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  1. Great write up mate, I've been a long time admirer of Parma, mainly getting into then around 09/10 when they had Giovinco and Paloschi and I've been to watch them a few times, both in serie C and A. Would love to keep reading more updates.
  2. Anyone given St Pauli a go on this edition? I'm trying to give it a go as they could actually get relegated this season, but I'm finding it so hard. Lost the first cup game to Dresden in the 3. Liga, then got absolutely battered by Bochum in the first league game. Even with Burgstaller, the team seems to create nothing, and their play seems so sluggish and slow..
  3. Sold Soler after first season and a bit of deadwood, ended up with £100m+, after spending a fair bit, balance is still £65m, and club status is "Rich". It's pretty easy to turn it around!
  4. Finished first season with Valencia, and although it started off awfully, it eventually picked up and i ended the season in 6th place, getting a Europa league spot. Got taken over halfway through the seasons by the ex-rochdale manager, so I didn't really get that much of a financial boost.. I also got an offer of £90m for Soler from United, and couldn't turn it down, as I had only been given £5m for the new season. Turns out it was the best decision, as I've managed to make loads of signings, including Donnarrumma (!!!), Diego Costa and Javi Martinez on frees, for squad depth.
  5. I'm about 13 games in, but really struggled with this team. Have had Cillesen and some outfield players give away the ball to an opponent in injury time to score equaliser and winners, and apart from Maxi Gomez we're quite toothless in attack, can't really get much out of Kang In Lee or Guedes regardless of their stats... Did you struggle with the same?
  6. For Gladbach? I played mainly a 4-3-3, switching between a gegenpress and controlling possession depending how the opponents played. Plea was my striker, Thuram had the LW spot, and I rotated Embolo and Hermann (who hit great form second half of the season). For some reason I couldn't get good performances all season out of Bensabani and Ginter. Whenever they played, they were averaging 6.4-6.5.
  7. Just finished a season at Gladbach. Bought in a load of Danish and Austrian youngsters, as they seem to do in real life. Sommer is an absolute beast in goal, won CL best keeper. Managed to get through to the CL semi finals, although was disappointing in the league and finish 7th, qualifying for the new Europa League Conference. I had far too many draws, and a lot of games where the strikers couldn't put away chances. Because I didn't perform well, I decided to stop playing, although I did get a £60m budget + £200k wage budget for the second season! I had a long term save with them las
  8. Started a Valencia save, but having an issue where when I promote any players from Mestalla, they get removed and go back to the team unless I have them on my bench or starting 11. Is this a common issue? It is killing the potential of the save for me atm, as I want to bring through the youth.
  9. Not sure if this is the same issue as above, but with 3 Spanish teams (Betis, Valencia, and Malaga), I have ran into the same issue where I promote a player in the B team and as soon as I click "Continue", they get sent back to the youth team unless I put him on my bench or starting 11? This is really killing any motivation to play with any Spanish team atm, as bringing through youth is one of the main factors in wanting to play there...
  10. Seems like I'm the only who's not hit the jackpot with Shoretire and Hannibal? PA for Shola is 4/4.5 and only 3 for Hannibal. Although Kambwala is my best u18 prospect, 4.5 solid potential.
  11. Miles said it's coming out when it's passed the tests, which are still going on. Doubtful for a 8pm release
  12. Got a few save ideas lined up for this FM: Man United - Always first, and actually quite excited to play with them particularly this year, as they youth teams have had a major overhaul, so there'll be plenty of wonderkids to develop, hopefully! Also hoping the starting players are a bit more realistically rated, as I feel they've been massively overrated the last few FM editions, and have won the leagues/treble first season a few times. Parma/Napoli - Torn between the two, although I think I'll kick off with Parma, and do a Napoli one later next year if I get bored. Should be an in
  13. We know bro, this is about the 20th repost of this. It's not actually out...
  14. No changes for 7 hours when it's been updated pretty regularly for the last week or so is a bit fishy, for sure...
  15. This year was an exception due to covid affecting everything, so it's understandable. Hoping we can go back to October releases when things get normal again.
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