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  1. Great thread @_Ben_, you've inspired me to start a save in Switzerland myself! What file did you use to get the lower Swiss leagues?
  2. Good to see this thread is still going, even if it's been a few weeks since the last post The licenses in FM don't really make sense, at least if you're managing in Europe since UEFA only has 3 licenses, and even at semi-pro sides you're required to have at least the UEFA B, so when setting up my manager profile I always give myself the Continental B which I think is the equivalent. When I start in the professional leagues I try to give myself a little backstory, normally as a former youth player for a pro club who had to retire due to injuries and then rose up the lower divisions as a manager (or as a youth coach for professional sides if I don't find enough information about a country's lower leagues). It's nice for realism, but it does take a while of trawling through Wikipedia pages
  3. Better late than never Type: Laptop Model: Lenovo Ideapad L340 CPU Model: i5-9300HF CPU Base Frequency: 2.40 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.10 GHz RAM: 8GB RAM Clockspeed: 2400MHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (3GB) Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Storage Type: HDD Benchmark A: 02 min 34 sec Benchmark B: 11 min 18 sec
  4. Great thread and amazing insight! I feel like the tactics creator of FM17-18 offered more depth and more tactical variation. I've seen people recreate a lot of styles in these editions, and it just feels a little bit better from what I see in this forum. I don't know how it felt at the time though, because I never played any edition prior to FM20, and maybe it's just me getting overly frustrated at the current tactics creator because i'm a **** tactician
  5. If your players don't fit your tactics, you won't perform. Mind blowing stuff, more at 11.
  6. I made a quick spin-off of the Sambenedettese tactic based on the advice here. I might still change the AF to a poacher because Clarke isn't a very pacey player, and the CAR for an even more defensive role to cover for the CWB. Other than that, Whalley as an AMC is a bit worrying as he's unfamiliar with the position (and even more with the Treq role), but he does have the necessary attributes to play there. Here it is:
  7. There should be a way to force us (and the AI) to recruit by stats and data instead of only going by the little stars and arbitrary numbers. I know I could restrict myself, but I'm not really good enough at the game to do that, and it'd be extremely frustrating, knowing that I'd lose out.
  8. Missed a golden opportunity to start at Stevenage...
  9. Tbh, that's entirely realistic, Luton and Burton managed to get double promotions from L2 to the Championship in recent years.
  10. Great skin, it made me really go deeper into the realism side of the game. Does it support stadium backgrounds though? I tried fiddling with the opacity, but the stadium pictures still get cut in half.
  11. Making a closed league is effectively killing it, but it's not like this was the single event that ended it all. This whole thing started in 1992. Actually UEFA wanted a super league back then, but it didn't get enough support, so they adopted the hybrid league/knockout format we know and love as a compromise with the big boys. From then on, it was all appeasement, and we all know appeasement doesn't work.
  12. Perez, Glazer, Agnelli & co are trying their absolute hardest to kill the sport once and for all. Determination 20
  13. Lower mentalities are actually quite useful, either situationally when you want to see out a game and defend a lead in the closing stages, or when you want to use a more attacking tactic, playing on the front foot all the time, while still not being incredibly risky. It's a bit of a contradiction really, but lower mentalities suit a patient possession game while higher ones suit "defensive" counter-attacking strategies.
  14. Sorry if it came off too hostile, it's just that plenty of people here had the exact same problems as you lately, so maybe you can find something useful in the other threads
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