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    I love the tactical aspect of football and all my writing will have this flavour to it. Wether it be a purely tactical post or a career with a good storyline involving a certain tactical journey/style. I like to manage clubs which are fallen/sleeping giants who have a good fanbase, or teams that come from a big city with the potential to become a big club. or clubs with a interesting back story such as they are know for a certain tactical style or having a reputation for producing great talent. I always play as a real life character being a big fan of realism!

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  1. I’ve been called into work today. So more than likely will be next Sunday before I can get this finalised. Sorry!
  2. Get some of them invincible 19s in the top team!! They are flying!! Catching up with this. Nice to see you come up against your old club
  3. I am the same. Always find international management very bland. I usually do Scotland in the beta. But never seems to get my really buzzing. Think it’s an area SI really needs to revamp and improve
  4. Be a slight delay on the 4th and final instalment. Works busy again and it’s a sizeable post that I want to get perfect please just bare with me hopefully get it rounded off quicker than expected hopefully Sunday night.
  5. Phenomenal season! Look at that goal difference compared to the rest! Your tactic played out perfectly! Solid at the back and potent in attack. Ready for the big boys of Italy!!
  6. Thanks again! The strikers movements worked well especially when man marking fullbacks it made for a perfect counter if we could find them with the diagonal balls over the full back quickly after turning over. The stopper did move into midfield on occasion to snap in and win the ball.
  7. The Third Amendment In this section I would like to cover my in-game tweaks and game plans that vary from opponent to opponent. Ill discuss how I analyse opponents to devise plans, the season is however over and silly me has lost the screenshots of scouting reports so ill try my best without them. I will centre in on the bigger results of the season where small changes helped turn the game. I will keep it all nice and trim leading it on nicely to the final episode. The Results Final League table 2024 Third league title in a row. Rosenborg matched us as we broke the le
  8. Thanks very much I really appreciate the support. I would much rather evolve a system rather than start a fresh due to a few factors. Rarely do you see managers change an overall philosophy, Sean Dyche isn't all of a sudden going to change from direct counter attacking to Tiki-Taka. He may tweak his system slightly, depending on players availability and opposition. But his core principle of being hard to beat and playing direct won’t change greatly. He may play slightly higher against weaker teams or slightly lower against stronger teams. Episode 3 is about this aspect of my tactics.
  9. Is there any pattern with the inconsistency? Is it home/away games? Is it when you come up against a certain system or style? Do you lose goals at certain times in games? Do you lose certain types of goals? All things to look out for to try and solve the issue. Top tip for this is to watch back game highlights after, because you know the result it allows you to focus more closely on the finer details that could be going wrong, as you don’t have the pressure of trying to alter the result.
  10. It sounds like you maybe need a few tweaks. Without knowing your squad, you possibly need add a little more technical players who keep the ball well. You sound like you also need a few tactical tweaks maybe shuffle a couple of TI’s around. Personally I wouldn’t rip it up and start again as what you’ve done has been successful so far. But as your reputation grows your tactic also has to. I didn’t do away with the first league title tactic it’s still there and comes back into play later on with a small spin on it and possibly becomes one of the most effective thought out tactics I’ve made.
  11. Thanks. The third episode is on route. It’s more short and sweet but more of a easier read to help aid ideas
  12. The Second Coming After the first league title was in the bag, I was under no illusion that a second would follow easily. I was aware I would need to improve and adapt so at the end of every season I dedicate time to look at the stats and analysis and see what I can Improve on along with taking some natural tactical growth. Natural tactical growth is my way of saying I know teams will set deeper even park the bus, so I needed to be ready for that. This post will have more depth than the first as I start to unlock more potential from a shift in system. Clear cut chances 2022 The
  13. Couldn’t agree more. One of the biggest problems with most tactics is the use of unnecessary amounts of team instructions which are often contradictory of one and other and the desired style of play. When it comes to team instructions I don’t add them unless I’m trying to create some very specific that the mentality doesn’t give me.
  14. The easy answer is try it out. Am a firm believer that the game is fluid and there is no set in stone rules. Of course there is things you shouldn’t do and things that won’t work. But the true beauty of it all is you can often put your own spin on things much like real life. If we all followed the rules football would be boring and there would be no innovation. Imagine being Chris wilder getting promoted then using overlapping cb’s people would call that insane but the first year it caught so many people of guard. I will explain more detail later as I link the tactics all into a big syste
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