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  1. Rather than this be lost in the other thread that may / may not be about re-creating Wolves' 3-4-3 or might just be about creating a 3-4-3 which works, here I go with my own separate thread! What that discussion did do, however, is inspire me to actually try and re-create Wolves' tactics from this season. Wolves have surprised a lot of people this season with how well they have adapted to life in the Premier League, claiming a few big scalps along the way - most recently my team, Manchester United, in the FA Cup. I have based these tactics on the following article and video, but also what I have seen when watching them occasionally this season: https://www.elartedf.com/wolves-tactical-analysis-nuno-santo/ I shall quote the points that helped me make my decisions for how I have come up with the two alternations of Wolves' 3-5-2 as well as their 3-4-2-1. Mentality Wolves aren't an overly attacking or defensive team, even when playing weaker or stronger sides. This mentality also allows me to use the team instructions to dictate the style of play rather than having to over compensate when things like Line Of Engagement are automatically changed by the mentality. In Possession "Wolves set the tempo of their forward play by building from the back against most sides." "In terms of build-up, Wolves favour playing down that left hand side." "Try to occupy positions nearby and play intricate triangular passes to move the ball up the pitch." In Transition "They counter press the ball in a similar fashion as they apply pressure in swarms of three." "Immediately after winning the ball, their midfielders spray a diagonal pass to look for the attack-minded wing-backs. Simultaneously, forward runs are made by the front three and one of the midfielders to support the counter-attack." "No Premier League team has made more counter attacks than Wolves this season." Out Of Possession "The 7th placed Wolves generally employ a mid-block" "When the opponent crosses the center line, Wolves apply pressure from the front to force the opposition to retreat deeper in the wings and pass the ball back." "They defend in a compact 5-3-2." Goalkeeper PI's: None Defence "Positionally, they are spaced out wide to occupy the full width of the pitch." "However, it is important to note that when there is no numerical overload in the forward press of the opponent, the midfielder does not have to undergo a positional switch to kick start the transition from back to front. Thus, one of the wide central defenders plays a vital tole in working as a ball carrier, taking on the onrushing pressers and dribbling past them to open up spaces in the middle." "Directly switching through Conor Coady. In fact an astonishing 27% of Coady's passes are 30 yards or longer. And no player in the Premier League has completed more longer passes than Conor Coady." I would ideally prefer to not have left and right sided defenders as BPD instead of CD in all formations but this was the only way I could add the PI to Dribble More to each of these players. I would have also preferred to give the central defender More Direct Passing but this wasn't possible on the PI screen. PI's: Stay Wider (Bennett and Boly) Dribble More (Bennett and Boly - 3-5-2 (1) and 3-4-2-1 only) Wingbacks "But when Wolves have created that overlaod on the left hand side, they look to switch the play to Doherty on the right." "Once Doherty has the ball one-v-one, he drives at his opposition looking to beat his man before getting a cross in or a shot away." "Santo's side tend to attack using the wide positioning of their fullbacks to stretch the opposition defence." PI's: Stay Wider (Both players) Midfield "Moutinho creates overloads all over the pitch." "There are situations when the opponent presses them high with three players. In such cases, one of their classy deep midfielders in either Ruben Neves or Leander Dendoncker drop in between Coady and one of the wider center-backs to overlad the press and then facilitates passing the ball out from defence." "Moutinho in not only Wolves' top assister, but he's made more tackles than any other player in the Premier League." PI's: Roam From Position and Tackle Harder (Moutinho - All formations) Attack "This affords space for their inside forwards to make runs through the channels between the opposing team's center-backs and full-backs." "They work incredibly hard off the ball." "What makes the pair so dangerous is their positioning, either between the center back and the full back or coming off the line." "When they've advanced enough, Diogo Jota drops off the line to link the play." PI's: Move Into Channels (Jota in both the 3-5-2's and Jimenez in the 3-4-2-1) Bringing It All Together Standard Formation: Formation Against Teams Using a High Press: Formation When Another Forward is Required: I've not done any tests on these tactics to even see if they work yet but will report back once I've got a few results in! Any feedback would be much appreciated
  2. Oldham Athletic - Season 3 - Part 1 - Transfers, Pre-Season and Early Season Form Transfers: In: Out: My main aim with this transfer window was to build a bit of squad depth with Under 23 players who had the potential to play for the first team in the future. I lost first choice goalkeeper Nienhuis to Leicester but managed to replace him with the experienced Stockdale and Man Utd's O'Hara. O'Shea, Benteke and Fane were expendable after struggling to break into my first XI to to be able to get some cash for them was too good to turn down. I'd say my biggest coup was to get Latibeaudiere on a free from Man City. He's already my best central defender and has the potential to be a Premier League one in the future. His decent leadership for such a young age makes me think he could potentially be a captain of the future. Pre-Season: To start pre-season, I decided to play two big names to get some cash into the club. Having done that, the two results were not disheartening either (especially the first one against Man Utd!). Then came an excellent win against the Juventus Under 23 side followed by 2 easy wins to boost morale. Early Season Form Overall, an OK start to my first season in the Championship. All of my defeats have been by just a single goal and managed to absolutely hammer Nottingham Forest. Good EFL Cup progression too has got me a home tie against Gillingham in the third round so there's some expectation that this could continue! Standings and Stats Just where I want to be, outside the relegation zone! Hopefully over the next few months I can pull away from the bottom three as my team gels and gets used to the new quality level.
