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  1. Brilliant!!! Looks a lot more like coady. How is his positional play? Is he staying in the back 3? Is he been caught out of position.
  2. Shadow striker could be the answer. I can’t say I’ve watched a lot of him specifically but from the games he does burst forward from deep but also creates. I don’t think there is anyway to replicate the coady passing the amount he does. I had a Similar issue trying to create bouncci type passing.
  3. Loving how you have set about this. I recently have been trying to recreat a replication of a juve style tactic when pirlo played and I was getting frustrated from not seeing what I wanted to see. Reading this and the way you have went about it had gave me fresh ispriation. I think your nailed on with a lot of it. I think the JOTA role is the hardest to replicate I don’t see him as a true false 9 as he does some times break in behind the defence line. But then he does drop deep and link. Tough one but I look forward to seeing your results and findings.
  4. Hello I’m not sure if this has been suggested or there would license issues. But as someone who likes to play the game as a real life character and try to play the game in the realistic way. I think it would be good to have a option when the winter update arrives to play from the date the window closes with the points the club has. Therefore you could say end up having to save some one from relation etc. The other option would be that the update comes but the transfers don’t arrive in your squad until the window. Rather than at the summer when you start a new game. For example am starting Newcastle shortly and will already be given almiron at the start of the season when I reality he doesn’t join till January.
  5. Am afraid this is the end of the road for lahm. As I’ve been playing as Michael carrick at Newcastle the last week and am enjoying it more. Will write it up soon for people to see. I feel like lahm succeeded in task he returned Kaiserslautern to the Bundesliga solidified there place and got them financially sound. Thansk for everyone who has followed, commented and read this thread I really hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you over on the Newcastle thread.
  6. Business End The final 4 games sees Kaiserslautern finish the season with the usual problem to many draws. A poor defeat at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion against a struggling Leverkusen side set the tone. Lahms side then threw away a 1 goal lead at Augsburg before a good clean sheet and draw against high flying Schalke. A last minute Joveljic goal saved a point in the German capital against Hertha. 3 points out of a possible 12 isn't good enough and proved very costly for Phillip lahm. The final Bundesliga table. The draws all 13 of them in the end cost Lahm his first venture into Europe in managment. Pochettino brings home the title to Schalke for the first time since 1958! Bayern have a poor season by there high standards. The biggest shock though is Gladbach who drop into the 2 Bundesliga along with our rivals Mainz. Phillip Lahm will lead his Kaiserslautern side out to his second DFB-Pokal final since he took charge. Last time out they were beaten narrowly by Schalke. The fact its against Bayern Munich where Lahm is a club legend however he has never avoided defeat against his former club from his playing days. Sickening blow for Kaiserslautern and Philipp Lahm losing on penalties. They defended like warriors for 120 minutes and with stood heavy pressure. They did break with some regularity and had chances themselves in particular Dominik Aures who missed a one on one just before the end of extra time. Lahm still waits to come out on top of his former club. Battling performance from Lahms boys. Former Bayern academy graduate Jeong Woo-Yeong takes man of the match after a wonder goal. Hadzikic was in sublime form in between the sticks Bayern battered his goal and he was equal to all but the early strike. End Of Season Review Muslija takes fan and young player. Jeong Woo-Yeong too goal of the season from the DFB-Pokal final along with signing of the season he only started 12 games so I think the South Korean branch played its part. Revenue is up which is always a good sign. Jeong again with the help of South Korea really boosts shirt sales.
  7. Thanks man. Massive game! Just seen this comment. Thanks! Glad your enjoying it 👍🏻 Should have the end of season update out tomorrow.
  8. Youth Intake Kristjaan Speakman delivers another possible golden generation that's 2 out of 2 from the Englishmen. The head of youth development and Philipp Lahm have struck up a great working relationship a partnership that could carry on for the rest of there careers. The two players that Speakman and Lahm have tipped for the top. Aziz Lakhdar is a hard working striker mentally and physically already very strong for 15. Dino Vogel is hard working midfielder again physically good and mentally. Sudwest Derby A massive Sudwest Derby in the Quarter final of the DFB-Pokal. Both sides come into in mixed form. Lukas Spalvis lays down the gauntlet to his former teammates. Extra time was needed to settle this one. I real snatch and grab job from Philipp Lahms side winning it at the death. They are in the next round and another derby scalp in the DFB-Pokal the will delight the fans. Home tie gives us a big advantage. Both sides are placed beside each other in the Bundesliga so it should be a close encounter. Philipp Lahm will lead his side into another DFB-Pokal final after a hard earned victory at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion. Young Dominik Aures sending the home fans into melt down. Big ask in the final. Lahm has never been able to avoid defeat against the club he is a legend at from his playing days. Bayern will be huge favourites they also beat Kaiserslautern in the 2003 final.
  9. Thanks mate. Need 4 good results. Leverkusen, Augsburg, schalke and Berlin last 4 games everyone is playing for something so should be interesting.
  10. Winter Break Lahm set about the extend break by testing his players in some top level friendlies before a small confidence booster against local clubs. Strange as the extended break was it aloud lahm to do some tactical work with his side. Mid Season Update A poor run of results for Kaiserslautern after what looked a promising return from the break with a 3-0 win against Augsburg. Just far to many draws for Lahm's side. Only two defeats but so many games should have been wins in particular against Hertha Berlin and Bochum were late goals cost the points. The Sudwest Derby was much the same. Sudwest Derby The 0-0 Draw in the Sudwest Derby is typical of the run of results Kaiserslautern went on. They battered there fierce rivals who were down to ten men but there keeper Ionut Radu played a blinder an was up to everything they chucked at him. Another Derby in the cup the Rheinland-Pfalz sees Mainz arrive at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion. Massive result for Lahm especially going behind early on. Perfect penalties sees Kaiserslautern threw to the quarter final. Another rival in the cup three in a row now. This time its the Sudwest Derby in the Quarter final. Frankfurt will be looking to end Lahm's derby cup run. A better run of results for Lahm and his side turning some of the draws into much needed wins. Only one defeat to Dortmund on the road. Three huge wins Against Hannover, Leipzig and Gladbach who are all toiling but still great results. three 1-1 draws against Stuttgart, Hamburg and Bremen who are all chasing Europe with Kaiserslautern aren't bad results. Lahm will be much happier with this spell of games. Rheinland-Pfalz Derby Lahm is making no secret off how he would like to pile the misery onto rivals Mainz who are on the brink of being relegated. And crush them Kaiserslautern do. Philipp Lahm called this one spot on with two early goals. They completely over powered Mainz limiting the visitors to only one shot on target. The Bundesliga Table with four games to go. Lahm and Kaiserslautern sit in 7th with every chance of finishing in the European places. Bayern have had a dreadful season even though they have improved. Its the two Ruhr sides leading the way. Pochettino has turned Schalke around after there 15th place finish last year. Leipzig, Leverkusen and Gladbach are having shocking seasons. Rivals Mainz prop up the table after finishing 4th last season they will be disappointed.
  11. Congratulations mate! Been a long 5 years!! But you’ve done it!!
  12. Nice work bud!! Championship will be a walk in the park.
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