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  1. Lower mentalities are actually quite useful, either situationally when you want to see out a game and defend a lead in the closing stages, or when you want to use a more attacking tactic, playing on the front foot all the time, while still not being incredibly risky. It's a bit of a contradiction really, but lower mentalities suit a patient possession game while higher ones suit "defensive" counter-attacking strategies.
  2. Sorry if it came off too hostile, it's just that plenty of people here had the exact same problems as you lately, so maybe you can find something useful in the other threads
  3. These types of threads moaning about defensive football are getting a bit stale now. Have you read the tons of other identical threads in this forum? Thre's some great advice there.
  4. Normally, my saves tend to follow a similar pattern: I start well and start to get hopeful for the future, only for things to come crashing down. As such, and because I'm managing in Italy, there was only one man I could honour with my manager profile:
  5. Hello everyone, is there any database around that unlocks the Italian lower leagues below Lega Pro? I've searched for one but couldn't find it, and managing in Britain has gone a bit stale as I pretty much only managed there in FM20 and 21. Thanks in advance
  6. No updates today. Happy Easter everyone!
  7. So I got over the heartbreak and started again, got the Hungerford job in early March this time. We're 7 points adrift in last place with 19 games to go, and the squad is ****, even for 6th tier standards. No half-decent player wants to sign because we're so ****. Turning this around will be a mammoth task if not completely impossible. Man, I miss Brackley
  8. In the last few months I acquired a habit of deleting the last overwrite backup every so often to avoid save scumming. Lesson learned I suppose
  9. Hi Daveincid and everyone, this thread was a good read but I'm still indecisive over which DB to use. My computer has an i5-9300HF CPU and 8GB RAM, and my new savegame will be LLM in Britain. Ideally I'd want something more focused on the lower divisions, but that produced realistic competitions for clubs and countries, but my computer might not be able to handle 20+ seasons with 100k players. What do you reckon would be the best one in this case?
  10. I accidentally saved my old beta career over my LLM file and lost it all FML
  11. After finding time I often didn't have, I finally finished my first half-season in charge, managing to not go over the wage budget too much, and dragging Brackley kicking and screaming into a 12th place finish. Not bad, considering they were 20th when I arrived, but the football was absolutely soporific (my highest-scoring match was a 2-2 draw!). Let's see what the new season has in store, hopefully I can get into the playoffs with a few additions to the squad, but the most likely outcome is probably still a mid-season visit to the job centre.
  12. Just started my new save yesterday. Holidayed until mid-December until I got my first job offer from Aberystwyth Town. I wanted to manage in Wales because of the "easy" access to the CL and EL, but starting in the top division straight away seemed very unrealistic and thus I turned the offer down. Stayed unemployed for a few weeks more until Brackley Town hired me. They're just above the relegation zone, in a completely dire financial situation (spending almost double their wage budget! ), and I'm expected to turn this sinking ship around to mid-table this season, and to a playoff place by
  13. Now that the final update is out I might start again. Haven't made much progress in the Chippenham one because of IRL concerns, haven't even made it past preseason yet
  14. That'd be a bit artificial, but good. SI ain't doing this though (unfortunately?)
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