  3. Oldham Athletic - Season 2 - Part 4 - Wembley Heartache but Promotion Joy Results Dropping 7 points during March really scuppered my title bid as Portsmouth (who won all 5 games this month) moved into a commanding lead at the top of the table. The month also ended with a defeat to Tottenham's Under 23 side in the EFL Trophy final, a game in which we were arguably the better side. Geronimo Rulli in the opposition net was not an ideal opponent to come up against! Fortunately, we didn't let this average month to derail our season and a strong April / May consolidated a rather comfortable (in the end) second place. Competition Results A very, very successful season for a team who were predicted to finish 21st at the start of the season. My first cup run in this career was also highly enjoyable, even if it did have a bitter end. Player Stats As I thought might be the case at the beginning of the season, Novakovich was indeed my top goal scorer. Unfortunately, the goals did dry up in the second half of the season which I hope isn't a long term problem going into the Championship. Second top goalscorers were Baxter and Surridge with 10 each and in joint third were Pringe, McKendry and Ihiekwe with 7. I'm not sure Ihiekwe is showing as my highest average rating since Christopher Missilou got an average of 7.05 during the course of the season? Ihiekwe was in fact 5th on the list! Most of Pringle's assists were from corners, a route to goal my team enjoyed a lot this season (18 in total). This is what lead to my central defenders scoring 14 in total during the course of the year. Second was Baxter with 10. Finally, Third was Bowler and McKendry with 7 apiece. All this meant highest goal involvements this season were: Baxter 20 (10 goals/10 assists), Pringle 19 (7/12) and Novakovich 18 (14/4). Team Stats Two seasons on the trot with the best defensive record in the division is exactly what I wanted when I set up my low block tactics at the start of the first season. What is more pleasing is the fact we were higher in the goal scoring charts this time around. Although we scored 8 fewer, we went from 8th to 3rd top scorers. A good disciplinary record is also very nice to see for a defensive side.
  4. Cheers guys! Unfortunately my form hasn't quite continued into March and Portsmouth keep winning (they've just confirmed minimum of a play-off spot) so I think my title challenge my be over. Still in second place though so can hopefully hold on! Play offs wouldn't be the end of the world though and would give me a chance for a second crack at Wembley but don't particularly want that risk of disappointment
  5. Oldham Athletic - Season 2 - Part 3 - January Transfer Window, Early 2020 Form, Current Standings and Youth Intake Transfers In: Out: I didn't plan on doing any business during the window but I can always be tempted into something. I forgot to mention that Giles Coke had left in my last update but after 10 appearances in 18 months he wasn't exactly happy and even though Ashton didn't take any wages off my hands I was just happy to be rid of him (he'd rejected a couple of permanent moves in the summer even though he'd asked for a move). Rob Hunt was also not completely happy with the amount of football he was receiving so I decided to cash in on him with just 6 months remaining on his contract and not looking like he'd be signing one anytime soon. Tom Hamer, who has higher potential than Hunt anyway, was recalled from his loan to provide the right back cover for the rest of the season so hopefully he can develop more at his parent club. Benteke and McCourt were also playing very few games each so wanted out. I was glad to get McCourt off the wage bill and Benteke can get some game time elsewhere and hopefully return a better player. To cover the loss of a striker, I used the money from Hunt on top of the spare wages budget to bring in Brown from Bolton who looks like a very useful player for my AF (At) role: Hopefully he can form a great partnership with Novakovich. Early 2020 Form Being a Manchester United fan, beating City's Under 23 side was highly satisfying and then qualifying for the final with a nail biting penalty shootout win over Burton nearly gave me heart attack. However, after all this, we booked out ticket to Wembley! This is not a stadium I expected to be playing at so soon into my career at Oldham. They may not be performing to their pre-season billing of league winners, but Sunderland are still a big team at this level. A dominant performance against them was very nice indeed. An eight game unbeaten run going into the final three months of the season is form I hope we continue with. Current Standings 3 points clear at the top! Ipswich's form has plummeted since the turn of the year, with 5 defeats and 2 draws in their last 7 games, which has allowed me to overtake them and push 9 points clear. Portsmouth have been in good form since the turn of the year so are now the team pushing me for the title. Youth Intake One player here who I will be promoting into my first team squad to hopefully get them some minutes - Defensive midfielder David Hughes. This works well after getting rid of Jak McCourt so will free up some time in the cups for him.
