
  2. I would agree with them. Read the squad summary section in the episode 2 am sure a list them. One key one your missing is off the ball. There movement is phenomenal. There’s lots of rotations which I’ll look to cover in more depth in episode 3.
  3. Nothing worse than when you make loads of good chances but can’t find the back of the net. thanks very much mate
  4. I used to defend narrow but it was killing me. I think the fact I have the centre backs playing wide in build up helps me when the ball is turnover as there close to wingers/IF and in OI’s I tell the full backs to be man marked and the cbs to be pressed to try get that space/man oriented press going on. The two midfield roles are also are playing wide which helps. Especially the Carrilero throw in the wings backs and it’s not seeing us being battered down the sides. Although a few games it has cost us.
  5. Gian Piero Gasperini Episode Two Intro In episode two we will cover some squad analysis just to give everyone and idea of what kind of players we have at the club right now and how we are looking to develop them. We will cover some of the key stats I was looking to achieve both team and player. Squad Analysis I have never managed a club with so many promising talents, I counted 16 players described as promising talent. It's clear to say that the club is just a conveyor belt for young talents like Atalanta. The link below is a good read to get a little bit of insight into this. I am fully committed to give these players a chance you will see this in how many I have promoted but will also look to bring players in with a point to prove much like Gasperini himself. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47961674 Goalkeeper Miguel Acosta The young 18-year-old has stepped up from the under 18’s due to the fact we just sold Lucas chaves. The kid has some real potential to become a top-class sweeper keeper. Three clean sheets in his first 7 games, 2 under 20 caps a real gem. He already has high stats in some of the key attributes. Future number one for his country. Key attributes for role Passing kicking Composure First touch Rushing out Commanding area One on ones Reflexes Positioning Are all key to how Gollini plays the role due to the fact he has such high stats for passing under pressure along with the distance he stays from his goal line. Along with some standard sweeper keeper attributes. RCB Miguel Angel Torren Club captain Miguel Angel Torren is our Toloi, Natural as BPD stopper and limited ability to play as right back matches some of Toloi’s key features. Comfortable on the ball relatively quick and can dribble and cross to an extent. So far, he has been a solid performer and is often the basis for starting attacks. Problem here is he does not have high OTB which in this role with rotations is key, however he has made an impressive 16 dribbles so far this season. Key attributes for role Dribbling First Touch Passing Technique Composure Decisions Of the Ball Vison Acceleration Pace These I find key to the Toloi role as he is the most comfortable on the ball and can often be found marauding up the flank. As well as being an astute passer of the ball. The usual defence stuff is important but like stated before of the three Toloi is the weakest in that department. CB Nicolas Thaller The 21-year-old just arrived for 1.7 million after selling the aging Carlos Quintana. Like Berat Djimsiti he is the most basic of the three centre backs. He already looks a great bit of business in his first 7 games he has 100% tackling ratio and has settled well into his role. He has most of the key attributes to already be a solid centre back but, His aggression is however a weakness due to the fact Atalanta do defend aggressively in their own half. Key attributes for role Heading Marking Tackling Anticipation Concentration Positioning These to me are the absolute main stays for the role having pace is a bonus as Djimsiti is well known for being quick. LCB Dardo Torres Dardo is another youngster who has stepped up from the academy to play the palomino role. Much like Torren, Dardo can play at left back which makes it ideal for getting that wide CB movement. Palomino is somewhere between Toloi and Djimsiti, He is not basic but not also has comfortable as Toloi I think Dardo represents this perfect and at 19 he will only improve. Marking is a little worrying, so we have him working on that. Key attributes for role Dribbling Passing Of the Ball Acceleration Pace Aggression Heading Marking Tackling Anticipation Concentration Positioning The key attributes are a mix of the previous two centre backs some off the more technical ball playing attributes have been knocked off to match palomino being slightly less of a BPD than Toloi. Palomino is however still a very solid and aggressive defender, Dardo has some way to go in terms of that he probably has about the same level of on the ball play. RWB