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  1. I could be wrong but potentially using a DLF-A could offer you a mixture of what you are looking for, I find that the DLF-A is a very underrated role, I like how it drops deeper and links play but also runs beyond like a AF in many ways, especially if he has the right traits. Could be worth trialling it and seeing if it does the job
  2. I would say no because I've seen it happen multiple times today let alone in the last couple of months. Thing is, I've tested different set ups throughout the past 6 months and nothing stops it from happening. Some friends of mine said they hadn't actually noticed it until I showed them, now they notice it all the time.
  3. Im aware you have nothing to do with the bug forum. I would say looking at these images there is something not right.
  4. 6 months ago I reported this, I find it extremely poor how its not been dealt with and the problems still occur in every single game.
  5. Any news on this because Im seeing 4-6 times a game where my players throw the ball directly to the opposition, when the opposition never throw the ball to me from throw-ins... 6 months since I reported this and there has been zero sign of improvement. Poor.
  6. 6 months since I reported this issues with the abysmal marking at set-pieces, yet to hear or see any improvements... and you wonder why people don't bother posting the issues.
  7. Coming up to 6 months since I first reported this issue and nothing has been sorted.. quality work as per Guess who scored? 05:31 Empoli v Venezia.pkm
  8. Your LWB will naturally overlap the IF so imo I wouldn't feel the need to use it, Also remember when you use Over/Under Lap it will have an effect on the more advanced players mentality, for example in this case if you use over lap on the left, your LWB will become more attacking, however your Left IF's mentality will drop. You also have to remember what this TI does, the IF will hold onto the ball for longer to wait for the WB to overlap, this can have a knock on effect on how it performs in the final third.
  9. I don't mean to be blunt but you could read the role descriptions, watch the roles in game and then you will have a better idea of what the roles do. Also, check out Youtube as there is plenty of content explaining what the roles do etc.
  10. Nothing is guaranteed in football manager, just like in real life some training set ups with with one team but not with another.. that's why its so important to understand how you want to play and then implement the training around that. Also, remember the players cant always be happy, that's life. I used to always dislike cross country running when I played football, moaned here and there but got on with it because its part of the game!
  11. This is something I reported back in November, the list of examples is endless as you can see.
  12. Team width being extremely wide is a good starting point as this naturally spreads the players out wider, Also Saka is left footed so his natural movement will be inside but you can try and add "Hugs the touchline" trait as well.
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