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  1. I would like to see IWB work even when using a player in the DM strata, for example if Im using a SV-Attack I would like to be able to use IWB to tuck into that DM position when the SV pushes higher up.
  2. having recently been playing FM18 I noticed that there seems to be more information on the opposition players (i.e strong/weak foot) down the right hand side, this however doesn't show on FM20.
  3. I have to disagree on this, simply because on my FM20 save with Brentford Ive managed to get my Outers CBs to push wide and forward on multiple occasions. Its very player dependant and you need goo ball players with the correct traits - Brings ball out of defence, then ive played them as a BPD and asked them to stay wider and dribble more.. Honestly when it happens its amazing to watch, they actually overlap the WBs!
  4. Change the IW and W around, otherwise the CM-A and IW may clash, instead create more space for both of them by simply swapping them over
  5. Ive tried to use a an AMC in different roles during my time playing FM20 but had little success so thought I would finally ask around to see how other people have managed to get them firing? The tactic ive been using is a 4-4-1-1 with an AP-A (ignore the CF role as that isn't nailed done yet either as I've been flicking between an AF and CF-S, I'm looking for an Henry-esk type striker that starts his runs wide before running behind the defence which is why I used an AF, however, the problem with using that role is the gaps between it and the AP & midfield as the AP drops furth
  6. I would be inclined to add in more of an aggressive runner in the midfield, someone to break the lines more and get further afield alot sooner.
  7. Using positive or attacking mentality while being a an underdog wanting to counter is perfectly fine, in fact, ive found that its actually better and transitions are smoother using a higher mentality. You say you should only be using those mentalities when you are the better team which is incorrect.
  8. Amazing post! Out of interest, whats your AM-S like? do you get goals & assists out of him?
  9. You say without any playmakers in the next tier, but would you still use a Treq while using a Libero? Completely understand not using a DLP however, that makes sense.
  10. Love this Herne! I automatically lose interest when I see a tactic with 50 TIs, but love seeing the simple tactics, a lot easier to analyse as well which i prefer.
  11. For sure that makes sense to me, I'm a fan of the BWM, especially in recent editions of the game. I'll have to see what happens with the AM role, work to be done!
  12. This is an interesting take for sure, counter is one of the first things I tick when creating a tactic because it just makes sense, win the ball > counter quickly but what you said does make sense for sure
  13. I think im always to hard on myself and the players, even when winning I like to do better I still think I can get more from the AM, I think we need to get the numbers up slightly for sure but I need to decide one the CM pairing first. How are you finding using two BWMs in the middle behind the Treq? whats the thinking about this? I considered a CM-D - BWM-S pairing before playing behind a playmaker but werent sure it would work
  14. We overachieved massively, predicted to finished 17th in the prem, but finished 6th and won the Carabao cup. even though we as a team performed, he was getting poor ratings most games, minimal key passes per game and not many goals or assists (see picture below). Lucas had a few more assists but that was because he took set pieces, in-game he was average most games. Ive attached a picture of my system - please note that the AM-A role isn't set in stone and I have been tinkering with that role most season, trialing different roles with limited success. Ideally I want as
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