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  1. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Nothing special. both in swinging corners and both mixed delivery. suppose its about having the right players attacking the right area. Best two headers attack front and back. Best off the ball attack from edge best long shots edge best strength jumping and bravery keeper. two second best header each post. just seems to have worked.
  2. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    thanks man. still a lot of hard work to get them back to the heights of 1998.
  3. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Thanks man. Should have a update out Saturday night Sunday morning.
  4. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Just a little heads up to people following, reading and commenting. I’m working abroad again so updateds might become abit slow as I don’t get much Time off when am away I’ll try my best to keep it regular enough. thanks
  5. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Thanks man! It’s all about staying up. There isn’t a lot of transfer funds available due to last years big spend but should manage the 4 players I need. I will screen shot them later tonight when am on.
  6. SixPointer

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    Promotion on its way!!! Trailing ten points from top is tough ask. Are you finding have to tweak your tactics a lot? Am tweaking mine for every game now and it brought some good success in Bundesliga 2.
  7. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Thanks very much. am glad your enjoying it. I’m trying to keep the writing interesting for people to feel like they get some immersion as well. Here’s hoping he can be a successful in the Bundesliga as he has been so far.
  8. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Thanks mate. Eh I definitely need 2 strikers I need one with pace and one who can come deep. As spalvis is very much a penalty box striker. Eh i need cover in the wide areas but may have to make do with loan signings. Other than that a pretty happy that we can avoid relegation. Then strengthen majorly next year when the money comes in.
  9. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    The Business End Lahm's side follow up the 4-0 derby win at Karlsruhe with a 4-0 win at home to relegation strugglers Munster. Disaster then struck for Lahm after a 1-0 defeat on the road to Sandhausen to hand the lead in the title race to Cologne. A tough win against Bielefeld with Lahm resting all of his top players for the semi final against Borussia Monchengladbach. The title race as it stands is advantage Cologne who are a point in front of Kaiserslautern. The Bundesliga club come into this one in poor form but the gulf in class is still there for all to see it should be a great cup tie. What a classic it had everything wonder goals, tactical battle and a little bit of controversy. BMG lined up in a deep 343 and took the early spoils before Lahm flipped to a 3 man striker system and went after the Bundesliga team in the second half. Christian Tue struck two wonder goals to level twice for Kaiserslautern before Villalba on loan from BMG struck the winner for Lahm's side. Ladies and gentleman Christian Tue he really has been worth his fee that 12 goals from midfield in his first season and they all tend to be screamers left and right foot as well. A repeat of the 1972 final were Schalke 04 came out on top. Kaiserslautern were runners up as recent as 2003 they do have a up hill task to win the DFB-Pokal for the first time since 1996. Its a big one first against second both sides in good form. If Cologne win it you would think 4 points is to much for Kaiserslautern to make up at this stage. Philipp Lahm is unbeaten against the Billy Goats. The fans are out in force as expected especially the 9000 travelling fans. The home side come out on top after a sensational display from both centre backs. Sandberg and Knudsen both scored and assisted. They saved the goalkeepers blushes as a Hadzikic error lead to Cologne's equaliser. in fair it was a great match and but its back in Kaiserslautern's hands. Spalvis double to come from behind and win promotion to the Bundesliga in doing so. A poor game but Lahm's side showed there metal and fought there way back into the game. "its a proud moment for me to lead this huge club back to where it belongs. The players the staff and the board have been phenomenal this year and all played there part. Am delighted for our loyal fans who have been with us through the dark days of relegation today we repaid there faith by returning them to the top today" Phillip lahm Last home game of the season with a chance to win the league title oh how Phillip Lahm would love to win it here. St Pauli have enjoyed a better second half of the season and the side from Hamburg will be looking to come and spoil the party. Kaiserslautern lift the Bundesliga 2 title for the 3rd time in there history they made light work of St Pauli and showed there winning mentality that has been ever present this season. Lahm has masterminded not only the return to the top his brought two league titles in 3 seasons its easy to see why people are complimenting the former German captain it would seem he has brought his winning mentality from his playing days into managment. The last league game against Holstein Kiel finished 1-0 and provided us with probably the goal of the season as Vrhovec smashed in a volley from 30 yards. D Day is here for Philipp Lahm and Kaiserslautern. The Bundesliga 2 was always the priority but at this stage surely Lahm and the Kaiserslautern faithful can dream of lifting the cup. It wasn't to be for Philipp Lahm as his side fall to a stubborn Schalke 04 side. The game was poor in truth Kaiserslautern had a go but the Schalke 04 defence stood strong.
  10. SixPointer