Lucio Carbone Carbone is yet again another academy graduate. The 18-year-old is very much a dynamic wing back like Hans Hateboer his physical attributes are great. More than capable of getting up and down the only downside for the kid is his crossing ability which of course we have him working tirelessly along with the PPM gets forward whenever possible. Key attributes for role Acceleration Balance Natural fitness Pace Stamina Strength Work rate Teamwork Off the ball Determination Aggression Crossing Tackling At 18 Carbone is well on his way to becoming a top right wing back. Much like Hateboer he is not the most technically gifted, but his physical style matches that of the flying Dutchman. therefore, the key attributes are more on the physical side. He has also managed to grab himself a goal and assist in his maiden season from only 14 starts am happy with how he is looking. LWB Elias Gomez Very technically gift wing back with many of the same characteristics as Robin Goosens. He also can play in the midfield slot a trait of Goosens also. He has managed to rack up 6 assists for left wing back which am more than happy with I would like to see more goals added of course to replicate Goosens we did have shoots more often activated but he kept putting them in the stands. Key attributes for role Crossing Dribbling Long shots Passing Tackling Technique Composure Determination Off the ball Teamwork Work rate Acceleration Pace Stamina Elias definitely has a bit of the Goosens about him, a very attacking wing back which has seen him set up many goals if I could have his long shots and off the ball boosted I would feel a lot closer to a true Goosens but for now he is certainly one of the best players at the club. He is the more technical of our two wing backs which again is reflected in key attribute choice it also gives us that same sort of balance that is going on at Atalanta. RCM Tomas Belmonte What a signing is all to be said here. Perfect for the De Roon role. Tenacious midfielder who is extremely intelligent and hardworking. He is a carving copy of De Roon right down to the point of his PPM of dives into tackles, currently working on drops deep for the ball to try help give is that De Roon like movement of dropping for the ball after that we will work on arriving late in the area. Key attributes for role First touch Marking Tackling Aggression Anticipation Bravery Composure Concentration Decisions Determination Off the ball Positioning Teamwork Work rate Natural fitness Stamina In 8 games at the club Belmonte has already proved he has what it takes to fulfil the De Roon role. With 2 goals and one assist already. Attribute wise you can see how complete the role is full of Intelligence and work rate. De Roon is the most technical of player its more his brain this reflected here. Belmonte is of that vain and will handle the responsibility of being the man that makes everything tick. LCM Fausto Vera The man in Freuler role is one of the most highly rated centre midfielders in Argentina and is testament to the club’s great academy. Very much the complete midfielder like Freuler himself, probably why Inter Milan are interested already. He has had difficult season so far mainly due to being tried out in so many roles plus even though he was already in the first team he hadn't made many appearances. Key attributes for role Dribbling First touch Passing Tackling Technique Aggression Anticipation Composure Decisions Determination Off the ball Teamwork Work rate Acceleration Agility Balance Natural fitness Stamina As expected there is a lot of key attributes due to the fact the Freuler role is so complete. He has the work rate and tenacity of De Roon but also has the technical ability of Mario Pašalić. Vera himself is shaping up to be a fantastic complete midfielder worthy of the Freuler role. Hopefully now he can add so more goals. AMC Matko Miljevic By some distance, the most talented player I promoted and straight into the Gomez role for him. There are many similarities between the two both like to play on the left as well a centre which is ideal, but more so both are highly creative and hardworking which is unusual for a number ten. He does lack flair but at 18 he his is sublime for this role. Key attributes for role Dribbling First touch Long shots Passing Technique Determination Flair Off the ball Vison Work rate Acceleration Agility Natural fitness Pace Highly technical role but also still has his defensive duties, pressing the pivot and the when in possession is aloud full freedom do what he likes. it’s a hybrid role so there is a mix of a second striker and playmaker of course a lot of the way Atalanta play is built around this so it crucial that the player here is capable, Matko certainly is and now the team is settled after trial up on trial he has hit 3 goals in 5 assists he like Gomez is our star man who links everything. RCF Franko Troyansky