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  1. Nice, simple tactic! Really like it and it is very moldable to whatever you may want in any given game
  2. Yes, this season I've played a lot with a 4-4-2 (with two DM's instead of CM's) and it's been going well
  3. I would put the wingers in the ML/MR strata and give different roles to the midfield, for starters. A CM(D)/DLP(S) or CM(D)/CM(S) with the CM(s) with old position would create a truer double pivot. A B2B will roam a lot.
  4. Been playing with Depor since december and I'm now on fourth season. Been playing with a high pressing 4-4-2 (4-2-2-2 with two DM's) since the beggining tweaking here and there. In the first season in La Liga we didn't press as high and had space for counter attacking. We finished third and went to the Champions League, also winning Copa del Rey. The table in first and second season: First season Second season The obhective for this second season is to go to CL again, although will be very hard. A few standout players for me: Raphael Dwanema, t
  5. If you are talking the way that JJ has been playing this season, he has been using both a 4-4-2 and a 4-2-3-1, sometimes even in the same match. The "trick" to achieve the way JJ plays is by playing Weigl/Gabriel/Tino (when you'll have him) as a DLP on defend (and distribution to playmaker) in the DM strata and a box-to-box or CM on support with dribble more as an 8. If you play with two strikers, I would say to use Everton and Rafa, both, Everton as an IW on support on ML/MR strata with roam from position and sit narrower, and Rafa on attack duty, and two wingbacks on support. Wal
  6. I can't help but feel that this is the shape Arsène Wenger used in his Arsenal until Ozil and Sanchez arrived, with RvP as the CF and Fabregas as the AM. Looking forward to what you make of this, and will probably try to use this shape (with a few different instructions) with a few different teams.
  7. A shame, Ben. Never posted but followed religiously. Looking forward to your next save!
  8. @-Jef-, do you have control over the u19 and B teams in terms of selection? Trying to make my more promising youngsters play but it has been impossible. btw, using the methods you use and the training schedules (using a few of mins aswell) and the training ratings have gotten much better and a few players already took a leap in a few months!
  9. Thank you! This helped quite a lot. Never commentes before but I've been lurking the save, love it and have a soft spot for Hajduk due to being a Benfica fan. Good save
  10. So, if I get it right, you put as the standard training method the role they are gonna fulfill in the strata they gonna fulfil and if there is something wrong you double down through specific traing, got it! I never used them both because I remember reading that if you use aditional focus training the players may not like it and not improve, and that would be bad, but at the same time it is hard to have a full back or DM with good spread of attributes but with 5/6/7 on positioning or passing or concentration. And training schedule, any method to the madness? I've been using/adapting
  11. How do you train your players to become so good? Trying to develop my own youngsters and still trying to get the best results!
  12. Been trying to replicate the 4-4-2 (or 4-2-2-2) of Nagelsmann with my Deportivo side (second season, first one on La Liga 2) and it has been really beautiful football to watch. I'll put here a link of 4 goals of my last game (a 5-0 win at Las Palmas): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbgVzDWOpFs The basis of my tactic has been a mix of the tactic and principles of @AceAvengeron his gegenpress thread and RDFTactics on FM20. Link for AceAvenger topic: Link for RDF:
  13. Thanks man! That's why I couldn't find it then, there has been no staff changes
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