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  1. 89:40 So Ive started to pay more attention to the centre backs as I was curious to why they are so poor on this years game, I soon realised that they often get "stuck" to the opposition players, especially the to the strikers. As you can see from the photos, in the first image the ball is being played down the channel, the CBs stand still and allow the opposition players to get past them with ease, you can clearly see how quickly my RB and CM managed to move to defend, so why did my CBs take an age? In the second image the opposition have two players beyond the CBs.. Sa
  2. So its still not been sorted? even after the latest patch update. disappointing
  3. Any news on this getting fixed? it was reported a while ago, yet we have seen no signs of an update coming out to sort it.
  4. Spot the obvious... 14;55 (oppositions first goal) Venezia v Monza.pkm
  5. Once again, this happens once a month if not more, even though the player has played 90% of his games in the role the manager wants him to play (IW)
  6. This conversation has happened 8 times this season so far... manager understands the position > month later complains again > repeat Its happening with a couple of other players and managers to who are actually playing in the position the manager wants them to.
  7. 04:36 My player throws the ball directly to the opposition from a throw-in. Cittadella v Venezia.pkm
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