Brought in to play the Ilicic role. He so far has 4 goals 4 assists in 6 games which is a great start. Clearly not the finished article nor is he as good as Ilicic but in terms of what we could get he looks a great addition. Likes to move into channels can blast them and he is left footed. Good Dribbler, finisher as well as being strong and aggressive. All round he is a technically good striker. Key Attributes for role Crossing Dribbling Finishing First touch Long shots Passing Technique Anticipation Decisions Flair Off the ball Vison Balance The role Ilicic plays is sublime he has had the best season of his life, technically he is sublime but also very clever, especially in his movement. These key attributes totally sum up what he is all about. Troyansky is not a patch on him but he will make do for the time being as he ticks many off these boxes. LCF Gaston Veron The young man who must fill the role of Zapata. Broke through 2 years ago making two appearances then 11 the following season, I promoted him full time to first team and he know has 25 appearances this season. Problem being he played a lot as complete forward in the early stages and he is not anywhere good enough to fulfil that role. Poacher role has seen him score 7 goals which am happy with for his first full season. Key attributes for role Finishing Heading Aggression Anticipation Bravery Composure Decisions Determination Off the ball Acceleration Balance Jumping reach Natural fitness Pace Stamina Strength Very physical role due to the fact Zapata is so strong and quick. But he is not just a big target man as you can see in the mental attributes required here. Veron again is some way off Zapata but has filled a hole while we identify a target. He does however provide great off the ball movement and strength. He also for his age is physically sound a few years and he may prove to be deadly. Summary of Squad As you can see its by no means Atalanta level, but after all we are playing in Argentina and it is a journey, I want to work the club up similar to how Gian Piero Gasperini also has. We have a good nucleus of talent. I think the centre midfield three are perfect the club will not get much better than them 3 player and they all replicate each role perfect. The back 3 are solid enough if Torren were a little younger there would be a great potential for the three to be long term. Keeper looks a superb prospect and the wing backs are a great fit, we do however struggle in the forward position at this minute and time. There is still a lot of talent bursting down in the 19’s which am sure we will all see in the future. Redondo’s son looks on the cusp of following in his father’s footsteps. In terms of attributes we can see each role has its on specific key ones needed but the main stays that pop up all over are aggression, work rate, determination, teamwork and last but certainly not least of the ball. These are key to the Atalanta ideas it is what every player must fundamentally buy into due to the intense pressing and movement in possession none of these can be missed. The technical side of the game comes more from individual talent or trait which shines due to the wonderful core of the team. A great mix of technical, intelligent, physical players all buying into one great philosophy works wonders for the team. Team Stats and Data Analysis Here we will look at the teams and players stats for the league season as its now finished. We can delve into the league season before I play the supercoppa. There will be some clips along with the data and more in depth about Atalanta playing style along with some examples. League table Delighted with the first league season. 4th place when expected to finish 12th and nailing down a Copa Libertadores place. Much like Atalanta going from mediocre mid table and flirting with relegation to continental slot all while testing serval tactical ideas. The goals scored need to be better but other than that great season. Defensively solid the high pressing and man marking scheme paying off, with one of the best defensive records in the league. Best home record in the league also is nice, making the Diego Armando Maradona a fortress to be reckoned with, much like the Stadio Atleti azzurri d’Italia what is well known for being packed out with ultras. Team Stats Defensive We can see in these three stats that we excelled in 3 areas Goals Conceded Tackles won ratio Goals conceded from corners The fact we are conceding under a goal a game is wonderful. Atalanta are not considered to be defensive team in anyway shape or form but like we seen earlier they are classed as one of the best pressing teams and well known for aggressive defending I feel that is reflected here with the tackling ratio as well. Happy with our defence from set plays, also in one of the articles I used it stated that they were good at this, but I have also come across some stats that contradict