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  1. I wanted to take a moment to provide a brief update on the new hires appointed to my non-playing staff this summer. My restrictive owners mean that we can't upgrade our facilities, but one thing I can control, within reason, is the quality of my staff. When moving up the divisions, or even moving up your level of ambition within a division, managers can often forget this is an opportunity to upgrade personnel. As budgets and reputation grow, plus staff become available when contracts expire just like players, there are plenty of opportunities. After a quick check to confirm that there wou
  2. Thanks @Sheriff7! Cheers @warlock - at least my struggles are relatable
  3. Central Midfielders One of the key contributions to last seasons over-achievement was the relationship we brokered with Chelsea - we were able to take on a number of talented youngsters with no cost to ourselves. I returned to Cobham again, this time persuading them to lend me Argentinian playmaker Fausto Vera. A product of the Argentinos Jrs academy, he spent last season (yes you guessed it) on loan at Vitesse. I thought they would reject my offer and send him somewhere more prestigious, but was pleasantly surprised. After being rejected by a number of free transfer tar
  4. In advance of the 2023/24 season commencing, I will now run through what my squad looks like after another busy transfer window. I have already profiled the signings made before 30 June when Doyle was sold, so all signings highlighted are in the AD era (after Doyle). After ending last season in form, with five wins and two draws in our last seven games, following a tactical switch to 4-4-2. This will once again be the approach that we primarily take. Signings have been made with this system in mind. Goalkeepers Joe Lumley remains my number one, but I wanted to upgrade the
  5. When I last wrote an update it was brimming with optimism. We had just sold Callum Doyle to Premier League Norwich for £10m and I was excited to spend some of the cash on improving my squad. What followed was a long, long summer. Although we now had riches we'd never experienced before, our reputation was still smaller than some League One clubs. This meant that there were many players we were interested in but they simply were not interested in us. Perhaps crueler were the players who expressed interest only to go elsewhere. There were nine players who we had on trial (the pick of the bunch b
  6. Just seen this as I haven’t been on the Forum or played any FM for the last couple of weeks. I’m back in the office after a year working from home which has cut into my FM playing time! (Pleased to be back though as it feels like a step towards normality). Sad to see Oldham go down! Not entirely shocked though as there really are a tonne of issues at that club. I guess the positive is that it makes my success so far look good I’ll follow your Southend save with interest @Rikulec. Seems like you’ve started strongly! Losing in the Play-Offs is always disappointing but you exceeded all
  7. Thanks @Ronaldo Beckham - I really hope that RJJ does the business for me. Cheers @Chevie! Although we have a decent budget finally, the news item that ranks clubs by reputation still had us below nearly every single Championship club and even four League One sides, so even though we can now afford more we still may not appeal to all my targets. That said, I definitely have much more flexibility in the market this season - so reasons to be positive indeed. Appreciated @warlock, it's been an enjoyable journey so far. Fingers and toes crossed for that sale! I almost don't
  8. With my last post acting as a reminder of the context of my career - it is time for an update on the latest from my manager's office at Boundary Park. When I last updated we had finished 8th in the Championship. Our league standing would suggest our expectations should be to push on and challenge for a Play-Off place in our fourth season, and yet the reality is very different. Based on the quality of our squad and, I assume, our reputation the media have predicted we will come 22nd and therefore be relegated. The club's expectation is that we simply avoid relegation. We have a wage budget
  9. An update, but this time it is from real life and not my save. Last night, you may have seen, Oldham have once again sacked their manager meaning that they are looking for their 14th manager since Lee Johnson left in 2015. Kewell was not doing incredible, the Latics are currently in 16th place, but not many could when faced with a restricted budget and such haphazard recruitment from the club's sporting director. An Oldham supporters group, Push The Boundary, have called out owner Abdallah Lemsagam and his brother and sporting director Mohamed, releasing the following statement:
  10. A great piece of business from you to get Bakambu on a wage of just £12.5k p/w! If I recall correctly from when I looked at him on one of my saves, he was on £200k p/w+ out in China
  11. That is an unfortunate development @Chevie. Hopefully you can still recruit more ex-United players, even if you do have to focus less on those not born in Manchester. Longer term you could hopefully start to sign players young enough to be naturalised in Slovakia over time. Results seem to be better than expected - I can see this career developing into a ‘how well can you do in Europe?’ challenge over time!
  12. You’re taking over this Forum Hope the seasons going well @Jogo Bonito, I look forward to reading your Jan 2021 update
  13. As we were undefeated and played really well in the last seven games of the season, I think I want to try and keep going with that for the new campaign... certainly tactical food for thought though @Hootieleece Yes he’s certainly capable @Number seven and I think I may have played him there a handful of times when we were in League Two. With crossing 15 he really should be an asset from wing back though 🤔 I’ll let you know how he gets on!
  14. Thanks @Jogo Bonito. It's a funny old game isn't it? You're right that the average rating would suggest CBJ was one of my best players but he didn't live up to expectations in the role I had designed for him. With a back five for most of the season, the wing backs were set to attacking with their primary focus on chance creation which is where he didn't deliver. His tackles per game were the third highest in the Championship, however, so his defensive work probably influenced his overall match rating. For next season I am thinking of sticking with the 4-4-2 that brought me success in the
  15. Considering the number of long-term injuries your squad has suffered, I think your league performance to date is commendable. Hopefully your recent upgrade in midfield helps you turn all those 0-0s into wins! Good luck for the run in.
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