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    I love the tactical aspect of football and all my writing will have this flavour to it. Wether it be a purely tactical post or a career with a good storyline involving a certain tactical journey/style. I like to manage clubs which are fallen/sleeping giants who have a good fanbase, or teams that come from a big city with the potential to become a big club. or clubs with a interesting back story such as they are know for a certain tactical style or having a reputation for producing great talent. I always play as a real life character being a big fan of realism!

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  1. The movement and rotations are sublime. There goal tally and attacking stats drew me in when I began research it open a whole other door. I agree the ME will need to find away of pulling it off but it will be difficulty to program that sort of fluidity. in terms of Gomez I should have a post out Friday latest so I don’t really want to spoil it to much. But enganche is not meant to roam and Gomez roams a lot and he does drop deep in early Build up. It also is hardcoded do dribble less and by god does that man dribble. But I’ll be totally honest with you it’s the one role
  2. hopefully shouldn't be too long I am about half way through as we speak but ill be tuning in to watch Atalanta vs ajax later on so that may slow me down
  3. Looking for some feedback. how was the writing on the pictures? Especially the in game ones? Was it clear enough? Was it better than being underneath the picture? Is mix good? just before I start my PAPU Gomez episode.
  4. Great when a bit of new timely arrives Like I said this is to try give us that De Roon like movement in early build up.
  5. Both players have no PI instructions that’s why I never listed them. Other than the ones that are hard coded as default. team instructions wise we have more urgent pressing which will help the two go about pressing more Aggressively along with counter press which if they loose the ball means they will try to win it back. This helps create this hard work ethic from the two players. And the fact both are support roles they help in defence and attack.
  6. For me it’s definitely a flat midfield 3 with Davis dropping deeper to bring the ball out DLP(D) the two number tens are very hard to tie down both Roam like treq and Kent can often be found being played through on goal with his pace. Hagi could possibly become a playmaker and Kent a more sort of runner
  7. Gian Piero Gasperini Episode Five Intro Back again! after a long hard-working stint, I now have some time on my hands to hopefully finish of the final three episodes of the case study before FM 21 is released. Its been a quiet year in game time for me due to work being so crazy with covid 19 so it would be real result to get this finished off I would be truly delighted. The Engine Room Atalanta are well renowned for their free scoring and attacking football. Their free-flowing attack is admirable, but Gasperini’s setup would collapse in on itself if he didn’t have
  8. I closely follow Norwegian football due to the fact I work there a lot. And they really are a fantastic side. I done a Ålesund save a few years back and enjoyed it so in FM21 am gonna challenge bodo with rivals tromso who were relegated. i love your set up. For some reason the game has berg down as more of a ball winner when to me he’s more of a busquets/xaxo hybrid. Runar hauge the younger brother is a talent as well. I love your set up think you’ve nailed down the key aspects of it
  9. There is also a lot of threads on Bayern have a look at them it will help.
  10. Bayern don’t use a regista. The also use a 4231. I feel like your no looking at the system as a whole enough.
  11. 9 goals from kessie from CM is a good return. And both have good average ratings so seems to be not to bad. but key to it all is you need to think off the system as a whole rather than just two positions. Like what do you want from them in terms of the overall system? Do you want one winning the ball breaking up play do you want one to be a goal threat. You don’t really need a creator as that’s the regista. But think on it as a whole. You have a very very attacking front 3.
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