that as well. One thing missing is headers won we ranked 8th I would like to see more after all it is a big part of defending, they force opponents long and the defence win the aerial duel. Build Up Here we have some great stats that point to Atalanta’s style Average possession Pass completion ratio Cross completed Chances created Average possession and pass completion tie in nicely with their possession-based style of play build from the back. Cross completed is massive one for me they cross ball so often and their play is focused to the wide areas so am delighted to have this working so early on it was on the things I stated I wanted to see in the OP. But probably even bigger is the chances created well renowned for being attacking and scoring lots of goals the fact we rank second in the first full league season is something that is truly delightful. Attacking Finally, the attacking side which we all know is so key another two great stats Goals scored Shots on target Ranking 5th for goals scored is real positive of course here its where we want to sit top of the pile but for the time being I can accept this there is so great attacking sides in the league especially river who just never stopped scoring. Second most amount of shots on target again another thing stated in the OP that I wanted to see lots of shots so again incredibly happy to see this play out like this in our maiden season. The downfall The main reason we really did not have a spectacular season, our conversion rate of chances was shambolic. lower than teams that got relegated. So an area needing key work for sure. Player Stats The maverick Matko Miljevic showed at 18 years old he is already capable of being the talisman in the Gomez role. 5 man of the match performances, 2nd for chances created add in his 5 assists and 3 goals and it is a fantastic first season for the kid. Also nice to see Gomez our left wing back creating plenty chances something we now want to see happening on the right. Young Gaston Veron only has 7 league goals, but I could well have been a different story for the youngster trying to play the Zapata role. He ranks as 3rd for amount of shots and 4th for the amount on target if he can start finding the back of the net a little more there is a good chance he could cement his place rather than we find someone else. Video Analysis I will go through a small section of video analysis with little clips. Showing some goals, player movements, pressing and general style of play. I planned this as full update with lots more detail and comparison but I feel I need to give more of an overview of how things have been working so, this will be a little taster of what's to come when we go on to do full game analysis in the next couple of episodes. I hope all the Gifs work nicely for everyone to see. Goals Banfield (A) 1-1 Left hand side overload Switched to the right side leaving 1v1 Cut back from the WB Before the De Roon role smashes home Colman positioning like Gomez Superb show of the overload working its magic before a lovely combo replicating Hateboer and De Roon. A key thing here is well as you see Colman here playing in the Gomez role, he is key to linking the play and making the switch for the overload again he is only the really central player. Huracan (H) 2-0 Building from the back Torren (Toloi) Aggressive RCB movement dribbling and acting like a full back in half space Right hand side overload with diamond shape Miljevic (Gomez) only true centre mid Left hand side keeps its width Veron (Zapata) drops and lays off Vera (Freuler) stays in left half space Gomez (Goosens) hits the byline to cross Great example of Atalanta from front to back. We see aggressive wide play and switches threw the Gomez role to the opposite half space. Both forwards offer deeper movement to link at different times. We have a diamond shape on the right in the early build up stages for me the only thing missing was player rotation. Boca (A) 1-2 Goalkeeper breaks the press finding Miljevic (Gomez) Wing backs high and wide Nice interchange between midfield 3 Hauche (Ilicic) drops to link and lay off Wing back attacks the byline before crossing Opposite wing back attacks far post This shows a more direct approach by evading Boca's high press, again the side keeps its width the strikers both offer short and in behind at different stages. Both wing backs aggressively attack and in the end the box is packed forcing an own goal. Goalkeeper breaks the press finding Miljevic (Gomez) Ball is worked into a right-hand side overload with diamond Penetrating pass from Torren (Toloi) into Hauche (Ilicic) Hauche (Ilicic) beautiful touch and lay off to Miljevic (Gomez) Miljevic (Gomez) blasts home Marvellous Gomez like play here starting off and finishing the move to put us 2 up at Boca. Again, we see the wide centre back heavily involved. The lay off was first class and Gomez like blast into the back of