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    I love the tactical aspect of football and all my writing will have this flavour to it. Wether it be a purely tactical post or a career with a good storyline involving a certain tactical journey/style. I like to manage clubs which are fallen/sleeping giants who have a good fanbase, or teams that come from a big city with the potential to become a big club. or clubs with a interesting back story such as they are know for a certain tactical style or having a reputation for producing great talent. I always play as a real life character being a big fan of realism!

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  1. Finally the 343 diamond should truly prosper. Along with GPG’s overlapping 3412. The holy grail’s have been unlocked let’s hope SI have them working well. Going by the videos it’s seems as if they took their time making sure they had it right. Don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new edition of the game for a long time. Between the WCB and the new data hub including pass maps etc
  2. Am equally excited! Im Hoping it will give us clear indications of how good the pressing is working etc. On my Atalanta write up I used a lot of graphs to show their real life examples but could never make one to show how my replication compared. The fact we shouldn’t have to go to great lengths to extract and make the data a weapon anymore like we used to. It will also give us a greater game-plan as we can see how clear the opponent plays without watching their individual games. It’s the most excited I’ve been for a release in a long time.
  3. You must be very happy to see the data hub! Very excited myself for it but considering you’ve basically manually been applying it to your saves am sure your delighted about its inception
  4. Thanks man. It had the potential to be my best ever had I started it with ample time. But it was a great learning curve as well. Main reason I fancy the happel challenge, I wanted to go back to Holland, so I can continue the style of play I was building here back in the country it started also with the wide centre backs I can now make a LVG/Johan system or even my Atalanta one so it gives me more flexibility again and gets me back to the back 3. I done heerenveen a few year back and it’s still one of my most enjoyable saves winning the Europa league. The other big reason why I fancy it is, I never really move clubs, usually building something for ten seasons and the starting over as a new save. This challenge would help encourage me to journey as I have that set out in my mind. So rather than do 7 seasons make a good side then reset I’ll have in my mind I need a move. Don’t get me wrong I invest a lot of time researching my save idea, getting the right club which holds so much minor things to make a match. City, fanbase, Derbies, traditions, style of play, facilities and of course history. Thrown into getting the right character to manage this usually throws a spanner in the works when moving. But if I allow myself to be more open to the idea of moving from the start I’m sure It can be a nice transition. After all 7 seasons at the first club is ideal. Even if I won the Dutch cup earlier on than planned would still need to wait on the big three offering me in! With all the new features and the fact I should be based more in the UK next year for work I would say this is the most excited ive been for a save. The wide centre backs that I have craved for about 3/4 seasons are here I just hope there done well. so excited that it’s time to buy a new laptop the omen has done me well for the last 5 year but the excitement warrants an upgrade
  5. This seen a change in the writing style. Now showing how I play the game more and with less off the story element. FM22 I look to find the perfect blend along with more data analysis which will be aided with the new feature. Ruch will be the second save FM22 I think as I fancy the Ernst happel challenge for my first save, my plan was to go to Holland and implement total football in its homeland but coming across the Ernst Happel challenge I can combine it all. Then take Ruch in the second half of the cycle. Although I have looked at Catania and Bari after finding inspiration from verdi!
  6. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58777054?at_custom4=F588DFAA-25F2-11EC-8801-DC01933C408C&at_custom3=Match+of+the+Day&at_campaign=64&at_medium=custom7&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom2=facebook_page&fbclid=IwAR0GESkJkt-VPRfqFoJ_JTTO1_7FHIk4zvXXzFe6MA2B9nbHJxhdLBYgcB0 Roberto am sorry to say but VERDI found him first!
  7. Its Not Goodbye It is See You Later The time has come to call it a day on Ruch Chorzow on FM21. In the season and a half here, I really had it all going how I planned, actually quicker than expected. I love the idea of the save, a true fallen giant with great rivalries and financial hardship from a working-class town. This is the main reason I stop it now, as with FM22 looming large I can’t do it justice and would rather keep them for some time during FM22. In all honesty I started the challenge all too late and then work hit which stopped me playing for 6 weeks and I never truly recovered due to FM22 coming up. So, it’s goodbye for now but I’ll be seeing Ruch again. My attention turns to FM22 as I work out my plans for the game and the purchase of a new gaming laptop. My Omen now 5 years old so upgrade is planned for FM22. Thanks to everyone who had an input, reading, commenting, liking, inspiring and actually helping make the team playable. Am sorry It sort of dropped off, but pipelaying season in the North Sea means I do 12 hour shifts 7 days a week sometimes for a month at a time. I’ll be sure to pencil Ruch around this next time to allow me time to make them great again. SixPointer
  8. I know the feeling. And now I feel it’s too late to really get going again with Ruch. Work is mental at the minute. some month. Great result against The might Ajax. Miles in front in the league 👏🏻
  9. Glad to see the Ruch formation come to life somewhere else. Tomorrow I plan to try get back into FM21 one last time before FM22. Which means Ruch will suffer in 21. But I do plan to take the same Challenge on in FM22. Maybe not as my first save but definitely as my long term one due to how much I loved it there.
  10. Incredible stuff in just fire years. Congratulations! May I add always nicely written in fact I think probably the best. Also you’ve stuck to your guns with your tactical ideals and through the finest recruitment policy brought some incredible signings. This is certainly well deserved and you’ve earned it. Enjoy the glory!
  11. Well people the wide centre back is here!! Bring on the overlapping cbs in a back 3
  12. You seen the clip? Looks good! Given me a lot of what I was looking for. Mainly the WCB but also a data hub, now am really hoping the analyst and scouting reports are just a little more detailed and I’ll be delighted. They should be saying like such n such a player is a weak spot as he is slow, or is vulnerable to a press etc. And we should be seeing more individual stats from the oppositions reports etc where the analyst comes up with certain ideas for a game plan. It does to an extent now but very small to how real life. Same with the pre match team meetings,
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