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  1. This is common irl, one CB presses and the other covers while the defence and midfielders reshape in something similar to the normal defensive shape. Yes, pretty much that.
  2. Thank you! Will use Boga as an IF (his finishing and off the ball are good) since he reminds me a bit of Mané. Thanks and will report how the next few games went.
  3. I've put my players in spoilers I think that the 4-2-3-1 favour my players, but a few, small, changes are needed. I think that CM(D)/CM(S) pairing works, but I'm also tempted in doing a DLP(S)/SV(S) pairing to mimic my 4-4-2 midfield combo since it works really well. I'll also drop the defensive lines because last season I had a really fast centre back, but this season I don't and it is been killing me. In short, I'm going back to the basics, and try not to overcomplicate.
  4. Honestly? Not that well It felt like the sectors of the team were all spaced out between them and there was no coesion between them, Also I suffered two goals in quick succession and my team couldn't create absolutely nothing. If I'm using the AP on support, I think I'll have to use a PF/CF on attack or an AF to provide runs in behind and one of the wingers stretching the fiels, change the DLP(S) to DLP on defend and have a runner in the midfield as well. As for the full backs still don't know how can I use them
  5. I will give it a try! I was thinking about other thing that I think it could be interesting. Making both full backs FB (s) and say to the the wingers, or at least one of them, to hold width an create 1v1 situations. But the narrwoness situation will definetly be addressed.
  6. So, quick introduction to my Deportivo save (I've posted on the La Liga players thread before, but not here). I'm on the fifth season, as La Liga champion. I've been playing a 4-4-2 (2 DM's) base but with additions (I'll put my best XI plus 3/4 players in spoiler) I've made in this summer, I believe my team is now best suited to a 4-2-3-1 mantaining some principles of play of the last few seasons. High press, verticality, and some possession (although I don't mind giving up possession). The 4-4-2 I used is this one. Very narrow team and focus thorugh the middle to keep a compact team and easier to press when the ball is lost, an inverted winger on the right becoming a de facto striker when my right DLF drops deep, the left IW being an creator with the full back overlapping, and the DM on the left not going forward and mantaining stability to the defense. But, and as I said before, since I've made some additions to my team, I'm looking to shift to a 4-2-3-1 and use my wingers and my ultra creative AMC's. I try to have some of the core ideas: verticality, narrow team in order to be easier to press when the ball is lost. This is how the tactic is rn. I feel that at the moment my team doesn't play how I want. The forward doesn't make runs in behind, but if I change to an attack duto or change to AF or PF in attack he doesn't get involved. My AMC's aren't performing. The wingers have been underwhelming. The defense "works" but my left back just waits and waits and waits when he has time to put a cross and since he waits so much he just gets blocked and the chances are lost. In short, I feel that with the creativity and pace of my players from the midfield to the attack, we should terrorize defences both with an organized attack and on the counter. In spoiler I'll put my players and I would love to see suggestions to optimize them Central defenders: Full backs: Centre mids The CAM's The wingers and strikers If you've made it this far, thank you! How would you set up my team?
  7. Nice, simple tactic! Really like it and it is very moldable to whatever you may want in any given game
  8. Yes, this season I've played a lot with a 4-4-2 (with two DM's instead of CM's) and it's been going well
  9. I would put the wingers in the ML/MR strata and give different roles to the midfield, for starters. A CM(D)/DLP(S) or CM(D)/CM(S) with the CM(s) with old position would create a truer double pivot. A B2B will roam a lot.
  10. Been playing with Depor since december and I'm now on fourth season. Been playing with a high pressing 4-4-2 (4-2-2-2 with two DM's) since the beggining tweaking here and there. In the first season in La Liga we didn't press as high and had space for counter attacking. We finished third and went to the Champions League, also winning Copa del Rey. The table in first and second season: First season Second season The obhective for this second season is to go to CL again, although will be very hard. A few standout players for me: Raphael Dwanema, the best value for money player I have: Carlos Fernandez, who came on a free from Sevilla, and who left this january because that proposal is absolutely ridiculous. Mario Gila, who came on a free for our La Liga 2 campaign but quickly became our rock on the back and captain. Actually Guangzhou paid his release clause but he didn't want to go to China. Tjaland, the cousing of Haaland who's having an excellent season, making Dwanema a sub. Nico, a loan from Barcelona, who is actually from Coruña, so I'm trying to buy him from Barça, but I don't think it will be possible. Also I have Labrovic, an excellent keeper who came on the cheap, saved our team a few times. The addition of a pacier centre back on the left has been very helpful to Nediljko as well. A few other players I have/had that I like, as well a few regens I hope they'll do well.
  11. If you are talking the way that JJ has been playing this season, he has been using both a 4-4-2 and a 4-2-3-1, sometimes even in the same match. The "trick" to achieve the way JJ plays is by playing Weigl/Gabriel/Tino (when you'll have him) as a DLP on defend (and distribution to playmaker) in the DM strata and a box-to-box or CM on support with dribble more as an 8. If you play with two strikers, I would say to use Everton and Rafa, both, Everton as an IW on support on ML/MR strata with roam from position and sit narrower, and Rafa on attack duty, and two wingbacks on support. Wald is a DLF on support with roam from position as he seems to appear a bit everywhere on the attack and Haris/Darwin are PF on attack duty, as they sometimes come a bit deep and play to the supporting players. Of course I would start with a few instructions such as, play out of the back + low crosses + narrow shape (not very narrow tho) and then would add what you feel you need. Then, of course, counter-press and counter, and of course, distribute to playmaker (or if it's still possible, distribute to specific area, I think in fm20 you could do that and keep more generic roles) , and Higher LOW, standard LOE, keep short GK distribution, offside line, and more pressing. That is a goodbase, I would say.
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