the net. Both goals against Boca are more of I direct type but Gollini is known for aggressive passing and breaking the press so again it was nice to see it pay off. Its one of the main reasons I don’t touch his distribution as it leads to overkill trying to play out from the back no matter what. EL National (A) 1-1 Lovely switch from Ibarra (Freuler) Overloading defence with forwards Free man costs in after switch Carbone (Hateboer) like movement and finish And finally, our RWB Carbone (Hateboer) gets in at the back post for a goal. Nice play from the opposite full back Olivera (Goosens) who then plays it into Ibarra (Freuler) who switches to the unmarked wing back who is free to roam in and finish. The two forwards occupy the defence allowing the wing back to waltz in. Pressing Counter-pressing High press Man marking Forcing long/wide ball Here is a great example of all our pressing, the ball is headed down by there centre back Miljevic (Gomez) and Vera (Freuler) swarm the ball receiver instantly therefore forcing the ball back to the goalkeeper. Veron (Zapata) then side presses the keeper covering the opponents right flank while Hauche (Ilicic) drops into a more man oriented press on the left the goalie is forced wide and long the Carbone (Hateboer) wins the header a quick interchange with Hauche (Ilicic) and the ball is threaded to Veron (Zapata) Who should really score. Build up play High RWB Dropping Gomez Diamond/overload Counter pressing Transitioning from defence to attack A bit of everything here in this clip we have, Nice wide build up play on the right with a diamond/overload. Miljevic drops deep and then goes for a killer ball, its intercepted Carbone then instantly wins the ball back plays it to the forward and the build-up begins again with a great switch of play from the de Roon role the LWB is left one on one his cross is poor which is a shame. Man/space-oriented press High press Defensive shape Man marking Forcing keeper into mistake From the opposition deep free kick the defensive shape is perfect man marking deep with a space/man oriented high press as soon as the ball is played the number 9(Gomez) role presses with the centre forward, forcing the player into a bad pass which the Ilicic and De Roon role pressure forcing back to the keeper who is pressed all the way and forces an error. Build Up Play/Player Movement Disclaimer this section could be a whole update so I will go through some brief examples and in the future in full game analysis we will cover it in more depth with more insight into real life Atalanta Nice RCB play before switching the ball and fining the LWB one on one after a right-hand side overload he beats his man and gets his shot away. A great example of Toloi and Goosens. Miljevic gets on the ball centrally and works the ball through the half space and back before a great ball finds the RWB advanced who crosses and Version narrowly misses. Great example of Gomez being central and working the ball through the channels while its very Hateboer and Zapata in the final third although Zapata scores it. Torres LCB finds Veron RCF wide who works the ball down the line before finding Miljevic breaking down the middle who shifts the ball before firing at goal. Great link up replication of Zapata and Gomez Nice right hand side diamond overload is then worked inside before being switched wide again the crossed for the wing back arriving at back post. I decent replication of the diamond set up in build up and how the ball is worked wide. Its great Hateboer and Goosens one attacking to cross the other looking to arrive late and score. Great cross from wide Veron drops deep before laying off to the on-rushing Torres. Great Zapata movement from Veron and Torres is carbon copy for Goosens here. If you look closely here in the build-up, you can see the team overloads both half spaces in diamond like shapes. The ball is then worked from one half space to another and back before some neat interchanges on the edge of the box unfortunately it comes to nothing. (this is Me only touching on diamonds there will be more to come) Summary So, there we have it, episode two. I have tried to set the tone even more here following on from the OP, so people can see more of the in-game stuff, Like my squad and how we have started to play and what the league finished like. I have 4 games saved for full analysis and will do each game as an episode where we will have more comparison and facts about real life Atalanta. I hope everyone enjoys it and it helps them have more insight into our first league campaign on the journey. Sorry for the long delay work is hectic after return after lockdown so I have slowly put this together day by day hopefully the full games will be a bit shorter but packed with relevant info. I hope all the clips work as then none of it will make sense really let me know if they don't and ill try come up with a solution.
