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  1. Been trying to replicate the 4-4-2 (or 4-2-2-2) of Nagelsmann with my Deportivo side (second season, first one on La Liga 2) and it has been really beautiful football to watch. I'll put here a link of 4 goals of my last game (a 5-0 win at Las Palmas): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbgVzDWOpFs The basis of my tactic has been a mix of the tactic and principles of @AceAvengeron his gegenpress thread and RDFTactics on FM20. Link for AceAvenger topic: Link for RDF:
  2. Thanks man! That's why I couldn't find it then, there has been no staff changes
  3. Excellent results. I have two doubts! Which skin are you using, and, how do you access to see this staff stuff?
  4. I would argue that none of the front of four of Arsenal were on attack, it was a really really fluid attack. So, I would say that the double pivot was in the defensive mids strata, as they were really deep and had the objective of having Ozil roaming all around that space and pulling the strings. On the right Walcott and Chamberlain were wingers on support, I would say, and when Ramsey played he came a lot more inside and be a IW. On the left Alexis would play as he well pleased, but was positioned more inside, as a IF on support, and Giroud was a DLF on support. The full back
  5. I always saw Seedorf as a Wide Playmaker on support on the left
  6. I didn't say before, but take a look at what @crusadertsarand @04texag been doing with possession football and the Juego de Posícion series, to emulate a Pep Guardiola style perhaps balanced/cautious gets you the ball possession you want.
  7. Yes. In harder games Abidal would not go so often on attack and form a backline of three with Piqué and Puyol. I also remember the left wingers of Pep being more finishers than the right one. What I mean with this is that Villa, or previously, Henry were really wide on the buildup and did not touch the ball until the final third were they were goalscorers. Funnily enough, I don't really remember the right winger being much in play either, but being more inside (not much tho), because Dani Alves was a train on the right and was almost a winger. There was a time that Pep was also playi
  8. I don't feel like Iniesta was a AP on attack with a Guardiola, I would use a Mezzala on Support and Abidal/Mazwell was not a WB on attack, I would say they were a WB on Support or even FB on Support, that in terms of roles. I would change the defensive line and engagement line, that means much higher DL and higer LOE
  9. Yes. At least here in Portugal, Eusébio and Pelé are seen as playing in the same position of a 4-2-4 (although Benfica and Portugal one were with two pure wingers in Simões and José Augusto), a kind of a second striker that linked midfield and attack but scored a lot of goals. The difference besides the wingers is that Benfica and Portugal had José Águas who was somewhat of a target man, while not being that tall! More recently, and funnily enough, in Benfica, there was this magician called Jonas that could play alone in a 4-3-3 or as a second striker in a 4-4-2 and he scored a lot of goa
  10. I don't have much to add, besides the fact that I love that tactic you created, and that in Portugal a "Ponta de Lança" is actually and Advanced Forward, the most advanced player on the field, and not the second striker or the 9.5 that Pelé seemed to be :P
  11. I know all that and that Atalanta are really hard to replicate. Mainly as SixPointer said, the movemente of the half CD/half fullback central defenders and the Papu and Ilicic roles. In a weird way I always think that the Zapata role is a Complete Forward, just when I play him on support he doesn't attack space, but when I play him on attack, my left forward doesn't really link up play.
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