  6. @warlock @DefinitelyTaylor thanks for the support! It's been nice to get back into this save after a couple of months away.
  7. Oldham Athletic - Season 2 - Part 2 - First Half of the Season - Potential Surprise Title Challenge? September / October The strong start continued into September with 3 league victories and also 1 in the cup. The highlight was definitely winning away to Sunderland! Disappointingly, the only defeat this month followed, however this was with a much rotated side after the tough match we'd just had. A friendly to build the match fitness of some fringe players was also arranged and won very easily. Although October wasn't quite as spectacular, if you would have offered me 50% win ratio in the league at the beginning of the season I would have been delighted. The good start in the EFL Trophy also continued. November / December Another early cup exit, surprise, surprise. Fortunately we didn't let it impact our league form at all and managed maintain unbeaten run until just after Christmas. League Table and Stats As you can see, my form so far this season has put me just one point off Ipswich at the top of the table. This is definitely beyond my wildest dreams of what I could have expected at this stage of the season. My pre-season media prediction was 21st so to be 19 places and 27 points clear already is very, very pleasing. My summer signing Novakovich has 11 goals already and is thankfully justifying his high wages! Surridge and Baxter have 7 each so luckily I'm not relying on one player too much. Hopefully my season continues on this trajectory. With back-to-back promotions now a realistic possibility I have to be careful to not get too carried away.
  8. I have attempted myself to create a set of tactics based on the three formations United have used so far under Solskjaer: 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-3 and 4-1-2-1-2. I'm not at my laptop right now (work getting in the way of FM as usual ...) but from the top of my head I have lined up as follows: 4-2-3-1 (Positive): De Gea - GK (De) Young - WB (Su) Lindelof - BPD (De) Jones - CD (De) Shaw - WB (Su) Herrera - BWM (De) Matic - DLP (De) Lindard - IF (Su) Pogba - AP (Su) Martial - IF (At) Rashford - AF (At) 4-1-2-3 (Balanced): De Gea - GK (De) Young - WB (Su) ... Lindelof - BPD (De) ... Jones - CD (De) ... Shaw - WB (Su) Matic - DLP (De) Herrera - BWM (Su) Pogba - MEZ (At) Lingard - IF (Su) Martial - IF (At) Rashford - PF (At) PIs: Lingard - Stay narrower and Martial - Stay wider 4-1-2-1-2 (Cautious): De Gea - GK (De) Young - WB (Su) ... Lindelof - BPD (De) ... Jones - CD (De) ... Shaw - FB (Su) Matic - DLP (De) Herrera - BWM (Su) Pogba - MEZ (Su) Lingard - SS (At) Rashford - PF (At) Martial - PF (At) PIs: Rashford and Martial - Stay wider and to mark the fullback on their side
  9. Oldham Athletic - Season 2 Part 1 - Summer Transfer Window, Pre-Season and Early Season Form Summer Transfer Window So to start, I released 17 players from their contracts alongside Andy Taylor who retired after getting quite a bad injury. Most of these players did absolutely nothing in my team last season so they were no loss at all. So now onto actual transfers. As you can see I managed to bring back last season's top goalscorer Sam Surridge on loan. I also decided to get Callum Lang in for another season after he got 10 goals after mainly playing from the bench. Unfortunately I was not able to get Danny Rowe back from Ipswich as, even though he was transfer listed, they did not want to let him go on loan. My main idea here was to not rely on as many loan players as I did last season. I was very happy to bring in Andrija Novakovich from Reading. Even though his wages are very high, I was impressed with his stats for this level and I'm hoping he can push my club to the next level. I now have two players able to play in each position across my three tactics, so 24 in total as I have one tactic with two forwards, and I'm hoping we should be able to deal with most injuries that come our way, although as you will see later that idea hasn't worked out perfectly, although I still managed to get the result I wanted. Pre-Season Overall this was a successful pre-season. My main goals here were to improve match fitness and hopefully build up a bit of form. Although no results were particularly mind blowing, the consistent performances were pleasing and I'm not going to complain at 6 wins out of 7! Early Season Form I am very happy with the start we have made at this level. Sitting 5th with 4 wins already is more than I could have expected so I really hope this continues. I was especially pleased with the opening day 2-0 win against Bristol Rovers as we managed to keep a clean sheet despite having 3 of my 4 first team central defenders out injured. An away point against local rivals Bolton and a win against one of the promotion favourites Rotherham have me dreaming of back to back promotions. I was hoping for a nice little cup run to boost finances but unfortunately came up against far superior opposition in the Premier League side Bournemouth and to be honest were lucky to score zero! Long may this continue!
