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  1. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Season Preview A trip to the German capital is up first. Ironically am due to go to a Union Berlin game next month when me and my wife visit. Extremely surprised to see what the bookmakers think. I realise how big the club are but we have only just bounced back and with teams like Werder Bremen and Cologne who are big sides I think its a tall order. Philipp Lahm has to keep his men grounded as I believe there is at least one season to consolidate before we go challenging but never know. Tactical Options Another option for Philipp Lahm this year is a more counter attacking approach. The idea behind this is Lahm cant see his side being able to attack at all cost like last season so needed a more conversate approach. The poacher role is a little experiment looking for see if he can still stretch the pitch when we are being bombarded. A low block for seeing out games Lahm feels like there will be more games we need to scrap for so has set about being prepared for it. The attacking system that Phillip Lahm implemented so well last season. First Round An away tie to Werder Bremen in the first round tough tie. Lahm would quite like a cup run but its certainly isn't his priority. Other News Philipp Lahm attracting interest and was offered a interview at Belgium club Genk. Needless to say the Bayern Munich legend knocked it back to carry on his quest with Kaiserslautern.
  2. SixPointer

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    Congratulations on the promotion. Great coming from behind to seal the deal.
  3. SixPointer

    [FM19] The Adventures of Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop

    Tough call with the whole Scottish thing. Walker was excellent for us (hearts) but hasn’t done much down south bring him home and hoppefully he can do the business. also try setting a expiry date on the release clause and hope that no one take interest in that time scale.
  4. SixPointer