    The way of the Light: Sunderland AFC - FM19

    Best of luck (from a Newcastle fan) following.
  11. Nice work so far how is Gonzalo Cardoso looking for you?
  12. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Bundesliga 2 title rivals go head to head in the DFB-Pokal quarter final. Lahm has used the tournament to give fringe players a chance but he may now see this as a real chance to go for the trophy. it will be interesting to see how he approaches it. Lahm goes full strength and crushes Augsburg cup dreams with a highly efficient performance full marks across the pitch. Nice passing play down the right hand side from Zimmer, Olsen and Tue which unlocks the left side for Muslija to smash home to take the lead. A tie at Borussia-Park is the reward they haven't had the best season. if Lahm can get the best out of his Kaiserslautern side he could trouble the Bundesliga side. Badisch-Pfalzisches Derby On the road to the rivals Karlsruhe and being heavy favourites adds pressure for Philipp Lahm who will know only to well that anything can happen in a derby. He cant afford a slip up and he knows how much this means to the fans. A dominant win in the end for the table toppers. After several missed chances early on mostly from Spalvis it took a mistake to let Lahm's side take the lead. The next 3 goals had a bit of class about them to the delight of the loyal travelling support. Nice team move smashed in at the end by Christian Tue he is dynamite from range this is his 9th of the season as well justifying his price stag. So far Lahm's gamble has paid off. Youth Intake At a glance its not great work from Jonas Thern a lack of determination in the top 3 rated players is a concern but nonetheless they are all 14 year olds. Plus the standard of the youth and first team right now is pretty high. The youth team is second in the 19's league only 5 points of Bayern. This year most of the under 18 side becomes available to the first team as they pass the age cut off for the league so it will give these lads a chance to grow with game time in the 19's. Eugen Leithmann he is Jonas Thern's first choice. Good pace but still needs a lot off work but will sign him and get to work on him right away. Roman Waack is lahm's standout of the intake best of a average bunch has some key attributes and will be trained in the number 6 role in front of the back 4.
  13. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Yeah hopefully that’s the case. I have a great squad for the 2 Bundesliga not sure about the Bundesliga. I do have talent but still needs a few years to reach Bundesliga. I don’t want to loose my attacking threat so I may get caught out of the big guns. Time will tell. The money makes a massive difference specially when I want to buy German players as they have mostly been out my market range hence why I’ve went to Norway and Denmark.
  14. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Thanks mate. Not sure about the depth for the Bundesliga but we aren’t fire away. If we get there i think we can survive.
  15. SixPointer

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Winter Break Warm weather training and some tough friendlies mixed in with some low level opponents made for a solid winter break. Kaiserslautern welcome fellow title chasers Cologne to the Fritz-Walter-Stadion in the DFB-Pokal. Manager Phillip Lahm has never been beaten by the Billy Goats it should prove to be quite the cup tie. Angel Gomes who arrived on loan a matter of days before the game had a magnificent debut in a convincing win for Kaiserslautern. Philipp Lahm again rotated his squad fully for the cup and again his boys repaid him with a superb performance in particular Gomes and Gronli in the middle of the park. Another 2 Bundesliga title rival in the quarter final. Very mixed 8 game spell for Kaiserslautern. 4 wins 3 draws and a loss against title rivals Augsburg which could prove costly in the long run. Lahm did however go and beat bookies favourites Freiburg on there own turf to put things right. The title favourites couldn't handle Kaiserslautern's creative edge and sheer pace of there attacks in particular the first goal. Spalvis lead the line superbly setting up two goals but the whole team was on song. Olsen wins the ball inside his own half before a direct pacey run opened up the cologne defence then a pass into Spalvis feet who held the ball up well then played a neat pass around the corner to the on rushing Tue who broke from midfield to finish well. the definition on a perfect counter attack. Lahm's side still lead the race but Cologne, Paderborn and Augsburg are hot on Kaiserslautern's heels. There is only 4 points in it and 8 games left to play its going to be some race. Freiburg have been very disappointing after all there pre season hype.