  10. Thank you very much @DefinitelyTaylor, @warlock And @Jogo Bonito! Hopefully season 2 won’t be a relegation scrap as I feel the quality jump between the leagues isn’t too bad (I’ve jinxed myself now - out by Christmas!) I’ll have to check when I’m home who made Yeovil so good and who ruined Grimsby! Yeah it was a deep defensive line and a deeper line of engagement. My tactics are on page 5 of this thread if you want to check them out
  11. Oldham Athletic - Season 1 Part 3 Champions! After one year in League 2 I have managed to return Oldham to their home. Back to League 1 we go! We set a record points tally, number of wins and number of defeats. We sealed the title in game number 45. With a 3 point lead over Exeter City we traveled all those miles south to St James Park and with one of the most satisfying performances of the season we grabbed a deserved 1-0 win to seal the title. One thing I was most proud of was the low amount of goals conceded. My tactic was set up as low block, designed to keep tight at the back and, as you can see, I was very successful here. On loan Sam Surridge and Danny Rowe were my top scorer and assister respectively with 16 each. I will be looking to potentially get these two on loan again next year after their performances in my system. Onward to League 1 we go.
  12. @Dong21 thanks for the welcome! Hopefully I can turn Oldham into a real force in return. @Jogo Bonito Luckily the squad I inherited had a few very good players already (Jose Baxter is certainly above this level) and the loan signing of Simpson and Rowe have helped push me into promotion contention. Oldham Athletic - Season 1 Part 2 September September was a really good month for us with 5 wins from 6 games. The 5-3 win against Crawley definitely standing out as an anomaly result since we've not had anything similar since. The only defeat came against top of the table Colchester, a result I believe was not fair on my players as we probably shaded the balance of play. October Unfortunately, Ocotber wasn't quite as good but we have ended the month in 3rd place and, therefore, in the automatic promotion places. The highlight being a 2-1 win away at promotion rivals Northampton and the low point definitely conceding a 94th minute equaliser against Carlisle. Current Table As you can see, it's currently very close with only 3 points separating myself and and 8th placed Swindon. The aim at the start of the season was to finish in the play offs so I'm very happy with how the season is going so far. Another update will be provided in 2 months time!
  13. Oldham Athletic - Season 1 Part 1 With Oldham playing outside of the third tier of English football for the first time since 1997, I decided it would be good challenge to try and rebuild the side and, eventually, return them to the promised land of the Premier League after they were one of the founding members in 1992. Transfer Budget: £0 Remaining Wage Budget: £139 As you can see, I didn't have much room to manoeuvre here. So I only made a few loan signings (Tilley, Simpson, Rowe and Bossin). Tactics I am running with three tactics, all based on a low block and set up to try and break on the opposition if we can catch them over-committed: Each one is used for different opposition. The 4-4-1-1 is for teams of similar quality, the 4-1-4-1 is for stronger opponents and the 4-4-2 is for when we are the favourites. Pre-Season Although the results were pretty mixed, overall it was a positive pre-season. The three defeats we suffered were against teams from the division above and all the games were very close. The other four were nice confidence boosters as the players got used to the style of play I'm attempting to implement. August August was a, well, slow month. Only 4 goals scored and 3 conceded in 6 matches is hardly exhilarating football! At least the low block I am attempting to employ to frustrate the opposition seems to be working, I just hope my attacks begin to click soon and we start to score some more goals or else this could be a long season. However, it's still an unbeaten start in the league and being out of the League Cup this early could be a blessing in disguise as the squad can now concentrate more on the league. So that's where I am so far, hopefully we'll hit some form before my next post!
  14. @Ackter and @westy8chimp - the tactic here was awful and got me the sack mid-holiday but the links here were on their way to looking incredible: Imagine all those were bright green Just unfortunate that the tactic, as I had it, was absolutely useless.
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