  6. Very strange. Am the opposite solid as a rock but need more goals. Suppose player ability plays a part
  7. Update should be out tomorrow I’ve been back to work and it’s hectic. Should be finished writing It later tonight.
  8. Thanks mate. Yeah a lot of work went in. So much research to begin with followed by a lot of trials. So in a sense it’s been enjoyable there. I’ve yet to really sit down and get right threw. The league season is done. Which is where the next batch of analysis will come from. Before we go onto the supercoppa so we’re still in season one. It is definitely a journey as the players get better roles will change. Especially the front two as i still feel they need to give more at this stage. But other than that we are looking good.
  9. Very much so. Next update will have more info on specific player movement. Should have it finished off tomorrow and posted.
  10. Sorry for the delay on the update guys been back to work this week. Should hopefully be out before the weekend if not definitely Sunday
  11. You could well be right. Tbh I never holiday games. It’s probably why it takes me so long to get through my seasons. Even over on my career updates stuff. I love reacting to what am seeing in front of me. but onto your point when I done my analysis of Atalanta some 4 weeks ago. The front 3 was always going to be tricky. Gomez I feel I have as good as I can get. With more progression in the save he will become that role. zapata role is a compete forward. In my notes I took down I wrote complete. Cause he does a bit of everything and has the full package. There a video I’ll attach later which made me decide this. He is 100% complete forward. As he a target man poacher deep lying toward advanced forward rolled into one. I don’t have someone capable of that role of similar mould yet. That’s why i refer to journey. Am not Atalanta so I can’t just use there players. Ilicic role is a whole other problem. In my studies before I stated trials. I had Af,dlf,IF,treq and SS and had a go with all. And with my players available I had most success in his movement and play as DLF. You said you holiday. That proves you won did you check to see the games if it was illic type play cause I’ve now seen most think he’s treq so could well give it an extended trial if you’ve seen that in all the seasons. in terms of key attributes off the ball is key cause of there rotations. But for me a lean more to the elements of work rate and team work. There such a hardworking team and play for each other and know each other’s Strengths so I lean to that. But from front to back there also all technical players. The middle two optimise this. There fluid so all need to be capable in all areas of the game.
  12. Tbh this is my first time getting a pure ten working how I want it. I played as Banik Ostrava when FM First came out. Player there Robert hruby he’s an ozil Type tried to get him playing in the ten. Never worked from 8 was a absolutely phenomenal but there I played with two wide players in the am strata. Which to me kills his space to weave his magic. Where as here I’m playing with wing backs. And two midfielders that are trying to play in half spaces along with forwards. The ten has the whole middle to himself. Or at least that’s the aim he also has two striker moving in front two supply. Like gomez in real life. Getting a pure ten has been very difficult to get recently as it’s a dying breed. Due to the fact most teams now use a anchor man against them so playmakers are now much more of the deeper variety in the 6 position. Coupled with the fact most teams try to press high now. The 10 a luxury player is gone in a sense. Am glad the game replicates how difficult that is. Here for me he’s definitely the most talented player at the club which obviously helps. He has all the big teams chasing him so in Argentina he is going to be a star. Tomorrow we will a update with stats and squad stuff hopefully that well help
  13. Really like this 👍🏻 Nice post. I played a klopp brand of football at my first save this year. And used inside forwards. Love the pressing forward idea! Great work
  14. Well that is true. It’s more of a journey as well I’ve set out to play as them studied it and set about making it happen. Maybe 3/4 transfer window we will be there. Will have another update tomorrow as well which will reveal a lot more stuff that’s went on up to this point. The players playing the roles will be part of that so will give you a good idea of who am using as who.
  15. yes the front two is definitely up for debate. And I totally agree Zapata has everything he’s big strong quick can dribble as well. Complete forward was my go to for him but didn’t Have anyone capable enough to play the role. Ilicic gave me a lot more pain but towards the end he got a hatrick and the new boy playing his role had 4 goals and 4 assists in 7 games so se what happens. Definitely an option and one I would definitely explore.
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