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  1. This pisses me off! soo poor
  2. Good Advice and ill be interested to see if this works, I however see this way to often with any 3 CB formation, the back post gets exploited every game, so I decided to change to a 442, asked my Winger and FBs to aim their crosses towards the back post, straight away we score bags of goals at the bag post. Its just the silly defending and decision making. Marking on the wrong side (if marking atall), missing headers and just switching off.
  3. I've attached the PKM for this game. as you can see the GK drops the ball directly to the striker who scores twice from the same mistake happening Leeds v Grimsby.pkm
  4. My GKs role is SK-S, meaning that he sweeps up behind the defensive line. clearly, we can see that is not the case here, in fact, he actually lets the ball roll into the 6yard box because even reacting. This isn't the first time I've complained about the Sweeper keeper role, so many issues. The starting position is woeful for starters. Cardiff v Bury.pkm
  5. This seems to happen every game without fail
  6. Hi, As you can see from the GIF, my player throws it to my CB who decides to header it to the opposition even though he has plenty of other options available. This happened just before the first goal in the 11th min. Ive attached the pkm. Throw-ins are a huge issue this year, I seem to concede a lot of chances due to my players throwing it to the opposition. Wolves v Bury.pkm
  7. Hi, Ive noticed something unusual on the game, the board are not allowing me to sign players for some reason? even though I have plenty of wages to use its still not letting me sign players. any ideas?
  8. Hi, Ive just accepted the Portland job and agreed to take over at the end of the season (2 months time) Having had the interview and accepted the job 3 weeks ago I decided to go and watch a game. After the game, this popped up, Its nothing major but felt it could do with updating slightly and making it more realistic. Hope this can be sorted for FM20. Thanks
  9. No problem, I can't remember exactly but it was probably Counter press and High Intensity. Even with those TIs i still think it's not right, it kind of means that the TIs are broken if this happens as you rarely see a high pressing team do this in real life.. Awesome that you're on top of it though!! Thanks
  10. Np, Always happy to help!
  11. Ive already posted this issue a while ago but had no reply. I provided everything you need.
  12. This has happened to me on multiple occasions and ive seen loads of people on twitter saying they have had this.
  13. Has anyone else noticed a huge number of goals coming from either direct freekicks, rebounds or flick ons? seems to be every freekick that goes back post ends up in a goal. ruining the game for me. getting to the point when every time i concede a freekick i basically know they are going to score from it. There was 2 goals from freekicks in the game ive just uploaded. these goals happen every game without fail. Canterbury v K Sports.pkm
  14. Will this update go straight onto current saves? obv not the transfer updates but the ME changes?
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