    [FM19] The Adventures of Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop

    What a first season! And a great start to the second. Love the idea.
  5. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Thanks mate. It’s a must for this club as it’s just recovered from serious financial issues. The last of the debt was cleared at the start of this season so I need to keep on top of it. The loan market is a useful tool for the time being until we are in a better position to buy players
  6. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Transfer Business In the off season we managed to tie down all our key players to new deals this did swallow a lot of our budget but the core of the side is good enough for this level. The harsh reality for Philipp Lahm was he would have to bring some money in. The club has finished paying the last of its debt but it has left them short on transfer funds so Lahm will have to be shrewd in the window and may have to use the loan market. Three pre arranged transfers arrive all defenders an area that needed bolstering all three are likely to be squad players first season. Julio Pleguezuelo Arrives on a free transfer from arsenal nothing spectacular but brings depth to the centre half slot. Still reasonably young so may develop a little. He will also add a bit of composure if we need to play from the back. Dennis Lippert Will provide cover for Sternberg again not spectacular but a reliable option specially given our budget. Very strong mentally needs work technically. Niklas Kreuzer Most likely to over take club captain Florian Dick as first choice right back due to Florian turning 35 this year. Very similar to Florian he can deliver a wicked ball in which is key in the way we use that right flank. A lot of outgoings brining in some much needed cash to the club to steady the boat. Tolcay Cigerci, Mak Varesanovic and Christoph Hemlein all commanding great fees though Philipp Lahm hadn't intending moving them on the clubs cash flow forced his hand. Sizeable profits made on Cigerci and Varesanovic as they arrived on free transfers last season both featured very little last year so made sense. Hainault and Bergmann freed up some wages both on around 3k and languishing in the reserves. Due to moving players on for money reasons Philipp Lahm opted to delve into the loan market to bolster the squad keeping the much needed money in the bank. Alexander Isak Will provide stern competition for Lukas Spalvis up top. Still young and very raw but he will be looking to use this spell to catapult him on to bigger things at Dortmund. Tom Krauss Provides Gino Fechner with a challenge in the engine room pitty we couldn't convince RB Leipzig to sell him cause he is class act already at 18. Has all the necessary attributes. Fabrice Hartmann Another one from RB Leipzig a natural inside forward hoping he will dovetail nicely with the flying right wing back. Nowhere near the finished article and I suspect will spend most of the season coming off the bench but a solid option. Palko Dardai Returns again after last season never really hit the heights expected of him. Mentally he is sublime. Technically and physically he is great so expecting big things this year. He has competition in Hartmann. Adrian Fein Gives us cover for the maestro Mads Albaek and what an option he is considering we have him for nothing for a season. Less technical ability than Albaek but still reckon he is capable of doing a job in the role. Tim Handwerker The most expensive of loan deals but gives us a natural left winger to back up Hendrick Zuck something we missed dearly last year. Zuck was our highest assist last year so it was key that his cover could deliver a ball when he got to the byline Handwerker fits this mould. Juan Foyth Technically gifted to slot in along side the no-nonsense Rotpuller. Great capture for nothing all season though I must say Lahm is still looking for a permanent solution to Kraus retiring. Finances After the transfer dealings the club is looking a lot healthier with nearly three million in the bank. We have 25k in wages available and we are debt free we also have a good clause on the Varesanovic deal If he makes the big time. Our projection looks a lot healthier now as well. Lahm was not only tasked with getting the club up the league he was also tasked with stabilising the club and with this window he has gone along way to start this provided he can still finish out side the relegation zone.
  7. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    End Of Season Review Philipp Lahm cruised to his first trophy as a manager winning the Liga 3 and in record breaking style. Record points, most wins, fewest defeats, most won in a row and most without losing. Eintracht Braunschweig join us in the 2 Bundesliga it wasn't to be for 1860 Munich as they were beat in the play off by Dynamo Dresden. Club Awards Captain Florian Dick thoroughly deserves player of the year what a season he has had. Julius Biada gets goal of the season with a derby goal (see above) Lukas Rotpuller was a real bargain and Lukas Spalvis is too old if you ask me I would have gave it to Osman Hadzikic who broke the clean sheet record for the club. League Awards Onur Bulut has a sensational season cant argue with it. Lukas Spalvis proved to be a superb focal point for Philipp Lahm's side and took the top goal scorer award. Surprised that Philipp Lahm didn't take this one. Hadzikic (most clean sheets least conceded) ,Rotpuller (most headers won), Sternberg, Zuck, Albaek (most key passes 89) and Spalvis (most goals) all find a place in the team of the year I think Dick and Kraus would have been in it had Bulut not played right back and Kraus hasn't retired.
  8. Am not debating how to negotiate guys I know how to get the business done. What am saying is the reality off it is the club in real life couldn’t afford to turn down a bid of 3 million for a player.
  9. Who McKenna who is Scotland international and played out his skin. It’s no about getting into the future. If Newcastle offered 4 million for any player at Motherwell they would simply have to accept in real life
  10. I get why they do it. What am saying is it’s not realistic that they can. Motherwell are in no shape fit to knock back 3 million for a player. So why ask for 25.
  11. SixPointer

    cant see shirt numbers?

    Thanks very much for your help. am not very clued up with editing so I downloaded last seasons 3D kit and its worked. Hopefully there is a liga 3 18/19 3D kit at some point
  12. SixPointer

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    Nice start in the league
  13. Once I choose what my first 11 is a always try my best to assign shirt numbers 1-11
  14. Am often finding I go to bid for players to be hit with ridiculous prices. For example I bid for a player in the Scottish premier at say Motherwell who aren’t flush and they hit me with a 20 million price for a player worth 600k. The reality of that situation is Motherwell at the very most could hold out for about 3 million due to the financial situation in Scottish football. Feel like this should sorted. We should also have more information on a teams finically situation when we go into negotiations as a agent does in real life.
  15. SixPointer

    Ironman in FM 19 for tryhards.

    The whole issue with reload is down to personal choices. I have never been one to do it as what Is the point in playing the game. We’re is the buzz the satisfaction if your just gonna basically cheat yourself out of the enjoyment. if there was a mode that stopped that people would still find a way or get bored when they get beat and start again. For me you can discipline yourself to make all the restrictions anyway.