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  1. Any idea why I can't get the leagues to show up when setting up a game? I've moved the files to my editor data folder, and they are selected when selecting new career. But in the setup there are no options to select the new leagues?
  2. I support Parma and actually went to Italy to go and watch them for the first time a couple of weeks back! was always considering to start a proper thread with information to get people into it, but might be a bit late into the season for that now.. Just a note for anyone looking to start, I think that the OP is using the pre-winter patch, as the team has had quite an overhaul in January, for the better. Cannini, Bennassi, Melandri, Evacuo have all left, and Serie B players Iacaponi (RB), Scozzarella (CM), Fratali (GK), Gianni Munari (CM), Valerio Di Cesare (CB), amongst others have come in, and are all pretty much your best players in the squad. Great save, I am enjoying it immensely, and if you don't finish top you get put into a 30 team playoff, with only 1 winner, which makes things interesting! Also be cool to bring in previous players as you work your way up (Paletta, Paloschi, Giovinco etc.)
  3. For those who have gone further than the first season, roughly what budgets do you get in the second season?
  4. Need to post a proper update, but really enjoying this save so far, although in early stages! Have invested the transfer budget into some promising players like Sebastian Haller and Ravel Morrison! Also bought a load of youth prospects... Just a question for those who have got further than the first season, does the large money continue? Also, is it reasonably easy to obtain some of the good French youth prospects e.g. Monaco prospects Mbappe, Allan Saint Maxim, Moussa Dembele etc.?
  5. Nice! Is that a permanent offer for Tuenzebe then? Glad that they are good enough for the team though, love following the premier league youths and blooding them in.
  6. Looking to start a save with Fulham alongside my United save, as they are my original local team, and been to watch some legendary games at the Cottage. Any ideas on any loans in the first season who are good enough for first team/regular game time? Are players like Tuenzebe, Fosu Mensah etc. good enough?
  7. I've just started a save with Marseille, but it says that Margarita is still the chairman and wages are only £8m transfer and £0 wage??
  8. Could anyone get some photos of the United youth currently tearing up the U18s? Specifically Angel Gomes, Tahith Chong, DJ Buffonge, and Indy Boonen?
  9. Started a game with Real Oviedo after reading up about their wonderful story and having ex players such as Cazorla, Michu, and Mata. Was surprised to see all but one of the players in the first team are Spanish, very unique! Anyway, managed to get Barca as a parent club and got Sandro on loan for free. He got a goal on his debut, although conceding one, then giving away a stupid pen with a handball made me lose my first game 2-1.
  10. Bit of an odd request here, but I've recently jumped on the Man United youth hype train, and was looking for a team who might have the funds/reputation to get players like Andreas Pereira, Januzaj, Fosu-Mensah, Borthwick-Jackson, Rashford etc.? As I've got a United save going, but all those players benefit more from loans, and I'd love to give them starts!
  11. Okay, thanks guys, guess its a shame, but as long as I pick a team with quite reasonable finances, I should be okay as long as I don't get too reckless with my finances during the season. Mainly due to thinking of starting with Fulham, but due to the embargo, if you manage promotion in the first season things could be interesting if you get a good amount of money to play around with...
  12. Yeah, thats understandable, but in general, considering no takeovers, and not taking into account player sales etc. there must be a general 'health' of finances which would indicate if a team would get a larger budget or very little etc. Fulhams finances are listed as Rich originally, so just wondering if this could mean they would get a reasonable budget? And teams with debt or Okay finances might not do?
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows how much each of the teams in the championship get when they get promotion to the premier league? More specifically Fulham and Brighton, although any other teams who get a sizable budget would be great aswell.
  14. Thinking about starting a Brighton save tonight, after a failed QPR save, looking for a team who I can get promoted with in the first season, and they seem like quite a good fit. I always play with a lone striker, normally the 4-3-3 formation, just wondering how James Wilson is on the game? As I'm a United fan, I'd love to make him my starting striker! Also, how are the finances? Do you know what budget you get if you get promoted in the first season? Lastly, any word on which promising youth there are? As far as I know, Walton and James Harper could become quite good players?
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