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  1. Going really well so far and the additional of Taylor looks shrewd, pace at any level of the game is killer. Loving the titles of each section too, nice to see a different chapter header with each post.
  2. The deals you manage to pull off without spending a penny on transfer fees never ceases to amaze me! Good luck for the season ahead, going to be tough!
  3. Yeah, sorry, my bad there. Meant to say team fluidity rather than shape! My brain is clearly still stuck in about 2016! Haha I like the idea of my forward being the one to break in behind the central defenders to get on the end of those early crosses so the attack duty here does make sense to me in that instance. Sure, this is my plan. I'm just in mid-season of a network game so not able to tweak and try the same game over and over will check how the next few matches go though I was just hoping for a little advice of anything GLARINGLY stand out wrong that I might have mi
  4. So having read a lot of different threads on this forum, I have tried to apply what I've learned to a couple of potential formations: The one on the left is filled with support duties for a more fluid team shape. From my understanding this should help with players getting back to defend as a unit in line with the team mentality of defensive but also get forwards in support of the lone striker when a counter attacking situation is on. Would this possibly be too blunt with just a single attacking duty and the low mentality? The one on the right is, alternatively, strikerless and f
  5. I tried to replicate this tactic a couple of years ago on FM18. Had pretty decent success with it (using a modified database with the '99 squad).
  6. @JaytheGreat I’m so happy with the squad I’ve managed to put together here. That’s what drew me back to this save despite enjoying the new game. I’ve got a few players aged 30 and over now (Dias, Tierney, Cook, Neves and Martial) so I think I’m going to have a bit of a rebuild this summer. I’ve never been so far into a career so I’m going into new territory with what will be a team of regens for the majority!
  7. Season 2027/28 Review - Southampton So after a few months on FM20 I was really missing this save. Transfers: Competitions: Results: Player Stats: Progress: Clean sweep and unbeaten, all milestones now completed too!
  8. Match Day - 3. Liga - v.s. Munster (A) Starting XI: During the second half against Bayern II, I moved the wingers back from the attacking midfield strata to the midfield strata. This helped keep better shape when out of possession, especially with the new attacking duty for my left winger as I felt he was staying too far forwards in the first 45 minutes. This formation change resulted in my second goal against Bayern II with Thiele getting in at the back post to score from LM. I'm thinking this formation will be for games away from home and against the stronger sides in th
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