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    I love the tactical aspect of football and all my writing will have this flavour to it. Wether it be a purely tactical post or a career with a good storyline involving a certain tactical journey/style. I like to manage clubs which are fallen/sleeping giants who have a good fanbase, or teams that come from a big city with the potential to become a big club. or clubs with a interesting back story such as they are know for a certain tactical style or having a reputation for producing great talent. I always play as a real life character being a big fan of realism!

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    Football addict!

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  1. Great title win and Milan have blown that group away. Good to get through!
  2. I see! I would have give it a read. Few good players. I was trying to sign the centre back gollinski really good solid young player for that level.
  3. Hold on in there!! Finally got some game time in! All my research during work paying off. 3 good systems on the go and feel I’ve gotten a handle on the tactical periodisation! Next few days should see some substantial writing ....
  4. Sounds like you have the long term philosophy and playing the long game with it all I’ll prove fruitful hopefully the intakes bring you more balance
  5. Playing catch up! But things look good in eastern Slovakia! How you feeling your tactical growth going as you become a stronger team?
  6. If you want to overload one side of the pitch I would focus play to that side. Rather than the middle. This way your players will move into this space and look to pass here more than the other side you are looking to exploit when the 1v1/2v1 becomes clear. i would consider making the RCM a DLP(D) to cover so you can add an attack duty to right wing back so that when you exploit that side he backs up the IF and really helps with outnumbering the full back. on the other side I would be tempted to use an AP on support to link with the IW you could also ask to look for overlap this
  7. Congratulations on the title win! The kings of Slovakia
  8. The Slovak giants take a massive hit in the title race.........
  9. I hate those ones. Sometimes happens when you loose a player you’ve been building a team around as well
  10. Tough one to take against the Slovak giants but dust yourself off and go again!
  11. I don’t know I’ve not there for a week! It’s been cold in Norway and busy so I had to depart Poland for a week
  12. Magic when you can talk a player into staying when it looks like he’s going. Especially when you’ve built the club up to keep it realistic that the deal can be pushed back for more money.
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