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  1. But what JC is saying is that the starting positions look wrong? I mean ive never seen a WM and CM stand this close to each other irl or in the game?
  2. Using a positive mentality means the team will naturally be wider, using two wider midfielders even with an AP and IF doesn't mean its a narrow formation and 100% doesn't mean that the CMs and the wide midfielders should be standing this close to each-other when the opposition have a goal kick. The starting position of these players is completely wrong no matter what you think, you could use two IF on either side and you still shouldn't see this type of positioning. Even using a flat 4-1-4-1 with attacking width of Narrow, having two IW and two IWB you wouldn't see this so I struggle to see you point? This may just be a one off but its certainly not right.
  3. Exactly. Why should the opposition tactics or formation make your own players mark one another? Makes no sense. You dont see this irl EVER. Even if a team your facing is using 3 CBs and 2 WBs you dont see your CMs mark your own Wide men 😂
  4. You know the games poor when I can find fault in every single game that I play without struggle. Marking & basic defending is horrible. Minute 37:50ish 2020-02-14_11-04-17.mp4 Stabæk v Arendal.pkm
  5. Twice in a game where the opposition get a throw in in my half and they are completely unmarked. Arendal v Haugesund.pkm
  6. Marking? Minute 70:36 Minute 82:02 Odds v Arendal.pkm
  7. This has been an issue for ages, plenty of people have posted this issue including myself... yet no improvements
  8. Player in Yellow is completely unmarked from a free kick. This seems to be a regular thing since the latest update. Set pieces in general are a mess, players leaving runners, not marking properly and dont attempt to to header the ball away. Overall very disappointing considering this has been an issue for a long time now and nothing seems to be happening. Minute 92:41 Vålerenga v Arendal.pkm
  9. Minute 42:23 The ball gets played out to striker (Yellow) who turns and runs into the opposition half Striker (Red) who is the second striker (Role CF-S) who I know drops deeper in general. In this attack he doesn't get forward quick enough, he get outran by the entire midfield and the LB, doesnt offer anything in the box. Minute 56:49 Same pattern happened again, however in this attack Striker (Red) held his run which was odd as it looked like he got tackled (american football style) as he stopped moving. Arendal v HNK Rijeka.pkm
  10. Currently playing the original game (couldn't stand the Beta) and All im seeing is blocks, try crossing, blocked, try shooting, blocked, striker gets one v one, he decided to wait for a defender to catch him up so that he can also get blocked.
  11. I feel that using IWB - MEZ - IF all down the same side would be too narrow. I would personally use IWB - MEZ - W, so that the Winger stays wide, which opens the space for the MEZ to run into creating an overload, with the IWB slotting into the CM position shielding from any counters. Or maybe WB - MEZ - IF. This means the WB will keep the width by overlapping the IF, with the MEZ/IF creating an overload in the halfspace. This is just my opinion though.
  12. Really enjoyed reading this. I've decided that it's time I put 100% focus and faith in the Poacher and this thread has been brilliant. In the past I've given up on the Poacher within a a game or 2 simply because I havent seen the ratings that I hoped (which I know isnt right as the (P) onky really gets better ratings when he scores) I'm currently using a flat 442, ????? Poacher IW-S CM-D BBM W-A WB-A CB BPD IWB-D Now I'm looking to use the second striker on attack duty as I feel it works best in counter attacks for me, I was looking at DLF-A but deep down i would love to get a Treq working next to the poacher. What's yours thoughts on a T - P combination?
  13. No chance it works. Lets be honest what actually does work at the moment.
  14. Minute - 91st Defenders and midfielders are yet again all over the place. Argentinos Juniors v Central Córdoba (SdE).pkm
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